Soccer Cup 2015: Flags, Quests & Lady Duff!?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So early this morning EA released another aspect of Tap Ball into our games…this one’s called Soccer Cup 2015!  Really, it’s just a bunch of new stuff in our store for purchase…

There are several new premium items in our stores for purchase…including something MANY of you have been asking about since the first 4th of July Event in 2013…FLAGS!  Flags from a bunch of countries!

So let’s take a look at the new items and new questlines that hit our games this morning…


First thing you’ll notice when you start up Springfield is this popup:

2015-06-25 14.06.29

And then some dialogue started by Carl….

Carl: How come Norway gets a flag, but Iceland, the country where I was born, doesn’t?
Bumblebee Man: Si, I want to show my heritage too!
Lenny: What are you talking about?  There’s a Mexican flag for sale.
Bumblebee Man: Stupido!  I am from Iceland, same as Carl.
Carl: Nobody’s backstory makes any sense anymore.

So you’ll find the flags located in your store under the flags icon…

2015-06-25 14.08.18

There are 34 Flags available for purchase and each one will cost you 5 Donuts (and yes, you can buy multiples of each).    Each one will add a 0.25% bonus on all cash and XP in your Springfield.  They’re also all animated…so the flag will wave in the wind in your Springfield…(We’re not going to to a Should I Buy on these.  They’re inexpensive enough, that if you want one..go for it).

Here’s the list of flags you can purchase…


flag_costarica_menuCosta Rica
flag_ivorycoast_menuIvory Coast
flag_newzealand_menuNew Zealand
flag_southkorea_menuSouth Korea
flag_uk_menuUnited Kingdom
flag_usa_menuUnited States

Just for fun..

flag_donut_menuDonut Flag
flag_jollyroger_menuJolly Roger Flag
flag_learntofart_menuLearn to Fart Flag
flag_springfield_menuTo Fraternal Love Flag

The next thing you’ll notice is Homer has a ! and a new task…

The Perfect Pitch
Homer starts

Homer: I can’t believe it!  You know what they’re showing on TV right now?  Basketball!
Lisa: Not that I care, but isn’t it the finals or something?
Homer: You’re missing the point.  Tap Ball has been around for a few days already.  Why do all those other vastly inferior sports still exist?  Why haven’t LeBron James and Mike Trout and whoever-the-best-hockey-player-is quit their sports to play Tap Ball?!
Lisa: Because the sports they play make sense, have consistent rules, pay them well, and won’t disappear in a month when you tire of running them.
Homer: No, no, no, no!  I cannot agree with a single word you just said.  It’s quite obviously a marketing problem.
Make Homer Draft a Marketing Plan- 8hrs, Earns 8 ico_june2015_amateurbucks_md
Lisa: Boy, Dad, you really went for it with this plan.  Corporate tie-ins?  Stadium naming rights?  Can you possibly follow through with this?
Homer: I’ve always suspected I was pretty awesome at business.  Plus, it’ll be a snap.  Everyone knows that sports only exist to sell alcoholic beverages to fans.
Lisa: Uh, I don’t think the ancient Greek Olympic Games were created to sell wine.
Homer: Sure they were!  And many years before that, some caveman figured out how to ferment saber tooth tiger poop, and invented Rock Ball to promote it. Hey!  That gives me a good idea– we should add rock-throwing to Tap Ball.  Nobody doesn’t like watching gets get bonked by rocks!
Lisa: I’m pretty confident no major beer company is going to sponsor Tap Ball…
Duffman: Introducing Lady Duff!  The first beer brewed especially for the ladies!  And now, the official beer of Tap Ball!

Once you complete this it’ll trigger Lady Duff in your Stores….

2015-06-25 13.59.25

unlock_duffman_ladyLady Duff- 50 Donuts.  This DOES require Duffman, so you will need the Duff Brewery to get this.  It’s a costume for Duffman.  Does NOT have any tasks that earn Amateur Bucks..and cannot play Tap Ball. (We will have a Should I Buy up on this shortly)

Lady Duff leaves our stores June 30th

Lady Duff does come with a questline….

All My Sober Ladies Pt. 1
Lady Duff starts

Make the Women of Springfield Get Drunk- x10.  12hrs.  Earns $420, 100xp freemium and $600, 150xp premium.

All My Sober Ladies Pt. 2
Homer starts

Make Lady Duff Promote Lady Duff- 4hrs, Earns $260, 70xp
Make Homer Confront Lady Dyff- 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp

All My Sober Ladies Pt. 3
Lady Duff starts

Make Lisa remove Lady Duff’s Wig- 6s, Earns $35, 1xp

All My Sober Ladies Pt. 4
Lisa starts

Make Men Play Soccer- x11.  1hr.  Earns $70, 12xp Freemium and $105, 26xp Premium.
Make Woman Play Soccer-x11.  1hr.  Earns $70, 12xp Freemium and $105, 26xp Premium.

All My Sober Ladies Pt. 5
Homer starts

Make Lisa Eavesdrop on Shady Dealings- 12hrs, Earns $420, 100xp

And that’s it for Lady Duff’s questline! 

And that my friends completes all the new stuff in our stores for Soccer Cup 2015!

What are your thoughts on the new additions?  Will you be adding flags to your Springfield?  Thoughts on Lady Duff joining our games?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

113 responses to “Soccer Cup 2015: Flags, Quests & Lady Duff!?

  1. Help!! Ive completeled daily task 5 im sure now, and i thought i was going to get dredrick tatum or im i wrong cant find him! Think ive been bumped out of a character as i never recieved anything else for completing daily task 😟😕 i would just like to add i dnt have a clue what im doing on this update 😂😂😁

  2. Hum, should I boycott the game until Finnish flag is included? Nah, can’t be bothered. Would be nice, though. 🙁

  3. No Singapore flag!! Our station has been marketing the show lately for the season 25. And they even used simpsons to promote ‘5’ , our channel number. Where after simpsons left the couch, homer left behind an impression of 5 on the couch.

  4. The Welsh flag came with some cool dialog about Dragons, ending in a funny reference to Game of Thrones.

    • “why can’t we has dragons on our flag?”

      “US history has nothing to do with dragons”

      “what bout game of thrones? [something something]”

      “let’s move on. I’m still mad about the red wedding.”

      It was funny, but I don’t know much about game of thrones or this red wedding. hah. But dragons are cool!

  5. No Portugal!! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!?!??!! I ended up buying the donut and the fart donuts since I already have a USA flag from the 4th of July update.

  6. I picked up lady Duff just because.
    I was so excited to see a Thailand flag! Definitely got that!

  7. I wonder if we can get a USA flag with rainbow stripes instead of red and white due to the new Supreme Court Ruling. :p

  8. alex -aabcampos2

    I´m from Brazil and bought brazilian flag.
    This is the homer dialog for it:

    -If you are expecting a mean joke about Brazil, we decided to go easy on them for once.
    -Except to mention the fact that there are monkeys everywhere.
    They clog the streets, touching every part of brazilian life.
    -But other than that, great place.

    ps1. There are no monkeys in our citys. We ate them all.
    ps2. That´s a joke. We eat only cats and dogs.

  9. I am so happy the is an Australian flag. Bought it right away. And it had dialogue! Yay! Go Australia!

  10. As a freemiumish player I decided not to buy a flag, but I caved and bought an Australian flag and almost stopped breathing when Wolfcastle said it was the Austrian flag!! Nice joke EA!

  11. Is it just me, because since the update, the game tends to crash a lot when either visiting krustyland, or a friends town, sometimes going there and other times returning to your own town, and by Crashing I mean it minimizes to the background, and re-installing doesn’t seem to fix the problem.
    Does anyone else have this problem?

      • I know about the Ms Duff issue, but I mean the game has been crashing a lot since I updated the game, before I even heard of Mrs Duff being in the game.

        • That could just be the usual Memory Drain issues we run into with High Memory draining events. It is why I try to keep my town limited now. Not so many “things” in it. Always keep 3-4GB of free memory space on my device. Use WiFi as it is solid connection. Make sure TSTO is the ONLY app running when I start it (have my device set up so I can Kill all other apps before launching). Etc.

          All basics to help a game run smoothly. Just like a computer… when you start filling up that hard drive and memory… it gets slower and slower and slower. 😉

          • :-).
            I’ve been doing all that since the day I got my iPad Air 1
            Just running one game or program at a time and I always have 8-10 GB memory free, anything I’m not using I close, and I go under settings to only keep the minimum important stuff running like maybe Weather.
            It keeps the battery in good condition and it last longer not draining fast from lots of open programs, my cousin has an older iPad hard to tell, either iPad 2 or 3 that they told me was always running slower over the years and drained of power faster and faster, so when I looked at it I found they must have had about every program they ever installed running!, at least 100, and they only had about 32 GB to start with.
            I closed all of them and they said its like they had a whole new computer.

      • And I already finished the Homer and fronts Mrs Duff area of the quest, and that didn’t crash me, and I already finished that quest.
        And I can still get into my game without getting booted.

  12. I’m enjoying finding out where all my long term friends are from! Please place your flag near your stadium! I didn’t know so many of my neighbours were Canadians.

    I’m proudly showing my Aussie spirit in both my towns. I had enough spare fence pieces stored to write Aussie in one town & Aust in my other! Just because the Australian flag & The New Zealand one look similar.

    It’s also lovely to see I have friends from Spain; Mexico; & all over the world that I’ve happily played this game with for ages, without ever knowing where they were from. Great move EA! I was happy to spend the 5 donuts on my country’s flag! Even on my Freemium game!

  13. I love my jolly roger flag over my stadium….kinda neutral…all country’s hat pirates

  14. The Flags are great (can’t wait to spend Donuts on Scotland, England, Great Britain, Wales Flags) affordable decor is nice 🙂

    Lady Duff skin isn’t worth the Donuts (my opinion), especially if you don’t have Duff Stadium / Duff Man

  15. I picked up a Canadian flag, because I until now the only way I had to show that I was Canadian was putting my Halloween decorations next to my thanksgiving stuff, haha.

    I wish they didn’t cost donuts, I only had enough for one, because I just bought Frinks Lab. 😉

  16. 24 of the countries are from the Women’s World Cup (hence the seemingly random ones like Thailand & Ivory Coast).

    Wales & Scotland didn’t qualify, but they’re still included along with the UK flag. Russia is also there even though they didn’t qualify, not sure why.

  17. I just bought Lady Duff, her quest started, but I don’t see her anywhere in my game, and she isn’t in Census in town hall, can you please help?

    • Look for Duffman in townhall, she’s a skin for Duffman, so it’s listed under that

      • Thanks for the help,
        I was having a major meltdown when I couldn’t find her/him, I see now that you did post she was a skin for Duffman, I really should pay more attention instead of skimming, it’s a bad habit I’ve had as far back as I can remember, especially when I have a headache.

  18. Bad implementation – this popped up before part 4 of the trophy quest, so I lost out on 8 hours of playing tap ball, since Homer is tied up and unable to complete part 4 of the initial quest line. Boo hiss!

  19. ciarathomp988

    I know you guys have been working extra super hard and we appreciate it very much! and I was just wondering if you guys are planning on doing an upgrade players vs. craft items post like you did for the-event-which-shall-not-be-named?

    • Yes, but probably not til next week. It’s on my to-do list, but we’ve got some other posts that were more requested for tomorrow and then (As usual) we take the weekend off. So look for it Monday/Tuesday. As soon as I find a few minutes 🙂

      • Awesome thank you Alissa😊 It’s the main thing I’m most curious about. For now I’ll just get everyone to 3 stars and sit tight.

  20. Disappointed that most of Lady Duff’s task seem to be indoors.
    All of my adult females are currently getting drunk at Moe’s, with the exception of Ruth, who is wandering around lifting weights. Why won’t she go get dressed drunk with the other women? It’d be a nice bonding experience.

  21. Stanislav Sykora

    PLEASE HELP!!! When i send “Make Lisa remove Lady Duff’s Wigg” , and she is done and i touch moes tavern where Lisa is, game crashes. Also cannot store moes tavern, Reinstalled and still crashed. I can play but without Lisa. Please help

  22. Bought an English flag and the UK one, didn’t really have any nice central space so for now at least, they are in a park area I have. I think I will buy them with the Blocko store when I add some donuts. I’m still a little unsure about the Bart/Lisa designed flags, and the Jolly Roger, but I think I’ll get them as they don’t cost much and are kinda fun. Also, with the amount I would have left, it wouldn’t make me miss out on buying anything that I wanted(currently, maybe they will add new stuff).

  23. Darn. I don’t have the brewery, but it shows it, with duffman and the female version for 240. Was hoping it was a second character and not just a skin combo. I’ll wait for the should I buy post. I do want the brewery but I’m a freemium player, until they offer great deals. Then I’ll spend a little real world money, but not hundreds like some people must invest lol

  24. I spent all my doughnuts on flags so I went to get more sprinkles, my debit card was declined. Turns out someone got my info on my card so I have to wait for a new one. They said it should be here by Monday but I really want Lady Duff and it’s only around for 5 days! Guess I can always buy a gift card.

  25. Surprised and delighted to see my country’s flag. I snatched it right away! Ecuador mi país! I love this game 🙂

  26. It seems like that Hungary was left out of the Flags :-/
    I could have Italy’s flag, or Ivory Coast’s flag, but it’s a kind of cheating, because Hungary has a Red-White-Green colored flag, same as Italy’s flag, but Hungary’s flag is vertically striped, and Italy’s flag is horizontally striped.
    Ivory Coast’s flag would be the same as Hungary’s flag, but Ivory Coast’s is Red-White-Orange (or pale red).
    Anyway, I like this event, because it inherited the Terwilligers event Daily Tasks feature 🙂
    And the Brain and Nerve tonic is always makes me giggle, because it is a funny reference to “Homer at the Bat” 🙂

    • Anyway I bought an US Flag 🙂
      It’s better than nothing memorabilia from the event, which affects the Conform-O-Meter.
      Now I have a 10.30% booster, but 3 stars 🙂

  27. barleecreations (canid88)

    I’ve been saving up my donuts for a 4th of July event but I splurged and bought a flag. I was hoping they would be bigger because I was thinking of buying the Learn to Fart flag also, much to small to be enjoyed in all its glory.

  28. kimberlyah794

    The Lady Duffman looks so fun, but a premium skin for a premium character that DOESN’T help with the event at all? That doesn’t make a lot of sense, or at least feels like a let-down from EA. Seems like a waste of money, really. I mean, I love the skin, but I’m not willing to throw donuts away in the middle of an event…

  29. I am so pi_ _ed that they didn’t include the Icelandic flag! For Chrissake, Carl (and I) are from Iceland!!

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