Turbo Tappin’ the Monorail: Act 1

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well after over a year and a half of speculation and teasing the Monorail is FINALLY in Springfield!  An actual working Monorail that you can design yourself…so no two will look alike!  Pretty awesome event!

Of course with an all new event you know that means an all new questline to conquer.  This event, like ones in the past, are broken up into Acts.  There are three total Acts for the Monorail Event and during the First Act the questline will guide you through the basics of how to play the Monorail Event.  The questline will walk you through what you need to do as long as you’re patient and follow along (in otherwords don’t go ahead thinking you know what’s coming, cause you’ll get stuck).

So let’s get to tappin’ shall we?


A Rail of One City Pt. 1
Homer starts

Build Springfield Dump- Free 

A Rail of One City Pt. 2
Homer starts

Make Homer Pick Up Trash- 30s.  Earns $3, 1xp

At this point Lyle Lanley pops into Springfield (literly poofs in..right around Townhall) 

A Rail of One City Pt. 3
Lyle starts

Make Lyle Lanley Put on a Musical Extravaganza- 30s.  Earns $3, 1xp
Make Springfielders Join in the Musical Extravaganza- x3. 30s, Earns $3, 1xp
Make Homer Pickup Trash- 30s, Earns $3, 1xp

A Rail of One City Pt. 4
Homer starts

Make Springfielders Raise Money for the Monorail- x3. 30s, Earns $3, 1xp
Make Homer Pickup Trash-
30s, Earns $3, 1xp

Same as it Ever Was
Lyle starts

Note: Lyle will disappear after the dialogue for this part…again *poof* 

Make Springfielders Run Gil Out of Town- x3.  30s, Earns $3, 1xp
Make Homer Pickup Trash- 30s, Earns $3, 1xp


The following tasks popup IF you have those characters.  They are NOT required to progress in the questline….

Dirty Work: Dewey Largo
Dewey Largo starts

Make Dewey Largo Prepare for a School Musical- 30s.  At the dump.  Earns 75 ico_mono15_junk_lg

Dirty Work: Uter
Uter starts

Make Uter Search for Discarded Chocolate- 30s.  At the dump.  Earns 75 ico_mono15_junk_lg

Dirty Work: Bradnine
Brandine starts

Make Brandine Try to Find the Lost Spuckler Child- 30s.  At the dump.  Earns 75 ico_mono15_junk_lg


A Rail of One City Pt. 5
Homer starts

Gather Junk Around Springfield- x150. Using the Dump send Characters on 30s tasks to Gather Junk.  Can send: Lisa, Milhouse, Ned, Quimby, Cletus, Willie, Uter, Brandine, Dewey Largo (Premiums earn 75/30s, Freemiums 50/30s)
Make Homer Not Have to Pick Up Trash- 30s, Earns $3, 1xp

Train of Fools
Homer starts

Make Conductor Homer Practice Monorail Conducting- 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp

A Rail of One City Pt. 6
Lisa starts

Place the Project Board- FREE
Complete Projects on the Project Board- x3. 

A Rail of One City Pt. 7
Lisa starts

Place the Metal Depot
Sort Through Junk to Find Metal- x 20. Same idea as Junk, but this takes 1hr.  Can Send Lisa, Flanders, Brandine, Krusty, Burns, and Rev. Lovejoy.  Freemium earns 10, Premium earns 15.  (each one requires 100 Junk to send the character on the task)

Unlock Monorail Station
Auto appear in task bar

Unlock a Monorail Station- 3,000 Blueprints  

A Rail of One City Pt. 8
Homer starts

Dump Garbage on Friends- x3.  Visit neighbors to complete neighbor actions of dumping Garbage on them (just tap buildings in their towns that have the garbage icon floating over them.. ico_mono15_friendsaction_lg)

Project Management: Metal Pt. 1
Auto start

Sort through Junk to Find Metal- x100.  Send characters for Metal tasks earn 100 Metal
Complete Projects- x10. Complete 10 projects in the Project Board 

Completing this task will earn you 2 Donuts…

Project Management: Metal Pt. 2
Auto start

Sort Through Junk to Find Metal- x100
Complete Projects- x10

Completing this task will earn you 2 Donuts…

Project Management tasks will continue.  Each one will earn you free dounts. Note: This caps at Pt. 3.  Once you hit Part 3 no more will appear for you, but you’ll get a chance for more once Act 2 hits.   

You won’t see more tasks popup until you unlock the Monorail station.  Once you unlock the Monorail Station you’ll see this…

Monorail Station Pt. 1
Homer auto starts once you unlock the Station

Place the Monorail Station
Place Monorail Track Pieces- x3.  You’ll be given 3 pieces when you unlock the station (straight sections)

Bitey’s Brood
Homer starts

Tap on Possums- x8 

Monorail Station Pt. 2
Auto start once you unlock the station piece pack

Place Monorail Station Pieces- x4 

Monorail Station Pt. 3
Auto start once you unlock the second station piece pack prize

Place Monorail Station Pieces- x8. (first 4 from Part 2 count towards this…so it’s really placing 4 more pieces)

And that completes the basics of the Act 1 questline!

Not too bad, it’ll move fairly quick and get you through the basics so you can play and collect blue prints and build the Monorail track you want!

What are your thoughts on the Monorail Event?  How are you progressing so far?  Questline guiding you or are you getting stuck?  Thoughts on the idea of building the Monorail Track how you want to?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

240 responses to “Turbo Tappin’ the Monorail: Act 1

  1. nope , nothing has changed

  2. i m stuck at Rail Of One City pt.6 whereas i cant trade 20 blueprints to unlock metal depot , i have the rail yard , but whenever i open the project board , i find everything completed , still i have nothing to click https://postimg.org/image/a8tjpudl1/

  3. Okay… So my Springfield dump, recycle/bottle dept are all full it says to go to the project board thing is I’m not been able to find that… So can someone help me with that..? Please and thanks

  4. Since the monorail has ended I don’t have a project board so everything stays full and no way to empty dump,plastic, glass, and metals so what do I do with it all

  5. I have been stuck on day 2 for monorail pieces at the rail yard. I have over 16000 and it only requires 15000 to progress to day 3 but still not unlocking. Any suggestions or should I jut wait until resets next week?

  6. My trash is full. Metal and plastic recycling full my project board won’t click. When u click on the plants it tells me to go to the project board to turn things in, but it’s like I can’t select it anymore. Suggestions???

  7. For each monorail, there are 2 staircases. Where do you put the second one if it has the same position(s) as the first one? I’d like to balance out each side of the station, but can’t. Anyone else running into this problem?

  8. I do not have the project board for 2 weeks already! How can I get it? I wrote to EA guys but the did not answer anything about it.

    • It comes via the questline. If you’re having trouble getting it, despite following the questline, the only thing we can tell you to do is contact EA. Try the phone call option or live chat.

  9. I really need some help… I’m on rails of one city pt 5 and it’s telling me to gather junk x 150 but my junk yard is full and I’ve got no way of emptying it or recycling it yet !! HELP!!!

    • You should have waited until you unlocked the project board to max it out. Now the only thing you can do is contact EA and let them know what happened, they can try to rollback your game to when it wasn’t maxed out.

  10. Stephane lachance

    Since act 2 update, my game crashes a lot. I click on a building it may crash, it crashes anout 50% of time when i try to collect garbage from the landfill or assign people to collect garbage. Also crashes frequently when i try to tap the possums….. what can i do? Not tapping on garbage/possums is not an option.

  11. Hello,

    I am so sad because I missed pretty much all of act one of this event. I don’t even think I will be able to get the monorail station, let alone all the pieces for it. Do you think that I will be able to get or even purchase the track pieces even after act 2 starts? I am really hoping because this is one of my favorite simpson episodes of all time.

  12. My monorail isn’t moving and there’s smoke coming out of it. Please help!😔

  13. I can’t buy more plans, I’m in the final stage to get the character but my buttons are grey and don’t let me buy more plans can someone help plz

  14. The part that you can do to earn doughnuts made me start over before I finished part 1. Other than that I like the new update.

  15. Devastated….even though I play this game everyday it only just told me there was an update… which means I have three days to try and get all the act 1 prizes so already resigning myself to that not happening 🙁

  16. My monorail won’t move? Just has black smoke coming out of it?? Help!!

  17. I’ve reached the stage after getting Ray Paterson and am earning track but the first piece was straight (long) and the second was curved.
    Was hoping for just straight pieces…

  18. Alicia Rodrigues

    This may be a dumb question but….
    Besides recycling, how do I “spend” garbage cans when the yard is full? It takes an hour to sort through trash and cans accumulate so quickly!
    Suggestions? Thanks!

  19. I haven’t seen anything here (or anywhere on the Internet) about how to get additional monorail trains and additional monorail cars. This seems like something that might should be included in the main post about the Monorail update.


    Each station will generate its own monorail train, unless they are connected together by tracks. If connected, stations will share a single monorail train.

    Each initial monorail consists of two end cars and one passenger compartment. Every 10 segments of connected track (not including the 3 segments on the station platform itself) will add one additional passenger compartment, to a maximum of four (or possibly six (“genuine, bona fide, electrified, six-car monorail!) ).

    Too bad there’s no switching (point) tracks or crossing tracks (for figure 8 loops)!

    • That is because Glitches and massive issues preventing players from even Accessing the game and being able to play as intended were more important at the time then posting about “how to get more cars”. Not to mention we still have a month of content to go on this Event. PLENTY more posts coming. If you would like to take your personal time and energy and write every single post needed for all the content within days of it’s release, by all means… be our guest. Otherwise… patience. Once the MAIN issues are covered, the ins and outs will trickle in too. We are barely a week in the Event. Just sayin. 😉

      • Apologies! My post had a tone that was not at all intended.
        I was not trying to suggest that y’all weren’t doing an amazing job. The extra car info seemed it might be of interest to others, since it was to me, but I understand that the glitch situation takes priority.
        (Also apologies for the double post. After I hit post, it made me log in to WordPress, and then I couldn’t find my original post. I thought it had been lost.)
        Seriously, y’all are amazing, and this site is an incredible resource.

  20. When I try to tap on the building where a neighbor has “left garbage” it causes the game to crash. 🙁 Any advice?

  21. All I know is that I rely on TSTOADDICTS because I can’t rely on EA (too many glitches in a 3 year old Game App, not enough quality Customer Service, those Reps who are helpful deserve a pay raise!)

  22. I cant place lisas recycling plant anywhere. It keeps moving my screen to the far left. I have read it needs to be on the shoreline. I have lots of free land on the shoreline but cant place it still. Any ideas?

    • What shoreline? It can only be Springfield side. Not Heights. It’s almost all set out into Squidport and beach area. Only a few squares on the green. Like 3. So make sure no boardwalk tiles in Squidport area, nothing on beach like a teeny flower or bush, nothing on the green 8 spaces across.

  23. I keep trying To buy the little Lisa recycling plant, but it won’t let me place it anywhere! Anyone else had this problem or any tips to resolve it?

  24. Does anyone know how much blueprints it costs to get Ray Patterson? The last prize in Act 1?

  25. Anyone have any pictures of their Monorail. I have about seven tracks and stairs and other pieces. Trying to figure how to connect it all.

  26. Need to make monorail capable of going from land to the beach and water if possible.

  27. Would be cool if after event residents had a task to ride the monorail for cash & xp. Who knows.

  28. I can’t get my mono rail to start. It keeps asking for 7 more pieces. What have I done wrong?

  29. Hi,
    Sorry if this has been asked before, but I can’t seem to find the project board anywhere. Didn’t get it, can’t buy it, thus I can’t recycle. It’s a bit frustrating, tbh. What am I doing wrong?

    • Others are reporting the issue too. Can you email me a screenshot of what you are seeing in the tasks trying to get it?

      • I don’t know what to make a screenshot of. I don’t get the building at all (I assume it’s a building?), nor do I get the recycling tasks. I can only fill the dump… That’s it. I don’t even know what exactly I’m looking for or what I would have to do. I’m just… Stuck?

        • It is a part of your Questline. Your main monorail one. Where are you on that? What part #? You can’t place the Project Board without getting to the part to trigger it.

      • Ah! I see. I am going to check that out. I might have tried to go too fast. Haven’t had a prompt in a while, so maybe I neglected a quest. Am feeling a wee bit silly now. Sorry for the bother

      • Yup! Found out what I did wrong! I somehow missed Homer on his last quest (he was at the bottom and I failed to scroll down far enough)

        I’m such a numpty!!

        Thanks again

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