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So in a period of EA downtime, our game has brought us a bunch of returning items at discount prices. Pretty cool that people get the chance to get items a little cheaper but mega cool that there’s at least one new item in the midst of it all. Sunday’s Gil Deal included the Big Butt Skinner Balloon for 95 donuts. But what the heck does this item have to do with the Best, Show. Ever? Is it a parade balloon, Bart Simpson prank or heavenly omen? Let’s take a look at the show and find out.


“Bart’s Comet” (S6:E14)

It’s science week at Springfield Elementary (the most propane, explosion-free science week ever) and it’s time to release the weather balloon.

Springfield Elelmentary Weather Balloon Science Week

The kids are excited including Bart Simpson? His enthusiasm makes sense as the yellow and blue balloon begins to ascend and we see Bart pull a string unfurling pieces making it look like Principal Skinner.

Big Butt Skinner Balloon Buttzilla

Bart: “I don’t think I really captured the eyes.”

Milhouse: “Bart, if you have a failing, it’s that you’re always demanding perfection… IF you have a failing.”

Big Butt Skinner Balloon Buttzilla 4

Skinner offers the kid who brings down the balloon a release from sections but the only result is his car being messed up by the stones. Willie tries to shoot it down but only brings down two fighter jets. Funny that their targeting systems identify a disgruntled Scotsman as an Iraqi Fighter Jet lol. Skinner curses the man who invented helium and is off to find out who did it. (NERD NOTE: Pierre Jules César Janssen did not invent helium but he is credited for discovering the gaseous nature of the solar chromosphere and the element of helium.)

Of course, Skinner’s #1 suspect is and should be Bart and I laugh every time Bart is caught with blueprints, notarized photos of him making the dummy and an alternate wording for the banner… Buttzilla.

Big Butt Skinner Balloon Buttzilla 2

Skinner has to punish Bart for impeding science… something more than a simple caning… so Bart gets to aid science and has to help Skinner with his amateur astronomy. At least he can see constellations like the Three Wise Men.

Skinner Bart Astronomy 3 Stooges Constellation

Too funny when Skinner thinks he discovers something new in the sky. Alas, it’s just Skinner’s rumpy doppelganger.

Big Butt Skinner Balloon Buttzilla 3

The rest of the episode revolves around Bart discovering a comet that threatens to destroy all life in Springfield, a bomb shelter and many of the citizens of the town. All around, it’s a very funny episode you should watch and Buttzilla actually plays a part in the outcome lol. So there you go party people. Our new Skinner effigy is a weather balloon that played heavily into an episode including astronomy stuff and the impending doom of Springfield. What do you think of Buttzilla? Did you add the Big Butt Skinner Balloon to your town? Sound off below and much love from the fuzzball.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

18 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Big Butt Skinner Balloon

  1. How did I miss it? I play every day. Must have been up for an hour.. Geezz wish I could have it! Will it be offered again?.

  2. It was too expensive but it makes me laugh. So I got it.

  3. I am so bummed that I missed out on the butt balloon!

  4. I missed the item. But, oh well…it wasnt anything useful anyway. I do remember the classic episode though.

  5. 110 donuts is waaaaayyyyyyy too much to pay for a 2% item
    BUTT !!!!
    It is a Skinner Butt Balloon and I had to buy one for my A town !!

  6. Wasn’t this episode also the first time we saw Springfield Observatory? “Burn it down so it never happens again!”

    I love this episode, particularly Bart’s accusation that Lisa is jealous that he discovered a comet first.

    Furthermore, Bart has really good craft skills at his age.

  7. I saw on the ea website that it’d be a permeant addition so i didnt buy it. Now its gone. Holy jeez. Hoping theres an update soon. Funny thing is on Sunday on FXX it was all Itchy & Scratchy related so was hoping for some kinda update. Anyone else hoping for Disgruntled Goat, Atom Ant, Ku Klux Klam? 😉

  8. Buttzilla (aka Big Butt Skinner Balloon) – you don’t get humor like this on The Simpsons today! 😉

    Nice item, but I think 20 Donuts is enough for it (vs 95 Donuts)

  9. Love the Big Butt Skinner Balloon. I agree with others the payout to donut ratio is a little low (not as bad as some items, rakes for example) but for me it is an iconic decoration from and episode i really like. I put mine just behind the elementary school on the low part. It fits perfectly. Lastly, the noise it makes when you tap it (a balloon letting air out that sounds like a fart), is great!

  10. Big Butt, ‘da Skinner is in da House!! I wasn’t planning to get it, But when I saw it on one of my Neighbors towns, I had to have it! Had no idea ant the “tapping Bonus “that comes with it!! Priceless!! I just re-did my whole town and What a Big Job!!!👍😎🌴

  11. Too expensive! Should have had a small quest and been able to change the text to Buttzilla. Then maybe.

  12. We never got a “Should I spend donuts on this”. Bought it regardless as it is a classic!

  13. This is such a funny balloon that I broke out giggling. I seldom laughed out in this way!

  14. I love this episode, and while the donuts-to-bonus ratio isn’t great, I still got the balloon. It is being displayed proudly outside of my Springfield Elementary.

    It also reminded me that my son never saw the episode, so I booted it up on Simpsons World this weekend. Hearing him laugh at all of the jokes I laughed at (“got you now, my rumpy doppelgänger!”) made me laugh even harder.

  15. 110 donuts??? REAlly? No way, José!!!

  16. Alex Hirsh’s favourite episode because of the sense of doom present in most of this episode. ^^

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