Tip For Disappearing Characters/Buildings During the Monorail Event

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a quick tip for those of you who are having issues with characters, buildings and sections of your towns going missing during the Monorail Event.

We’ve been informed by some players who have had the issue and spoke with EA, that it appears this issue is happening as a result of tracks being placed in the water.  (at least for some, this may not be the cause for everyone)

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So…simple solution to try if you’re missing Characters/Buildings or sections of your town…remove tracks from the water (if they’re there).  Then hard close and restart your game, see if that helps.  You may still have to store and replace buildings to bring characters back, but keeping tracks out of the water should prevent this from happening going forward.

IF you DON’T have tracks in the water and are still having issues, contact EA.  Add your name to the growing list of players with the issue.

IF this doesn’t work for you…contact EA.

Also, if one of the missing characters is Homer or Lisa you cannot store the Simpson House..so you will have to contact EA to bring them back.

So the bottom line?  If you’re having issues with your town and you have tracks in the water, take them out of the water and see if that helps solve the problem.

And remember…if you’re having crashing issues it helps if you disconnect tracks from the station.  They don’t have to be stored, just disconnect them from the station itself.

Hopefully this will help some of you!

Any other tips you have for players having issues?  Bugs you’ve experienced?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

96 responses to “Tip For Disappearing Characters/Buildings During the Monorail Event

  1. I have a full junkyard and can’t use anything at the dilapidated railhouse and also can’t get the monorail station anywhere along with some other stuff like metal works and recycling stuff

  2. Placed a piece of track earlier nowhere near water Rev Lovejoy disappeared but church still there now have 2 churches very weird

  3. After taking the tracks out of the water I’m wondering if I can put them back in the water without all my characters dissappearing again

  4. Help needed immediately 🙁 I needed these few precious hours to try and get the final prizes and now everytime I login it restarts my game as if I’m playing the first time, shows the video and everything. I’ve closed the game, rebooted me phone and still the same! Can someone please help so I can get back to collecting?! Any ideas are appreciated, Thanks

  5. i have retrieved all my houses buildings and characters after the glitch however I cannot retrieve my cooling towers with Mr. Burns from my inventory it tells me it’s already built

  6. Still crashing. I re-installed 2x and still crashes. I tried separating the track from the station. No luck. I love the monorail and want to get all the tracks, but I don’t see how that will be possible at this rate. I’m almost ready to stope playing! Help.

    • Have you tried disconnecting your tracks from the station?

    • Have you tried JOINING the stations so there is only ONE train. I tried disconnecting the tracks, but that didn’t help and then I read somewhere to join the stations and I haven’t had an issue since!

    • I’m in the same boat, Julia. I have done everything as advised. I have also been in contact with two “specialists” at EA. I’ve heard nothing back. I’m now five days out of this event and I’m way more sad than a grown man should be.

  7. I recently finished the Act 3 quest and was awarded the rail station and started the weekly quests (which reset each Tuesday morning for EST people). When I signed in to my game this morning it gave me a complete duplicate set of Act 1, 2 and 3 prizes (so I now have two of each of the three free monorail stations and all of the associated station pieces) and keeps trying to give me another Rail Station and Sebastian Cobb. I can no longer see the event store as the Homer conductor icon doesn’t work for me any longer. It reset my ahead of track bonus to 2000 (I was already at 5000. I called EA no help as they asked me to re-install the app (iOS 8) and that did not resolve the problem. Any suggestions? Thanks,

    • It’s a bug that’s going around. Just hit store instead of place and it will pass through it.

      I’ve got the same bug with the store and I believe it just started. Will do some digging into it and see what I can come up with.

  8. Do you have the stations separated? I had constant crashes until I connected all my stations. 3 trains, 3 stations = crash. 1 train, 3 stations, no crashes. If I had them separated, it would crash constantly.

  9. I am so frustrated! The game had become Un playable. It freezes now within 10 seconds of me opening it. I’ve never not completed tasks but this issue has caused me to miss both the first and second prizes even though I play or at least try to play constantly. I contacted EA last week and they said they would be compensating us as it is a known issue and a patch was on it’d way. I’ve never recieved anything to make up for all of the hassle but the patch only made things worse. I was so excited for this event . I love the 🚝 monorail addition to my Springfield . Having three large unfinished stations and not being able to get the characters and prizes is making me not even want to try anymore. I wish they would somehow fix it and make it right . I feel like I am being punished for being a loyal player. Sorry rant over.

  10. I contacted EA as had 36 or more (I lost count) premium characters go missing in my A game, most of their buildings unuseable & saying “under construction” – though they were there & viewable. Followed the EA reps advice re delete & reinstall game, had already tried hard close & etc, to no avail.
    Had to eventually store each building to release the character. I hope I got them all unlocked! I had stored most of my tracks, & track was disconnected prior to the glitch. Most characters on indoor tasks & stored many decorations for the duration of this glitchy event. Still having freeze issues, especially when visiting. Apologies from Dex # 1 & 2.

    Reply for Bryan – My B game never seems to get the opportunity to hand in glass, so that building is always maxed out & I’m still on the 1st donut earning task on that game. It’s very frustrating, as my main game is now way ahead, even though I play them both the same amount of time & visit at least hourly on both, I really hate the random nature of this event, that & the daily Cobb caps which are a disincentive to regular players.

    A lot of my regular & usually daily visiting neighbours seem to have gone cold on this event. Not clearing their towns for days on end; So nothing to tap on even if the game doesn’t crash during the visit.

  11. Good to hear I am not the only one having issue, but non of these solutions have worked for me

  12. Now that you mentioned, I did have a track standing in a tile of water. And half of my town disappeared suddenly during play. However they came back after I restarted the game.

  13. I took some of the previous suggestions – store moving things,stored a lot of my tracks, made the monorails stop moving etc. Then i started putting those not involved in monorail or sH on 24 hour tasks – and it worked well for me for a couple days –
    Today, i put people on 8 hour tasks in order to get everyone back on the same schedule – and crashing…..

  14. Freezing issues this morning, tried contacting ea but they dont recognise my password which I have writen down after previous log in issues, no track in water and monorail discontinued, no fun in that, was working great up to this morning 🙁

  15. Hi!

    My boyfriend is experiencing the freezing issue non stop (literally, sometimes his screen freezes just after logging in, sometimes 2-3 minutes later), all the time.

    I have noticed that when he logs in, his characters move at lightning speed, everybody converging towards the different depots. I never experience anything similar myself, all my characters always move at normal speed. Same thing when he visits neighbours: as soon as he taps three buildings, xp and money are collected right away, whereas it usually takes me about 1 sec for the system to automatically collect everything.

    Anybody else experiencing this behaviour? May this be the cause of constant freezing? No doubt ipad memory cannot keep up! I have the latest ipad, whereas he’s using ipad II, which means mine should be faster, if anything …

  16. Oh thank goodness. One click on anything or anyone and the game was freezing the last two days. Managed to stay in the game long enough and Unhooked my tracks and fingers crossed I’m sorted. Thanks!

  17. Not only did I lose three pieces of track, (yes it was in the water) but I bought one piece of land for 500,000 and was deducted 5 million!! I had been saving that for weeks… Beware.

  18. I finished all the missions and have unlocked Sebastian Cobb now the projects submission has disappeared. I can collect garbage, bottles and glass but have nowhere to submit!!!

  19. If you go to Krustyland and back to Springfield, the datebase is reloaded. This was a solution for me when half of my Springfield disappeared. YMMV!
    And many thanks for your tips!

  20. For my neighbors….I get through around 4 towns at a time, I’m sorry I cannot visit more. I have to restart after it boots me or I can’t visit one.
    Towns with the monorail running kick me out more often than others. That plus Arnie Pyle in the helicopter and I don’t bother…

  21. Is there a way to connect SH and Springfield through monorail tracks? I tried but the mountains don’t take tracks. My game is always crashing now. I’ll try the track trick from the article. I hope when we receive the next big update the glitches will be gone. I was going to completely rebuild my city, but if the monorail is glitching my game it’s not worth it.

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