The Curtain Is Soon Closing On Terwilliger Act 1 (And Kids are All Fight)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Here we are in the final few hours of Terwilliger Act 1…are you ready for Act 2 to start up?!

I know many of you are stressing out about not earning enough items to craft the Farmer’s Market or not getting enough spades (spatrowvels) to unlock all of the prizes…but don’t sweat it!  Really.  It’s going to be ok.

Let’s break down what’s leaving, what’s staying and what’s cha- cha- cha-changing, when Act 2 kicks off!

Note: Act 2 Offically Starts at 0800 GMT (4am EDT) on 4/28…


So, here’s what we know…

What’s Leaving…

Basically everything from The Kids are All Fight Episode tie-in (note that ends at 0700 GMT (3am EDT) about an hour before Act 2 starts)…

So grab them while you can…

bartsbigwheel_menu Bart’s Three Wheeler- $7,500

nightmarepile_menu Nightmare Pile- 100 Donuts.  Note: You DO NOT have to complete the tasks for this before the tie-in ends, only purchase it.  You’ll have as much time as you need to complete the tasks.

Wondering about Lisa’s Car?  Well…as long as you’ve started the questline for The Kids Are All Fight you’ll have about a month to complete it and earn the car (the questline kill date).  So just make sure you work on the questline as you can over the next month to ensure you unlock her car for free…

From Terwilligers…

republicanpartyhq_menuRepublican Party HQ- 90 Donuts.  Should I Buy can be found here.

museumofswordfish_menuMuseum of Swordfish- 70 Donuts.  Should I Buy can be Found here. 


What’s Staying…as is

ico_stor_terwilligers_farminglicenseThe Farming License- 90 Donuts…although if you didn’t already get it, I don’t recommend buying it now.

itsawonderfulknife_menu gino_play_with_handmade_toys_active_1It’s A Wonderful Knife & Gino- 150 donuts.  This pair is sticking around until the Terwilliger Event leaves Springfield…

williestractor_menuWillie’s Tractor- 35 Donuts.  This does leave on May 5th…

ALL of the items you can craft!

canefield sanijohnsmokehouseflipped springfieldfarmersmarketflipped monsarnocafeteria monsarnoprimateresources

Yes, that’s right ALL of the Act 1 Craftable items will still be in the craft menu when Act 2 hits…so there’s NO RUSH to get the Farmer’s Market (or anything else).  For a complete crafting guide for Act 1 check out this post

Corn and Fertilizer 

ico_terwilligers_fertilizer_lg ico_terwilligers_corn_lg


Both Corn and Fertilizer will be used and needed during Act 2.  So whatever amounts you have will carry over into Act 2.  So keep collecting!

ico_terwilligers_mutantseeds_lgmutantseedling_idle Mutant Seedlings- Yes…these lovable blobs will be sticking around for Act 2.  So you can hang onto them if you want to get a head start on the new prize currency when Act 2 starts.  Once Act 2 starts they’ll act the same as they did during Act 1 only now they’ll drop the Act 2 prize currency (instead of Spades) along with Corn and Fertilizer

What’s Staying….but Changing 

Act 1 Prizes 

monsarnofounderstatueico_terwilligers_oldsimpsonfarm_unlock  petmutantplant_menu


Once Act 1 is over the prizes you haven’t yet won will remain….BUT they’ll be moved to become craftable items.  Which means you’ll need Fertilizer and Corn to craft them once Act 1 is over…

What’s Going…

ico_terwilligers_spades_lg Spades/Trowels/Shovels…oh how we’ll miss you Spatrowvels!

Once Act 1 is over Spades will no longer be a currency in the event and they will be replaced by something else…and no, your spade count will not carry over.  You’ll start all over again in earning the new currency from 0.



A lot of you are asking me what’s the best strategy for going into Act 2…and really that’s a personal choice.  It depends on how you play and where you are in the event.

In otherwords…I cannot tell you what to do or don’t do.  I can only tell you what I would/wouldn’t do.  

I DO recommend crafting the Farmer’s Market as soon as you can (if you’re close) so it’s out of your focus for the event.  So if you can craft it now, do it.  Do hold onto those items because you’re worried about upgrading when Act 2 starts.  Upgrading won’t cost you nearly as much, and once you’ve crafted the Market it’s off your mind and you can focus on the new items introduced for Act 2.

I DON’T recommend leaving mutant veggies in your town, unless you plan on staying up all night.  They’ll still replenish as usual so there’s no need to hoard them for a long period of time…remember you can only have 40 in your town at a time.

Personally, I’ve been saving my Mutant Seeds for Act 2 to start.  This will give me a head start on earning the new prize currency, as well as help my neighbors get a head start as well.  But to each his own…what works for me may not work for you.

Again take it with a grain of salt…and make up your own mind about what to do.  A lot of you are still questioning me about the Farmer’s Market.  Honestly, if you don’t want to craft it…don’t.  It’s your choice.  That’s the beauty about a game with free will.  I’m just saying that’s not how I would do it (and not what I did).  Personally on the Farmer’s Market for me…I knew that if I didn’t craft it as soon as I could I probably wouldn’t.  With Fertilizer being required for Upgrading in Act 2 as well as new prizes I knew it would be easy to forget about the Market and not craft it.  So for me I decided to craft it as soon as I could.  Since I could easily earn enough Fertilizer to upgrade to Level 8 once it hit and continue to move up.

Again…that’s what I did (and why I did it).  What you want to do is up to you.  You’ve got to do what makes sense to you…

Act 2 Leveling Up


A lot of you are worried about Leveling Up Monsarno when Act 2 starts, and yes it will be a factor.  However, don’t stress about it.  The amount of Fertilizer and Corn needed to level up is no where near that which you’ll need to craft.  Let’s take a quick look at some patterns in the cost to level up during Act 1…

During Act 1…
Level 2 cost 150 Fertilizer 25 Corn
Level 3 cost 300 Fertilizer 50 Corn
Level 4 cost 450 Fertilizer 75 Corn
Level 5 cost 600 Fertilizer 100 Corn

Are you starting to see the pattern?

Each level increase required an additional 150 Fertilizer and 25 Corn.  So based on that pattern, if Act 2 continues on that pattern (and I don’t see why it wouldn’t)…

Level 8 will cost 1050 Fertilizer 175 Corn
Level 9 will cost 1200 Fertilizer 200 Corn
Level 10 will cost 1350 Fertilizer 225 Corn

And so on…

As you can see Leveling up will be MUCH easier than crafting (plus this will help some of you know how much to set aside for leveling up).  So don’t stress about it!

Neighbor Visits


Remember it takes 24hrs for the timers to reset, so if you’ve visited your neighbors already today you won’t be able to go into their towns right when Act 2 hits, you’ll need to wait the full 24hrs to start visits again.

What We Know/Speculate….

-New items will be added to craft (in addition to the old ones).
-New Act 2 Prizes will be added (Act 1 prizes move to craftables).
– Cecil’s Daily Tasks will continue into Act 2
-A new crafting currency will be added…in addition to Corn and Fertilizer
-More of the Terwilliger family will be unlocked as the event continues

So there you have it my friends…just some quick basics on what to do to get ready for Act 2 starting up in the morning.  And, hopefully, a reassurance guide that there’s no need to panic!  Remember…the most important advice we can give you…Don’t Spend Donuts to Craft Items, Rush Tasks or Get Prizes. This event is meant to be long and tedious.  Everything can be achieved without spending donuts, as long as you put the time it.  It may take you a while to get there, but you can and will get there.  So don’t spend donuts to rush it…then you’ll just be bored.

Remember Act 1 Ends and Act 2 Starts at 0800 GMT (4am EDT) on 4/28/15..

What are your thoughts on Act 1 ending and Act 2 starting?  Any other questions you might have about it?  (remember no spoilers)  Have you earned all the Act 1 prizes?  Which items have you crafted?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

147 responses to “The Curtain Is Soon Closing On Terwilliger Act 1 (And Kids are All Fight)

  1. Correct me if I am wrong, but it seems that no matter how diligent an faithful a tapper you are it was not possible to craft ALL the Act 1 items. I earned all prizes with days to spare….I think I got 9 donuts from bonus spades…….anyway… point? I tap a lot ALL day and I have the farmers market but just got it the day before Act 2 started. I did not get to craft the cane field or SaniJohn Smokehouse.

    This I what I suggest. Figure out what you want to craft. Look at the list of what takes place with each update of Monsarno. If updating will help, DO THAT FIRST. This is a basic finance principle. If you can increase earnings for what you need for all characters do it as fast as possible. Then stay on top of knowing when your characters finish their tasks and if all you do is tap to resend those….It’ll take five min.


    I upgraded first…. suggestion from this site for Act 1, saved to the farmers market and got it….just not all the little stuff. Doing the same again…..and should have Min Security Prison available tomorrow.

    • Hi, neighbor! 🙂

      I don’t think anyone was meant to be able to craft everything from Act 1 before Act 1 was over (without spending donuts)…since those craftable items carried over, I think the real question is how possible it will be to craft at least one of everything (from all acts) before the *event* is over? It looks somewhat hopeless right now, but, as one upgrades and such, maybe it won’t be in the end. At least that’s what I’m hoping! 🙂

      • I think it’ll be nigh on impossible to craft one of everything without spending donuts.
        It’ll be a case of picking what you want most.
        Completionists are either going to spend a fortune or stop being completionists!
        I could be horribly wrong though. Things always seem to pick up very quickly as events progress.

  2. As soon as the update hit and I noticed that I could upgrade my Monsarno research center, I was very tempted to do it, but I’ve been literally working towards crafting the Farmer’s Market and I’m ALMOST there (about 10.1K fertilizer and more than enough corn earned — just 5K more fertilizer to go and I got it!), so I decided against it.

    After reading some of these comments, I’m glad I went with that choice, even though it’s still VERY tempting to upgrade Monsarno research. BUT DON’T DO IT! You’ll have plenty time for that AFTER you craft the Farmer’s Market.

    Plus, it only took me about 1 or 2 days to get it fully upgraded the first time and that was starting from scratch, with no currency earned. Should be even quicker this time around.

  3. HELP! done my upgrade its showing me the new act 2 prizes but cant not upgrade monsarno BUT also ive had no plants all day???????? what do I do? ive tried logging out of game and logged back in but still nothing

  4. I was very close to getting the pet mutant plant and then act 2 hit. Everywhere says that I can now craft the pet mutant plant but I do not see him in my craftable items list. What happened?

    • It should be there…if you’re not seeing it contact EA. I verified it in my C game before I posted, and it was there for crafting.

  5. If act one prizes are supposed to be craft-able now what happened to The Old Simpsons Farm? I was a hair away last night and didn’t realize the items were going to disappear today.

  6. Ok so it says here that any prizes you didn’t get in Act 1 are now in the crafting menu. I only needed the mutant pet plant…and it’s not in the crafting menu. Help??!!!

    • It’s going around and honestly I don’t know what to tell you. They’re all in my C game in the crafting Menu…which is what i used to verify this morning. If you don’t see it, contact EA

  7. “This event is meant to be long and tedious.”, yeah, it’s certainly achieving that. Does kinda make me question why I’m playing this as a game though :o/

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