Tapped Out Special Event Walkthroughs: Pride Month

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So yesterday we had ourselves a little in-game update…a mini event for Pride Month.  Although like many things in TSTO the timing isn’t quite right.  In our Springfield Pride Month will last a week….

In addition to some rainbow themed decorations, we were given a fun little questline to keep us busy.

Initially I was only going to post the Turbo Tappin’ version of this questline…and then I read it.  And honestly I couldn’t stop laughing.  This questline is really well done, is hilarious and pokes fun at the political correctness of the world we live in…as only the Simpsons can.  So…I decided to post the entire walkthrough with dialogue.

I know there are some of you that won’t participate in this event…and I get it.  It’s your opinion and your right to do so.  However, I encourage you to try and remember it’s just a game and games are supposed to be fun.  I also encourage you to at least read the questline below (if not in your game)…it’s really funny and pokes fun at everything and everyone in only a way the Simpsons can.

So now…on with the show walkthrough!

Naked Homer

Springfield Over the Rainbow Pt. 1

Lisa: We’ve never had a Pride Month in Springfield. I think it’s about time we did!
Mayor Quimby: 
Um… how about a Pride Day?
I knew it — you don’t really support Pride.
I’m a politician — I support everything.  But if it’s a day, we can make it a government holiday. Those dozens of days off a year are the reason I got into public service.
 But Pride deserves a month, not a day.
Hmm… maybe I could use it as an excuse to have a month of half-days.
Place Pride Decorations- x3.  

Springfield Over the Rainbow Pt. 2
Lisa starts

Lisa: Aunt Patty, I came up with a bunch of decoration ideas for Pride Month!
Pink triangles and rainbows, honey. No need to reinvent the wheel.
Blue Haired Lawyer: 
I represent Mr. O’Reilly the Leprechaun.  I have here a court order demanding you cease and desist from using triangles, rainbows, or any other symbol as a decoration.
No more copying me lucky trademarks!
But your lucky symbol is the clover.
And the rights to all symbols “inspired by or in any aspect similar to” that symbol, according to the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.
 Please, Mr. Leprechaun. It’s for a good cause — Pride!
Well, I suppose I am a proud Irishman. So OK. But no symbols on merchandise!
Make Lisa Advertise Pride Month on the Internet- 12hrs, Earns $420, 100xp
Lisa: Now we just need a venue for the party.
Coach K: 
How about my place, the YMCA? It’s fun to stay there!
I don’t know, sounds sketchy…
Coach K: 
What if I told you you could have a good meal there? And get yourself clean?
 I DO like to be clean.

Springfield Over the Rainbow Pt. 3
Lisa starts

Lisa: Pride month is almost here! Aren’t you excited?
Excited for it to be over!
Really?  Why?
Haven’t you seen Springface? Every special interest group has put up a page demanding their own month, too!
Springface is so 2014. All my friends now use Instaspring. But I’ll check out Springface… if I can remember my password.
Make Lisa Check Out Springface- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp
Hibbert: Why Pride Month? We skipped right past Black History Month… and on the fiftieth anniversary of the Selma march!
How about Smoker’s Month… for the fiftieth anniversary of Selma’s lungs turning black.
 I want to see Women’s History Month. Followed by Mother’s Month!
And Jewish American Month! Passover, Yom Kippur and all of those Sabbaths aren’t enough!
National Hip Replacement Month! Better yet, National Hip Replacement Month!
 Don’t forget Black Music Month. That’s right, we get two months!
And while we’re at it, why does everyone always ignore Stalker’s Awareness Month?  It’s a real thing. Look it up.
I am … and you’re right. ….. Over 400 groups are wrestling over a measly 12 months.
Rev. Lovejoy: 
11 months actually. God pretty much owns December.

Springfield Over the Rainbow Pt. 4
Lisa starts

Quimby: Lisa, I’m afraid we’ll have to cancel Pride Month. The other groups all want a month too. It’ll be decades of months!
Why not just have one month for everyone? Like Springfield Diversity Month?
So make everyone think they’re special by treating them all the same? You’re a political genius!
Make Lisa Campaign for Diversity Month- 12hrs, Earns $420, 100xp

Springfield Over the Rainbow Pt. 5
Lisa starts

Lisa: I hope my suggestion of Diversity Month won’t upset the LGBT community.
I think I speak for most by saying I support all causes for Pride.
 Oh really, Smithers? What are you so proud about?
Um… just, you know… go diversity!
Yes, like the diversity between my salary and everyone else’s!
Make Burns Celebrate Diversity- 12hrs, Earns $420, 100xp
Make Springfield’s Unique Citizens Celebrate- x8.  2hrs, Earns $110, 27xp Freemium and $175, 40xp Premium.
Duffman: Only one thing could make this celebration better: Duff Beer, official beer of Diversity Month!
Seriously? You’re really gonna use Diversity Month as a marketing opportunity?
Mr. Burns: 
Smithers, head back to the office and start working on the “3 kilowatts for the price of 2” Diversity Month Special.
My idealism has officially been destroyed.
Only one thing could make this moment better: Duff beer, official beer of having your idealism destroyed!

Springfield Over the Rainbow Pt. 6
Homer starts

Homer: What reason do I have to celebrate Diversity Month? I’m just an average, normal American.
 Surely you jest. You have one of the most diverse collections of lifestyle-related health problems I’ve ever seen!
Woo hoo! To further encourage diversity, I will now chug a six-pack.
Make Homer Celebrate his Pride- 2hrs, Earns $110, 27xp
Make Springfielders Join the Continuing Festivities- x8.  2hrs.  Earns $110, 27xp Freemium and $175, 40xp Premium.  

And that concludes the Pride Week questline my friends!

What are your thoughts on the dialogue?  Did you find it as funny as I did?  Which special interest group’s month request was your favorite?  Personally I thought Moe’s was pretty funny…oh Moe.  You creepy, creepy goon.  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

100 responses to “Tapped Out Special Event Walkthroughs: Pride Month

  1. I agree it was a clever/amusing dialogue and I did catch myself smiling going though it, but was that the whole event? Flags and trees, and a premium billboard and the two-nicorn?

  2. Thank you tsto addicts! You guys n gals are wonderful and i greatly enjoy the info that each of you provide! Very helpful to me and im sure i speak for many many fellow tappers! Keep it up!!! Go human pride!!! Each and everyone of us have something to be proud of!!! Praise jebus…oh and i love you Bunny!!

  3. Just finished as the walk through stated… …they should still give us at least one free donut for following a storyline that just ends/leads nowhere (Donut Day or not) it just petered out like a balloon loosing all it’s air. If the end of the storyline sparked Gil’s Deal at least that would be something. I’m disapointed and want everyone to know it :p

  4. Real quickie! I like the rainbow trees. Bought a Pride sign. But I really think this mini-event was to sell premium items using the current political climate. oh well… 😉

  5. For part 5 I have for Smithers to also do the 12 hour celebrate diversity task.

  6. I’m sure I had already seen this animation of Burns “celebrating diversity” in some friend’s town, months ago. Was that a limited-time skin or something? Do you have a WDTCF on that? 😉

  7. Apparently Cecil isn’t as into Pride as his family and the rest of the town are.

  8. I Love rainbows!! I have been coveting the unicorn that spits rainbows since I first saw him in my neighbors towns. So glad I finally got a chance to get him!! I Love all the colorful trees and flags too! Just wish the flags didn’t need to be tapped to see them, but that didn’t stop me from buying dozens. This Pride month sure did Brighten up my Springfeild!!

  9. I love having a task I can send my whole town on. The big long stack of thumbs always makes me smile.

  10. My opinion this pride week came pretty close to the Bruce Jenner impact it created on social media. Coincidence?

    • Probably. This content is usually created at least 1-2 months in advance. (at least the idea for it)

    • Its pride week here in orlando florida. They call it gay days. I went several times to gay days not knowing with my family cus its always right when school lets out so thats when we would use our comp passes from friends, since everybody around here works at Disney. I remember that was the first time i asked my mom “look boys are kissing boys, i thought only mommys and daddy’s are allowed to kiss!?” My mom handled it really well. Learning about other people with different lifestyles at Disney i think its way better than the way my kids stumbled across it online and i had to also teach a lesson about why people were making such rude comments about someone that is different than you but still human and has the same rights.
      I thought it was great how the simpsons tapped out handled the topic on our silly little games. Thanks guys for all you do with this blog.

  11. This “Everyone do your own thing” (in the game) reminds me a lot of the “if it feels good, do it.”, “Be like the Boy” Guy episode.

    Because of this all inclusive celebration I decided to turn all my Christmas Lights on, it’s like a Festivus for the rest-of-us (oops, wrong show… Not like there is anything wrong with that) :p

    I got to say though I seen the outfit before that Mr. Burns Mask thing freaks me out (both of them).

  12. Do you have any idea when we are going to get more land?. I’m a completest. If EA wants me to buy donuts and spend them on buildings then they better make more land available soon. I have no room! So frustrating!

  13. I lol’d thru this Pride Month Event … my favorite part? When Lisa is debating with the Blue Haired Lawyer and the Leprechaun (“No more copying me lucky trademarks!”) 😉

  14. Really funny.
    Really enjoying the event.
    Really proud of my friends! …all of them… friends are friends!
    Either from Mars, Venus or Springfield!

  15. Someone stole my burrito™

    I want the rainbow flags to wave 🙁
    Looks silly next to the American flags.
    The wind in Springfield is very selective.

  16. I thought Krusty said something about Jewish awareness month or something? Not a repeat of what Agnes said. Has the dementia finally set in?

  17. I need more land… A lot more…!!!

  18. Love the new colorful decos! BTW, tomorrow is National Donut Day…

  19. Love the rainbow trees!!!!

  20. I also laughed at the conversation right after it triggered. Not sure how it went exactly, but Flanders said he was happy with the new steel mill, because he could finally build his 200-foot high virgin Mary.
    In which Homer says: “That better not be a purchasable item .”

  21. wondertwin7306

    who are the “UNIQUE” Springfielder’s?

    • From what I saw…all Springfielders

      • Cecil is the only one I found in my game who doesn’t have the “Celebrate” task, which is disappointing, considering who voices the character..

        • Keep in mind when Events are created it is usually months in advance, so at the time they were written some of those characters may not exist yet or still be “in the works” themselves. I think that is why we see so many we feel “obvious” options not involved in certain quests or events.

      • spideyivan956

        It looked to me like there might be just a couple of Springfielders who wouldn’t celebrate. I specifically noticed that Mrs. Quimby, Cecil, and Mr. Teeny didn’t have a “Celebrate” task available, but those were the only ones I noticed, so the vast majority can participate. I like seeing the huge stacks of completed thumbs icons in one spot, so I sent pretty much everyone to celebrate, except for those who could earn $175 on a 2-hour Stonecutter Daycare task.

        In Part 5 it looks like there’s a task missing. In my pop-up Task Menu there’s also a 12-hour Celebrate Diversity task for Smithers that pays $420 and 100 XP, same as Mr. Burns

    • I am a “UNIQUE” Springfielder, and proud of it!

    • In my game, Homer, Mrs Quimby and Cecil are the only ones who can’t do it. I don’t think it’s just about when the characters were created because Sideshow Bob can, as well as his parents, and they are new from the same event as Cecil.

      • Homer does eventually celebrate. He drinks beer.

        Thanks for pointing out that the other new characters can “celebrate”.

        I’m wondering if Cecil is generally broken. His animations are missing from tasks (scheme and run for mayor) and he doesn’t “celebrate”.

      • And Mr. Teeny.

        I get Cecil and Mrs. Quimby, but why can’t Homer join in, considering they’re celebrating at HIS house?y

        • I keep Mr Teeny in my inventory so I didn’t notice he couldn’t do it. Homer makes perfect sense to me: his not celebrating is part of the storyline.

    • Only Cecil, Homer and the monkey do not celebrate in my town.

  22. I love the the colors! Bought lots of trees (what’s new with that, I love trees, I even hug them)! Can’t believe peps that play this game find this offensive, seriously it’s the Simpson’s! They r calling it pride month, could be pride for anything.
    To the tappers out there, are you burning up EA forum with we need/want more land? EA reads this site, but think posting on forum makes a stronger point , plus EA is the only one that can add land. I’m sure A,B, & W would all like more land also.
    Back in FL, returned with a special gift, a bad cold, sure I caught on plane, grrrrr so haven’t posted in awhile, So a belated thank you for all help with quiding us through last looooong event, wouldn’t have gotten so much cool loot without your help.

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