Glass Depot PSA

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just popping in with a quick PSA for my fellow Tappers about the Glass Depot.

We’re seeing loads of comments about people not yet getting the Glass Depot, so I wanted to write a quick post to let you know how to get it if you haven’t yet received it.


To get the Glass Depot you need to finish the questlines for the Monorail Event.  Basically to start the Glass Depot questline you’ll need to first finish the Plastic questline.  Plastic questline can be found here:

Once you complete the Plastic questline (Rage Against the Rail), you’ll start up the Glass questline (One Track Mind).  This questline is how you’ll unlock the Free Glass Depot.  Here’s the Glass questline:

So basically…finish the Monorail questlines in your task book if you haven’t yet unlocked the Glass Depot.  So yes that means you’ll need to send Homer to conduct the Monorail 3 times (for 12hrs each time).

Make sure you unlock it before the event ends on Tuesday the 15th…otherwise you won’t be able to get it and you’ll need to for the Rail Yard (i.e. earning free track and donuts once the event ends).  So if you haven’t already done so…get on those questlines and finish them up so you can unlock everything this event has to offer! 🙂

28 responses to “Glass Depot PSA

  1. It’s too late to get the glass depot so how can I build tracks or is there a way I can still get it.

  2. So it’s after the 15th and how can I get the glass depot

  3. Why are my plastic & glass depot ALWAYS FULL?!?!

  4. So once you get the rail yard, you stop cashing in for bells and whistles (it’s back to blueprints – the first currency from Act I). So the prospect of getting ANY of the bonus track pieces seems completely unlikely as I have earned over 5K in blue prints and 5 bells and whistles (thanks to neighbors) since the rail yard went up. Grr.

  5. Glass Depot unlocked days ago ! 🙂
    Today its just been Bart Simpson Screen of Death (why EA? Fix your network!) 🙁

  6. Is anybody’s else game freezing regularly? I know this thread is about the glass depot, but I figure this is a tech issue. I have all other apps on my Samsung S-4 off while playing, and the game freezes at least 8 to 10 times a day, causing me to need to hard stop it. I’m close to the railyard, and I should make it easily enough, but dang, it gets frustrating.

  7. I don’t like to complain, but I thought this might be a good place for my 2-cents on Homer-centric quest lines.

    It seems that every event centers critical thread story lines around the Homer character. Ultimately, that winds up being the weak link in progress. This event is the worst I’ve seen yet (in my 2+ years of play).

    Homer is key to collecting resources (as there are only a handful of characters eligible for trash pickup). On top of that, they’ve created a storyline with a 24 hour task and (3) consecutive 12-hour tasks. I’ll be honest, I was ignoring the monorail storyline in favor of having Homer handy for other tasks. I, too, had figured this was the issue with the glass depot.

    I have to believe this is by design. The developers, obviously, use Homer as the weakest link to stretch out the story lines. I really wish the “challenge” of this game wasn’t just eating time. Also, I think they should leverage more of the other characters that may not have other game-centric, global tasks to work.

    • It has more to do with even those brand new Players just getting into the game can use him and possible get through the events to a point. So they do not isolate someone just starting. It is a pain, for sure… but it is more as I stated… no isolating Players and allowing access to anyone they can in the Events.

      • I agree with you on this Bunny, but couldn’t they have a Lisa or Flanders event so you didn’t have to focus so much on Homer All. The. Time? The last thing Homer needs is ANOTHER outfit (although I really dig this one).

        Maybe my southpawedness leaves me a little biased, but I’d really enjoy an event based around Ned rebuilding the Leftorium.

        • It would be nice… but just like Homer, Lisa is a big part of most of the Events too. There have been several updates and Events that revolved around using her a lot. But just like in the TV series… most of it revolves around Homer.

  8. What does PSA stand for?

  9. The way I understood it a week ago, some people thought they were being clever by not getting the glass depot on purpose ……

    I always do as I’m told 🙂

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      • Why not create a post about Ad-Blocker Plus, and then you can inform the community how they can block ads?

        I never see ANY ads on your website (and many others) thanks to it. 🙂

        • Because then we don’t get paid for the ads. And the ads are what keep this site running. When you run an ad blocker, while good for you in the short term…it doesn’t help us in any way. Which in turn cuts down on giveaways and prizes that we in turn give to you guys. Plus information we get for the posts. In other words…all those fun things we give away, like the keyhains, LEGOS, gift cards..there ALL paid for via the Ads on this site. Not to mention the donuts we buy to put into our games to rush things to get the information for you guys…those donuts are all paid for via ads from this site.
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          Not one of us profits from this site…100% of the money made off ads goes right back into the site itself. For posts and prizes/giveaways for you guys.
          So that’s why I don’t write a post about it…

      • I thought that the reason that you “don’t write a post about it” was that you were too busy soaking up the sun by your Villa in the south of France. Or at the very least, allowing your valet to pop Bon-Bons in your mouth as you stretch out on the Jersey shore.

  11. Yeah me too Drucila616. I Have been busting my butt to get the rail yard for the past 7 days, and now 3 days before it ends, I read this that says I need the glass depot so I can get the rail yard. Now Im going to be behind. I didn’t get a pop up stating that I needed to complete this in order to get the rail yard. Is that really true? Do I really have to complete that mission in order to unlock the rail yard? Ive been really at it the past few days and I hope my effort wasn’t a waste…please someone answer this for me..

    • You don’t need the glass Depot to get the rail yard. You need the glass Depot top use the rail yard.

      • This sounds awful and seems to explain a friend who stopped playing four days ago. I’m confused how someone could get the rail yard without the glass depot – without a ton or two of donuts that is. My project board cycles through requiring various combinations of all four commodities to clear tasks and get Bells and Whistles. At some point wouldn’t one be unable to progress because all three tasks required some glass? For example, at this moment I am shy just 654 for the rail yard and my three tasks on the project board happen to be 50 metal, 70 metal and 125 metal. At some point yesterday I was unable to progress until my guys finished generating more glass because all three tasks needed glass. So it definitely happens. I guess I am very surprised anyone could get to this point of the event without the glass depot.

        • The item won’t show up on the project board until you unlock it. For instance a test game I intentionally keep low level has only 2 depots. And only those two trash and metal show.

          Game won’t ask for something that don’t exist in your game yet. Similar to how you don’t see Level items until your game gets to a specific point


  12. It took me a day or two to realize that the quest was in the log. I didn’t understand why I wasn’t getting it but it was already there no pop up or !

  13. Is there a way to still get Ray Patterson?

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