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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

While we’re waiting for the Terwilliger’s Removal Update to hit our app stores I thought now would be a good time to have a little fun, and see how each of YOU did during the event.

So I’ve put together a little Terwilliger Event Poll.  Let us know how you did during the event and what you thought of it by filling out the questions below…


Note: if you’re having trouble viewing the poll here you can also get to it via the direct link here.

What are your thoughts about the event?  We will display the results, but feel free to share your answers in the comments below and elaborate more on them if you wish.  You know we love hearing from you!


520 responses to “Terwilliger Wrap Up Poll

  1. Thanks TSTO Addicts for putting this pole together. I am excited to see the poll results. This was my first event. I liked it but it did seem like a lot of work and i had to grind to get to level 22 for Mrs. Krabappel. Thankfully i got her early in act 3 so i was able to get Bob and finish the main quest. Missed a lot of the crafting becuase i did not have lots of characters to send on tasks to earn, but i still got some great craftables. Looking forward to the next event.

  2. When are you posting the results for the poll? 🙂

  3. First of all, I want to say thank you to TSTO addicts, you are awesome. 🙂

    I enjoyed this event & I love the fact that sideshow Bob is a regular character now. I wouldn’t have enjoyed it that much without all those helpful posts in this blog, esp. the ones with “upgrade or craft”. Thanks to that I managed to get all the items I desired – except for the “Welcome Bob”-Sign, but that was only a “maybe”.

    The daily tasks were hard though, I often didn’t get further than 2 or 3 (can’t play at work).

  4. My opinion of this event was it was alright. I enjoyed it, but I think a big reason people had problems was the crafting. I read the articles here saying “upgrade upgrade upgrade! “, so I did that first and didn’t have problems crafting. I got all the big stuff no issues, and even before the acts switched. I’m a premium player but I only buy the characters for sale and I think that’s part of what helped me. I was able to utilize them to have 60+ characters working, earning craft currency. DNA was a pain though, I stockpiled at the end of act 2, but I still wished there had been more payout for it.

  5. I didn’t get to craft anything. I was so focused on getting through the acts that once I was done and ready to craft I realised how ridiculously hard it was to collect the needed materials for the more valuable items I’m still aiming for one, but those theater masks ruin everything.

  6. This was my first event so I haven’t got an objective point of view. I did like it, perhaps from being a newbie! … tedbear2011.

  7. Are you going to share the results of your poll? My game still hasn’t forced me to update. I’m 150 notes from some more donuts and I’ve decided not to update until it forced. Don’t really want anything additional in crafting but do like free donuts.

  8. I found this event very middle of the road. The only thing I was actually excited to get was Sideshow Bob. Felt like it dragged on too long and I was so overwhelmed by the amount of items you had to collect to craft that I didn’t even both with that aspect of the event at all. Some of the dialogue was very clever and made me laugh, though. I particularly liked Dame Judith’s Shakespeare talk with Mr. Burns.

  9. I’ve been playing this game since aug/sept 2012. I stick with it because I don’t seem to know any better. I’m a freemium player (52) who waits for those delicious overly priced donuts.

    This event had a clunky start, overly complicated crafting constraints, and I think it went one act too long. I get the sense that many players were stressing out and attending to the game way more than what they would have enjoyed. Plus with random junk filling up the task logs, a seriously disproportionate crafting scheme (why was DNA so hard to get??), and additional mini games and episode promos being shoved in the mix I’m either over stimulated or just plain over it.

    I’m looking forward to a break from this monsarno madness…but then it just keeps going…

    • I agree 100%. So stressful; I hated it. Very hard to get DNA, requirements for all the items too difficult. In the first two acts, all my earnings went to upgrading my damn buildings! I couldn’t start crafting till act 3!! It made me want to give up on the game entirely. A lot of anxiety over it. A challenge is one thing… This was sadistic.

      • Also, I’m a level 52, mostly freemium (occasionally premium) player. Been playing over a year now.

  10. Overall the event was alright, liked the amount of prize characters that have their own tasks and the monsarno buildings are pretty slick. My major gripe is with the ambiguous, very vague ending time for this event. On the last day my fiance and I were close to getting to our goals (hers was the houseboat, mine the farmers market), but with the supposed deadline we wouldn’t be able to get them, so we saved until the last minute and crafted lesser items to avoid being left with nothing. But to our surprise the event continued into the next day. And then the next. It’s apparent that if EA had given a solid deadline, which indicated that the event will still continue for days, we could have reached the goal and not have felt the need to waste the currency. Having been left pissed off by a forced update preventing me from getting event items in the past, this feels pretty much as bad.
    That’s my two cents.

  11. Hated it. I didn’t like all the random jobs basically leaving someone done with their task in my town nearly constantly (1 hr, 2 hr, 3 hr, 4 hr, 6 hr, 12 hr, will the madness never end?). In a “set it and forget it” generation, the whole affair made a chilled-out game feel near panicky (worse with never-ending upgrades to resource centers). I got everything I wanted from the event (house boat, gas and grub (x2), farmers market, Bob, etc.), and have had my Springfielders doing jobs for money for the past week. I can’t wait for this event to finally die. I’m a level 52 freeium player about a year into it, and this was the worst event I’ve had to suffer through thus far. I’d rather play with no events than have one like this again.

  12. In hindsight, I liked the event overall. In the beginning, crafting totals as compared to earning and drop rates seemed ridiculously overwhelming. We’re so used to shorter events that it was hard to wrap your head around the time we had to accumulate event currency. Having earned enough for everything I wanted (and then some) with time to spare, I wish I had relaxed early on and just enjoyed this event for what it was – a long term tapping frenzy.

    To those complaining about the extension and “wasting” currency on walls and fields and patches, please stop. If you were saving currency for the boat/decoy/sign, etc. you wouldn’t have had the materials to build your walls and patches. You made the decision to use it instead of losing it at a perceived deadline that has been in our silly little game for quite some time. All the major events I can remember did not end exactly when EA said they would. I’ve always had a little more time than expected BUT I still planned accordingly and made sure I had what I wanted BEFORE the deadline just in case EA decided to be punctual. (Have we learned nothing from Bunny’s calendars?!) If I was ever close to getting something, I kept plugging away until I was forced to update. I’d either make enough to craft my prize after the deadline and consider myself lucky or miss out on it because I didn’t check in on my town enough throughout the event. I understand the frustration and venting but try to be happy you have enough smaller decorations to design something that makes sense instead of having a lone cane field that just looks silly.

    Lvl 52 Game / 20 Monsarno / 13 Squirter / 7 Opera Stage
    8-10 times a day during the week / 2-4 weekends and days off
    Visited all friends 6x per week
    Left a seed for all friends 1x per week with extras going to those who left me seeds and who unknowingly gave me a tasty sprinkly
    Crafted 1 FM, 1 GnG, 1 Sani-John, 1 of each Monsarno bldg in addition to free ones from upgrading, houseboat, 1 decoy, at least 4 additional ticket booths, 2 cactus patches and 2 cane fields (no additional opera seats and no Bob sign as it did not appeal to me)
    I’m a premium player but by no means a completionist. I only part with my tasty treats when I really really want something and have consulted the SISD post by our fearless addict leaders.

    No cheats or glitches in my favor either!

    • The gripes about this rvent are legitimate, not ‘venting’.

      • “Venting” just means expressing dissatisfaction with something…it doesn’t mean that the “something” might not be a perfectly legitimate complaint.

    • 4kidsandacatdog

      I don’t think the issue was with the deadline per se. Most players who have been here a while know that events only really end when the forced update is pushed through. My gripe is with the crafting deadline. Having been burned before and 400 fertilizer away from a second FM, I crafted things I didn’t want in an effort to beat the clock. Only to find that the craftables were stI’ll there the next day! With what I have since earned I now know I could easily have had that FM. You mention Bunny’s calendars (which we all love!) but that was for event prizes, not the crafting deadlines. I got at least one of everything from crafting, so that’s not a huge issue for me, more of an annoyance really. But I absolutely sympathize with those at lower levels with fewer characters or who had time constraints, who were scrambling to get enough materials before the supposed deadline which wasn’t a real deadline at all.

      • I guess I just don’t understand crafting things you don’t really want. Space is at a premium these days for long time tappers and I would much rather take the risk and shoot for something I want rather than settle for things I didn’t really care about just to spend materials. Maybe that’s just me.

        My reference to Bunny’s calendars (agreed that they totally rock!) was about the timing not the end goal – aim to get whatever it is that you’re working toward the day before the “deadline” and anything after that should be considered a bonus. Just trying to stay optimistic and not let this game get the best of me =) Sometimes it’s hard not to feel the stress and I have to take a step back and remember it’s a game and supposed to be fun – even if it’s life-ruiningly fun!

    • OP, I agree with you completely. I just left my own comment on here but I was able to get everything I wanted(pretty much same as you, except I did like the opera seats lol), and then just buy like extra cane fields and such until it ended. There has been a lot of guff, cause people just didn’t upgrade first, and use the tools here to know how far to upgrade, and what their daily goal should be from the calendar.

  13. I enjoyed the overall concept of the event but I hope they edit the mechanics if they do this again. I’m a level 52 premium player that had no problem with the act prizes but crafting was a nightmare. I was still trying to get the basic main items when I bought my 1st 2 cane fields because the event was almost over. The next day they cut the prices in half, which was a bit irritating but ok, I can deal with that. I was trying to get the Homer Decoy and then it was the 1st end date so I made all the items I could, which was not the Decoy, sign, cactus etc I desired, and left some of the corn and masks behind just incase it was extended so I might be able to craft them. Then we had the extra day and I got the decoy down to120ish donuts and just caved to feel like I didn’t waste all my money on the masks I invested in earlier (as I didn’t want to be short on them like I have been with DNA). I then proceeded to spend ALL of my remaining resources on things that I didn’t want really bad and used 15ish donuts on 1 more flower wall and cane field. None of these frustrating purchases would have happened; which each reminded me of the complexity of the event, had EA just given us a final and actual end date about a week out.

    I would have improved the event by making the act prizes more like the elf cave rewards, minus the 24r timer. I would also have added WAY more DNA tasks and increased payouts. If I check several times a day and have most of the premium content and this much trouble to get the items I don’t know how smaller people had a chance.

    I sat down when act 3 started and calculated how much of each item I would need to craft 1 of the main items each, and 2 cactus and cane fields. I didn’t finish my list and had every DNA task running ever since. And at that time I was still way off from making my Farmers Market. I wish I had done it sooner but this should have been adequate time with all the upgrading we’d done. I also thought they were going to sell the boxes of DNA, Fertilizer, and Masks again towards the end, just not at the 25% more size based on them having sold some at a 25% more size it seemed logical that a box of regular priced items would pop up.

    The last main improvement I would have made would be to simplify the currencies. For starters, just 1 consistent Act prize currency (spades, music notes etc). I feel like we were working hard enough to earn everything else, we should have been able to let them roll over each act, maybe earn a spin or two more for donuts and have one less change to simplify things at each Act roll over. It was a bit overwhelming to figure all the currencies and required combos as it was, why add another one. If they had kept it to 2 or 4 for the crafting items we would have been able to relax a little bit more and I think it would have improved everyone’s sense of accomplishment for the level of effort put in.

    • The prices didn’t decrease for me the next day… I paid full DNA & corn for my gas & grub. Did this really happen? Who else saw this?

      • Those prices didn’t drop. But the prices for cane fields, cactus patches & flower walls were cut in half about a week ago

  14. it started out super fun for me but then as it became harder to complete all of Cecil’s tasks every day and collect crafting materials without setting alarms, I started to get bored and play less. I didn’t even stop by here much! Towards the end I stopped sending people on tasks unless it was to earn DNA and even then I didnt check in as regularly as I needed. It was grinding and too hard and the weather outside was too beautiful to ignore. But did I like it better than 2013 christmas? Yes! I’m ready to finish all the quests in my task bar and start building a mountain of money.

  15. I’m upset because the event didn’t end when it said it would be. I was literally on the game when it was counting down the final day at about 15 minutes left and I brought whatever I could with what resources I had (including a second market) and I was upset because I was about less than 3000 away from the houseboat. With the extension, I may have finally got the houseboat but it’s too late now!!

  16. I was able to earn all the major quest objectives and craft the three primary items (Farmer’s Market, Gas ‘N Grub, and Simpson’s Houseboat), except the Opera House and Sideshow Bob. I only started playing a few weeks ago, and though I am at level 25 by XP, I am only around level 18/19 in terms of the game quests (I am currently building the Retirement Castle). That said, I have the Simpsons Houseboat in my inventory whenever I get around to expanding the Squidport (currently I just have the one water plot and the Sea Captain’s boat).

  17. I just crafted the bob sign last night. This was the last one I needed. If it had ended I wouldn’t have gotten that of the cactus patch. Now I have two cactus patches, and am going for more flowervwalls. I have 11000 corn though and nothing to spend it on. The rest of my materials are depleted. Dna was the worst to get. I’m glad this is over.

  18. I loved the event, I crafted and got everything I wanted to and then some!! But, I could also see how an event like this could be frustrating for people that missed part of it or started the game shortly before or during the event, and for people that might not have as much time as me to check their games and get all the crafting supplies needed.
    I posted the full list of everything I crafted in this weeks Addicts Open Thread (except the 2 more cane fields, 2 cactus patches and, 1 or 2 more Opera ticket booths(using those as gate houses for my mansions)) If your interested in seeing everything I made check out my comment in the Open Thread.
    I’m now trying to get enough stuff to get a new Gas and Grub, and/or more Flower Walls before they say “Now back to your regularly scheduled Simpsons episode.”

  19. Another first time poster here, have to agree with a lot of what has been said already – the end time of the event has annoyed me, too. I gave up on collecting for the billboard as I assumed it would end before I reached the closing point and didn’t want to waste the resources I already had. Crafted a load of the smaller items with what I had…

    I’ve also had comments from my boss asking why I keep looking at my phone – he clearly didn’t realise there were Bob Clones to clear. Pfft, n00b.

    Finally, agree with the advice and guidance on here being an absolute god-send – without it, I’m sure I’d have wasted a load on pointless building upgrades. Much appreciated!

    • Loving all these first time comments! Keep them coming and don’t be a stranger! 🙂

      • Will do, been a long time lurker on here – but finally taken the plunge. Seems like a nice ‘community’ feel. Almost like group therapy or AA… We all know we have a problem when it comes to this game, yeah? At least I know I’m not alone!

  20. I crafted everything except the bob sign. Also crafted 3 cactus patches and 5 corn fields. I agree the event was pretty hard and tiring, you really needed to know when to stop upgrading your buildings.

  21. Wish I’d have known the update was going to take so long. I ended up rushing the Bob sign (22 donuts) and a 4th cactus (2 donuts).

    DNA was the most frustrating resource to collect over the duration.

    Was fun but very time demanding. Perhaps a little unreasonable from EA. Many people wouldn’t have been able to craft everything!

    • i think it was intentional on ea’s part to make dna the toughest resource to collect. in that vein, they really shouldn’t have required dna for the flower walls. this was probably my biggest issue of the entire event, heh.

  22. I am not that busy at the moment but I wonder how anyone busy with work or studies successfully managed this event unless they chucked donuts at it…. I mean the events required just so many event currency you needed to be using the shortest tasks to maximise income. To be honest it felt a bit tedious..

    • Burrahobbit_L27

      I have been playing since 2013, but this is only the second event where I manage to collect all the event prizes (excluding crafted ones). The lull period I am having now helps, as I have sufficient time to collect event currency. I really hated last year’s Easter and Halloween, I stopped checking bunny’s calendar as soon as I realised I was far behind. I skipped the Clash of Clans event entirely, was too busy with work.

  23. I started to play TSTO at the end of march, with a real, relaxed casual profile. I loved it.
    Some weeks after, this stupid Terwilliger event started. It got me to connect each hour from 7am to 11pm everyday in the desperate try to get as much items and prices as possible, to then discover that I couldn’t get most of them because I hadn’t reach the required level. I even couldn’t get Edna nor the Opera house. Frustrating, stupid, time wasting event! I hope there never will be another like this because I would not stand it.

  24. did EA miss the due date?

  25. Another extension???

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