The IRS Building (Collect All Feature) is Live! (Updated and Complete)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well a big day in send/collect all buttons for TSTO….the IRS building is live!


This will kick off with an auto-start from Homer.  This will take me a little bit to get through but as soon as I run through it I’ll have the details up for y’all.

Back with more in a bit! Details below the fold…

As mentioned above things get auto-started from Homer…

Taxes Hold’Em Pt. 1
Homer Auto-starts

Homer: The best part of rebuilding Springfield is that it makes me proud of my accomplishments.  On second thought, the best part of rebuilding Springfield is all the money I’m collecting.

2015-09-24 18.14.32

Make Homer Collect Income by Hardly Working-x3, 45s, Earns $3, 1xp
Collect Income from Buildings- x20

As it says you’ll have to COMPLETE the questline in order to unlock the IRS building.  So DO NOT PANIC if you don’t see it right away.  Just play the questline you’ll get there.  

Taxes Hold’Em Pt. 2
Homer starts

Homer: Earning money is a lot harder now that Springfield is so big and everything is so expensive!
Lisa: It’s called inflation.  The more money you create out of thi air, the more expensive things will get.
Homer: I don’t really have THAT much money though, see…
Make Homer Count His Money- 1hr, Earns $70, 17xp

Taxes Hold’Em Pt. 3
Homer starts

Homer: Okay, okay.  Maybe I have SOME money.  Is that such a crime?
IRS Agent: Actually, Mr. Simpson.  Not paying taxes on your income is a very serious crime. I’m Agent Johnson of the IRS, and you’re going to tell me who else in your town has been evading their taxes.
Homer: Look, I get it.  You’re playing good cop, bad cop.  I’d like to speak to the good cop, please.
IRS Agent: That’s cute.  I am the good cop.
Homer: *whimper*
Make Homer Snitch on Tax Evaders- 1hr, Earns $70, 17xp
IRS Agent: So what you’re saying is that everyone in Springfield hasn’t paid any taxes since the town was destroyed?!  Even for a member of the IRS that’s too much paperwork.  I suppose since nobody can event ell me what state we’re in I have no choice but to let it slide. 

Taxes Hold’Em Pt. 4
Homer starts

Homer: So, Agent Johnson.  What are you going to do now that the IRS is letting everyone in town evade their taxes?
IRS Agent: Our branch has to do something, and collecting money is all we know.  Isn’t there any use for that in this town?
Homer: Actually…

2015-09-24 18.45.33

Build the IRS- FREE (it’s 8×8 in size, and an instant build)

Taxes Hold’Em Pt. 5
Auto start

IRS Agent: Okay, we’ve set up our new PERSONAL tax collection service.  We’ve started with the base service, which is free of charge.
Homer: Yeah, free, right.  I know how things work in this game.
IRS Agent: Come on, it’s free!  Give it a try.  It will allow you to collect your income in a more efficient, a.k.a lazier way.

2015-09-24 18.48.52
Collect Income Using the IRS- x3. This works just like any other thing with a tap radius (squishing aliens, tapping fans etc).  You simply tap a building and it will collect in that area.  

Taxes Hold’Em Pt. 6

Homer: You really did make it easier.  How I can collect taxes while sitting on my couch with a beer in one hand, a sandwich in the other, another beer balanced on my belly, and in this cup holder…a second sandwich.
IRS Agent: I’m afraid to ask what you used to collect taxes with.
Homer: Years of working at the power plant has left me with a pretty useful vestigial tail. And pretty a useless case of irreversible radiation poisoning.  So…. can you make that circle thing even bigger so I can collect more money, in less time?
IRS Agent: Of course!  You just need to upgrade to our Deluxe or Mega-Lazy service.  Every time you do we’ll make it even easier to collect your income.
Homer: So to do less work collect money, I need to earn a bunch of money first by working?
IRS Agent: Exactly.  Let me give you a little lesson in economics.
Homer: Ugh, nevermind.  I’ll pay for the program as long as I don’t have to learn anything.

2015-09-24 18.54.06

Upgrade the IRS to Level 2- Costs $50,000

This concludes the questline….but now there’s the matter of upgrading….

So now let’s talk about upgrading….

Remember Money Mountain?  Yea it’s just like that only you just spend cash, doesn’t take time.  Each level you move up will increase your Tap Radius so you can collect from more buildings at once.  (like the Herbicide Sprayer during the Sideshow Bob Event)

So let’s go over the levels…

Level 1- Free.
Level 2- Costs $50,000
Level 3- Costs $150,000 (tap radius is ok.  Doesn’t work well if you’re buildings are spaced out)
Level 4- Costs $$500,000
Level 5- Costs $1,000,000
Level 6- Costs $2,000,000
Level 7- Costs $3,000,000
Level 8- Costs $5,000,000
Level 9- Costs $7,000,000 Unlocks a new facade for the IRS building…

2015-09-24 19.01.51


Homer: This is where all my taxes go?  To build the IRS a nicer building?! I wanted it to go to increase military spending!

Level 9 is the MAX level you can upgrade to.

Fully upgrading will cost you $18,700,000

This works for building income AND Character tasks.  So if you have characters outside on tasks you can use this to clear them all at once.

At level 9 your radius is pretty big, but it’s not massive.  It won’t cover your whole town at once or anything.  It’ll still take some tapping to clear buildings and tasks.

And that’s it my friends..the details behind the IRS building and the “collect all” feature.  Not a true collect all, but probably about as close as we’re going to get in TSTO.

Now…I know many of you are saying…”But what about the IRS Drone?!”  Especially after seeing this in your character collections:

2015-09-16 15.44.47

Well all I can tell you is this is NOT in the game right now.  Once it hits the game we’ll talk about it.  For now it’s not here…so please don’t ask me where it is or why it’s not in your game.  It’s not live in the game at this point….

What are your thoughts on the IRS building?  Thoughts about having to upgrade to increase the radius?  How about the fact that it won’t collect all the buildings at once?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

293 responses to “The IRS Building (Collect All Feature) is Live! (Updated and Complete)

  1. I was wondering if you get bonus money with the IRS building.

  2. Last night 1-24-2018 I logged for the umpteenth time around 6:30P EST and received various odd pop up referring to old valentines day events. After tapping away all of the pop ups. I noticed that my maxed out tap circle has reverted from the maxed huge circle back to the default small circle!!! I tapped the IRS building and it still says that I’m maxed out. Butt my tap circle is tiny made for much LONGER TAP session this morning. Anyone else seeing this??

  3. When you get to the final level, can you still use the old facade, if you want to?

      • Thanks! I’ve been avoiding going any further than level 6 for two reasons – first, I’m not 100% sure how much I want to lose that ability to be more “surgical” in my collections (although I’ve already lost a fair amount of that) and, second, the new facade wouldn’t fit in with the neighborhood the building’s in. But, since the second isn’t an issue, I’m going to give more thought to this, since, as my town has grown, it’s gotten a lot more time-consuming to collect everything.

  4. Hello I know this is an old thread, and I don’t want to be one of those guys, but you have a tiny typo. The part where he says. “no one can tell me what state we are in.” you leave out the “t”. it says “no one can ell me what date we are in.” Besides that I want to say you all kick but this site has been like my bible to me. keep on rocking.

  5. Can you dial and down on the tap radius? Sometimes it is handy to tap only the thing you want instead of the rest of the radius.

    • Nope – that’s one of the reasons I resisted going beyond level 2 or 3 for a long time.

      • Then I won’t upgrade it fully, I want to be able to choose what I tap😜 it would be really nice if you could though😕

  6. Well crap, i thought i had one more level to go, but I maxed this out.. it was the very last thing I finished upgrading.. Now what to do with the money I get from the in game cash (not donuts)..

  7. Since I reached level 8, my game is having some problems, like stopping suddenly and closing the app, and my iPad has become very slow while I play the game. Did this happen to anyone else? Is there something I can do to return to level 6 or 7?

  8. So after what seems like forever, I finally managed to fully upgrade my IRS building. But it never gave me the fancy facade. 😔

    • I’m currently at level 5, considering upgrading to lvl 9. I’m hoping that I don’t run into the same issue. Question: how big will the tap radius be at lvl 9 compared to lvl 5. If it’s not a lot bigger, I may not even bother…

  9. I really like the addition of the IRS building due to the fact you get a tap radius instead of having to tap each one. I’m just wondering though, why not make it where one tap will clear all? I love the game but cannot clear it as often as I’d like since my town is pretty big and it takes 15 minutes or so to clear everything there, including collecting in krustyland, and four friends towns.
    One other thing, could you add more level specific quest? I passed the last level you have made some time ago and would love more!

    • Hey, Cliff… Not sure when you started playing, but, a few months ago, EA made an in-game announcement that they were doing away with level updates (the kind where you get a questline and new items). If you’d like them to reconsider, you should probably post that suggestion on EA’s forum site, since the folks who run this site have nothing to do with EA at all – they just play the game, like you and I do.

  10. What does the IRS drone do if anything? Is it another one of those NPC’s for completists? Thanks!

    • Just flies around.

      • So not worth the 50 donuts then….? Accidentally bought the Springfield of Tomorrow Sign, double clicked too fast not on purpose, sadly a waster of 35 donuts. At least they make it easier to get them now than when the game 1st started. Where’ Maggie, leveling up etc. and finding 2 donuts in 1 friends town on several occasions has helped! Do you have the IRS Drone Wookie?

  11. I never really noticed… does updating the IRS building earn XP?

  12. I have no idea where to ask this and you probably covered it somewhere already so apologies in advance. Why does the tap radius look different sometimes? Usually it’s a circle, but sometimes it looks like a big square thing — does that mean something or a visual glitch or just random? Thanks!

  13. Is it worth it to upgrade IRS? I’m updated to level 6 and don’t care about facade, I just want to know if the radius increases dramatically for the next few upgrades. The money isn’t a problem as my town earns a lot.

  14. So the IRS Drone is available (and has been for some time now) but I have not seen any reviews of it. Is it worth the 50 donuts? It shows up as a character, and I envision it flying around Springfield and possibly (though probably not) having assignable tasks – which sounds pretty cool. But is it 50 donuts cool?

  15. Really? I have to spend more than 18 million bucks for the fancy façade? Well, that is never going to happen as a freemium player. Good thing I checked this site before spending two million of my hard tapped bucks!

  16. I blew up my town and now I can’t find my IRS building in my inventory is it gone?

  17. Recently I took upon the challenge of nuking my town for the 1st time. In the midst of rebuilding my town, I noticed IRS building completely disappeared, I’ve pulled every building out of storage and gone over it time and time again. It’s gone for sure, plz help.

    • I can’t find it either. I recently tucked it away in my inventory and when I went back to retrieve it, it was nowhere to be found, and I looked everywhere in my inventory! Really blows because it was fully upgraded and therefore spent a lot of money on it lol.

      • Have you gone through your whole inventory (NOT using any of the tabs)? I just recently stored and retrieved mine, but it wasn’t in the buildings tab or anything…had to look in the general inventory area to find it.

        But I did have something weird happen with it… I *swear* I thought that my IRS building was at level 2 when I stored it, but, when I retrieved it, it said it was at level 3! Had this happened to anyone else? I’m guessing that I’m just mistaken about which level it was at when I stored it, but it seems that my tap radius is bigger than I remember it, too.

        • Thank you so much for the tip. For some reason I suppose I didn’t check the general inventory, and when I did it was actually there! That’s kind of strange though how it’s not in the buildings tab…You would think so but I guess not!

          As for your question, maybe you were in fact just mistaken. I know for sure that when I tucked my IRS building away it was fully upgraded, and when I got it back thankfully it was the same.

          • I may very likely be mistaken, but your experience didn’t help prove or disprove it, since you were already fully upgraded and, in my situation, it seemed like the game UPgraded me a level (which it couldn’t have done with yours, because it was already fully upgraded).

            But glad I was able to help you find your IRS building! 🙂

            • Well then in that case that’s awesome that it upgraded for you :D!
              Thanks again, as by the way, knowing where the IRS is stored helps my strategy a ton. What I do now that a Springfield Heights update came along is when I log back in to my town I pull out the building and do my daily money collection, and tuck it back in when I go to SH. Because I like to keep my SH resource-making buildings in close proximity, having the IRS functionality turned on will finish all those tasks at once, which will disrupt my system. This is because I prefer to finish the tasks of one building at a time so that I can send all 6 of them at the same time to start again, keeping the times synchronized. It’s also nice having the XP Collider when I’m working on SH tasks throughout the day, which is accumulating a lot of XP!

              • Actually, I had stopped at Level 2 intentionally… didn’t want my tap radius to get any bigger. But I guess it’s okay…it’s mostly my neighbors who will suffer, since it’s harder to keep as many buildings untapped for them.

  18. Why does the radius gradually decrease in Krustyland? Or is it just me who experience it? I have my IRS building at lvl 2, which in Springfield I can tapped around 3 to 4 buildings (in square, so probably 9 to 10 if I packed it) at once, but in Krusty, maybe only one. And just now, there is no ‘radius’ at all! I have to tap everything. Does this happen to anyone else?

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