Addicts 2 Year Blogiversary Q & A Part 2

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated our 2 year Blogiversary!!  In continuing with what we did for our 1 year anniversary, as part of the celebration we gave you guys the opportunity to ask us anything you’d like with the promise that we’d answer your questions (or as many as we could).  And as always you guys came through in a big way!

Because our Blogiversary is kinda a big deal to Bunny, Wookiee and I, we wanted to do something extra special to answer the questions.  And it wasn’t easy, but we got all of our schedules together and created another Q & A video!  Giving y’all another peek inside the craziness that is the Addicts….especially when Bunny, Wookiee and I get together. And with so much crazy between the three us us we had to once again break it into two parts! (check out part 1 here) #warningitsevenlongerthanlastyear #warningthisonemayinvolvesomecrying

Well what do YOU think?  Now that you’ve seen nearly 2hrs of us…still want to stick around?  Any other questions you wished we’d answered?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

64 responses to “Addicts 2 Year Blogiversary Q & A Part 2

  1. Thanks for taking the time and making the videos, very entertaining. Really nice to see how well you all get along (although in answer to your question Alissa, some form of revenge will be needed 🙂 )

    In answer to the other questions, I’m tempted to steal something from the UK Sitcom Spaced for Wookie’s one. If I’m the guy on the star destroyer at the beginning of a New Hope who decides not to fire at the escape pod with the droids in and change my mind to shoot it down, you’ve got an entirely different set of films!

    Sorry Bunny, I don’t know where the TARDIS or the Doctor are, although we’ll find out on the 19th!

    All the best for the next year!

  2. Hehe you guys are awesome!

    To wookie
    I would be r2d2! Cause that astromech is epic! And he is like the mechanic of the universe, as well as I would get to be co pilot to Luke and anikin and countless others! Also WOOKIE JAR JAR IS AWSOME!!!!!! My question to you is how excited are you for this new Star Wars film and whose your favourite villian from the wars? I am going to the film first lay in my Jedi coustume, then any other time wearing my Chewie shirt! Cause let the wookie win! My own villian is the amazing darth Bane!

    To Bunny
    Hmm I have no tardis here in Canada but I believe the good doctor is in Cardiff getting ready for his next big adventure! My question to you is what is your favourite doctor who storyline, mine is the whole river song storyline!

    To Alissa
    First off congrats! Secondly your AWSOME and thirdly wookie be nice! And and and….. Oh ha who is your favourite toy story character? Mine is a tie between Jesse and Buzz!

    To all three of you

    Y’all are AWSOME thank you for being an amazing site here and here’s too many more! Also don’t feel bad I am a bad neighbour too but I’d love to see your towns!

    Aka Warrior goddess

    • I’m a huge Star Wars fan. The 3 Prequels we rented out a theater, dressed up, and went and watched it with tins of other like minded family, friends, and fans. One of the main friends that used to help set this up just recently passed (the local 501st Legion even showed up to pay they’re respects as the casket was carried away), so we’re doing it again for the new one… but in his honor. 🙂

      I love the weeping angels. Frighteningly awesome. Still obsessed with the doctors daughter. Here come the drums was amazing “the twist on the tapping”. Rose.

      Email us. We’ll see what we can do.

  3. Alissa, I also love that part of your town! Wookie, I bet you’re an excellent Jungle Cruise skipper. One of my top Disney rides! There’s been a lot of Dis talk on this site lately! I need to plan a trip asap and get my bounding on!

  4. Thank you guys for part two.. I really had fun watching it..Yay Bunny you are so cute 🙂 Good job guys.

  5. Yay, my question was answered!

    Is it okay to nitpick? It sounded like “simp 7 fan” (3 words) instead of “simpseven fan” (2 words). Sandra calls me simp. I guess I’m simp. lol

    Wookiee’s question: Your question is hard. 🙁 Yoda, so I could “force” the prequels into a better state, thereby bringing more worshippers to Star Wars. That’s as good as you’re getting out of me.

    Alissa’s question?: Oh, what’d you say? “Wookiee-sue”? Um, it means that girls can be hairy, too. And that Joe can be a girl’s name…um, Hello Joe!

    Bunny’s question: Not I. P.S. You’re a certified geek. The question is…moreso than Wookiee?

    Real P.S. Is TSTO Addict (the commenter) an official part of your site? No longer?

    • I try to sound them out, so sometimes breaks in the name, yes. 🙂

      And it depends on WHAT we are geeking out about. I have more collectibles than the Fuzzball. Lol. 😉

      Just a fan of the site, not one of us. 😉

      • No biggie on the name…it’s not my real name, I just made it up! 😉

        You have collectibles, but he tattooed his onto his skin. One day you two will have to have a contest between you and find out the answer.

        I asked about TSTO Addict because I saw a bunch of posts from them (or are those posts from a different person…?). But, totally got my answer on the commenter side of it, thanks!!

        • Ah… that is a generic account we use on the site to post things that don’t really belong to anyone in specific. Like a group effort, or a guest post, things along that lines. A “no name” when one isn’t really needed or clarified.

      • At least I didn’t name myself “simp7sfan”….I wonder how people would pronounce that. hehe

        Oh yeah, my user name has now been immortalized in a video (humor me)….time to go and change it. *embarrassed*

      • Thanks for the answer about the generic posting.

        The added ‘s’ would be for Simpson”s”… not necessarly a possessive. It would be “bunnyfan”, no ‘s’.
        [bunnyfan in the middle…]

        My name was supposed to be, like, “Simpsons fan” but I nudged in a 7. Seven begins with an ‘s’ and ends with an ‘n’….I forgot to put the ‘s’ back at the end (before moving onto “fan”)…. All for the better, I suppose, in terms of readability and pronunciation. 🙂

  6. Attention tappers,

    Glass recycling now under way,
    when Homer has finished his 8 hour get some sleep task…
    make sure you’ve got enough stuff to hand in 5 projects (save your projects till this point) then you get glass recycling centre…..

    CARE… If you’ve handed in projects and reached the cap before you unlock the glass recycling centre, you won’t be able to unlock it till tomorrow 9am (U.K. time) …because you need to be able to hand in 5 projects !

    That is all
    🚝 ♻ 🚝 ♻ 🚝 ♻ 🚝 ♻ 🚝 🙂

    • Thanks for the heads up , too late for me , saw this just after I maxed out today’s project board – shhuddnn frrudddnnn Sick Dastardly ! There’s one for the teenagers to ask their parents about ……

  7. We need you! You all do a great job and i check here a couple times each day to see if there’s anything new i should see or be doing.

  8. I’ve got a sensible answer for once, ….my boy informs me that there’s a comicon type thing in our local village hall today, Will Wheaton won’t be there but some of the old Dr. Whos will be …..the ones from the early eighties when it was rubbish 🙁

    It’s at the Bournemouth International Centre ….easy to find, …..look on your Bunny globe, centre of the south coast is the Isle of Wight, …slightly west of that on the mainland ……give me 5 mins, I’ll find a picture 🙂

    • Picture on the flickr page, Bournemouth International Centre.

      you can see the beach and Squidport (pier) 🙂

  9. My tsto always freeze if i open it. i already restart and re-install. but it still like that. HELP ME !

    • How full is your device? Try closing other apps before starting TSTO. If your device is older sometimes events like the Monorail can cause issues..

  10. Sandra ,sorry for late answer , only just catching up as Lee said for black pudding , sounds horrible I KNOW , but apart from for breakfast , really good with scallops or a soft poached egg . Give it a try if you see it . Don’t know how common it is outside the UK though .

  11. Anybody know what happened to the BBQ pit ? Can’t find it anywhere in the store . The BBQ pig is still there for donuts …..

  12. …just had tea with the doctor actually and he says you’re welcome to visit the tardis if you can find it! This obviously made the queen giggle as she was over for tea too : )

    I would definitely want to be princess leia so I could get my hands on han solo ….oooooh yeah! ; )

  13. Bunny, there is still one of those blue police boxes outside Earls Court underground station in west London, but I don’t know if it’s like a tardis inside. As for Doctor Who, …….same as everyone in England, he lives next door because it’s a tiny place 🙂

    • Got you as a neighbour . thanks Lee . Bunny – Yup Doctor Who lives next door to Lee and we all know the Queen . She keeps dropping in unannounced for afternoon tea . Fed up with making cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off and cut into four dainty pieces served on a plate with a paper doily. Wouldn’t mind but she brings the corgis and they always mess on the carpet .Gonna have to have words this time ! If you don’t fancy London Pride , how about Old Speckled Hen, Hobgoblin or Tanglefoot ? Personally , being in the Westcountry I prefer proper scrumpy cider , although I haven’t had any for a while since being signed off sick . Real falling down liquid if you get the right one . You know it’s gonna be good if all the locals drink it and they will only sell it to you in half pints. Takes twice as long to walk home as it’s two steps forward , one step back ! Happy days !

      • Hi Phil,

        You should check out the “tapped out” site
        The guy who runs it is in north Devon ….probably your neighbour! (If your neighbour has a silver Subaru imprezza, ….check out the window now)
        It’s not really active but it’s somewhere to go when these Americans are asleep!

        Same goes for everyone else …take a look ….not instead of addicts but as well as 🙂 …see you there (or here). 🙂

      • Thanks Lee , he must be out ! Will check that site out tomorrow when I fire up my laptop . Looks like your monorail is going well . Can’t make my mind up where to send mine at the moment , especially since I’m not sure how much track we will get , just adding track on to the end every time I get it . Not happy with the position of the main station ,so that will get moved but tetanus will stay by the rubbish recycling area . Have you checked out my town yet ? Happy with the SH super mansions and their security , beach area coming on , still things I want to add but you can see the general theme – one super rich home and one super-super rich home not wanting to be outdone by their neighbour .

  14. Hi guys I’ve been lurking around your site since Christmas and wanted to let you know what a big help you are. You help me plan my strategy, do my maths, answer my questions without me needing to ask, stop panicking about getting everything, choose what to spend my precious freemium donuts on and you make me laugh. Keep up the good work.

  15. Heh if I could be any Star Wars Character, its a toss up between Yoda or Chewbacca. Yoda, because I’d live to be what, 900 years old? Chewbacca, because I wouldn’t have to worry about shaving anymore lol

  16. Love you guys to death, Still lurking… having cataract surgery Monday, but had to congrat all 3 of you & thank you again for all the awesome work you all do <3, I loved the video 🙂 You guys are not bad neighbors! Mucho congrats to Alissa & hubby! I'm missing you the past few days, but figure you're probably busy 🙂 Bad Wookiee! 12"?? LOL! Bunny… you're still my favorite little hopper 🙂 As far as your question to us… I would have to be Yoda, can't think of what I'd do, but I'm sure I'd figure something out. Here's to 2 more years and even more than that! ~ Much love, Darlene 🙂

    • Awwwww I miss seeing you round these parts. Glad to see you are still bouncing around in the Lurker Zone. 😉

      • Josephine Kick@$$

        I’ll try to post a little more, usually don’t boot up my computer for days, and my phone doesn’t like me LOL. I actually have a spare 5 that is only for TSTO lol (yes, I’m an addict)… just need Wi-Fi to use it 🙂

    • So good to see you. I always know you’re still tapping cuxz I’m lucky enough to be your neighbor. Best of luck with the surgery and know we’re rooting for you. Glad you liked the joke lol.

      • Josephine Kick@$$

        I love having you guys as neighbors… feels like I still have a daily connection. It makes me smile knowing you finally got your monorail 🙂
        Only a few more hours before surgery, nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof… do they make a version of TSTO in Braille? I always love you guys jokes, that’s part of the chemistry here <3

    • Hello my friend! Always great to hear from you…and I always smile when I see your name popup when I clear my town 🙂
      I was away all last week…preggo lady needed a vacation 😉 But always nice to know I was missed.. 🙂
      Good luck on your surgery!

      • Josephine Kick@$$

        Hello Alissa! Glad to hear everything is good, all preggos need a vacation, it should be mandatory paid time off 🙂 I’m not sure when you are due, so I thought maybe it was time 🙂 I will always worry & miss you guys when I know you aren’t playing! Thank you for the well wishes for the surgery 🙂

        • lol due in early November (was originally late october but the date got pushed back). Vacation was very much needed…work’s super hectic now that it’s crunch time before I go out on maternity leave. I wasn’t ready to come back lol

    • Josephine Kick@$$

      Surgery went great, they said I’d notice how bad my left eye was once the right was done… oh yes, I was blind LOL
      Back to visiting… now that it’s easier 🙂

  17. Any other questions you wished we’d answered?

    If you untie your belly button, does your bum fall off?

  18. Great video!

    For Wookie’s question: I would be darth maul, I would somehow survive his final battle and become a leader in the dark side!

    For Bunny’s question: Sorry, I have no idea where the doc is and I don’t have a tardis 😛 If I find him I’ll let you know!

    • Not certain if it will make it into the newest movie, but Darth Maul actually does survive his final battle, think its mentioned in either the Clone Wars cartoon or something, but he turns half cyborg. Sorry, full of useless Star Wars (and other) knowledge here lol

  19. LoL
    Love you guys and you’re right, you could be better neighbours. It’s ok for you not to visit me (I dont visit unless theres a new FP or an event) but PLEASE keep your towns tappable for your neighbourinoos that do drop by. The only one that has a tappable town is Wookiee. I like Alissa’s town, it is pretty.

    To answer your Qs.
    Wookiee: Palpatine. Anakin/Vader is too emotinal to be a worthy Sith so I would not have choosen him as an apprentice thus changing the whole saga.
    Alissa: Sorta.
    Bunny: Doctor? Who? 😛

    • lol thanks Em! At least someone defends my Springfield (although it’s a Monorail mess right now…) and sorry about the stinky trash. I was away all last week, and didn’t touch my game. But should be clear now 🙂

  20. Going to start watching it now….I maybe gone some time 🙂

  21. So I have a few more questions but I think I might have to wait another year to ask :p

    If I was a StarWars character I would be a Gonk Droid, I would impact the Galactic Universes future by walking around and making “gonk” noises. Which considering it all took place a long time ago in a Gallaxy far far away, I don’t see how any of the history truely impacts present day Earth, unless one of the Death Star’s Shards is the cause of the Dinosaurs extinction (Thank you Luke) 😛
    Oh and Gonk droids are kinda what I look like when I walk around with a large box over me.

    Alissa, you want me to tell you what I think Wookie is doing: I think he is Drinking too much, You’re Welcome.

    Bunny, I do not have a Tardis but I do have a malfunctioned Time Machine. I never met the Doctor and I don’t know where he is. I know a few places he isn’t, for example not in S-6 of my Local Psych-Ward.

    and lastly, Alissa I would like to be you for a day (pick a day and we might get this body switcher working), I have a lot of malfunctioned SciFi technology. (I just have to be back to work as myself the next day that’s all).

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