Tapped Out Premium Walkthroughs: Roscoe and the Anvil

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Ol’ Gil arrives in Springfield with another premium pusher to ponder.  This time Gil brings us a steal of a deal on the Ajax Steel Mill and Roscoe!

Roscoe does come with a short little questline, something to keep you busy tappin’.  So let’s take a look at Roscoe’s questline, and his work to turn the mill into Ajax by day and the Anvil by night….

Roscoe Work Hard

Mo-thusiasm Pt. 1
Roscoe starts

Roscoe: Homer, this steel mill’s turned out to be a real fixer-upper!  To pay for the renovations, I’m going to use the space at night as a gay dance bar for moustached men: “The Anvil.”
Homer: Heh heh, let’s see Flanders try to spin this as a miracle!
Roscoe: Does this Flanders guy perchance have a moustache? I need to hire some go-go dancers.
Then let’s go-go meet him!  Flanders, your happy days are over. Get ready to be like the rest of us!
Make Roscoe Chat with Flanders- 8hrs, Earns $695, 175xp (Requires Flanders)
Flanders: Wow, Homer, two miracles in one day. First the steel mill, and then you introduce me to Roscoe!
What the–? You LIKED meeting Roscoe?
I gave him some renovation tips from my experience remodeling my baptistery. Helped me meet my monthly help-thy-neighbor quota.
But didn’t you get freaked out when he asked you to be a go-go dancer?
He said I could wear khakis over the thong. How could I refuse? I’ll be working Tuesdays and Thursdays — stop by and say hi!

Mo-thusiasm Pt. 2
Roscoe starts

Roscoe: Hey Ned, mind if I ask you for some business advice?
Sure, I love pain-free ways of superficially showing tolerance!
So, if past experience is a guide, church-going males are an important potential customer base for my gay dance club.  What’s the best way to reach that audience?
You know, many people don’t realize the New Testament has a lot to say about New Media…
Make Ned Give Business Tips- 12hrs, Earns $420, 100xp
Make Roscoe Take Notes- 12hrs, Earns $600, 150xp

Mo-thusiasm Pt. 3
Roscoe starts

Roscoe: Welcome Ned, to the grand opening of The Anvil!
Opening? Shouldn’t you be closing? It’s midnight.
Apparently you’re unaware that in the EDM-based male-dance-club subculture, things only really get going after midnight.
Make Springfielders Get Down at the Anvil- x10.  Send 10 adult Springfielders to the Anvil.  4hrs.  Earns $260, 70xp Freemium and Premium
Make Roscoe Play Hard- 12hrs, Earns $600, 150xp
Flanders: I’m beginning to regret giving you all that advice.
What, can’t you handle this much scantily-clad stache?
I’m perfectly comfortable in my stachehood. But it’s after midnight on a Saturday, which means it’s technically Sunday! This is sacreligious!

If you’ve unlocked Smithers the following questline will then trigger for you: 

Dance Off
Roscoe starts

Roscoe: Sorry about the long line to get in, but I need to make the place seem exclusive.  Anybody have enough stache to challenge me to a waiting line dance-off?
Duffman has free beer for the winner! And free glow sticks for anyone who wants to look like an idiot!
I’m always up for a competition to erase my childhood memories of athletic ineptitude. Challenge accepted!
Make Roscoe Dance Outside the Ajax Steel Mill- 5hrs, Earns $300, 75xp
Make Smithers Dance Outside the Ajax Steel Mill-
5hrs, Earns $300, 75xp
Make Duffman Dance Outside the Ajax Steel Mill (if you have him)- 5hrs, Earns $300, 75xp

And that my friends concludes the short premium questline for Roscoe!

What are your thoughts on Roscoe’s questline?  Did you spend the donuts to bring him to your Springfield?  Where have you placed the mill?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

32 responses to “Tapped Out Premium Walkthroughs: Roscoe and the Anvil

  1. When this was introduced again in the chilli event, all that for just a small price of 100 donuts ( 50 donut rebate off 150 ) was a must have

  2. Does anyone know at what point Roscoe’s 1-hour task opens up? Right now, his task list only shows 4-hour, 12-hour, and 24-hour tasks, with no other tasks grayed out or anything. I can see in the walkthrough when his 5-hour task will appear, but I don’t see him getting sent on a 1-hour task anywhere….

    • It might not be until the questline is complete.

      • Thanks! So, tough decision between keeping the nice 4-hour premium task for everyone in town vs. getting his 1-hour task. (Although, since I don’t have the patience to send everyone on tasks individually anymore, I think that, after today (or tomorrow, since I may need to use one 8-hour task today, instead of two 4-hour tasks, as usual), I’ll probably go ahead and complete this part of the questline.

  3. Does anyone know whether the Mo-thusiasm quest will stay active or end itself at some point, if I keep it stuck at part 3 by not sending Roscoe on his 12hr task, so that nearly all the rest of my Springfielders can keep earning premium by getting down at the Anvil?

    I’m not sure how much longer I’ll have the patience to have to tap every single person every 4 hrs, but for now it seems like a great way to build up some extra in-game cash, especially with the Googolplex slowly draining my reserves (that’s easier for me than grinding at SH.)

    (Sorry about commenting on a year-old post, but I didn’t see this mentioned anywhere in regards to the Steel Mill and this seems to be the best place for it…)

  4. When they all “Get Down at The Anvil,” is that a visible task? Can I really see all my Springfielders dancing?!?

  5. I wish Mr. Largo could dance at Ajax too. He should get to show his pride too!

  6. More Land Pleeze!!😃👍

  7. Ok umm its been 24 hours and two of my messages seem to have gone poof and not moderated, there was no language, all I pointed out was there seemed to be a last part to the quest that was not mentioned on this walkthrough, what gives?

    • ok now that I left another comment, my other messages are showing up but still “waiting to be moderated”

    • This is your most recent comment that wasn’t moderated. Everything else by you has been

      • Not sure what happened, checked half hour ago, and my comment about their being a part missing on this walkthrough did not show being moderated, yet it is now. Must have been moderated by the time I posted the question asking about it, I dunno.

  8. I bought the steel mill, and I really like it, but, boy, I’d pay big bucks to see Ned go-go dancing in his thong. Even with khaki’s over it.

  9. Did enjoy this quest line however thought it was disappointingly short and the final part wasn’t even story related.

  10. Seems to be a step missing from this walkthrough, unless its part of something else. I have Dr. Hibbart, who seems to have a discussion with Homer after that quest. After Smithers, Roscoe and Smithers dance, I have a quest for Homer to celebrate his Pride, and 8 other Springfielders to join in on the continuing festivities, both quests for 2 hours.

    • D’oh meant after Smithers Roscoe and DuffMan dance lol not Smithers Roscoe and Smithers 😀

  11. Speaking of buildings, who do I get the Krustylu Studios from? (and that cool waterfall).

  12. Good ole Gil. He really needs to have another donut sale. The reserve is getting low. 🙂

  13. Love the quest and love the Steel Mill/Roscoe combo. The building is great to look at when animated and the music when you tap on it fits perfectly. Roscoe is voiced which is a plus. Love it.

  14. How many tasks does he have? I’m on Mo-thusiasm part three and he only has his day task, his four hour task, and his 12 hour task.

  15. I can’t wait to get home from work tonight and send all my Springfielders to ‘Get Down at The Anvil’!

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