Glitch/Bug Alert: Completed Tasks Stuck

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Seeing lots of comments from the last 24hrs or so about many of you having issues with completing your tasks.  You do the task assigned and it’s completed, but it won’t clear from your task bar preventing you from moving onto the next step.


If you’re experiencing this, you’re not alone.  Many, many, MANY fellow Tappers are reporting the same issue.

So, what can be done about it?  We’ve got a post written up with some tips and tricks to try first, you can find that post here: 

Try those methods first.  If they still won’t clear for you the next step is to contact EA.

You can either do the call/chat option with them here (we always recommend call, if possible).

Or there’s a thread on the EA Forums.  It’s an older thread, but we recommended using it back in December when the issue happened, and it’s recently been “lit up” on the EA help forums.  So you can always put your issue there to hopefully get EA to fix it quicker!  That forum link is here:

This issue has happened before, and I’m sure it’ll happen again.  So just makes sure you report it to EA to let them know it’s wide spread…and it should be fixed soon!



32 responses to “Glitch/Bug Alert: Completed Tasks Stuck

  1. I am having technical issues with this post tapball update! my game shuts off after 10 seconds. everytime….

  2. Finally a hard close on the ipad with uninstall/ reinstall worked & I was able to visit all friends & both my towns without dropouts today. !8/6/2015

  3. In reply to Hunter Minks problem of dropouts when visiting friends… I have it too on both my towns. It has been happening since the Gil deal showed up & hasn’t fixed itself now that’s gone. I’ve tried many work arounds, but my B town can’t even visit my A town.

    Larger towns seem to be the problem (as mentioned). Sometimes you can get in via KLand & shuttle to main town, but not for older or larger towns. Drop outs are so rife that I’m ready for Calmwood after trying to persevere for many days in trying to visit my friends! Apologies to friends from Dexterous One & Two if I can’t visit. It’s not for lack of trying on my behalf!

  4. I’ve been experiencing the old glitch where my game crashes while in friends towns. It’s been bad lately I can’t go more than three towns or so without my game crashing. I hadn’t had any problems with this for a long time until I added a bunch of new friends recently and got my list back to the max. Is it a coincidence that the glitch came back when I added a bunch of friends, or is there a correlation between the glitch and the number of friends you have?

    Sorry I know this doesn’t really fit here but I couldn’t find anywhere better to ask (didn’t want to put it in the add friends category where it would get drowned out by friend requests)

    • Could be an issue with those friends, they may have too many items. Is it all friends or just some? If the crashing continues I would suggest trying uninstalling/reinstalling and if that doesn’t work contact EA.

  5. It happened to me today but instead of getting stuck in the task, it simply finished the tasks right away, Despite having task for 24 and 48 hrs (Apu being in the hospital, Milhouse’s dad getting gold for Homer, and Miss Hoover learning dancing techniques), I was kinda happy because it speed up some tasks. 🙂

  6. I had the glitch yesterday and didn’t reinstall or anything (tried a bunch of hard closes and logging out, and nothing worked), and then midday today it all was fine. I opened up the app and got completion notifications for at least 10 tasks and new tasks finally triggered.

  7. EA should fix it with Free Donuts!
    This game app is 3 hears old!
    There shouldn’t be any further bugs in the game app!

  8. I think Gil’s specials made our tasks get stuck since the specials left my game task startd to trigger again at 6 a.m. pacific time 🙂

  9. apparently ea tried something server side. i heard they fixed it. hope they never try that again. there was no update that caused it so it was something serverside

  10. I tried everything with no success and then was able to clear by visiting Other Springfield and tapping. They advanced as soon as I switched back to my town.

    Hope that helps.

  11. I’m just glad you aren’t mainstream news reporters..

    Glitchgate 2015.

  12. I reported it last night and when I logged in at lunch time just now they all completed and advanced.

    Sadly though, after doing the completely unnecessary reinstall my droid is now super slow and laggy. Hoping that will get better with time.

  13. I tried this and it worked. Delete the app from your iPhone and then hold down the home and power button until the apple shows up. When the phone boots back up again reinstall the app. Everything works normally in my game again and all of the quests have started popping up.

  14. I just started having problems with the Mr. Burns Ain’t no Mountain High Enough task. I’ve completed up to part 8 and am stuck at $600,000 dollars towards part 9 – I’ve sent Burns I think 3 or 4 times at that amount but it just stays at $600,000. I know people had issues earlier in level 2 I think, which I didn’t, but now it seems stuck with him at level 8. I’m not sure if this is happening to anyone else? I’m sorry if there’s been another post about this, I tried to find it but couldn’t. I was having problems with other tasks in my town not completing also, but after I went to Krusty Land and back they went through, but not Mr. Burns. Thanks in advance for any help.

  15. At least part of this cleared up for me this morning. All of my missing ‘!’ showed back up. I have yet to complete any of them, so we’ll see if they stick or not, but hopefully it’s fixed now.

  16. It’s not just that though. If you go to a neighbors town then back to yours the task completes but no new task will be triggered, meaning the dialogue won’t pop up for the next task. I’ve contacted EA but they just told me to wait for the issue to be fixed.

  17. I’m glad to hear it’s not just me, but I personally don’t mind do much. When there’s no new level or event going on, I find these random task a bit annoying. I just want to set my peeps on 24hr tasks and leave, not be stuck having Monty hide nuclear waste for 8 hrs, then feel the need to keep coming back just to get him back to my daily tap in time so I don’t waste the xp he would earn for a 24 hr task by having him fo just 8.
    If he’s not doing something to reach a goal, what’s the point, right?

  18. I have a question about Cecil’s 24 hour task, run for Mayor. It seems like he isn’t doing a task he is just wandering around town. Is this the animation that goes with the task or is it a glitch? I get credit for the task just curious if there was something going on, cause it seems weird that there is no real animation for an outside task like that. Thanks!

    • According to the files it’s as intended. Not sure what happened, but there’s no visual assignment with it. No building assigned to it, and no walk speed to associate outdoor task with it.

  19. ibeshippingvauseman

    its more like tsto wont even load for you in the first place.

    • That may just be an issue isolated to you. As it’s not as wide spread as this. Your best bet is to contact EA.

      • joelevansf247

        Won’t load/open for me either… Just get the title brand screen and then no spinning donuts, just black screen. Tried a reinstall and a million hard reboots, no dice 🙁

        • Best thing to do is contact EA. Let them know what’s happening.

          I will tell you this happens to me every once in a while, and what I find works is opening other apps as well. For me I usually open the Family Guy game (since I play that) and run it for a little bit, then open TSTO (i don’t hard close out of FG though, i still let it run in the background). That usually gets it to run for me.

  20. I had a Snake task that was stuck the past 2 days. Tried everything up to reinstalling the game. Then, this morning I opened the game and got the cpmpleted task notification. Whatever EA is doing, it’s working.

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