How To: Get Sideshow Bob Into Your Game

Update 3/16/2021: EA has FINALLY corrected a lot of issues with getting the Sideshow Bob questline (thus unlocking SSB) in your game.  Woohoo!

Hey there Hoppereenos!

Bouncing on by with some pretty frakkin cool information. YOU can get Sideshow Bob into your game as a Character! Whaaaaaaa??? SERIOUSLY! No Donuts have to be spent. No Opera House Unlocked. Just Sideshow Bob, as a Character, just for YOU! WOOHOO!! AHHHHHH SIDESHOW BOB!!!!


Now for a Quick How-To on all of this…

Around Level 22 of your Game Play Dialog and Walkthrough (getting Springfield Penitentiary and getting Snake is where it popped up in our testing), you will trigger a Questline called Flaw and Order. You would normally think this is just the basic run through of when Sideshow Bob was introduced into Springfield as a Fugitive for you to chase down and capture. Well it is MORE than that now. As you follow the Questline, not only will you learn how to “tap and capture” the fugitive Sideshow Bob running through your Springfield and others, but now… at the end… you will FINALLY catch him and pull him into your game. You will then have Sideshow Bob as a Character!

Side Note: While testing this out, there did seem to be a few “catches” in the dialog between Level 22 and Level 23, so do not be discouraged… just keep on going through the Level Walkthroughs and his Questline will continue on.


Sideshow Bob 2

Here is the Basic Rundown of Flaw and Order

Part 1: (Capture) Arrest Sideshow Bob 1 Time

Part 2: (Capture) Arrest Sideshow Bob 3 Times

Part 3: (Capture) Arrest Sideshow Bob 5 Times

After you catch him 5 Times, you will then be rewarded… WITH A FREE SIDESHOW BOB! WOOHOO!!

Pro Tip: If you are having trouble finding or seeing Sideshow Bob for the Captures, just hop in n out of your “Other Springfield” and immediately head for Squidport. For some reason he really likes to hang out there, so you will usually be able to capture him there.

There you have it. Now YOU can get Sideshow Bob into your Springfield if you missed out on him during the Terwilliger’s Event. You know you all want and need a lil more Sideshow Bob in your games. I know I LOVE the fact he is finally in my game as a Character. WOOHOO!!

What do you think of it all? Have you stumbled upon this questline yet? Are you close to getting Sideshow Bob into your game? Let us know.


210 responses to “How To: Get Sideshow Bob Into Your Game

  1. Confused – I’m on level 124 and don’t have SSB but the quest to Arrest him has popped up a few days ago! What am I supposed to do? 🙂

  2. I just got the SB questline (level 113)! Finished part 2, now I’m waiting for the last one to start. At the same time I came here to share my happiness and now I see that others got SB quest as well! So happy for all of us!

  3. Level 334 and i finally got him.Time to celebrate 🎉🎈🎇

  4. The messed up, I have Sideshow Bob and now I have to catch him again, or rather his alter egos since i now have two Bob in town =(. and the still have NOT fixed the bug that stops me from selecting a character in the top left corner, arrrgh.

  5. I currently at level 103, all questlines complete except Mr. Burns money mountain. Sideshow Bob has never appeared in my Springfield, and only in the auto-supplied Other Springfield, not in any of my friends. The Flsw and Order questline has never appeared. Thoughts?

  6. Still have issues getting side show bob please help i sold the penitentiary but no change?

    • Best way is to load the game on an IOS device. Swipe down from the top and back up and then the flaw and order quest will start. You can continue the quest on your tablet but you’ll have to swipe on the IOS device again to start the next part. Sounds too easy to be right but it works, I promise.

      • Ok. I did that. Caught Sideshow Bob but then after that nothing happened. Now what? Do I need to sell the penitentiary?

  7. I’m on level 24 and the Quest for Sideshow Bob has still not popped up and I unlocked the Springfield State Penitentiary and snake so what I do?

  8. I am level 114 on one game and 60 on my other one

  9. I have not been able to get Sideshow Bob I never started the flaw and order questions any ideas how else I can get him? ???

  10. I have arrested sideshow Bob over 30 times and he’s not unlocked in my town.

  11. Day 179, finally received him. More tan 2 months after start of quest.

  12. Are there premium characters I can get for free?

    • If you could get them for free, then they wouldn’t be “premium”!

      The closest you can get to getting premium characters for “free” is to get them with donuts that you’ve gotten for free from the rail yard, Maggie game, farming, etc.

  13. I got Flaw and Order part 2 today. I’m at level 696! 🙂

  14. I am a Level 35 player, returning from a 2 year break from the game. Sideshow Bob has never appeared in my town nor my friends’ towns, and the questline has never triggered. I was not playing during the Terwilliger Event, so I’m wondering if this has anything to do with the quest not appearing. I tried contacting EA support and they responded by saying that it is “beyond their resources” to trigger the questline for me (is this true?). Is there a trend of Sideshow Bob appearing at a certain place in the town?

    • Keep contact EA…you’ll eventually find someone who knows what they are doing. Persistence is your friend…just accept that it may take awhile.

    • They can trigger it for you. The specialist that helped me get Bob had to log in my town 3 times in order to trigger each part. Contact them via live chat and request a specialist. Tell them it’s missing content (the quest NOT the character) and you might get it. Like Ron said, keep contacting them thought, at first I got 3 advisors that were just lest be polite, useless!

    • I’m at level 102 & hadn’t seen him. Contacted EA Australia & they added Bob to my game. Found him in the inventory today. Flaw & Order was triggered & I tapped on Bob. Do I need to contact EA again to get Part 2 going, or might it appear at some point?

  15. I’m currently at Level 35 and Sideshow Bob has never appeared in my towns, nor in Other Springfields, and the questline Flaw and Order has never been triggered. I recently returned to the game after a 2 year hiatus, meaning that I did not play during the Terwilliger Event. Does cause the questline to never appear? I tried contacting EA Support, and they said that it was “beyond their resources” to trigger the questline for me (is this true?). Does Sideshow Bob tend to appear at certain places in the town or is it completely random?

  16. I just finished the part 2, any hints on how to get part 3 to start?

  17. I finally have Sideshow Bob. I had to repeatedly write to EA and go through several customer support people offering useless suggestions before someone finally just put him in my town. So, apparently you just have to keep writing until they finally act.

    • That’s what I ended up doing! I think I went through 3 or 4 reps lol. They did end up saying the initial quest was triggered in my town (I don’t remember seeing it AT ALL) and they could see it just got hung up and the second part wouldn’t trigger.

    • Thanks for the tip! But ugh lol, my wife and I contacted ea support and we both got confirmation that he was added in our inventory but sadly he’s not there… After sending multiple screenshots that proves that we didnt received him now we are being ignored lol. I guess open another ticket???

  18. hm im on lvl 102 and i still dont see him..are there any tricks to get him ?? :))

  19. I’m at 104 now and completed the quests up to 60, only Lisa tree hugger and burns money pit left to do, which is almost done. I can see and tap Bob in other Springfield but he has never shown in mine.

    Today I stored and replaced the prison eith snake but no change yet. Ive not noticed the flaw quest line come up, its never been active anyway.
    I think I remember months ago some blurb about Bob from one character but that’s all that happened.

    • Do you have any tasks in your task book? Make sure there aren’t any hidden in your “box,” either…

    • I have the same issue of never having the quest triggered and I’m at level 109 and only have Burns’ money and the redwood left.

      Contacted EA and they said be patient as there is only a 10% chance Bob will show up to start the quest. However, I have been playing for a very long time and the probability of him showing up should be close to 1 by now.

      I’m at a loss now…

  20. I got the first Flaw & Order quest around level 7-8. Since then nothing and i’m lvl34 in XP & 28-29 in storyline. Originally i thought it was just because the Secret Agent event took him out for the duration of the event. but now I’m wondering if there is a bigger issue

    • MydadlookslikeFlanders

      I’m on level 127 with only the redwood quest and burns money mountain quest left. still can’t get Bob to unlock unfortunately. I haven’t been offered to arrest him in a quest at all. I can find him in my other Springfield daily, but when I tap him I just get a bit of money and he disappears. If I figure it out I will pass on the info here. Good luck

      • I finally have Sideshow Bob. I had to repeatedly write to EA and go through several customer support people offering useless suggestions before someone finally just put him in my town. So, apparently you just have to keep responding until they finally act.

        • MydadlookslikeFlanders

          Thanks a bunch for the info Ron 🙂 I am really tired of not having Sideshow Bob in my town st such an advanced stage and am going to contact them until they add him to my town too

  21. Umm I’m on level 102 and I still haven’t had the quests…

  22. I am currently lvl 105 and I did flaw and order part 1 a long time ago but since then no question or what soever. I did try “resetting” the prison, the tree house and the police station no luck…. Tapping on him in other Springfield is useless as well. What’s going on I what him !!!

  23. I’m level 40 right now and i am on Flaw and Order Pt. 3 with 4/5 arrests….and Sideshow Bob hasn’t appeared again in a very long time. Is there any reason why?
    The missions (19) I have in my task book are:
    Hijinks and Hoop Dreams Pt. 2
    Celeb-o-mania Pt. 1
    When Worlds Collide Pt. 3
    Flaw and Order Pt. 3
    Mom is the loneliest number Pt. 1
    Gangster Paradise
    Real Estate Mogul Pt. 2
    Military Antiques Pt. 3
    Above the Clouds of Springfield Pt. 3
    The Krusty-est place on Earth Pt. 23
    Squidport Pt. 14
    Mr. Burns’ Money Mountain (Place it)
    World’s Largest Redwood Pt. 2
    Taxes Hold’em Pt. 6
    Springfield Heights Pt. 9
    Show- Vroom Pt. 3
    Cubical Dream Pt. 2
    Republic of Condo Pt. 2
    Getting Classy Pt. 4

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