It’s All About the Glass (Turbo Tappin’ One Track Mind & Glass Depot Info)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well I’m back from vacation…a nice relaxing week away where I can honestly say I didn’t touch my game once.  I guess even the “head addict” can spend some time away 😉  Of course spending a full week away from the game naturally only makes for chaos and confusion when EA throws a new questline at us early this morning.  This time around Homer’s a bit worn out (I guess he could use a vacation too…) from being the only Monorail Conductor and falls asleep behind the controls!  No worries though, Professor Frink has the answer…and it comes from Glass!  (because it’s all about that glass…)

This time around we’re introduced to another depot for our town’s…the Glass Depot!   Yes another place for you to turn your junk into “treasure” and add yet another element to the project board.

So let’s break everything down from the Glass Depot to the One Track Mind questline….


So let’s start things off with a quick overview on the Glass Depot…

The Glass Depot will unlock at Part 2 of One Track Mind (see below for questline details) and it works basically the same way the Plastic and Metal Depots works.  You turn junk into glass.

Just like Metal and Plastic each turn through the Glass Depot requires 100 ico_mono15_junk_lg.  So for every character you send to the Glass Depot you’ll need to have 100 ico_mono15_junk_lg available.

Each turn through the Glass Depot takes 3hrs, so one hr more than the Plastic Depot.

And each turn through will earn you 10 ico_mono15_glass_lg for Freemium and 15 ico_mono15_glass_lg for Premium.

And finally, here’s a list of characters you can send to earn Glass:
Quimby 10 ico_mono15_glass_lg
Willie 10 ico_mono15_glass_lg
Dewey Largo 15 ico_mono15_glass_lg
Jesse Grass 15 ico_mono15_glass_lg
Bart 10 ico_mono15_glass_lg
Marge 10 ico_mono15_glass_lg
Moe 10 ico_mono15_glass_lg

Glass will work just like Plastic, Metal and Trash…in that you can turn it in at the Project Board in exchange for Duct Tape:

2015-08-30 16.12.04

The one KEY difference is the Cap for Glass is much lower…
Your Glass Depot CAP is 70.  There is no way to increase this. 
So once you hit 70 and you’re maxed out, you cannot increase it you can only spend it.

And yes I’m aware that some of you will point out that you can go over it if you’re close and send all the characters out to earn glass.  So yes, there is the potential to go over..but the cap itself is 70, and it cannot be increased. (unless you manipulate sending your characters)

And those are your Glass Depot basics…

One Track Mind Pt. 1
Auto start from Homer

Make Homer Get Some Sleep- 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp

Auto start on completion of One Track Mind

Complete Projects on the Project Board- x5.  Complete 5 Project Board Projects to advance in the questline

One Track Mind Pt. 2
Lisa starts

Place Glass Depot- Free
Sort Through Junk to Find Glass- x50.  Earn 50 Glass from Sorting Junk. Costs 100 Junk and takes 3hrs.  Earns 10 Glass Freemium and 15 Premium. Here’s who you can send:
Dewey Largo

Jesse Grass

Your Glass Depot CAP is 70.  There is no way to increase this. And yes I’m aware that some of you will point out that you can go over it if you’re close and send all the characters out to earn glass.  So yes, there is the potential to go over..but the cap itself is 70, and it cannot be increased. (unless you manipulate sending your characters)

One Track Mind Pt. 3
Homer starts

Reach Level 15 and Build Moe’s Tavern
Make Homer Drink at Moe’s-
8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp

One Track Mind Pt. 4
Homer starts

Make Frink “Go For a Ride” on the Monorail- 1hr, Earns $105, 26xp (only applies if you have Prof. Frink)

And that’s it!  A short little questline with some fun dialogue and interesting twists in the game.  It won’t take you very long to complete, as the most important thing is starting to churn out that glass.

What are your thoughts on the new questline?  How about the Glass Depot?  How are you doing on the Duct Tape Prize Track?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

149 responses to “It’s All About the Glass (Turbo Tappin’ One Track Mind & Glass Depot Info)

  1. I know this event has been over for a while, but why do I still have the metal, plastic, and glass icons in the top left corner prompting me to earn more of each? Do I just need to fill up each reserve until they go away?

  2. Anyone have the issue that their glass depot won’t unlock? It’s still unavailable for me.

  3. I cant unlock the glass depot and i have done everything

  4. Metal, Plastic, Glass (the Caps are kind of low for Plastic & Glass, in my opinion) ….. and a Hippy that will help collect all three (lets see what Part 3 brings tomorrow – Friday the 4th) 😉

  5. Is anyone else having issues with One tracked mind part 3. It tells me to send Homer to drink at Joe’s but does not give me the option to do so?

    • try regular Homer, not conductor Homer.

      Also, some players have mentioned if you still have the drink task for Declan Desmond’s questline you have to complete that first.

  6. I missed part of the dialog at the beginning of this questline, but is it normal for my monorail train to be stuck at the station and smoking slightly if I’m in the middle of this questline? (I’m at the part where I’m working towards my five projects, before building the glass recycling place.)

    Also, I noticed a few days ago that Akira is back to being “broken”…he had stopped making bonsai and then that got fixed for a while ago and now he’s got both “plant” and “prune” tasks on his lusty, but neither move him towards completion of another bonsai.

    • Yea it’ll smoke again in this questline..

      • Thanks – I finished the projects and built the glass recycling center (which I may regret, based on what Tapebelt has been saying), and my monorail is running again! Also, Akira’s “prune” task finally changed to “re-pot,” so that may be working again, too (although there’s still a separate “plant” task in the list).

  7. I’ve been playing dailu, bit I havr yet gir this to pop up. According to the Play Store, it’s up to date. An

  8. I will probably never even get to this stage due to the fact that I can not play more than 30 seconds before it freezes and crashes! Getting VERY sick of this game at this point! If there is anyone who can help me rectify the problem please jump on here and let me know PLEASE!!

    • There are a lot of issues with the monorail right now. Best advise is try disconnecting the track and see if that helps. You can also try unintall/reinstalling TSTO.

    • Hi, yes I had problems with freezing, so much that I could not play. I opened a case with EA Games and they said the freezing problem is due to land expansion, and I had recently bought up more land. Anyway they told me to store my Cletus Station, and that fixed my freezing problem. Hope this helps!

  9. beginning to regret building the glass depot so soon… first full day of the bonus track rounds, and my glass bottles have bottlenecked my progress twice already. by that, i mean that twice now i’ve had to wait a full 3 hours for my glass to be done because the projects in all three slots have required glass. don’t think you get glass projects if you haven’t built the depot, so if you haven’t yet done so, it might be worthwhile holding off on that for now…

    • make that three times now… :/

    • So maybe my mistake this morning was a good one? I’m running very close to the calendar, so I can’t afford to get stuck anywhere or I’ll miss Uriah.

      • Yeah it’s a very good one if you ask me, i wouldn’t build it yet knowing what i now know. I’m now on my 5th wait for glass in less than two full days.. trackblocking me!

    • Hi new neighbour thanks for accepting my request . I’ve got exactly the same , jammed up waiting for glass . The only consolation is the cap has gone now I’ve got the hippy and I got five extra tracks before this happened . Three hours seems like forever . Got the plastic and metal stockpiled so once glass is done I hope to be able to use them for projects while the glass refills .

  10. Goin’ for the glass now! Homer will sleep overnight and I had already decided to collect my “ripe” projects tomorrow, so I may even be able to get the five projects done!

    Hope the glass center fits in my little recycling area…

    • ARGH! I’m such an idiot! I completely forgot about this this morning and collected three projects before I ended Homer’s sleep task, so they didn’t count towards the five projects. So stoooopid! *smacking head with hand repeatedly*

      • Hi Sandra , if it’s any help , I find banging my head against the wall quite therapeutic in that situation . Ask Bunny and Alissa , they do a lot of it , trying to get through to us !

  11. wow I don’t even have the glass depot yet.

  12. you said glass recycling would open in act.2did you mean the start of act 3
    as i finished act 2 two days ago ?

    • No. Reread what it says…I think you’ve just read it wrong 😉

      “The Glass Depot will unlock at Part 2 of One Track Mind (see below for questline details) and it works basically the same way the Plastic and Metal Depots works. You turn junk into glass.”

      Says it’ll unlock at Part 2 of One Track Mind (which is the questline) doesn’t say anything about acts.

  13. I rarely have stuff that needs plastic, it’s all metal, i’m sure glass will be the same

  14. I’m not sure I’m the only one experiencing this but all I can get is new jobs to turn in metal… Glass and plastic are full but I hardly get jobs for those on my project board… Pretty annoying as I was on a pretty good pace to getting the hippie and now I’m just slowing down despite the higher daily cap…

    • Lol. I see same. But each person varies. “I can’t use ***insert one of 3 materials***, I only seem to see ***insert one of 3 materials***.”

      Short story long… just keep clearing them. Another eventually rotates through.

  15. I thought I saw this mentioned in another post but, now I can’t find it anywhere. My project board tasks keep changing. It will say that I need trash cans, plastic, metal how many, & the payoff but, when I go back to cash in what I’ve made they’ve all changed to only needing metal & in crazy high amounts! (Example one today said 200 trash cans/8 blue prints. I thought oh well, then after collecting the trash cans I went back & it changed to 150 metal for 8 B.P.!) I can only cash in other items if I happen to have the right amount when I clear the current projects. It’s becoming really frustrating. Is there a work around for this or better yet a way to fix it? Also, is the glass factory even going to be worth working towards with this issue dominating my PB everyday?

    • What time are you noticing this? I wonder if it rotates out at a certain time each day. If not, and you’ve tried all basics …EA

      • It happens all day. If I have enough of the other material it doesn’t change. example last night one popped up for 40 plastic & 75 metal, I had the plastic already so it didn’t change when I went out to earn the metal I needed. If I don’t have enough of the material, other than metal, it changes when I exit the PB. What are the basics? I’ve done a hard close & reloaded it & checked the App Store for updates but, there are none. I have not tried an uninstall would I need it wiped from the AppStore or just delete it from my tablet & reload it? Would it help if I logged in on a friends device then back in on mine? Not sure what the basics really are.

        • Uninstall/reinstall is the next basic step. Beyond that it’s a contact EA. But you’ve done most of the basics…so you do know them 🙂

          You can try removing and replacing it…not sure if it’ll work in this case or if you’ll need the delete from App Store. IF it was a crashing issue App Store delete is generally a must. But in this case a simple removal and replace may help sort it out.

  16. Well, this is interesting…

    I’ve been putting off doing that questline, because I didn’t realize that it was the path to glass. But the project board has never asked me for any glass, and I’ve yet to hit a maximum number of blueprints this act, which I gather has been a problem with folks who have the glass recycling. So, I’m wondering if I should keep putting it off?

    However, I would like to end up with that building, though…how long can I put off doing that questline without losing the opportunity to get the building?

    Any answers to either question (both would be great!) would be much appreciated. 🙂

    • You can put it off until the event ends…so I’d wait until just before it ends (so you can be sure to clear the questline)

      • Thanks! I was afraid that maybe I had to clear it in Act 2. Think I’ll wait a bit longer then…

        Happy to have you back! 🙂

    • I declared to follow what the game told me to do (so that I didn’t waste my resources incorrectly and delay things unnecessarily), but then this thing about getting the next building…and not really needing them…GRR! That would have been cool to know so that I only have the dump and metal and have an easy (and short) time getting blueprints. Now I’m waiting 3 hours for one type, 2 for the other, etc. It is nice to have other characters available for the work, though, like Marge. Eh, what are ya going to do?

    • Sandra, I think you should just follow the questline and build the Glass Depot, cos it unlocks more character jobs and so more currency to trade into duct tape right? 🙂
      But with EA making so many quests now which just sit there/are pointless it’s so hard to know which matter and which don’t!

  17. I’m having major problems with my town… At first everything will be fine and then my monorail and the glass/metal/plastic/dump disappear. Even Cleatus and his farm are gone, it says I have to purchase but can’t. So frustrated because I’ve been putting a lot of time in building and it’s acting up… I hope everything gets fixed asap!

    • This is a known (very odd) bug in the game right now. Best thing I can tell you to do is contact EA so they know you’re impacted too

  18. I got about 15k duct tape today (no 5k 5day bonus!) and i am currently at 120k – so tomorrow morning after the reset I maybe reach the 132k, because I have all 3 resources on cap this night.

  19. Guys, I need help. I was going to recycle metal and when I opened the metal depot Mr.Burns showed up with a green arrow next to it saying “get it”. Thing is, I’m a level 52 and I obviously have him already. When I click on it it tells me to buy the cooling towers for 19950 but they’re already placed in my Springfield so he should be around but he isn’t. Is this a glitch or something? It won’t cost me much but it’s bothering me. Any ideas? Thanks.

    • Oh silly me, I figured it out. Just in case someone else had this issue as well, just store the cooling towers and then place them back and he should show up.

    • This is something going around…this event is doing really odd things to our games.

      Best advice is to store and replace the towers, see if that helps.

  20. Since I have the glass depot my game keeps crashing.. I can’t play anymore, because as soon as I touch anything in the game it freezes 🙁
    Too bad none of the options you gave in another post seem to help

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