Should I Spend Donuts On The Garbage Truck

Hey there Hoppereenos!

Here were are  a few weeks in since the Monorail arrived in Springfield. Act 2 is now in full effect and with it, some New Premium Items. Like the Garbage Truck and the Spruce Caboose. Now I know you may be trying to decide if these are worth YOUR donuts, but don’t sweat it!  We’re here to tell you what’s worth the donuts and what you might want to hold off on.

Wondering if you should add the Garbage Truck to the design of YOUR Springfield? Pondering over the return of the Spruce Caboose? Well before you hit that confirm button let’s break down the pros and cons of adding them your game!

Decoration: Garbage Truck
Donut Price:
35 Donuts
0.50% Bonus to $$$ & XP
Conform-O-Meter Impact: Obedience +20
Placement: Required to be placed on Grass or Pavement (sorry simp7fan).  Sits on a 3×7 Base

The Garbage Truck Leaves Stores on September 3rd

-Animated. When tapped the top of the Truck opens up so you can see all the Garbage inside. You can hear it moving. A rat runs out too.
-You can get more than one.
-Earns Bonus $$ & XP

-It’s another Garbage item.
-Other vehicle type items available for same cost with higher Bonus %.
-No character interaction/questline with this decoration.

Final Thought:
Premium Take:
Personally, I think this one is priced pretty OK as a vehicle. I did like that it adds to the whole “garbage & recycle” theme we have going on. I like that it does help Obedience and does come with a bonus for the Donut price, just not as High of a bonus as I would have wanted. I say if you want to add some to your Garbage Dumps or just in your Neighborhoods, this one is an OK buy. I know I am picking up some for my town and dumps myself. However, if you are looking for the best bonus %  per Donut spent, pass on it. It is low.

Freemium Take:
For a Freemium, a Donut buy like this one is difficult. There are multiple options of Donut Vehicles all over the game. All offering the some kind of a Bonus Payout, which is mainly what most Freemiums are looking for when investing in a Donut Item. I would say unless you REALLY like the look of it and REALLY want one, you will want to pass on this one. There are so many other vehicle type things in the game available like the Knightboat, Left-handed Roadster, Police Car, Burns Limo… etc for only a few more donuts that come with a LOT more bonus %.

Of course in the end it’s your decision, we can only tell you what we would/wouldn’t do. However, this IS a limited-time item.  So if you’re thinking about getting it make sure you make your final decision before it leaves our games.  (and if you are thinking about getting it, the sooner the better)


What are your thoughts on the Garbage Truck?  Will you be spending the donuts to bring a Fleet of them to your Springfield (or did you already)? Where did you put it if you did Splurge?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you! 

51 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts On The Garbage Truck

  1. Tempting last call but just having dropped donuts on Mapple and Maison Derriere (Huzzah! Check another couple off my most wanted!) Gotta save those sprinkles for TOH event.

  2. How can I switch back to collectibg blue print for the first round of prizes? I’m almost there and don’t have enough donuts to finish! Plz help!

  3. I <3 the Garbage Truck
    Yes it cost 35 Donuts vs being an obtained Freemium
    I thimk it is one of the better Garbage based items available in this Event, but I'm saving my Donuts for Halloween 2015 😉

  4. If I could have put it on the road, I probably would have gotten one of these. Sad that it won’t go there. 🙁

    • Hi Sandra, hope you’re safely back home,

      I’ve just posted a couple of screenshots on the flickr page (linked top right on this page) ….at a glance, you would think those vehicles were on road, this is the nearest illusion, ………what do you think?

      🚝 ♻ 🚝 ♻ 🚝 ♻ 🚝 ♻ 🚝. 🙂

      • Sorry – can’t do Flickr. They require a Yahoo account and Yahoo won’t let me set up an account without a textable phone and I don’t have that (I use a very old cell phone.)

  5. It may only have a small multiplier but the donut price is low so I like it. It’s nice to have decos like this that add extra interest to the town design 🙂

  6. Awesome vehicle. It was an immediate bonut purchase for me. Of course, I’ve been putting blue dumpsters near all of the businesses since the early days of my Springfield, so a garbage truck was sort off a must-have. I didn’t think to get multiples, but your post has gotten the little mice in my head running around their treadmill regarding getting another!

    • totally understand what you are saying. I bought three so far but I may have to buy a couple extra to put in storage for the future where garbage can be collected. Sort of like fences….

    • Love how bonut is becoming standard vernacular around these parts!

  7. I am used to Green G.Trucks so I have a hard time relating to the Silver/gray color. And not a vehicle collector.
    I think they should make a Larger Freemium Garbage Truck so they can toss this one in :p (not a fan, sorry)

    • maybe if you watch/rewatch the episode it comes from (trash of the titans, 200th episode of the series), with homer and his sanitation crew singing their garbage man parody of willy wonka’s candy man song while riding on their fleet of garbage trucks identical to this, you will better appreciate this particular vehicle and its stainless steel exterior. think of it as another addition to your kitchen appliances, as they will come to your place and clean for you! 😉

  8. I picked up a couple cause it fits in so well with the whole garbage collecting that is going on right now. And a way better fit than the golf course. Still regretting that buy…

  9. When and how do you get the plastic recycle please

  10. fair take on the freemium front, wish the bonus wasn’t so lousy. but it’s a limited time vehicle that goes with the theme of this event, so i’ll probably grab one to place in/near the waste management facility i have yet to create.

    • Agree with this.

      As a freemium player, I didn’t hesitate to purchase this. Will fit in do well when the event I’d over and I get to design my garbage and recycling area. Can’t have all that waste and dumpsters without the truck. One item that defo makes sense to me to have.

  11. “Placement: Required to be placed on Grass.”

    So they aren’t amphibious. That’s a shame.

  12. My dump truck ran over a possum 🐀.
    Then got hit by the train and my game crashed.
    O the circle of life .

    See ya bye . 🌞 💎

    • Sorry, was it the truck or the possum that got hit by the train? 🙂

      🐀 + 🚚 + 🚝 = 🚑 🚔 🚓 + 🏥

  13. Got the update to. Had to update. Now I can’t go on the game. I hit the app and it kick me right out. Won’t let the game start. Nice update

  14. Didn’t realize the Spruce Caboose was back (because I already have it), but I coincidentally moved mine over towards my dump area.

  15. Grass only? Not even pavement too? No good reason for this?

    • Lol. I didn’t check. Sorry. I usually just drag it all around right away to test areas. I completely forgot to test pavement as I nuked the town and its all gone. I will do that now and update. 😉

    • Yes it goes on pavement, …..I don’t know why I bother…..I put pictures on the flickr page(linked top right on this page) of it on pavement nearly a week ago …does anybody ever look at them

      🚝 ♻ 🚝 ♻ 🚝 ♻ 🚝 ♻ 🚝 ♻ 🚝 ♻ 🚝


      • perhaps the better question is does anybody still use flickr? 😉

        i must admit i’ve never really bothered looking at those pics before. seems like you gotta pretty cool town though, send a request my way if you ever wanna neighbor up.

      • I do .

      • Awesome, I didn’t realize all of those pics were there! I like the first one (or maybe the last one you uploaded) the most. You moved your garbage truck from your recycling area….it looks really good in the recycling area, but I see it’s doing residential pick up at the moment. 😉

        • You should get a yahoo account if you don’t already have one, just so you can share screenshots from your game, this is where the addicts ask us to post pics when they show off a particular thing from the game, also the place where they find pics for their “caption this” posts 🙂

      • Don’t know about using flickr for anything else, ……..but it’s the only way we can share or show snaps from our towns with other players/readers who aren’t neighbours ……’s all about exchanging ideas 🙂

      • i actually had a paid pro acct for a few years, i was just making a joke at the expense of flickr’s decline in popularity with the rise of fb, g+, pinterest and all those other social media outlets. i’m with you on the sharing of ideas, but if people weren’t viewing my flickr uploads, i’d probably be wondering if i should bother as well.

        surely (no i wasn’t calling you shirley!) you don’t really think flickr is the ONLY way to share with others though right? when i wanna show something to the masses, i just put it in my dropbox and link it in the comments here. the process is simple, and arguably gives the pics a better chance of being seen.

        • I know there’s other places/ways but it’s the “official” addicts flickr page, official man….just trying to conform. 🙂

  16. I was waiting for this to be released and got one straight away

    🚝 ♻ 🚝 ♻ 🚝 ♻ 🚝 ♻ 🚝 ♻ 🚝 🙂

    • I do like it. The Bonus does not bother me as I have tons to spare. I just use the “garbage” around town to design… so add some trucks and I got plans. 😉

  17. Hi Bunny, thanks for this. Now I know it’s animated I think it’s a buy for me to fit in my rubbish recycling area . Is Alissa back soon so you can take a break ? Great job flying solo all this week , always felt in safe hands and thanks for the silliness we shared along the way .

    • This weekend. But if anyone knows… once you get back… still takes a few days to try and get back in swing of things. Lol. 😛

      You trying to kick me out again? Am I not Brit enough to kick it with the UK crowd? To American even for the Americans? Just too frakkin Fluffy to handle? 😛

      • You should hang with us more Bunny, it must be very culturally uplifting for you 🙂

      • Nope , you are an honorary Brit as far as I’m concerned . Now you’ll have to only drink tea , London Pride bitter , observe GMT wherever you are in the world and obsess amd whinge about the lousy weather . Oh and take a cynicism pill every day . Easy huh ?

        • Lol. Well, technically… we run on EA’s clock for the site to make sure we cover the information and they run on GMT… so… I guess I am good there. 😉

          You want me to drink London Pride Bitter… so I am a Bitter Prideful… Londoner? 😛

      • By the way , please excuse an old dinosaur like me .How do I add smiley/grumpy faces etc to my comments like you hip youngsters do ? I either access your site on my windows pc using google or from my kindle fire HD . Hope it’s not too complicated , step by step instructions , ( written slowly so I can keep up ). ( joking ) would be appreciated .Smiley face .( Doesn’t look the same does it }

        • Lol. It is very old school emoji. Mainly just symbols place right next to each other that I use. I will show them as separate.

          Smiley : ) 🙂
          Frowny : ( 🙁
          Tongue : P 😛
          Winky ; ) 😉

          So just symbol icons with no spaces and you get a fun lil emoji.

      • Bunny , would love to have you as a neighbour , think you need me to email , whats the address please ? Really keen to see your designs( and copy them ), ( whoops, did I type that out loud ?) No seriously would like it if you can fit me in .You too lee3472 if you would like to .My ID is philgadd11929 . Can only fit you two in at the moment but a clear out of lazy neighbours is on the to do list . Thanks .

        • Email it to me
          Be warned that the options I have to add are my test game for the site I am ALWAYS nuking and playing with designs all over. My poor main town I nuked and am VERY VERY slowy piecing back together. Lol. Still deciding on a 2D for it.

      • how about a simple 2D of the playboy bunny logo from the playboy mansion sign in Angry Dad: The Movie (s22e14)? 🐰

      • well it doesn’t quite have the beak or teeth or bulging eyes that bongo has, but yeah kinda 🙂

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