Clock is Ticking Down on Tap Ball “Act” 1

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a friendly reminder that the clock is ticking down on the end of the first period act of Tap Ball!  So be sure to earn all the foam fingers you can to collect the rest of the prizes before the clock runs down!

So let’s take a look at what’s staying and what’s going once Act 2 rolls out tomorrow morning…


Here are the premium items that will be LEAVING our stores come tomorrow morning..

sportacus_menuSportacus- 85 Donuts, $260 & 26XP every 10hrs, 9×6 base (Should I Buy)

blocko buildingBlocko Store- 30 Donuts (Should I Buy)

Balance_BeamCharactersets_lisa_gymnasticBalance Beam/Gymnastics Lisa- 75 Donuts (I did not do a should I Buy post on this.  It was once free…and I’m not a big fan of it so I wouldn’t do it much justice.  My opinion is don’t buy it.  I don’t like the balance beam, it’s hard to place in Springfield (mine’s been in inventory since Whacking Day).  But that’s my 2 cents…)

oscarsobstaclestruck_menuOscar’s Obstacles Truck- 45 Donuts (Should you buy?No.  Not worth it IMO)

boxingring_menuBoxing Ring- 30 Donuts (you can buy more than one). 0.50% Bonus, 6×6 base (Should I Buy)

Everything else in the store will be sticking around until the event ends….these items will be replaced with new items (premium) in our stores tomorrow.

So what else is sticking around?  

ico_june2015_amateurbucks_md Amateur Bucks.  These will remain for the remainder of the event….

What else is leaving?

ico_june2015_foamfingers_01 Foam Fingers.  These will be replaced by a new currency for prizes once Act 2 starts.
-No, they won’t carry over.  You will start back at 0 once Act 2 stars.
-Yes, if you’ve earned all the prizes it does make sense to hold off on your daily training for today to get an extra jump on the Act 2 currency tomorrow.

Now the question a lot of you are asking…what happens to the Act 1 Prizes if you don’t collect them all before Act 1 ends?
Honestly…we don’t know for sure.  And we won’t know until Act 1 is over and Act 2 rolls out.
However, based on what I’m seeing in the game coding…it looks like they will roll over (similar to have the Superheros Event was).  But it’s hard to say for 100% sure that, that is what’s going to happen…until seeing it played out in the game.
So use your judgement when it comes to rushing with donuts etc.  Ask yourself “Will I be really ticked off if I spent a bunch of donuts on the prizes and they carried over?”  See if you’re willing to risk not spending the donuts, can you live without the prizes you missed?  And then make your choice…and please don’t come back saying “you said….” I’m not saying anything.  I’m basically saying we don’t know for sure what will happen until it happens…

And that’s it my friends…the first period act wrap up.  Grab what you can before it disappears tomorrow morning (0800 GMT, 4am EDT)!

What are your thoughts on Act 1?  Did you earn all the prizes?  Win any Bonuts? (bonus donuts)  Are you ready for Act 2 to roll out?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

66 responses to “Clock is Ticking Down on Tap Ball “Act” 1

  1. Bring on Act 2
    (bring on Community Prizes) 😉

  2. I was literally 150 foam fingers away from Softball Burns. Now I don’t know what to do! I don’t want to spend 20 donuts when I’m SO CLOSE. I think if you play tap ball games you’ll still be rewarded with foam fingers until you finish whatever Act you’re on. But the 24 hour bonus if you finish is the hats. I’m being optimistic haha😁

  3. I was overly optimistic about my chance to get to a second bonuts round… Didn’t even come close. Shoulda saved the last daily task for the new currency. Oh well!

    Did anyone else manage to get to more than one bonuts round?

    • Got the first, made the same mistake in aiming for a second instead of saving the collections and daily tasks until the rollover. 2nd act looks like it will be harder to clear the prizes as quickly.

    • barleecreations (canid88)

      I was able to squeak out two rounds. I have think what helped me get there… this may be a little TMI, but…. when I wake up in your middle of the night to use the bathroom I grab my tablet to play. (I do this every time there is an event.)

  4. Just want to say thank you for all you guys do. I was traveling on business last week, so didn’t notice the update and didn’t start playing until Friday at 11pm. I wasn’t even going to try until I read a reply you said to another late starter, you thought a person could catch up. So I played repeatedly (sorry job/family) and won Softball Burns at 8 pm last night. You guys and all your information/advice is awesome!

  5. 😊 i was able to get two sets of 3 doughnuts from overtime bonus. Yay for bonuts!!! Time to start cranking these hats😎

  6. I’m glad they put Gorgeous Grandpa in the store, but it’s too expensive for me, sadly (plus he doesn’t play tap ball). I like that the hats are easier to come by (although still only 1 per neighbour tap… visiting neighbours is getting less and less profitable!)

    Can’t wait for your posts on the new content. Going to bed now though 😛

  7. Quick highlights from the Act 2 update: foam fingers are replaced with baseball caps, need 5800 for first prize of the act which is Ally McBalls. Jockey Bart and Furious D are 100 donuts.

    Today’s daily training is easy, half the town seem to be brainiacs.

  8. I bought the balance beam and Oscar’s Obstacles lorry. The lorry had a reasonable % bonus for the donut price and I finally have a premium skin for Lisa, even though the deco only affects vanity it still seems a much better price than the castle earlier this year.

  9. I’ll be one of the first to reset 6pm my time tonight (time in Aust Eastcoast now 4.42 pm) If I’ve a chance I’ll get back to advise of changes. I’ve timed everything to end just after 6pm (got the soccer net earlier today) & leaving fans to roam around to await any new currency..

  10. I think Act 1 actually ends at 9:00am GMT? The clocks came forward an hour a while back for Daylight Saving Time 🙂

    • It depends WHERE you are and whether or not you participate in Daylight Savings. Right now… it is ALL tagged as 8 GMT per EA which works out to 4am Eatern Time in the USA ( 1hr away)

    • When we change the clocks in the UK we’re no longer on GMT. Currently when it’s 9am in the UK it’s still 8am GMT (British Summer Time is GMT +1) 🙂

  11. Love love love the new banner! They always look so great!

    • Thanks. Our Character Artist is awesome to work with. Tell him what I want them to look like and he puts them together. I then have even more fun creating backgrounds and Banners around those Characters.

  12. After getting my daily 800 bonus I have 23905 foam fingers. I got my bonuts, now my counter reset to zero. So, I lost out on about 400 foam fingers, but it doesn’t matter since they are leaving tomorrow.

  13. Is it bad I’ve been really worried about my over all wins and losses… 🙂

    71 wins
    25 losses
    11 ties

    Have a feeling it means nothing, but I think it’s fun haha.

    • That’s a pretty impressive record, actually….I have way more losses than wins (although some of those losses were intentional ones when I realized that losing could be more lucrative than winning in some situations).

    • barleecreations (canid88)

      In the beginning I was working hard to have only wins, but now I don’t worry about that. I don’t mind loseing to five star players because the pay out is really quite good.

  14. Having a blast with this event. I was very grateful that it was easy to catch up after missing the first 36hrs of it. I took a much needed break after Terwillinger event and (thanks to my 8 year old) started back just in time. For some reason my Lugash skin didn’t go into my inventory though. Not sure I’m worried about it because I don’t know if I’ll ever spend my precious donuts on him, but it’s the first time my game has ever hidden a prize on me. Thanks for the hard work you’ve put into this event. There’s a lot happening and it’s nice to have a place to turn to if I get lost. :-*

    • It was not a skin for Lugash, it was just the ability for him to play tap ball. I feel like there should have been a replacement prize for us, who dont have him, like a small amount of bucks or something. There are way too many “prizes” that are useless, unless you spend/have spent donuts on other things…

      • Thank you for clarifying that! I thought I was losing it. And I try really hard not to get caught up in what I’m not winning and focus on what I am. There are tons of fun things in this event and my town is full of awesome freemium stuff I’ve won since October. But I do have some donuts I’ve been hoarding along the way and I don’t see myself spending them on anything that isn’t just plain adorable. 🙂

  15. Shoot! I went to Disney world for the first half of the event and i couldn’t get on because we were too busy. I have about 17500 foam hats right now and i have 4 hours left!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Clear out any of the Daily Training Tasks you can. Other than that… if you can complete some Tap Ball games. In the end… ask yourself… is another Costume for Burns REALLY worth it to you to use your donuts to get? Then go off of that.

  16. Brian Q. Lehmann

    Do you know if there is a character we should leave available for the Act 2 kickoff? I’m guessing Lisa or Homer, but sometimes it’s someone more obscure.

  17. I got the first set of bonuts from the 4000 Foam Fingers. I’ve been letting fans pile up in my town, since hitting another 4000 isn’t going to happen in the next 4 hours. Anyone think the fans will be around tomorrow adding that new currency or should I just harvest them for Brain Tonic now?

  18. Bonuts™

  19. I won the lugash costume like all the others but unlike the other costumes of characters I do not have it doesn’t show up in my inventory.

    • It is not a costume. It is similar to Ned, just a regular Character… just has his ability unlocked to be used in Tap Ball. So if you want to use him, you still need to purchase him.

      • Thank you, so much. I was worried that something was wrong with my game. I so appreciate all of the work you all do thanks again.

  20. I started 5 days late and I am only 266 foam fingers away from winning Softball Burns. I am so happy I was able to catch up! I played often, I spent a few donuts once in the beginning because I panicked, but the rest of the act I didn’t spend any donuts 🙂 Hooray!

  21. Just got back from a 2 day camping trip. Was high up in the mountains with no signal. Definitely won’t be getting softball burns before morning 🙁

    • Not sure how close you are, but I just got Softball Burns by rushing two days of timed tasks to get 1600 bonus fingers. Cost me 27 donuts instead of the 150 the game wanted to rush Burns directly. I am a freemium player but really wanted that particular skin.

  22. Has anyone else experienced a glitch where notifications pop up on your device saying “Simpsons are wondering if you’re ever going to help save Springfield” or “it’s been a while, you should check in on your Springfield” when playing constantly? I know it can sometimes happen when you don’t play for a few days but after even 15 minutes of not playing I get this to pop up on me – quite annoying to have the game whine that I’m not CONSTANTLY playing.

  23. I got all the prizes, and one “bonut.” Don’t think I will hit another so will save my friend visits fit tomorrow morning since I get a 3 day weekend 😉 have a happy 4th everyone!

  24. Aw, I didn’t got Softball Burns, because I just have 16k Foam Fingers, and in my time zone, it rolls to Act 2 at 0900 GMT.
    I hope that Act 1 prizes still could be won in Act 2,because I want that iconic “coach”.
    Fingers crossed!

  25. Ready for act 2! I can’t log in into more than one neighbourino at the time, it’s really annoying, Has anyone got the same problem? Never happened before?!?

    • Not sure if mine still does this, but at least during the Superhero event, if I went past 10 neighbors before going back to my town, I’d crash.

  26. Yeah, I was wondering ‘should I buy’ Oscar’s Obstacles Truck. I remember the episode it’s from and I’m always interested adding different vehicles in my town (there’s only so many “_onda” cars you can use over and over again), but the 45 donuts gave me pause. I’m guessing it doesn’t do anything outside of give you a bonus percentage. Maybe if it were 25 donuts, I might had jumped on it. Perhaps I’ll pass on it after all. It was free originally as an episode tie-in as far as I know.

    I wish they’d bring back Frink’s electric car (and his dog).

  27. I thought that this first period(act) was really fun. This is a huge step up from the Terwillinger event. I hope that our record from Tap Ball game doesn’t come into play! Mine is not that great!😉

    • It is indeed fun.. especially as freemium player, I got 5 bonuts. (2 times extra bonus)
      However i still prefer the mystery box every now and then rather than the potions.

  28. Please tell me that Lugash’s cartwheel task is permanent. It’s hilarious. Love having him wheeling around. Did my neighbour visits last night & it was brilliant seeing him wheeling around in other towns also, wheeeeeeee!

  29. I would love to keep playing if the game WOULD EVER LOAD

  30. Man I’m so mad! Something went wrong with my Apple ID and I can’t login to it. I haven’t been able to update any apps or play any games that require the log in. I missed softball Burns. I hope I can get him in Act 2

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