TSTO Anonymous: Springfield Stinks!

Holy moley!  What is that stench?  Smells like someone fudged their Huggies. Before I digress too far and start spontaneously singing a Lynyrd Skynyrd song, I should probably get myself on track.  So the monorail event is in full swing coupled with a lot of references to garbage episodes (the content, not quality) of the Best. Show. Ever.  One of the fun aspects of it all is dumping trash in your neighboring Springfields but it’s got me thinking.

Stinky Fort Sensible & Restaurants

Anyone besides me finding their inner Jay Sherman coming out as they visit there neighbors.  It stinks, it stinks, it stinks, it stinks… it’s like we’re New York film critics voiced by actor Jon Lovitz. in “Hurricane Neddy” (S8:E8).  “Yes, Mr. Sherman.  Everything stinks.”

Jay Sherman The Critic Simpsons

Of course, saying things stink over and over is a bit of a negative attitude so I got to wondering how all my favorite Addicts are doing?  You know we like to keep things positive here to the point some people call us all sorts of things.  Blissful is only the beginning lol.  So how the heck are you stinkpots?

A lot has happened since our last meeting in April.   Easter 2015, the Terwilleger Event, 6 Level Updates, an Episode Tie-In, the Money Mountain, the Pride Event, the Tap Ball Event, 4th of July, three Gil Deals, Springfield Heights AND the Monorail!  Wowza… time flies when EA is having fun.  Seriously, there’s been over 470 posts since our last meeting!  4 months and no meetings or cups of coffee with your sponsors… yowza.  It’s about time I got off my duff and wrote up some thoughts.

So here’s me getting to my point I think.  It’s high time to gather the community and hold a meeting before the Springfield Community Center voids my deposit. We haven’t talked at all about the effects on our addiction in what might be the busiest EA period in a long time.  Go ahead and try to find a parking spot, pass the other anon meetings being held and follow the stink to TSTO Anonymous…

TSTO Anonymous

Well howdy friends.  You made it through my long-winded intro to what I’ll warn you may just be me rambling.  I didn’t really pick a topic for today other than reminiscing about The Critic courtesy of stink lines in my Springfield aka Wookieetown.  Remember that show and his yellow version?

Jay Sherman The Critic Simpsons 2

Anywho… hopefully everyone is seeing quite a few stink lines floating around their towns to show just how great their neighbors are.  WHenever I see that odorific evidence of my tapping buds, I tend to think of as my friendly little stinkers.  But what the heck is a “stink line”?  Well, it’s as simple as a wavy line emanating from a drawing to indicate a smell coming off of it.  I won’t go so far as to say The Simpsons created this wording, but I will say I’m not sure I had a name for it until a young eleven-year-old fuzzball first watched “Bart the Murderer” (S3:E4).

Bart: More stink lines boys…
Skinner: What’s this? What are you boys doing?
Bart: (yawn) You didn’t see nothing, now beat it!

Simpsons More Stink Lines Boys

Classic… but any discussion about pictorial stankiness in The Simpsons has to include what I consider to be one of Moe Syzlak’s best lines ever in “Bart Sells His Soul” (S7:E4).  Moe opens up Uncle Moe’s Family Feedbag but it doesn’t turn out eactly like he planned.  He can’t handle smiling too much and performing all nicety nice for kids.  I think it’s the child drawn picture of Unkie Moe that was the proverbial straw in the dromedary’s back though.

Simpsons Aw, jeez. And you got the stink lines and everything

“Aw, jeez. And you got the stink lines and everything. ”

Woo hoo!  Stink lines in our favorite cartoon and I didn’t even waste a ton of words talking about Bart’s graffiti in “Flaming Moe” (S22:E11) or Flatulent Fox in “The Day the Violence Died” (S7:E18).

Simpsons Mapple Stink DIfferent Flatulent Fox

During the promotional period for The Simpsons Movie, several 7-11 stores were turned into Kwik-E-Marts.  No surprise that one was in in Burbank, CA complete with El Barto graffiti and stink lines.

Simpsons Promotion Kwik-E-Mart Graffiti

Real world stink line graffiti is awesome!  But enough blabbering from me in a post that’s supposed to all about us.  The inter-web tells me that it’s a good idea in any Anonymous meeting (other than wearing a fake mustache) to share with your peers.  Well, I’ll go first.  I love this event for obvious reasons but more so because I get to enjoy visiting neighbors.  Sure 3 lousy event currency for my friendereenos isn’t a whole lot in the grand scheme of this event’s prizes, but I get to be all nerdy while doing it.

Take that stupid Flanders House… you stink.  Springfield Elementary?  Stinks! Building right next to a funzo?  Sorry building, I can’t make that pink NPC stink so you end up as collateral damage.  Of course, alternating going forwards and backwards in my friends list does result in me being a lazy stinker a lot of the time but I can promise my goofball side usually has some sort of commentary while bombing away.

Stinky Flanders House & Springfield Elementary

Which brings me to the point of all this?  What do you think?  Do you pick out particular buildings when dumping on your pals?  Is it all arbitrary or, like some of my friends, do you find the same victims (looking at you Double D!) for extra odor?  A lot of people just dump on the first thing they see.  Either that, or they have something against historical parks, restaurants and the Buddhist Temple lol.  Have you seen how great the Radioactive Man Statue looks with stink lines off it?  Other buildings look equally awesome.

These meetings are more about you than me so sound off with your thoughts. We’re one big dysfunctional family here and now we just get to add some stink to our family photo a la “Marge Be Not Proud” (S7:E11).

Simpsons family portrait Homer I stink

To mix it up a bit, I thought it might be give everyone an assignment during this meeting.  Obviously, I can’t follow up but it has the possibility of being fun.  Over the next week, check out how you stink up your neighbors’ Springfields.  ALso pay attention to how they putrify you.  Are there any trends?  Did you decide to tap differently?  Was it more/less fun?  I’m I the only lunatic who talks to my nieghbors and the citizens of Springfield as I tap?  You can write anything you want from this exercise in the comments here.

Well… much love to all of you and hopefully you’re having at least half as much fun as I am with all this monorail goodness.  Trust me when I say you’d be having a ton of fun even if I’m having twice as much as you.  Keep on tapa-tapa-tapping in the free world and taking life one tap at a time. We end like usual with the TSTO Serenity Prayer.

“EA, grant me the serenity to accept the updates I cannot change, the courage to recommend the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

SMELL YA LATER and TTFN!  Wookiee out!

53 responses to “TSTO Anonymous: Springfield Stinks!

  1. TSTO is the story of a father and a daughter at the apocolypse. They rebuild their town to the best of their memory, building by building and tree by tree, increasing their population one mysterious survivor at a time.

    Here’s a clip: [shows a clip]

    It stinks!

    No, seriously. They pumped the room full of dump scented perfume during the monorail/trash pickup sequence. Ugh. My exasperated sigh is actually directed at the combination of the two themes. Turning trash into a monorail… Of course, we know that has always been Hollywood’s dream: to turn trash into money.

    [I hope I did that right…]

    [This took me way too long… All for not very much and not great with the jokes… I’ll never be a Critic writer…because the show was cancelled.]

  2. Smell ya’ later, lee3472! Comment: The Wookiee scored a first, and IMHO performed a feat I previously thought was not possible, when he BEGAN his rambling into with A DIGRESSION. Such creativity!

    But I would like to tack a question onto this. Question: Is my mutant rabbit now able to produce permanent offspring? I’m sure they used to disappear but I seem to have a growing population of rabbits in my Springfield.

  3. Best. Post. Ever.

    I’m impressed with all the work you did to find every item with stink lines in the show!

  4. Jon Lovitz as The Critic (what a fun animated TV series that was) 🙂

    I visit my neighboreenos and try to find any building I can click on ( then I give out a hearty chuckle as I leave behind an arid green Cloud of smoke).

    I think most of the glitches we have all complained about were solved with this latest download update today (about time EA)

  5. I usually tap the first 3 buildings I can find (going through 98 towns every day takes about 45 minutes per day). However, if I have to hunt around, I will try to tap similar buildings. Monsarno is usually high on my list, as well as Duff Stadium.

    I have noticed that visitors most frequently tap on my Zenith City apartments and stores, which are close, as well as my Duff Stadium, which is also close. I added a mini-farm of 8 Orange Houses (likely to expand to 12 soon) right next to my Project Board, and those are now my most commonly visited buildings.

    I’m hoping that when the event ends, additional track pieces can either be purchased for in-game money. If for donuts, then I think only 1 donut per track section. They could package them like the Rakes – single of each, a 3-pack of straight, a 3-pack with 1 each of short, curved, and S-curve, and a 6-pack with 3 straight and 1 each of the other 3 types. But I think more than 1 donut per track piece is too much.

    I’m most likely going to work out a new design to incorporate the Monorail, then get the pieces, and then nuke my town to accommodate the design. That most likely means either between Halloween and Christmas, or between Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

  6. I try and scroll away from the project board and find something to tap on the other side of town, leaving the nearest stuff for others who may be impatient or in a rush.

    I’m TOO good to you people

    ♻ 🚝 ♻ 🚝 ♻ 🚝 ♻ 🚝 ♻ 🚝. 🙂

  7. People seem to love dumping on the building right behind my superhero tower. I keep having to move the tower to tap it clean, but someone [many someones, apparently,] have no trouble getting to it to stink it up. A bit annoying, actually.

  8. I just think that unless you are playing all day that it would be hard for the people who have to work or go to school and can’t play as often how are they going to get all the prizes?

  9. Did anyone notice you can drop trash on top the fully upgraded buildings on S.heights?

  10. barleecreations (canid88)

    I have a lot of neighbors to get through so often I have to just tap whatever is near or left. Monsarno’s out buildings are a favorite only because they don’t normally get used. But my true stink dumping favorite is Johnny Fiesta’s… It makes me giggle. If I have the time or option to stink up buildings I go for the pumpkins, graveyards, Ned’s house, Radioactive man’s statue, and the schools to name a few. OK if I am truthful dumping stinklines anywhere makes me giggle.

  11. Agree with Janice Ochs. You’re brilliant! I have some random thoughts concerning your post:

    1. I’m Brazilian and I don’t understand very well the figurative meaning of “stink”. My dictionary says: “[b]stink[/b] [i]spoken[/i] used to say that something is bad, unfair, dishonest etc: [i]Don’t eat there – the food stinks![/i] | [i]The whole justice system stinks.[/i]” (Hope the tags I’ve used will work! Fingers crossed.) So can I understand that “stink” is similar to “suck”? I have a hard time using these kinds of words, because most of the times they can only be used in certain places, in certain times and depending on the people you’re talking to. Once I used the N-word and I had no idea at that time that it was an extremely offensive word. I thought it was okay because we have a similar word in Portuguese (“negro”), which is actually more polite than saying “black” or “of African descent”, both of which can sound very pejorative depending on the situation.

    2. “Building right next to a funzo? Sorry building, I can’t make that pink NPC stink so you end up as collateral damage.” – HAHAHAHA you REALLY made me laugh out loud with this. Thank you so much!

    3. I have a friend who went to a music festival here in Brazil some years ago in which Lynyrd Skynyrd was one of the major attractions. I remember watching it live on TV and the camera wouldn’t stop showing my friend because he was such in a state of euphoria that I was really afraid he was gonna faint there or something. Needless to say he’s a HUGE Lynyrd Skynyrd fan, and you could see he was lucid (in terms of not having used any kind of toxic substances), but he was indeed intoxicated with the show. He would sing and cry and scream and cry and cry and cry and cry. He’s the most passionate person I’ve ever met, music is his life, and I’m glad he had the chance to see their show.

    4. I love your posts, Wookiee. Actually wish there was more of them, lol. Keep up the great work!

    • My tags didn’t work 😔

    • 1. Stinks as in no es bueno, you don’t like it, it is smelly
      2. I’m glad I’m not the only one laughing
      3. Awesome… your friend’s experience make me smile
      4. And thank YOU for reading… it’s why I love doing this

    • English “to stink” = Portuguese “feder” (also Brazilian here 😉 )

      By the way, “negro” is also used in English, and isn’t nearly as offensive as the other word you alluded to. You seem to write pretty well in English – I’m surprised you didn’t know that stuff…

      • Yeah, but “feder” is the literal meaning of “to stink”. When someone says “something/someone stinks”, its translation in Portuguese definitely is not “algo/alguém fede”, because if you say that “alguém fede”, it’s because they literally smell bad. Well, at least that’s the usage here in Southern Brazil, maybe it’s different where you are from.

        And my embarrassing experience was a long time ago; I wanna say 10 years? And at that time I knew very little English. 😉

  12. I like to tap on groups of buildings – like Monsarno, Power Plant or even House Farms. Most of the time, I am in a hurry, though, and just tap anything. Which brings me to my pet peeve this time round: Would it really kill you to clean up your towns once in a while, neigboureenos? I have a few that are obviously playing actively, even leaving me stink lines, but there is never anything to tap in their towns. Scrolling around for minutes, nothing but stink lines. Hey, if you can’t bother to clean up, I can’t bother to keep you as neighbours…
    And, just while I am rambling away: why do I always have more curves than I need, but never enough straight tracks? Should I try to connect all my stations, or run separate lines? If yes, how many? And where should the stops be? Wouldn’t it be neat to have forked tracks and switches to go with them? And I really want to connect Springfield to Springfield Heights!

    • I’d love to connect through the mountains or bifurcate the line with switches. Alas, I bet that’d be a programmers nightmare. I agree we need more straight vs. curved but still having a blast with my complicated track right now. I just can’t wait to blow up my town and put the monorail where I want it instead of up in the rich district.

      • I am building my tracks along the roads for now, but it is not really where I want it to go – coming closer and closer to the point, where I just HAVE to nuke my town. Still dreading it , though. Starting over with nothing… And EA is probably starting the next event before I am done. I see myself playing on with a half-arsed remodel for ever. Wouldn’t it be neat if you could do a ‘group store’ for the bits you like in your town, and just put everything back down somewhere else.

  13. Major crashinh problems today??

  14. I’m glad that “Smell-O-Vision” isn’t available for my tablet:-)

  15. Well, if you have free time on your hands, you ought to go for the most obscure buildings and see how long it takes someone to clean them up. Is sanitation working in this town or what?

  16. There’s no real rhyme or reason relating to where I drop my rubbish – I drop it off at the first three buildings I see.

    And I don’t know about others, but this reminds me a bit of that part in Sim City 3000 where you can set up deals with neighbouring cities to take your rubbish (only you don’t how to pay *and* you get rewarded for it).

  17. I’ve mentioned this before, Bart Sells His Soul is my favorite episode.

    I pick my targets indiscriminately. Its usually the first 3 I see. Also if you’re maxed out on friendship points you get 6 duct tape per target.

  18. I notice a lot of people stinking up my Monsarno Buildings more often that not. Maybe because they’re not currency-earning buildings and this is the first time you can actually interact with them?

    Also, the buildings around the project board where neighboreenos first land are the ones that get the most stink lines, because yes, people with lots of friends are usually breezing through towns and tend to just tap on the first available buildings they see.

    However, I do notice that some particular neighboreenos actually take the time to check my town out because I’ll see stink lines all the way on the left side of my Springfield over at Squidport, and my project board is all the way on the right side of my town where I’ve placed my Monorail.

    It feels good to know that there are people out there checking your town out, considering the amount of work you put in to beautify it and all.

    • most likely, those are the buildings everyone sees first when visiting your city. people in my city always stink up the same 3 buildings around the garbage dump.

  19. Well, I may not talk to the characters while I play I will confess to an inner dialogue during this event that betrays my cynical nature and twisted sense of humour:

    What exactly is El Chemistri cooking?
    And Monsarno Research must be into something unusually nefarious for all their buildings to reek this bad and this often.
    Are the stink lines coming from the police station and town hall metaphorical?
    What prank has Bart pulled at school to cause the stench today?
    That coleslaw must be well hidden in the Van Houten house.
    Is the odor coming from the power plant indicative of a nuclear meltdown?
    And there’s a fair number of eating establishments that would be in trouble with the health authority if Springfield had one.
    CBG’s apartment is much more disturbing than I first thought. A hazmat suit might be needed here.
    Taking the kitchen garbage out must be a great chore for the currently wifeless Wiggum (and others!)
    The weather hasn’t been kind to the pumpkin house. I feel kind of sorry for the inhabitants.
    Springfield needs a better grave digger or mortician – those cemeteries should not smell like this!
    What goes into the bathtub gin Cletus is cooking up?
    And what about Bachelor Arms? Their swimming pool might be corpse-free but has someone checked the utility room recently?

    All in all, searching for answers to the question of where the stench might be coming from is much more amusing for me than the storyline and execution of this event (underwhelming). Though the current direction of my thoughts is fitting leading up to Halloween :). Anyone else have funny (or irreverent, or apt, or just wacko) questions pop into their heads with the stink lines they’d like to share?

  20. Ooh ooh that smell
    Can’t you smell that smell?
    Ooh ooh that smell
    The smell that surrounds you

    • Oh… That lynrd skynrd song……

      I pretty much stink up whatever is there, though I would prefer the pumpkin house, the jails, and the buildings you can’t normally hit (Monsano, retirement castle), fir some reason, nobody strays far enough to hit my orange houses, maybe I’m in my game too often.

      The heights buildings are sometimes able to sink, other times, not. Haven’t figured that one.


  21. I usually stink whatever I see first. If I go to a neighbors town and see nothing to tap that makes me a sad panda. 😢😢😢😢😢

  22. Hilarious! I feel I have let my ‘sarcastic, sardonic, riddikulus’ self down 😕. I only tap what is closest! From now on I solemnly swear I am up to no good …

  23. Wow! Now that you mention it, people often seem to go for Monsarno buildings! And the Zenith City buildings too!
    And why is it that sometimes you can dump on Heights buildings and sometimes you can’t? 🙂

    • It’s nice the monsarno superfluous buildings finally do something!

    • Well, my nearby buildings are mostly the first to be tagged. But yes, the groups of buildings do get tagged more, especially by me. Monsarno, Nuclear, sometimes house farms, etc.

      LIke you say, why only some of the heights buildings…even when there are a few more next to it the exact same?! And, why not blue or white houses (or whichever they were)? So weird which EA chose…

      • Yeah, anyone know how the SH buildings work? Are they only available to stink up at certain levels or is it random or the number they were bought?

        • I was shocked to see you could “Stink Up” Mine. So far it is only my apartments at level 4 I saw. Still looking to see if others trigger it too.

    • I think the buildings crafted during the task, i.e. first buildings crafted, can be trashed. The clones not. But not true of all first crafted buildings.

  24. As usual just blown away by your almost OCD attack on a single topic. I have grown out of most of my compulsive and anxiety behaviors. TV’s “Monk” or Jack Nicholson in “As good as it gets” comes to mind. But you might be asking “why am I changing the topic?”
    Well, these are my thoughts and feelings regarding the Stink. At first I had a difficult time dumping on neighbors without wanting to gag over the smells I imagined coming from the different buildings (bad rotting food from restaurants/ usually fishy). (B.O. From Gyms and Old folks homes and centers, also sort of apply to Comic Book Guys store and Home — sorry), (Cigarete Smoke from DMV or P&S home and Mrs.Krabapples), (Pickled eggs from Moe’s), (Toxic waste from the Power plant), (most other buildings just Trash, trash, trash). So the first week I needed to hold a tissue over my mouth and nose as I tapped neighbors buildings. I’m better now, usually tap the closet thing to the BluePrint Board/drop off point, if not I follow the monorail until I find a spot available) My favorite hits are Lisa’s Slurry plant, Pumpkin houses, and usually just the three peices of the power plant.
    Now to get back to the Tidy side of things, I have been thinking about Germaphobe/Howard Hues/Casino Burns, Bubbleboy Bart, and a single task Mr. Sparkle character.
    I also thought about the stink and the possablity of that Giant Toilet (which if not released this event, thinking maybe Baby Event and dirty diaper mountain, or Austrailian Event and the need to flush the right way).
    I also placed Sir-Love-Alot next to the S.City Dump. “I..wuv..you”
    But I remember the dump as a huge Grand Canyon Like Gorge. I guess I shouldn’t complain because this is clearly much smaller than what I’m imagining.
    I was expecting garbage men (in all white – similar to IceCream Selling Homer), to tap on and help clean up the town. Maybe with a cameo of Oscar the Grouch.
    but it ain’t over yet… And sadly neither is my rant. Stink lines also remind me of a famous French Skunk (or any skunk for that matter). And if you haven’t read it in a previous comment I would have liked to seen Bette Midler chucking trash at moving vehicles that crash and burn (from the Gabbo episode).
    The Monorail… Honestly without Lyle Lanely, I’m find it mundane and lacking pizazz. Thought the town folk would go buy some tickets and take it for a ride.. Guess they are still a little freaked from the last time. Even Revrand Lovejoy seems a bit unexcited that it isn’t an actual train. Meh.
    I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer so here is the stuff I like the most: Bitey and it’s pals, striaght and curved rails, Jesse, and helping making my S.Heights progress feel less tedious.
    Yeah Monorail, Bring Lyle Lanly Back EA!! And once again Wookie this post Doesn’t stink but I do wonder if there would be stink lines coming from your Wookie Suit. :p

    • OCD… I think of it as my overabundance of love for this show bleeding through and an inate desire to makes posts as entertaining as possible. Thanks for sharing… you always make me chuckle. As for the Wookiee suit, after a whole day of wearing it, it certainly feels like stink lines should be wafting off of it.

  25. I want Uncle Moe’s Family Feedbag building skin and Uncle Moe’s character skin!!!! Take my money but give me what I ask for EA!!! 😂🙈😅👍🏽

    • I want that too. I’d even pay money for donuts and I’m freemium. Its my favorite episode. Uncle More skin? I’m in! Activities would include delivering birthday fries and berating children because a “soady is too cold; it makes my teef hurt” “And I’ll tell you where you can put your freakin’ soady too”-Moe. And the Flanders could dine there and Todd could say “Ow my freakin’ ears!”

  26. You are Brilliant !!!!! RevJRO

  27. That’s cool to see his yellow version. But without his pink version he’d have one less reason to be compared to a pig. hehe!

    • Neat, I’ve never been first commenter!



    • Well, it might not be clear that I was referring to The Critic. It’s one of my favorite shows. I think it could be argued that you could stop watching the Simpsons after the Critic was launched, and then continue on not watching them after Futurama was made (but not relaunched). I’m not sure what’s after that, as I’m stuck in the past. I hear they have myPads in the future…!

      • It’s not about being first to comment, it’s about who can stay at the bottom of the page 🙂

      • Haha, that’s cheating. You replied to my “FIRST” comment using other comment.

        So, is bottom the new top? 😉

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