Pride Month 2015 and the Conform-O-Meter

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Pride Month 2015 is here and it’s introduced a few new items for our Springfieldss.  Everything from trees to flags!  So let’s take a look at how these new items impact our Conform-O-Meter…

The Conform-O-Meter is an important part of Tapped-Out because it provides you with a bonus boost in your cash and  XP from everything you collect in the game.  When you achieve a 5-Star Town (it’s max rating) you will receive a 5% bonus on all money and XP collected in your town.  If you missed the previous Conform-O-Meter posts check here for the basics and here for how many points you’ll need to reach 5 stars.

While the Pride event brought no changes to the Conform-O-Meter requirements, it did bring a few new buildings and decorations.   The neat thing is you can put almost all of these items in Krustyland, so it’ll impact your Krust-o-Meter too! So let’s take a look at how all of the new “goodies” impact our rating:

Item  Cost Category Points Krustyland Krust-O-Meter
Rainbow Tree $100 Tree-Hugging 10 Yes Kitsch +10
Rainbow Flag $250 Vanity 10 Yes Kitsch +10
Pride Billboard 5 Donuts Vanity 25 Yes Kitsch +25
Ajax Steel Mill 150 Donuts Gluttony 10 No N/A

What were your thoughts on how the Pride Event items impact our meters (both Conform and Krust)?  Which items did you pickup?  How’s your conform-o-meter doing?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

59 responses to “Pride Month 2015 and the Conform-O-Meter

  1. For those missing the dash of purple with the rainbow trees, the bonsai bases can help. Hope this screen shot shows…

  2. Hiya! This is my first ever comment on here, and I check this side almost daily! (: I’ve been trying really hard to max out my conform o meter and really can’t max out my tree hugging bar. I really don’t like my Springfield looking like a cluttered forest so I removed all my trees and sold them. Now I have 120 burning bushes hidden behind buildings and my tree hugging is at 1 and half stars. What do I do please help! I’m level 53 and have done the math multiple times! Help!!! And how can I add yall as neighbors??? Pls I’ve just redo my Krustyland I added 50 rainbow trees and have 100 in storage! Thanks guys!

    • Tree-hugging is a tough one because each item adds different values. Add some minnow ponds, camp fires and flowers…here’s a breakdown of what adds what value:

    • Welcome, Amy!!

      The best items for getting the most tree-hugging points for the least amount of space are the $385 flowers and the boardwalk trees (the ones in the pink pots, which can go anywhere, not just the boardwalk). Although there are items that have higher tree-hugging points to them, they’re bigger, and you actually end up with more points if you take up the same amount of space with the two items I mentioned. (Plus, because they only take up one square apiece, it’s pretty easy to find little spots to use them in!)

      Hope this helps! 🙂

      • At this point I’m pretty curtain that the burning bush counts twards vanity and no longer tree hugging (I could be wrong, but according to your link Alissa they should have worked and didn’t). I followed your advice Sandra, I hid the boardwalk trees behind everything possible!!! Officaily have a five star Springfield!! Thanks!

  3. As this seems the popular thread… I have a young town currently building Willy’s shack. What’s cool about rhe Pride event, besides the lovely trees and flags, is that I can send all my characters but Homer off to Celebrate together in the Simpson house for 2 hours until I can build the Cooling Towers to get Mr. Burns (and Homer can relax for 2 hours). I wonder if Celebrate will also remain until I get Smithers.

    That town also received the last available premium item, Lard Lad Donuts, with the 5 day Mystery Box, just as I had hoped. The new Mystery Box is definitely very nice to the player.

    Re KrustyLand: while it came to a dead halt for a freemium player a while ago, they added the ability to exchange tickets for in game cash, so a quick run through to collect tickets, clear neighbor taps, and add up Pop You taps towards donuts is a good idea. BTW, I recently figured out why I sometimes land in KrustyLand when visiting neighbors: it matters where you tap on the little picture of your neighbor’s town.

  4. I still check my KL because of the ticket conversion. An extra $100k every few days is awesome.

    Was is the size of the pride billboard? I kind of want to get it. But I don’t want it to be all small like the welcome sign and I haven’t seen it in my neighbors towns.

  5. Heather Kennedy

    I’m now level 12 and am having lots of fun with my new neighbors. I wish there was a way to casually chat and leave them messages. I hope this changes. I’m a daily tap tap tapper 🙂 and would love to be able to ask advice from my neighbors instead of looking through a long list of comments. Just a thought… prettynpunk 😉

    • yeah i’ve always thought it would be convenient to be able to private message neighbors, but unfortunately the only way to do that would be for you and your neighbors to have the Origin app for windows or mac installed and running on your computers.

      what would be awesome is a wordpress live chat option for this site! *hint*hint*

      • Hey tapebelt …sent you a friend request …if you’ve got any room add me as I really wanna see your town in its full glory!

      • i actually gotta queue of about 30 requests, but people who comment on this site will always take precedence in my book. added!

      • Honestly your town is so inspiring …the amount of work you’ve put in is awesome! I love the 3D effects and the way it works magic mountains and valleys – wow! My favourite bit has got to be the little bumper car rally next to pitch and putt …brilliant : D

        Thanks so much for adding me I promise to be a great neighboureeno lol happy days!

  6. probably not the best thread topic, but im too giddy. just finished burns money mountain and it is awesome

    • I thought so too. It was buying an Aspirational building over time. Great XP payout for every task Burns completed, which meant some free pink sprinklies all along the way. Much more fun than saving, and saving, and saving, and then thinking you just can’t pull the trigger to buy that hugely expensive whatever.

  7. Seeing several posts here from people who have been “ignoring” Krustyland…. Don’t forget the opportunity to earn free donuts from Sideshow You! I visit Krustyland twice a day to clear tickets and tap on Sideshow You. Got 5 donuts there just a couple of days ago!

    • barleecreations (canid88)

      If it weren’t for the fact you could earn donuts there and exchange tickets into cash I’d most likely be ignoring Krustyland. I think I’ve been able to earn donuts three times so far. 🙂

      • i’d even go as far as to say the potential for donuts is so slim in kl, it’s not even worth it visiting…. but that’s just me.

        • @ Tape – I believe the donuts are guaranteed every 300th tap. So it takes a while to get them, but they’re there for the getting! 🙂

      • The donuts are guaranteed every 300th tap, I believe. 🙂

      • barleecreations (canid88)

        As a freemium player I’ll take every donut I can get my hands on. 😉

  8. Any body notice righteousness issues with latest update? I’ve had to hide another training wall, and even that is maybe not cutting it. It’s sideshow a criminal we have to keep locked up? Or did righteousness increase in the latest level updates?

  9. Got about 60 trees, but, other than my little 2-D art experiment (which is a temporary exhibit, because I think that’s where the steel mill will go when I finally give in and spend the donuts for it), I haven’t decided where to put it. I also bought a bunch of flags and put them everywhere I had a enough empty space near a building, but most of those will probably go into storage after the event, until I think of a good use for them. If the flag was visible by default, rather than when you tap it or when it randomly comes alive, I’d be more apt to keep more of them more permanently.

    Besides for their potential uses, one of the things I like about buying large multiples of these kinds of items is the XP that I get for it! 🙂

  10. lol I haven;t touched my Krustyland since last year lol…I forgot what it looks like xD

  11. We should have got a new skin for moe’s, when he changed it to a gay bar. I’d like all the different looks of moe’s at some point.

  12. The last upgrade to Level 53 required me to add a few more trees to maintain 5 stars. That being said, and having “farmed” Training Walls and Kwiki-Marts, do high-end items replace part of the need to do this?
    Rat Trap Delivery Truck at $150k – does that give 15 items of Obedience?
    Walk in Therapy at 50k – does that replace 5 Kwiki-Marts for consumerism?
    Burning Book Mobioe at $50k – does that give 5 items of Vanity?
    BBQ Pit at $100k – Vanity Boost?
    Any suggestions as to more simply boost ratings?
    It certainly would be nice to be able to clean up clutter, purchased and “stuffed” into the town. (Of course we are having a Garage Sale tomorrow and my garage is cluttered with stuff we are “un-stuffing” ourselves from, so I am in that zone.

    • No.

      Here’s the deal with the conform-o-meter….general rule of thumb is everything except vanity, tree-hugging and socialism…adds 10 points. So if it costs more it still only adds 10 points.

      Vanity and tree-hugging depend on the item. Every item is different, but they’re also the easiest to max out.

  13. Addicts – i can’t find a place for this post – Is anyone overwhelmed sort of by tapping – I have 102 characters now. There are times i can’t find who is where – and i do use the town hall – but i wish the town hall would do me a favor and tell me not only who is busy or not, but how much longer they have on a task without having to tap a character, go to it, then go back to the town hall and scroll tap another character and do the same.
    i’ve done the ‘move’ button , hide stuff, then find characters too – but that becomes time consuming also, since you have to get out of move mode, tap character, then back in move mode to find another one.

    Is anyone else having this issue or is it just me? lol.

    • I hear you. And I know people continually ask for land, but my biggest wish for EA to grant is to de-clutter my inventory. I would love to have dedicated folders for each of the events. It shouldn’t be hard for them to program it because they were offered that way originally. I get weary of scrolling through all those items I “had” to get (i.e., during CoC or Monsarno) to find an item.

    • I tend to have all of my characters on more or less the same schedule. Once I think that I’ve tapped them all to collect them from their current “done” tasks, I then go to the Town Hall and scroll through to make sure they all say “Waiting…” That usually turns up a couple that I missed. Then, when everyone is in “waiting” status, I use the icons in the upper left to cycle through and send them all on their next round of tasks.

      It has gotten a lot more time consuming, now that I have a lot of characters, but every time I’m tempted to complain, I have to remind myself that the game is called “TAPPED Out” for a reason! 😉

    • TechnoTrousers0

      I don’t generally seek out individual characters unless it’s part of a specific quest. Day to day, I go through the town and click all thumbs and building money, then when all characters are free, I use the upper left portrait to select each character one by one and give them a task. This makes it fairly quick to go through everyone since I don’t have to find them on the map, though it still gets tedious. I do this 2-3 times a day.

      I have seen suggestions here that EA should have a method to send everyone on a x-hour task all at once. I would love that!

    • I agree!! I’m missing like 5 characters and struggle to find people I need. Here they list character interaction as a pro but it’s major MAJOR con to me. I regret buying Manjula everyday!! But I tend to place my characters into 24 hour tasks and have to seek out Arti Ziff, Manjula, and Matt… Etc (which takes like 10 mins to find). If not I’ll end up with a hand full of characters on 12 hour tasks. EA needs to do tons of tiny updates to make game playing easier for us! Like a collect all button for money. Or realse all, when a bunch of characters complete tasks. Shoot even something that’ll put eveyone in certain task length (place everyone in 24 hour tasks, then that’ll leave us to sort the ones that don’t have 24 hour tasks).

      • if i could have a character status – either on the task bar or on the town hall census – with a go to – i’d love it. I was sort of inventoring what i had, when i relalized i had 103 – i just bought the steel mill! my husband asked how many buildings! I told him he could counth them!

      • I don’t understand – why do you have to go looking for them? Why not just use the Town Hall listing to go directly to them?

        Also, if it’s a “character-interaction” thing, selecting the task on one character automatically joins up the two characters. However, since it’s only listed on one of the character’s tasks list, you may have to remember to skip the other character when you’re tapping through the icons, so that you can set the task with the other character. (Sometimes Spider Pig misses his overnight belly rub, because I forget and send Homer on a different 12-hour task first…I have to remember to skip over him when he’s at the beginning of the list.)

    • Holy smokes! Yall gave inspiration to count my characters! I have 134 including Jub Jub, Stampy, and Mr. Teeny. EA make my life easier please!

  14. I often neglect Krustyland, in fact I don’t plan on working on Krustyland (or Squidport) unless I don’t have any Springfield Quests.

    As a result I have a little tickets to buy things to keep my krust-o-meter up so instead I wait for events such as this one and spend a large amount of money on decorations that I can put in Krustyland!!

  15. I’ve been so focused on my Springfield Conform-o-meter that I’ve completely neglected the one at Krustyland. I’ll have to work on that now…

  16. Lindseyweb543

    Off topic. EA should celebrate donut day. A few donut s would be great.

    • I don’t disagree…

    • my husband being a Krispy Kreme freak is all over donut day and my facebook banner and profile pic is homer and donuts. I’ll be dissapointed if EA ignores it.

      • Oh – and i love the rainbow trees – so very festive – i bought a whole bunch of them!

    • Free donuts! “DROOL!”

    • If I remember right, last year if you say “happy donut day” at some donut shops they gave away a free donut but I was watching my diet at the time so I opted out.

      • Well, I’ve done my research this morning for my two local donut places… Dunkin Donuts is offering a free donut with the purchase of any drink (they’re currently featuring Chips Ahoy donuts, which come in “crunch” and a “creme” options, neither of which sound all that appealing to me, but you can get any kind of donut you want). Honeydew Donuts is offering a free Mocha Madness donut with the purchase of any medium-sized drink.

    • i like the way you think neighbor! national bonut day!

  17. I ended up getting 30 trees and 10 flags. Oops. But I love trees and special event freemium items, so it’s cool. This was nice, I think. A nice change of pace from the huge events.

    Also, do the rainbow trees have butterflies occasionally? I thought I saw some around one once, but only once so I’m not sure.

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