Tap Ball Community Prize #4 Achieved: Taste of Duff is Now Unlocked!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

With the reduction in sports balls required, we’ve quickly unlocked Community Prize #4…the Taste of Duff Truck!  So log into your games to claim the newest prize!


So just what does it do?  How big is it?  What does it earn?  Are there questlines with it?  The answers to all that and more below the fold…

When you log into your game you should see this popup…

2015-07-16 23.33.00

Here are some Taste of Duff Truck Basics…

Size: 11×3
Build Time: Instant
Conform-o-Meter: Vanity +500

It is animated when you tap on it.  When tapped the hose in the back goes crazy and shoots beer everywhere.  When this action is going on there is sound with it as well.

As of right now no questline associated with it.

And that’s it, the details behind the Duff Beer Truck the 4th Tap Ball Community Prize!

What’s next?  25,255,200 ico_june2015_soccerball_lg and the Gridiron as we work towards that 5th and final Community Prize!

What are your thoughts on the Taste of Duff Truck?  Excited to have unlocked it?  Where have you placed it in Springfield?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

79 responses to “Tap Ball Community Prize #4 Achieved: Taste of Duff is Now Unlocked!

  1. Love it! All I need is the Brewery

  2. Looks like twenty minutes, top of the hour, 9:00EDT, 6:00PDT.
    Our long international anxiety will be over.

  3. I got two Taste of Duff Trucks cause the unlock dialog appeared on two different days…. Happend two Any1 else?

  4. OrdinarilyBob

    I don’t know why, but this was the Community Prize I most wanted. And I’m happy to have it.

    It is terribly large though. I wish it was more to scale with the Duff Party Bus or even the Oscar’s Obstacles truck.

  5. How come i didnt get this 🙁 i logged on this morning it didnt give me the first prize 10 donuts or the springfield arms or this taste duff truck! Can someone pkease tell me how can i get this or fix this problem :'(

  6. wildthornberry88

    My game is asking me to open it (16:00 bst) for new exciting challenges? But I don’t see anything new ? Did you get this notification? 🙂

  7. Andreas Kleanthous

    I’ve messed up my entire town to rearrange it in an attempt to make it ‘better’ so for now it’s squidged anywhere. Any tips or examples of your Springfield will help. I’m using my neighbours for ideas. SVGsyko

  8. barleecreations (canid88)

    It doesn’t look to bad next to The Seething Sisters, the scale nearly matches. I’ve never been through Community Prizes before and it was a lot of fun, I sure hope EA will do them again. Thanks EA!

  9. Quick question… Noticed before but didn’t care. But collected a ball and didn’t add to my count. Today just now had 3 in my town and not a one to pass back. Anyone else have missing balls?

    • They don’t always count. While the % of them turning into balls as increased, it’s not 100%. So you will go times without them and then you’ll end up getting 5 in a row.

  10. Mine is making a weekly delivery to the Quimby Compound.

  11. I found a good spot for it, right behind the animated stadium sign. Don’t have to look at it’s ugly arse. Stupid animation. Stupid sound. Stupid big size. Stupid Flanders…..

  12. “So just what does it do?”
    It just sits there and looks AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!

  13. So when you play your friends in Tap Ball, how do they determine the stars if they have more than one team? Is it random or does it change everytime because I’m not sure if I’m imagining ratings changing! 4 stars to 5 stars.

    • Goes with your highest rated team always. So if you have 4 5 star players you will always be 5 stars and those 4 will always play when neighbors challenge you.

  14. Italian Beauty

    Thought I had a good spot for the truck, but it’s too big and doesn’t fit well anywhere. I stuck mine in the upperleft corner of my Springfield with all the other really large decorative items that don’t fit anywhere else nicely. Thank goodness for the new land we got earlier otherwise I’m not sure where I would have put this giant thing.

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