I’ve Got A Problem…Common Bugs/Glitches During the Terwilliger Event

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

We’re officially 1 week into the Terwilliger Event and as with (almost) all Events this one has it’s share of bugs & glitches.  So, we’ve compiled a list of the most common bugs & glitches that are popping up in your games for the last week.

Having trouble placing pavement under the Monsarno Buildings?  Getting extra Farm Houses and Founder Statues?  Is your Monsarno Research Center telling you to upgrade, but you can’t?  We’ll we’ve got some answers and solutions for you, so let’s take a look at these common issues and more!

How Can I Place Pavement Under the Monsarno Buildings? 

This is a common one.  First of all it’s not a bug or a glitch that you can’t place the buildings on Pavement.  The buildings are coded in the files as they can only be placed on grass.  So there’s nothing wrong with the game, that’s just how it’s coded.  (ie it’s intentional)

Now all that being said…Bunny’s got a solution on how you can give the Pavement appearance.  Here’s Bunny’s Pavement How-to:

For those that are wanting an idea of HOW to put the Pavement blocks UNDER the Monsarno or other buildings, it is a matter of making L shapes over and over. 

You basically are going to “trick” the game into letting you sneak a one tile underneath. First, go to your Movement Menu.Directional Arrows Movement Menu

From there, tap on the Pavement Tiles. Then go over to the Monsarno and start laying Pavement Tiles on the outer most edge of the Monsarno Building as close as you can get to it until you have completely surrounded it. (You can skip this step if you want. I did it so I knew where to place the Monsarno as it fits right in the center.)Monsarno Pavement 1

Now for the trick. Go back to the Pavement Tiles and “Place” one by the edge.Monsarno Pavement 2

 This next step is for the MORE stubborn buildings that don’t seem to want to allow the Pavement under them (Including ones from previous events, not just this one)… Next, you will “Drag” just one tile down following the path that is OK to put tile on around the Monsarno Research (the direction the Blue + sign lets you go). Just ONE Tile over…Monsarno Pavement 3

Now the moment you get one tile over, immediately turn and drag the tile UNDER where the building is sitting. Making an “L” shape. Monsarno Pavement 4

It will show up in red, but you can still tap on the Check Mark to complete the “L” shape. You now have a Pavement Tile UNDER Monsarno covering the grass. Repeat this step over and over all around the Building til you have that outer grass section covered. (One spot will remain in the center.) Monsarno Pavement 5

Now you will have the Monsarno with Pavement underneath it. Just remember, unless they change it, you will have to do this all over again if you try to move the Monsarno Research to another location.

Monsarno Pavement 6

For the LESS stubborn Buildings, a straight swipe underneath it may work too. Just see which one works best for you and go for it. 😉 (Same concept as above.)

Monsarno Pavement 8

Monsarno Pavement 7

I’ve Got An Extra (or many Extra) Old Simpson Farm House and/or Monsarno Founder Staute, What’s Up with That? 


This is another common one we’re seeing.  When you win a prize and then log into your game from another device (usually Android to iPhone or vice versa) sometimes this will result (during this update) in giving you a second (or 3rd) of that prize.  So there are some players out there that have 2 or 3 Farm Houses and 2 or 3 Founder Statues.

From what we’re seeing, there are no issues in your game from having multiples of each.  So it’s just a happy glitch 🙂

My Monsarno Research Center Keeps Telling Me to Upgrade, But I’m Already on Level 7 and it Says Upgrade Isn’t Available Until Act 2. What do I Do? 


First, know that Act 2 won’t start until April 28th.

Now, there is a glitch going around with upgrading.  It’s not a critical glitch and it won’t stop game play, BUT once you’ve Upgraded to Level 7 and earned more Corn/Fertilizer you may see the upgrade Icon over Monsarno Research… upgrade.  BUT you cannot Level Up past Level 7 until Act 2 starts, so if you see this Icon and you’re already at Level 7 just ignore it.  It won’t impact your game, it’ll just drive you crazy.


I Left Mutant Seedlings In My Friend’s Town And They’re Saying They Never Got Them, What Do I Do?


This is a new one we’re seeing (just in the last couple of days), where some of you are leaving seeds in your A town from your B town, or leaving seeds in your girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse/child’s town and they never get them (even if they check their town before the 4hrs is up.  This is a known glitch with EA, and apparently they’re working on a patch for this.

The good news is….it doesn’t always happen.  Often times the next day everything will be back to normal.   You can contact EA and let them know you’re impacted too, you never know if they may compensate you (or at least refund the seedlings).  But it is a known glitch, so no you’re not going crazy.  🙂

And that my friends covers the few Act 1 glitches/bugs we’ve been seeing over the last week!

What do you think of the solutions?  Anything you weren’t aware of?  Have you experienced any of these problems?  Are you noticing any different bugs/glitches in your game?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

129 responses to “I’ve Got A Problem…Common Bugs/Glitches During the Terwilliger Event

  1. Alissa, does this trick still work? I just moved my main Monsarno Research building but can’t get the paving underneath like I used to have. I know I used this trick before!

  2. Did anyone else loose their cactus patch when the update happened?

  3. Alice/alstuff

    Okay, emailed EA. they called immediately. Erased the game again.went into EA game page and signed in and downloaded game again and everything is fine. Their service rocks!!!

  4. Alice/alstuff

    Okay, I deleted the game and reloaded and it does not give me the login screen for ea. it just goes right back to Homer in the plant.
    I am not starting over! I was at level 52, had Dame Judith, etc. etc.
    Now what!!!!!

    • Hard close and restart it…that should bring up the main splash screen and in the bottom left corner you should see the login screen

  5. I just opened the game and am back to go with Homer blowing up the town. I quit and started back again and the same thing happened. I will try logging out and see what happens. has anyone else reported something like this?

  6. I am in act 3 and never go the opera house. Do you have to be at a certain level to qualify for it?

    • You have to have finished the Act 2 questline. Which means you need to have Mrs. Krabappel and Mayor Quimby.

      • I have the task to get the apartment so I can get Mrs K but it is locked. I have been focused on doing jobs for fertilizer or corn and not so much for $$. As a result, I have not been collecting enough cash to buy up items I am supposed to. Guessing that is why I cannot get ahold of the extra items. Thanks for the response.

  7. Today I have logged in 5 times and its like I’m Bill Murry in Groundhog day. Anything I do erases and I have to start all over again, so I can’t complete any of Cecils tasks, and I have now been jipped out of many fertilizer bags/masks/corn/etc because my characters keep resetting to what I had them doing yesterday. I’m super frustrated now. I’ve tried going to my krustyland, going to other friends towns, quitting game, just hitting the home button. I don’t know what to do. Super upset. Missed a whole day of Terwilliger stuff because I keep repeating the same thing over and over.

    Help! Please!

  8. Has anyone else been experiencing a glitch where after tapping a character’s picture in the upper left (or even tapping a character directly) their task window opens but then immediately closes again? This sometimes happens 2-4 times in a row until it will finally stay open long enough for me to send them on their task. Mods (or anyone really), do you know if there is anyway to fix this? It’s been getting pretty annoying as I go through and assign event tasks.

  9. My 1 & 2 hour fertiliser jobs aren’t in yellow at the top of the my characters job list any more. I’ve now got to scroll down the job list to find them. The 1 hour one happened last week, the 2 hour one today. The only thing I can think of is that it happened after I upgraded the opera house. Anyone else having this problem?

  10. Hi, there. My Monsarno Research Facility drops 8 mutant seed instead of notes. Does anybody have the same bug, I can’t find anything about this in the net so far. I already tried logging out and hard reset etc. .

  11. You mention in your chart above that after you’ve upgrade to level 20, 21+ will cost just 125 fertilizer and 25 corn but I’ve upgraded through 21 and now it tells me that I can upgrade to level 22 at a cost of 3150 fertilizer and 525 corn. So is mine in a different time warp or did the facts you received at the start of level 2 turn out to be incorrect? Either way, you are doing a fantastic job and I don’t know how you keep on and on with it – I can barely keep on and on with my game!

    • + 125 Fertilizer and 25 corn for each additional level. So you have to add 125 Fertilizer and 25 corn to the required quantities for Level 21 to get what it would be for 22. And add them to what the required amount for 22 is to get the amount needed for 23 and so on.

  12. Not seen anyone else raise this issue, where I do not seem to have been credited any rakes. Not in my invemtory and I made very sure they are not already place around town. I have completed Act 2 and had no other issues. A friend showed my what happens with SSB and rakes so feel left out. I could buy some with doughnuts but I’d prefer to have my free ones. Is this a known glitch?

    • Someone else commented they had the same issue. My suggestion is to contact EA and let them know. But wait till Monday morning.

  13. Hi I opened the game this morning, after having it closed for about 6 hours, and only had 3 Bob clones in my town. Normally it would have been filled with them at this point. Has anyone else experienced this?
    To note, I closed the app after re-tasking my characters and opened it an hour later and then the recent upgrade downloaded, not beforehand, so it wasn’t related to that I think.
    I’m disappointed, more like really pissed off, since I was robbed of all the masks and prizes I would have been awarded from the missing clones.

    Thanks for all your hard work and missed sleep to keep us informed of all the crazy sh*t going on with these events. I’d never get going on most of them without all the help you provide.

    • It happens. Hard close your game next time you’ll be away from it for a few hrs. That will reset it and should allow them to build back up

  14. ciaranmarl820

    Hope I’m asking this in the right place, sometimes when I leave mutant seeds in a friends town they just judder and then disappear. What does this mean? It’s happened many times. Thanks for any help you can offer and thanks for all the hard work on the site, brilliant stuff. Pity this event is so tedious though, not enjoying it at all.

  15. Has anyone had the problem that the task “Don’t Care About the Future” is no longer highlighted in yellow?

  16. When I try to visit some of my neighbors, most of the higher level players anyway. The game kicks me out and I have to load it and try again. Is this a problem with my device or are these players using bots of some sort which are causing the game to crash?

    • This is why we warn people to not push the 4500 Decorations/Building limit in their towns. If you have TOO much in your town, it makes it harder for your neighbors with lower devices to be able to get in.

      You can try to increase the memory on your device and make sure you have a good strong WiFi signal to see if it helps, but if you still can’t get into their town… there’s not much more you can do about it. It is on their end.

  17. My seeds seem to vanish more rapidly by number, than i leave them in my friends towns.
    Thought there had been a mistake, before with the 50 seeds you get by the quest, but today i counted the set seeds and after 5 my 22 seeds were gone. Don’t know why, does anyone else ever encountered this problem?

    Thanks a lot!

  18. I crafted the Monsarno Cafeteria but I can’t place it on my Springield, whay can I do?

  19. I have no mutant vegetables this morning. Is anyone else seeing this issue?

    • Hard close your device at night before you go to bed, that should help. Everyone that’s had the issue, this has helped.

      • That doesn’t worked with me, i need de vegetables to collect the materials, what else can I do?

        • The Vegetables don’t exist anymore. They’ve switched to Sideshow Bob Clones. Homer has to be free to start Act 2. Did you finish all of the Act 1 questlines?

  20. I have a neighbor in full swing and she tapped my buildings. I know it shouldn’t happen. I don’t know if anyone else has had this problem.

    Also, Alissa, the L method worked before for me, but i just tried it after moving the research campus, and it’s a no go. Did EA send a patch out?

    • Strike that. It worked again. I don’t know what I did weird. I tried it the same as before. Oh well. Sorry for that.

  21. Danny (dannythoma899)

    just to let you guys know, have just contacted EA ref not getting credited spades when tapping on neighbours mutant vegetables. they say they have a system wide problem with this and are working on a patch…soon they hope !!!.. they stated I would be credited all the spades that I did not get.
    this was not happening with all my neighbours, just a few at random.
    have got the momsarno card so should have been getting 180 actions a day.. only have 51 active neighbours so should have covered it

  22. I’m having trouble visiting neighbours. My game keeps crashing, it will let me visiting 1 or 2 if I’m lucky then crash. No message about it not working it just closes.
    Anyone else having this problem?

  23. I had an update yesterday (April 23) and since then, I’ve had what appears to be NO visitors from any of my 28 friends. I went into the friend list and see that there most have visited within the last 12 hours, but I have nothing to show this. Prior to the update, I had either the handshake icon, or the mutant seedlings running around. My son just visited and tapped on three buildings, but it isn’t showing anything in my town. I’ve restarted my device and logged back into TSTO, but still nothing! Am I missing something?

    • Buildings shouldn’t appear to be tappable, has your son unlocked neighbor actions?

      During this event handshakes over buildings are supposed to be disabled, because the point of your friend’s visiting is for them to tap the mutant veggies in your town.

      As far as mutant seedlings go, it could just be a matter of no neighbors having them to give. It happens, as they’re rare.

  24. Thanks for the tips.
    Am liking this event so far – albeit I’m a bit behind.
    I think my problem is partly down to my user name beginning with “X”. All your neighbours named “A-F” will always get visited, whereas those of us with user names at the end of the alphabet “W-Z” might not!!! (You only get so many friend actions that drop spades, going beyond that isn’t worthwhile for some people). Sad face 🙁

  25. For some reason I can’ earn corn (the 16h tasks for the gluttons are simply not there) and I also don’t see any mutant seedlings, or the possibility to leave them in friends towns. Therefore I can’t upgrade the Monsarno building to level 2 (you need 25 corn for that). What to do?

    • It’s not a matter of a problem with your game, it’s more that you’re just not at the point you need to be yet.

      You don’t have the task because you didn’t unlock it yet. They don’t unlock until you level up. The only way to earn Corn before leveling up is to get it from Cecil’s Daily tasks. However, you have to complete ALL of Cecil’s daily tasks to get the corn, otherwise you’ll miss it.

      Once you level up you’ll start to unlock more tasks for characters, which will earn you more corn and fertilizer.

      As far as mutant seeds go. You won’t unlock the ability to use those until after you’ve leveled up to level 3 and unlocked neighbor actions.

      So as of right now, the ONLY way to get corn is to complete Cecil’s Daily tasks…all 4 of them each day.

      • Thanks so much for this reply Alissa! I didn’t want to seem uninformed so I already read the articles on TSTO regarding the latest questlines, but I must have missed this… It’s true, I haven’t been able to complete all of Cecil’s daily tasks yet, that must be it!
        Thanks again, you guys rock 🙂 !

  26. Glitch (mentioned elsewhere) with the update on 4/22/15: Shading on hedges and some trees went back to the comic event shading, but not all items went back, making for ugly transitions. Specifically, the 1×2 hedge got the deeper shadows but the 1×1 hedge did not, so 3D structures that use a mix of these look very odd, to say the least. 🙁

  27. Thank you for the tips to place pavement under the Monsarno Buildings (will be doing some of these steps around my Buildings later this week)

    I don’t have an extra Old Simpson Farm House and/or Monsarno Founder Statue (I am fine with one of each (lol)

    I ignored the Monsarno Building Upgrade symbol after I reached Level 7 (it is nice to see the symbol has temporarily been removed)

    Mutant Seedlings In My Friend’s Town (no problems placing seeds in my Neighborenos Springfield)

    The biggest glitch for me continues to be the typical network connection (where you get Bart Simpson holding an unplugged appliance cord screen). It does not happen often but it happens often enough that I have to call out EA for not solving this issue (this game app is already 3 years old) …

    • I don’t think your connection problems are EA’s fault necessarily…. While it may have been during, say, the Christmas event, when the problems were widespread, I don’t think most folks have been having that problem much lately (almost no “chatter” about it in the comments on this site), so the problem is most likely as your end. So I don’t think there’s anything to “call out” EA about right now.

      (Here’s a tip that’s helped me sometimes with the dreaded Bart screen… I normally play on Wi-Fi, but I’ve found that, when I get the Bart screen, it sometimes helps to switch over to a cellular connection (which almost always lets me get into the game), then switch right back over to Wi-Fi and turn the cellular service back off. Hope this helps you, too! 🙂 )

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