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Ok so back to this Project Board/Blueprint mess that we’re all hitting.  Once you reach a certain number of Blueprints awarded from the Project Board it blocks you from earning any more blueprints via the Project Board.  As I promised in yesterday’s post, I ran the Project Board again today in my town and have some new results and analysis from my own game.  Hopefully this will help shed some more light on the situation for everyone….

So let’s get into it shall we?

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First, let me preface this by saying this is my own interpretation from what I’m seeing in the game vs. what I’m seeing in the files.  This is not necessarily the be all to end all of information.  This is simply what I’m interpreting from what I’m seeing in my own play and your comments….

 As I wrote yesterday the stop in the ability to turn in materials to the Project Board itself isn’t a glitch.  It’s intended.  Evidence of it being intended is right in the game itself…

2015-08-12 21.05.23

If it was a glitch it the verbiage of Sebastian Cobb needing a rest would not be in the game.  That in itself shows you that it’s intended to be there.

Second, this is NOT a cap on the total Blueprints you can earn.  Some people out there are confusing a Project Board Cap with a Blueprint total cap.  There is no cap on the maximum number of Blueprints you can earn in a day.  Remember, you can earn Blueprints via Possums (10 for everyone you squish..and at it’s basic form you’ll get 8/4hrs) and you can earn Blueprints from Visiting Neighbors (6/tap…so if you do 3 taps/neighbor that’s 18/town.  And the actions do cap at 90 actions (30 neighbors).  Now the game says 90 actions.  If you tap on the i when you’re in a neighbor’s town it’ll tell you how many actions you have left:

2015-08-13 16.13.36

You will also earn Blueprints for clearing the buildings your neighbors dumped on in your town (1/building you clear).

Also, it’s IMPORTANT for you to realize that IF you spend donuts to speed up the prize track (for example if you spent 30 donuts to rush and get the Monorail Station built) those Blueprints that are required for it (so in the Monorail Station case 3,000) will be added to your total Blueprint Count.  (just like it’s worked for EVERY event in the past).  And some of these lower level prizes (like Monorail Station, Tracks etc) aren’t that expensive in donut cost.  So there are a lot of people rushing the first few.  So if you see a neighbor with 30,000+ Blueprints (or a high number) it’s most likely because they rushed the prize track with donuts.  The Blueprint total a neighbor (or you) have has nothing to do with the Project Board Cap.  So don’t go by totals.

The only way to track what you’re earning from the Project Board is to write down what each payout is for each project you turn in.  If you try to go by the total amount you’ll be completely off.

So now let’s get into today’s results…

Yesterday I had said the cap for today (August 13th) is 13,500.  I took that to mean that we’d get 13,500 Blueprints from the Project Board today before capping out.  However, I did say let me test it before we know for sure.  And I can tell you my initial interpretation was incorrect.

Let me give you today’s results and then I’ll explain a little further.  Today’s numbers were:

+1200 Bonus
For a total of 5,573

So the 13,500 number for today has been busted (and may of you pointed this out today as well).

So here’s my analysis of it all….

Initially I thought the cap indicated in the files was a cap per day.  Meaning you can earn x amount on this day.  Instead what it appears to be is a running total of what you can earn MAX from the Project Board by that certain day.  If you skip a day, or don’t max out for that day, it’ll carry over to the total allowed for the next day.  Which is why yesterday when I ran it I got 8,168 just from turning in projects..because the day before (the first day of the event) I didn’t cap out.  So the balance from the 11th carried over to the 12th.  Make sense so far?

To break it down even further…

You’re allowed to earn 4,500 Blueprints from JUST turning in projects/day.  Each day is a running total.  So if you miss a day or don’t max out you can make it up the next day.

So here are a few totals:
8/11- 4,500
8/12- 9,000 (4,500 more than 8/11)
8/13- 13,500 (4,500 more than 8/12)
8/14- 18,000 (4,500 more than 8/13)

So again, it’s a running total and NOT an individual per day cap.  The cap per day is set at 4,500.

Note: The last 4 days of Act 1 (August 19th-22nd) the cap increases to 9,000/day. 

But note it’s not a hard 4,500.  You can go slightly over it each day (depending on the projects you do) from what I’m seeing…BUT if you go over it the previous day, the next days amount will be lower.  (which is what I saw in my game Yesterday’s total went about 200 over and today’s was about 200 under)

As far as the bonus you earn each day for completing the challenge…initially I thought it counted towards your Cap for the day.  However, I now don’t think that’s the case.  I think it’s a bonus and you earn that on top of the cap.  At least that’s what I’m seeing from today’s numbers and yesterdays.

I’m going to run it one more day and see if these theories pan out tomorrow.  Once I do I’ll get you guys the total cap for Act 1 from the Project Board, as well as breakdown the rest of the math (and daily bonuses).  But to sum it all up think of it as getting roughly 4,500 Blueprints JUST FROM TURNING IN PROJECTS ON THE PROJECT BOARD/day.  Anything you get from the daily bonus, possums or neighbors is Blueprints you earn on top of that cap.  So with those adjustments it is possible to earn all of the prizes by the end…but it’ll be close.  For many it’ll go right down to the wire.

Again Note: The last 4 days of Act 1 (August 19th-22nd) the cap increases to 9,000/day. 

Bottom line:  If you want ALL the prizes, you can’t just rely on the Project Board.  You need to clear Possums, visit friends etc to earn it all.

What are your thoughts on the new Project Board Interpretation?  Are the numbers your getting matching up to what we’re seeing?  Anything you’re still confused on?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  1. Ever since the last three updates I have been constantly freezing. When I play on my phone I keep hitting to use donuts by mistake. When I hit cancel 99% of the time it freezes. I think I’ve lost at least 70 donuts. It is freezing on my iPhone and iPad. Is there a fix for freezing? I can’t find any.
    Thank you.

  2. The game says we have to wait till Sep. 4th to unlock. Sebastian Cobbs but I got him
    2 days ago along with Lyle lynch as permanent characters. Is this a glitch?

  3. Don’t worry about the daily cap. It’s a fun game regardless and it’s not ruined. HOWEVER, GOOD NEWS, once you achieve the last prize of Ray Patterson the cap goes away! You begin accumulating blueprints towards additional straight track pieces starting with (I think) 3000 blueprints and the project board DOES NOT lock out. Each straight track piece you earn the required blueprint amount goes up by 1000. Right now I am at 12000 blueprints required for my next straight track piece. So I have earned a total of 9 additional straight track pieces since Ray Patterson. AGAIN, the daily cap on the project board is lifted after Ray Patterson so achieving more than one track piece a day is very possible.

    My only issue (maybe a glitch) is if I am at 4900 blueprints and I need 5000 for my next track piece and I am awarded 2200 for my next project turned in I should have 1200 blueprints left. Right? Nope. I have 0. Once I reach the 5000 and I am rewarded my straight track piece the counter is set to 0/6000. I lose the 1200 towards my next track piece. They are in my total blueprint count however.
    So you have to watch carefully and try to do only the projects that will push you to the next track piece without going too far over.

    Today I was at 9700/10000 and the daily prize was 5000 blueprints. I was immediately awarded my straight track piece and the counter was reset to 0/12000. I lost 4700 blueprints towards my next track piece. Argh!

    Note: the blueprints ARE in my total blueprint count (163,362).
    I have spent zero donuts speeding anything up.

    Keep tapping!

    • That was incredibly helpful! I have been waiting a couple of hours maxed out on everything bc I was a hundred away and wanted to hit my neighbors. I was worried about that cap, now I’m back at it! Thanks for the post.

  4. Hi! After 90 friend actions, you can’t earn any blueprints from visiting friends?

  5. HappyBirthdayBunny

    Hmmm….Is there any way to tell how close you are to hitting the project board daily cap? I haven’t been able to hit my cap any day so far and since I know the project board blueprints roll over to the next day if you don’t hit your PB caps, how can I find out how many project blueprints I can still collect today (including any rolled over amounts)?

    • It is kind of YOU have to keep track kind of thing. Sorry. It is hard if you’ve been collecting all along and just now notating your results. (FYI, nice name) 😉

      • HappyBirthdayBunny

        arghh how much am I kicking myself now that I didn’t think start tracking earlier! Thanks for the reply 🙂

  6. This restriction on blueprints is so unfair…there is no way I will get all 10 prizes by the end of act one. How can they justify this restriction. When someone won’t be able to finish due to it. How is that fair. I’m so mad I might even delete the game which I have played for 2+ years. I can only collect from so many springfeilds and no one visits mine so the only way to get blueprints is the project board. The rats give you only a few. I’m soooo mad.

    • I’m completely freemium for this event and I’m having no problems at all. I’m at about 75,500 and should have no problems getting Ray by the end of the act. Are you going in frequently to get your possums, doing projects, and visiting friends? If you play every day the 5th day 5000 bp bonus helps a lot too. The cap is annoying because it limits the amount of extra tracks, but it doesn’t stop you from completing the prize track. Unless you started late.

  7. Can someone tell me how I go about getting pieces? I don’t know what I’m doing by clicking,it’s saying I need 7 more & I don’t know where I got the few pieces I do have anywhere please any help?

  8. There is no cap on the maximum number of Blueprints you can earn in a day (this is True with regards to earning Blueprints in your own Springfield, there is a cap on how many you can earn by visiting Neighboreenos , your Daily Challenge differs each Day but you can still Quest for Blueprints – just be sure to leave enough for the next day’s Daily Tasks).

    Thanks to TSTOADDICTS, I am having a better experience playing the Game App)! 🙂

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