Springfield Heights Week 3 New Items

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Some new items were adding to our stores for Springfield Heights this morning (as well as last week’s premium items leaving…).  So let’s take a look at these new goodies..both freemium and premium.

2015-07-28 12.57.22


ziffcorphelicopter_menuHelicopter- 15 ico_heights_pharmaceutical_lg.  +67,500 ico_heights_realestate_lg when purchased. (Must be at 35,000,000 Real Estate Value to unlock)

solidgoldbrickwall_menuSolid Gold Brick Wall- 1 ico_heights_goldawards_lg. +7,500 ico_heights_realestate_lg when purchased. (Must be at 55,000,000 Real Estate Value to unlock)

solidgoldfencese_menuSolid Gold Fence- 2 ico_heights_goldawards_lg. +15,000  ico_heights_realestate_lg when purchased. (Must be at 55,000,000 Real Estate Value to unlock)


BOTH Premium items will leave our stores on August 11th. 

waverlyhillselementaryschool_menuWaverly Hills Elementary School- 115 Donuts.  Earns $300, 30xp/12hrs. 6×11 in size.  +1.75 Million  ico_heights_realestate_lg when purchased.  (If you purchased this the last time it was released you’ll be awarded the 1.75 Million ico_heights_realestate_lg instantly)  Should I buy..

Krustys Mansion 1Krusty’s Mansion- 115 Donuts.  Earns $200,22xp Every 8hrs. 6×10 in size.  +1.75 Million  ico_heights_realestate_lg when purchased. (If you purchased this the last time it was released you’ll be awarded the 1.75 Million ico_heights_realestate_lg instantly)  Should I buy

And there you have it my friends…the new additions to our Springfield Heights stores this week!

What are your thoughts on the new additions?  Initial thoughts on the premium buildings?  Do you already own them?  Missed out the first time and wished you had them now?  How about the new freemium items?  Are you focusing on decorating your Springfield Heights as you go, or unlocking what you can first and then decorating?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

86 responses to “Springfield Heights Week 3 New Items

  1. wildthornberry88

    Do you think there’s more items still to come? I’m hoping for an event soon, even if it’s a really short one, as I’m desperate for some questline 😛 however, I don’t know if it’s already available and i missed it, but I want this thing in the corner of other Springfield’s Heights area, which is raised land with a door in it and some paintings and a tiger on top… is this not out yet? Thanks 🙂

  2. I LOVE Krusty’s Mansion But i think 115 donuts its a lot and i don’t have them 🙁

  3. Got nearly 150 million after doing some upgrades, bought all the land and my design is coming on, will have to wait for new building to come to get the 50million I need for the lake, love the helecopter and the jetski, just wish someone had a task to drive the jetski or that it moved when tapped, brilliant extension

  4. Springfield Heights – reminds me too much of Farmville nonsense, so I am taking my time with this section and it will not be premium at all!

    After TapBall Event? This new section seems boring (yes, we got more Pier sections for Squidport – finally – but why is Krustyland still being ignored?). I don’t log into play that often (EA epic failed , but there’s 2 months until Halloween Event time – I hope EA redeems themselves before we lose more Tappers)!

    • I think you have a pretty low threshold for what you consider an “epic” fail. I totally understand Springfield Heights is not some people’s cup of tea, but most folks seemed to enjoy the tap ball event and many people are happily building their SH section, too. (For me, the key is to not treat it like an event and just take my time with it, rather than stressed out about the micro-tasks. In the meantime, I’m quenching my thirst for questlines by catching up on the ones I ignored during tap ball and the ones for a couple of premium items that I bought but hadn’t placed and done the questlines for yet.)

      I also don’t understand why you think there won’t be anything else majority new happening until Halloween…the end of October is a long way away, and I doubt that there won’t be any new levels, or even events, before then. I guess we’ll see….

    • Yes something needs to be done with Krustyland.

      • I agree 100%. Delete it entirely. Even the things I spent doughnuts on, don’t care if it’s gone tomorrow

  5. I’m glad we got more land, and don’t get me wrong, I enjoy any update to the game, but this one got old for me really quickly. It’s just not fun for me to grind that much. The quest lines are almost non-existent, and I think it’s crazy to have ten of everything. I guess I can store them along with the thousands of other things I’m not interested in placing in my town that I have no way of getting rid of. Are the buildings just going to earn the new currency forever? Not gonna lie, I’m not sure how those close to a billion kept their sanity! I just don’t find this enjoyable at all. Sorry to be Debbie Downer…just had to complain to those who will listen! 🙂

    • Well said; I’m right there with you! I like the concept and wish I could develop my Springfield Heights but it’s not possible if you only have a 2 or 3 times a day to sign in for a few minutes. I’ll probably just try to make the area acceptably attractive with the basic few buildings and businesses and then just go back to the main game. Would’ve been so awesome if currency building worked the same way as the main game- 8 hour tasks giving you 10 couches or whatever!

  6. wildthornberry88

    Decided to get Krusty’s mansion purely on the basis I was sad he didn’t have a home XD

    • You might be an addict if…

      • Oh, I often pay the game like these characters are real people…for example, after a long day of spring up crops as Witch Marge, I’ll often send “regular” Marge off for a nice 2-hour dinner at The Truffle, even though I could make more money sending Witch Marge to buy eye of newt a couple of times.

        (Just had to add “newt” to my Swype dictionary, lol! Not a very literate dictionary…)

      • Julie (jsander321)

        Sandra, you’re so funny ..

        I love to send my regular characters on daily tasks like school and dinner, usually while I’m at work and on my way home. Makes me feel like I’m a little part of my game.

        I am partial to “Witch Marge” though. I think she’s my favorite skin ..especially for Halloween, which I LOVE!

    • this is why i love my neighbors! :mrgreen:

  7. Briefly started SH….got too frustrated from the way the tasks are designed, so I’ve bailed out on SH for the time being 🙁

  8. The Helicopter can’t be placed on the helipad. Lame!

    • I posted asking about that a couple of days ago. Yep, totally stupid. Same as parking spaces that won’t accept cars & cars that can’t go on parking spaces.


  9. I have always decorated as I build, but now I am wondering when they plan to release more plots of land…things are getting tight! lol
    Any idea?

    • probably not for a little while….

    • So I noticed something today that may or not may help with this. On the condos I bought 10 but dont like the look of them all over the place, plus the space considerations… but if you hide them in your storage it doesnt negatively affect your property value in the heights. So Im now going to upgrade everything then hide the extra ones. (I only like 1 or 2 of each building at max…

    • My guess/ thought / hope is that the other half of land above regular Springfield will be for the monorail.

  10. Reached $500M in my SH this morning and got the Ziff Mansion. I’ve been tapping constantly for two weeks to get here. Now seeing that $1B as the last level, I’m exhausted.

  11. I actually like some of the buildings before they are maxed out. Business Center with a panther hanging out? Apartment building with a rock climbing wall? How cool! So I want to have a mix of these buildings in my Springfield Heights. I guess my question is do I have to max out every single building in order to reach a billion? I plan to max out the mansion buildings and some of the business centers and apartment buildings. Will that prevent me from reaching a billion?

    • I am over $900m and only bought one valet parking lot. I’ve still got 4 business centres to upgrade for the $17.75m each so should make it to a billion.

  12. Anyone else having issues when storing things in inventory?

    I’ve been trying to get sets of everything. 2 buildings at each level of he ones that change appearance (condos, business centres, valet parking). I’m upgrading the mansions all the way because the extras are parts.

    I nearly had all the business centres, upgraded my last 2 to level 4, placed them in inventory to free up space for other buildings and so I don’t accidentally upgrade one of them. Went back to my game and I had no level 4, but 3 level 2 and 3 level 3. Placed one of each in my town, returned and I had more in inventory again. I now have more than 15 business centres which is not meant to be possible.

    I am noticing my valet parking that was stored as well has glitches. I think it’s a safe bet to pull them out of inventory and have them in Springfield out of the way. It’s very frustrating that I’ve spent this time to do it, but my real estate $$$$ doesn’t seem to have dropped so it’s not the end of the world.

    • It’s actually better this way, you can keep upgrading to reach a billion real estate without having to max out everything and this way you can have a mix of buildings at different levels. Ita happened to me with classic mansions and I’ve just been letting it happen it’s a good glitch thinking long term.

    • The only thing I noticed was getting two extra mansions that I never bought. I have 10 in my town as if you connect them up in a square it looks like a Spelling hollywood mega mansion….but there’s 2 in the inventory.
      Also my level 5 condos….there are five in one category and 1 by itself in the inventory. I thought maybe I had stored a level 4 one by accident but no.
      The other glitch not related to SH is I can’t remove friends who no longer play. I try and get an error message.

    • There’s definitely some sort of glitch. I placed a level 5 classic mansion in my inventory and it disappeared. Since then, I haven’t stored any buildings in inventory.I have noticed that all of the side buildings (that come with upgrading the mansions) have stayed in my inventory. Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon because my town is looking messy!

    • I have 13 classic mansions, 20 business centres, 17 valet parking, 2 modern mansions, though I’ve built about 12 and 10 condos, having built about 15 overall.
      Ideally, you’ll be able to roll back the look later on. I think the condos are better level 1 for where I want them kept (beach).

  13. Stop taking my coffees…… We work hard for them… Only to come back to the game and all the coffees are gone!!!!

  14. Sure I just got a minus in my donut count from a friends town, hard enough getting some free sprinkles without this, almost positive, anyone else seen this problem

  15. The school would fit in to the look of my SH (much more so than the Montessori school, which didn’t fit at all, so I moved that out to “regular” Springfield) but I’m not paying 115 donuts for a building that doesn’t even add a new task time-frame for a character.

    Actually, I’m considering making my SH an “adults only” community anyway (except for the kids who work there, ignoring all child labor laws).

    Krusty’s mansion is an easier pass for me…plenty of residential buildings in SH already!

    I do hope, though, that they’ll release some more freemium buildings for SH at some point…maybe a Kinkos (or whatever the Simpsons equivalent is) to support all of those office buildings? Or maybe a winery, so I’d have an excuse to buy some of those lovely grape arbors, to make a vineyard to go with the winery?

    • ooooh I would love a winery to go with the vineyard!

      • I was planning on using them with the Twelliger Italian villa since Bob was able to ingratiate himself with the locals by making wine with the help of his oversized feet… but if they did happen to bring an item from Bart’ s visit to France that would be awesome.

    • that’d require bringing back a piece of france to add to our springfield. season 1, episode 11, THE CREPES OF WRATH!!! bart becomes a foreign exchange student at Chateau Maison and is forced to slave away in the vineyard. classic, classic episode!

      i do like the vineyard though, and may end up moving my italian villa somewhere else to create a winery myself.

  16. …did I miss the Declan walkthrough when I was away? Can’t find it sorry xx

  17. I do not have access to Krusty’s mansion. Why did some get it but others can’t?

  18. 900 million, wow, I thought I was doing good, not even half of that yet. I got some tapping to do..

  19. I’m having a really hard time getting to 200 mil. To get Springfield lake. I have each one of the buildings to lvl 5. Any tips? Should u just buy more and keep upgrading them?

    • Buy more and upgrade..it’s the only way to max it out. You can always store them

      • Can you buy, max out, then sell them and make more? I want to get as much RE points as possible, but ultimately want the buildings in various phases of development for aesthetic purposes. Afraid to try in case I lose one of my 10 buildings forever…

  20. Perhaps this is a little off-topic, but with the current buildings available in Springfield Heights, and even with improving 10 sets of all buildings to level 5, is it mathematically possible to hit $1 billion without premium purchases? By my math, you’re still coming up short.

  21. Yep, got Ziffs chopper…who wouldn’t. Got 2, one for Ziff Corp. building and one for the mansion. LOVE the animation.
    I’m at 900 million and can tell you all it really slows down at this stage.

    • Are you just playing constantly? I’m at 250million, and I play a couple hours a day.

      • I am also at £250mill and I have played endlessly for days! Got one neighbour who’s already at the billion!!! How on earth?

    • Please tell me your strategy. I’m only at 122.72M

      • I have upgraded all the condos to level 5 first as they use the quickest tap currencys. I hope they will eventually become skins you can swap. I then concentrated on the business centres two of each level and currently I am upgrading each mansion and storing the pieces as it still counts. Basically buy everything first then grind to upgrade and don’t waste resources on statues that you don’t need yet or pills if you’re not yet ready for them. That’s my two cents anyhoo hope it helps!

      • My strategy is say goodbye to my elbow!
        If I wake in the night I tap. I always leave people earning currency. I tap every 12 to 20 minutes to maximise pills and statues. When I am editing the game I keep coffee, mats and furniture going to keep up with the pills and gold people who consume currency like crazy. I also didnt bother upgrading the gold statue workers until very late (Kent Brockman is still locked) because it costs pills to upgrade them and Bumblebee Man earns enough. Also if you’re low on currency use only the premium characters (assuming you have them) to work, as they use the same number of resources but produce double output.
        Finally, never use donuts to speed things up. It’s incredibly expensive but I did spend 2 donuts speeding a building in the very beginning out of curiosity 😉

    • And I thought I was crazy to be at 750 mil

    • The helicopter isn’t showing up for me in my new items. Any one know why?

      • Did you go to your menu, tap on the Springfield Heights option, and scroll through them all? You also have to have high enough Real Estate too. 😉

  22. why don’t i have access to this part of the town? i’m only level 17, is that the reason?

  23. Yes! I already have the premium items so I can save some sprinkles. That is until later today when they drop level 56 on us.

    • lol I don’t think it’s coming today…not with new Springfield Heights stuff hitting. Tomorrow or Thursday seems a little more likely to me….or even next week. But what do I know? 😉

      • It’s got to be today, I’m this close to my free level up doughnuts and they always get me just before. It was cool of them to give free real estate points though. That was a pleasant surprise.

        • lol i dunno I still don’t think it’ll be today. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if it’s next week….

          • I don’t really think it’ll be today either, but next week? Either way I’m just digging the relaxed pace right now. Lots of redesigning getting done. I love the flexibly with moving things around. This way I can take the buildings I like and incorporate them into my main area and I can use the new area as a dumping ground, or should I call it a waiting room for those things I’m not sure how to design yet.

            • Their pattern has been every other week lately. We saw the Gil deal last week..so I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t hit until next week. But I also wouldn’t be surprised if we see it tomorrow 😉

      • So you say after your prediction that SH couldn’t possibly hit for at least a week…and then it was the next day. Remember that? Pepperidge Farm remembers. (Damnit, wrong show…)

  24. We need more decorations for smart devices… I’ve got over 100 classy fountains in my inventory.

    • LOL. I was just having an issue with that. Trying to spend down my currency and…that’s all there is available to buy that’s not a building.

  25. Wanted the Krusty Mansion for a while now but it hadn’t been on sale since I been playing (started less than a year ago) Looks like I”ll have to creak open my wallet once again for more donuts since I am just 50 donuts shy of getting his home.

  26. …was ever so excited about the helicopters and brought two instantly!

  27. I find it cool that they added a helicopter in the game that you can buy without donuts and i hope that they will add more cars in the game that you can buy without donuts


  28. These are kind of neat, but I really want something that uses furniture or smart devices. These resources (especially pills) are needed in big numbers for upgrading, so it will probably be a while before I purchase these. I do plan getting a few helicopters eventually though.

    • wouldn’t count on that, as i’m sure the developers set it up the way it is intentionally. need the cheaper quicker resources to craft the more costly and slower ones.

  29. Glad there’s finally something to spend the Hollywood Wards on!

  30. I was so confused as to why I couldnt see Waverly Hills Elementary School and Krusty’s Mansion in the store…. Stupid you already have them!! 🙂 I love this update it’s something nice a slow that I can work on over the summer without ignoring all my friends and family.

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