The End is Near for Monorail Act 1

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a little reminder that Act 1 of the Monorail is set to end tomorrow morning at 0800 GMT (4am EDT).  So you’ve got a few hours left to collect those last minute blueprints and unlock the remaining Act 1 Prizes (for free).

So what will happen to the Act 1 Prizes when Act 2 hits?  Well, like every event, we don’t know for sure.  Our guess is they’ll at least be available for purchase via donuts…but we won’t know for sure what will happen until Act 2 officially starts.  So do all you can, while you can.

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday Night and we’ll see you bright and early Sunday morning!


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  1. Woke up this morning to my daily game bonus. It was 5000 duct tape! So I got Tetanus Terminal immediately!

    Nice way to start Act 2. But now I REALLY need to start figuring out where to put my backwoods/agrarian area in my town.

    But man, the Tetanus Terminal rail sure don’t look too safe, don’t it?

  2. So annoyed I just missed out on getting Ray because I was out all day. Darn it. And now he costs 310 donuts 🙁

  3. Don’t go to bed Bunny, hang with the English, we’ve got accents and stuff

    🐰 🐰 ♻ ♻ 🚝 🚝 🙊

  4. Any early indications as to how much duct tape slams the door shut per day in Act 2….is it 4500 as per Act 1?

    I went all out for 8000 blueprints to secure a final track piece, so I’m a wee bit low in rubbish at the start of Act 2. Will have no trouble reaching the daily limit, just wondering if anyone knows yet what it is (approx)?

    • I still got to play it out. Its early in the AM. More will come on the details. For now… I am assuming round 7500. But until I can fully test it out, I will not know for sure until a few days pass. 😉

      • Well I’ll let you know if I get there first…

        And Tetley is certainly not from Manchester!…it’s from the correct side of the Pennines, where God himself resides!

      • I hit 10k dt (duct tape). That won me 2 prizes. I really hope that means no cap…

      • I think I got 220 from possums. 540 from neighbors. Otherwise, yes.

        I didn’t meticulously check, so don’t trust me…….

      • Agree the limit seems to be about 10K. Also lucky enough to acquire my 5K tape prize on day 1, so have almost 17K tape already by various means. But project board shut up shop approx 10K!

  5. alldavidnameused

    Argh I missed out on Patterson and only needed a couple hundred blue prints. I needed my bottle task to end but it was 20 second late. It was the nearest of near misses.

  6. Act 2 is live
    The new station is tetanus terminal
    Storyline is basically that Cletus wants free travel
    Blue prints are replaced by duct tape rolls
    Ray Patterson costs 150 donuts

    Also I got a glitch where I got two daily prizes

  7. It’s 8:20 here in the UK and there’s another 40 mins before act 2… how do you always get the GMT time an hour wrong,

  8. My theory…hehe…is that it doesn’t matter much to get a head start. EA will continue to impose [event currency] caps each day.

    The only reason I am saving up for a head start … is that I figured out there was no way I was saving up 9k in bp (only had 1k down and not enough time to generate enough metal and plastic).

  9. good morning bunny x …is it still dark outside for you?

  10. u.u managed to get everything but Ray… wish they would extend it a day to be able to get him, the deadline was too close for those of us who cant play at work =(

    • Actually, I think it was set up in favour of those who can’t log in at work.
      The limit on projects and blueprints worked against those who could log in more often. The daily challenges were easy and the daily rewards were pretty generous.

  11. …I predict a riot!

  12. I am frustrated with this as I lost Lisa last week which severely curtailed my blueprint collection. I got her back yesterday only to lose other premium and essential characters for the monorail update.

    I now find i am having to rebuild as this was only way I could release the characters.Storing the existing buildings doesn’t work. this means i now have duplicate buildings even though the characters attached are still active.can’t send these characters on the monorail tasks but they do other tasks including Springfield heights. I havent re-purchased any premium buildings incase They take my doughnuts.
    I am now trying to to get back on line but may wait for the update.
    I don’t know if t this as anything to do with EA or the game just crashed again.
    Apart from willies shack I don’t want duplicates of buildings though I could design a Universal Springfield theme park in my Springfield?

  13. Ok one hour to go…..advice needed. Do i spend my remaining plastic and cans to go for another bonus track. (I have 9 already) or should I hold it for part 2?? What do you think?

  14. God i’m soooo close to getting Ray! I wish they would extend these goal things juust a little, so players don’t get so frustrated that they end up ceasing their effforts toward the game & give up altogether, as I am ready to do at this point!!

    I just wanted a new character, not abunch of station pack pieces to throw into storage.. My station is massive enough as it is!!!

  15. Any idea when the next level update will hit? I’m desperately trying to get to the end for the first time before the next hits! 160000 XP to go! (Is there a way to work out how much XP you get for purchases?)

    • 8GMT… 4am Eastern

      • Sounds like they mean the regular game levels, not event acts…

        The answer is that we don’t know, right? Unless they never hit during events, then the answer is after the event at some point.

        • Lol. I was being silly. But yes, we don’t know. Updates normally hit the game at 8GMT. Level Updates can hit anywhere from 8am to 8pm.

      • I just wondered if you could see it coming or if it’s as much of a surprise to you guys 😊

        • We can see a lot of detail, but through our experience over the years… we trust nothing until it is live and running in the game. EA can, has, and will change dates, items, Characters, Questlines… or just not release it at all. 😉

    • We only just had one with Lance Murdock, so I would guess it’s not imminent, but you never know!

  16. Looking forward to second act. I got to the point where i would need 9000 to get the next track piece and decided to hold out on tapping buildings and neighbors and have all my resources filled for the morning. Hoping to get a jump start first thing.

  17. Well, I’ve got my dump and recycle places all full to capacity, I’ve earned all the act one prizes, and I’m waiting to visit friends until after Act 2 starts.

    I think I’m all set!

  18. In my opinion, EA really dropped the ball on this one. There’s a few weeks I can’t play for more than 30s without some kind of crash. Not only I was unable to get to 70k currency, but I’m also unable to send my characters in money tasks. Really frustrating. Just praying for this event to end quickly so I can get back into playing.

      • When I was in charge of Mrs Lee’s game, (on a small Samsung tablet) I noticed how slow and laggy it was compared to mine, ……..
        I disconnected the track, stored her Howard the duck and springy etc. and all the usual stuff you guys are always telling people …… It really worked.
        I wonder if any players that have complained about crashing/freezing games still have NPCs strolling around, Monorail running a frequent service, Luann in her globe thing ….help yourselves people, you don’t need to be an IT consultant

        🚝 ♻ 🚝 ♻ 🚝 ♻ 🚝 ♻ 🚝 ♻🚬 ☕ 🔚

  19. Well, Can’t wait for act 2 😆😆😆😆

  20. Will the Springfield Heights buildings ever be able to be stored? Pretty annoying having to keep them all out.

  21. Yaaaayyyyyyy!!! TY Alissa for your continual dedication and for your guidance!!! I stuck thru this TSTO game, because of you, and the team you put together!!!!!!!! I might yeah maybe, make the last few freemium pieces of the Monorail event. If I do, it’s because, well…Thanks to You and Bunny!!! Despite my crazy insane summer, I put together a little train station in my little freemiuum town!!! Wooohoootttt!!! TYSM!!!! 😉 xoxoxol

  22. Act 2 hits at 6pm Sunday night for us Aussies. I’m going to hold off collecting anything until then, just get the totals up for junk, metal and plastic. I’ll go work on Springfield Heights instead and work out where to put my next monorail station 🙂

  23. Help! I am so close to getting Ray Patterson prize 10 in act one! I need your help fellow TSTO Addicts. Please friend me and come dump trash in my town. I’m going to be staying up all night just to be sure I make it! Thanks everyone!!

  24. the monorail event is not my favorite event; i liked the superhero and tap ball events and the stonecutter event was especially good even though i started tapped out in the middle of it.

    however, i like trains, and all i want is enough monorail track to squiggle all around my springfield. now, if only ea could give us a few turnouts…

  25. Sorry in advance if this question has already been answered, but will we have chances to earn more rail pieces in the next “Acts”?

  26. I think I’m going to go to my local Hardware store and stock up on Duct Tape just in case I need it for part 2, and maybe some Munchies at the grocery store for that Hippi fella…what’s his name. :p

  27. I haven’t been able to do hardly anything for the past week because the game keeps crashing 5-10 seconds in! :'(

  28. My latest theory is leave your town stinky overnight, then collect in act 2 currency after the timer runs out, and act 2 begins 🙂

    Or did everybody else already think of that 💭

    🌃 🌍 ♻ 🆒 🔚🔋🔋 🚪 🙂

    • I predict Brooders will reply to this ….. 🙂

      • I predict a new event currency, more stations and track pieces, maybe not characters, but definitely more grinding for prizes. Hopefully they make is easier to get track pieces because my stations are far apart.

      • You are SO right : D

        …so I got up way too early this morningthinking I could just re-set the workers to get it all full and ready for act 2 and of course keep the stink (thanks Lee) only to discover I was due the five day bonus! I quickly hard closed my game so it hopefully rolls over …fingers crossed it does …while I twiddle my thumbs waiting for 9am in England x )

    • Yeah, I was thinking the same thing 🙂

    • I think a lot of people did already think of that, because yesterday a ton of my very active neighboreenos had no buildings available for dumping. It was actually the first day in any event that I wasn’t able to complete the maximum number of event-related neighbor actions because so many buildings had already been stinked.

      So that’s something maybe to consider-leaving a few open for your neighbors who are trying to grind for monorail pieces (and so they don’t have to scan your whole town, only to find no free buildings).

    • barleecreations (canid88)

      Thanks for the reminder!! Every event I always forget to leave stuff for next act.

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