Unemployment Job Manager is Here! (ie A Send All Characters on a Task Button!)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

We’ll you’ve been asking and asking and asking for it…and it’s FINALLY here!  A send all characters on a task button!

As many of us suspected, the task update yesterday was preparation for this new feature in the game.  And now you can finally send ALL your characters on a task at once!

Kirk will kick things off for you and the Office of Unemployment is the hub for everything…

More details below the fold…


As mentioned above Kirk will get this started…

Between Jobs Pt. 1
Kirk starts

Unemployment Worker: ID and social security number please.
Kirk: I’ve actually got both, now that the criminal who stole my identity gave them back.
Unemployment Worker: Oh! Mr. Van Houten.  You can just skip the line thanks to your frequent visitor status.
Kirk: That’s ok.  When you’ve got nothing but time on your hands, waiting in line is like a vacation with a purpose.
Unemployment Worker: That’s the saddest thing I’ve ever heard and I work at the unemployment office.  And moonlight at the suicide hotline.
Kirk: You do?  Tell Gary I said hello!  And I’ll be speaking with him soon!
Unemployment Worker: So do you want a job?  I’ve got chicken sexer, roadkill cleaner, virtual gold farmer…
Kirk: Right now I was kind of just hoping for a hug.
Gil: If he isn’t taking it, I’ll take that virtual gold farmer job.  Maybe then ol’ Gil’s virtual wife will stay faithful.
Squeaky Voiced Teen: I’ll take the roadkill cleaning job.  After working at Krusty Burger, it’ll be nice to see where our meat comes from.
Kirk: Wow, I didn’t realize that I wasn’t the only unemployed loser out there.  Why is all of Springfield looking for a job?
Homer: Some people are just too lazy to tap a few buttons.  Not me — I trained a monkey to push buttons for me!  He’s my boss now.

2015-09-24 13.40.28Send All Characters on 60m Jobs 

Now to do this you head over to the Office of Unemployment Building in your Springfield and tap on it.  Just like Town Hall you’ll see characters doing tasks, if they’re there, the payout time for the building, and an option with a green button:

2015-09-24 13.40.36

When you click “Go” it will bring up all the options at the Unemployment Office:

Job manager 1

Now this is from my personal game.  As you can see I already have most of my characters on 4hr tasks for today (the rest are doing stuff for SH).  So here’s a look at how it will look if you don’t have characters on tasks (this is from one of my lower level games, so i don’t have quite as many characters):


As you can see it will COST money to use this feature.  The cost (in green) will vary based on how many characters you have (just like the payout and XP).  The more characters you have the higher the cost, but the bigger the payout.  The less characters the lower the cost etc.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: IF a character has a task in yellow (ie from a questline you’re playing out) they will NOT get sent out on the jobs via the Job Manager.  So if you have a character that has to do a quest for a task in the task book/questline they won’t be included in the characters that get sent out.

BUG ALERT: This does not send ALL characters.  I just tested it again and it left 46 characters off of the 1hr task auto send.  Those characters are (for me anyway):
Apu, Barney, Bart, Brockman, Bumblebee Man, Cletus, CBG, Database, Dolph, Dr. H, Dr. Nick, Duffman, Eddie, Fallout Boy, Fat Tony, Gino, Grampa, Greta, Helen, Hugo, Janey, Jessica, Jimbo, Kang, Kearney, Kirk, Lampwick, Lisa, Lou, Luigi, Marge, Matt, Michael, Milhouse, Mr. Burns, Mrs. K, Nelson, Otto, Rod, Shauna, Sherri & Terri, Sideshow Mel, Snake, Todd, Uter & Wiggum.

Not sure if this is how it’s supposed to work, or if there’s a reason those characters were left off….we’ll have to so some investigatng.

When the jobs are complete you will still have to go around and clear each Thumbs Up, just like before.

Between Jobs Pt. 2
Kirk starts

Kirk: I’m used to paying for a lot of things: hair plugs, girdles for men, my child’s love. But did I just pay to go on a job?
Unemployment Worker: Oh you actually noticed….Sending someone on a job means a lot of paperwork, which we pay people to do, but then there’s paperwork for hiring them, and you see how this goes. So we deduct a portion of your income to pay for our administrative fees.  It doesn’t cost you anything…except for money.
Send All Characters on a 4hr Job

And there you have it my friends….the details behind the new Job Manager!

What are your thoughts on the new feature?  Are you have to have a “send all” button?  Wish we had a “collect all” button to clear those tasks quicker?  Thoughts on having to pay for the jobs?  Sound off in the comments below you know we love hearing from you!


322 responses to “Unemployment Job Manager is Here! (ie A Send All Characters on a Task Button!)

  1. Please add a “clear all completed jobs” feature 😇

  2. Do you make more money doing it this way Rather than doing it one by one or is it the same or less?? Meaning does the earning equal to the amount of everyone’s earning added together or do I get that plus everyone’s earnings? How is it calculated?

  3. K so now this building is also broke… I dont get the goto finished tasks option. As that be helpful since the character select box is also broke. I think everything that was possible to get broke is broke n my game. N rolling back is not an option. If ur not addicted dont play this game. So broke. Was my calm down game, now it can get my blood boiling at times.

    • Have you tried uninstalling, clearing cache, and reinstalling? It might take some time to do, but maybe that will fix your problems. (Of course, you can only do that if you have a registered account and are not paying anonymously.)

  4. My brother was helping me organise my town and has put a lot of buildings into storage and a others have been bunched into a corner. I can’t find this building anywhere anymore!! What category would it be under if it was stored? /Can/ it be stored?

  5. Has this feature been disabled? I do not have the option to send all my characters on tasks.

    • Works fine for me…do you have your unemployment office placed in the game? If so, what happens when you tap on it? Does it offer you the ability to send any characters on tasks? If so, but only just a few, it’s probably because the rest of the charters have a yellow quest task available to them…the unemployment office won’t work on characters with yellow tasks, until that task is competed and goes away.

      But, if you have your unemployment office placed in the game and nothing at all happens when you tap on it, then you’ll probably need to contact EA, after trying the basic troubleshooting steps. Going to Krustyland or your neighborhood and back, is the first thing I’d try, then closing out of the game completely and restarting it, and then, if that doesn’t work, uninstalling and reinstalling your game. If none of those things work, then definitely time to call EA!

  6. There is a collect all feature… Ea has it set to false. :0(
    There’s also a play sound on sending to jobs, also set to false.
    Both work great, not sure why they turned em off.

    • Crashing. It takes up a LOT of memory for these features.

      Let me put it this way with collect all as example… send ALL characters to one spot on same task. When complete tap to clear them ALL. Notice a lag in the game? That’s only up to 200+ Characters.

      Now… think buildings. You can have up to 5500+ items in your game. Imagine the lag to “collect all” on that amount of buildings?

      No we may not all have that many. But I’d bet most have at least 200+.

      Then there’s the “extras”. Items that pop out from buildings you collect on. Like in Springfield Heights or Bandits this event. Or all those Characters on a task inside. Now add the memory needed for those on top.

      Now multiply that by 1 million plus players using that memory on EA’s Servers. YIKES!!!

      Short story long… I think majority of players would prefer to NOT having their game crash all the time vs a feature option. Games no fun if you can’t play it. 😉

  7. I am at level 44 and I don’t have the office of unemployment (the game never offered) and I dont have Kirk’s task to go to unemployment check enabled. Does anybody know how to unlock this??

  8. Alissa or Bunny, Did anyone ever really figure out why some players are able to send everyone on their tasks, and other players will have large groups of characters left over (with the exact same times available as the characters times of the characters they just sent–, i.e sent all on 8 hours, but still have 45 un-sent characters with available 8 hour tasks)?

    Also was there any final determination as to what exactly is causing this issue for some people? It really sucks to have to pay a premium to send all characters on a task, only to have to manually go through and do about half of them again anyway.

    Is there anything I can do on my game to remedy this situation?

    • I haven’t seen anyone as of yet able to send “ALL” characters. There are always stragglers regardless of what it says. I think EA coded them specifically to be excluded to not interrupt other game mechanics.

    • Android vs. iOS. iOS will stand all characters who don’t have a yellow task (and who do have a task of the selected length). Android won’t send those characters either, but, in addition, it seems not right want to send characters who have tasks that are under an hour. I hope they’ll fix that at some point…

    • herroyaldykeness

      Hi I have never been able to send all my characters on Xhr tasks before today all of a sudden I can and did. Previously it was just like others reported it, it would send some but never all. Today its worked. Btw I am on Android, so maybe with the latest update they fixed the bugs…

  9. Any more news down the pipeline on them fixing it so all characters work?

    • I think they coded it a specific way to not interfere with other elements of the game. So “all” may not be an option

      • Thanks Bunny. Bummerino. … I guess it’s still helps though.

      • But it works fine in my iPad… Seems everyone who doesn’t have a yellow task, as long as they do have a task for that time frame. But on my Kindle (essentially Android), it appears to also not send anyone who has a task of under 1 hour (annoying!).

        • On both my Google and iOS devices, I ALWAYS have someone still hanging around. Even if the task itself says “send all” it technically is ONLY ALL the grouping of Characters linked to Unemployment Office. Not ALL Characters released in the game to date. I always have stragglers I have to go send on tasks. 😉

  10. Is anyone else having a problem with this? I no longer have the option of sending everyone in jobs at the same time. It happened after the Halloween update. Very annoying because I have close to 100 characters and it’s hard to find the time to send them all on jobs individually.

  11. It appears that everyone has been trying to figure out the why’s of who gets sent on the unemployment tasks and who doesn’t. Does EA have any info on who and why and premium vs non premium?
    I found this post on Simpsons Wikia:

    From what I have seen in my game plus the comments of many people it seems that if a character has some jobs different from the 5 standards one (60m, 4h, 8h, 12h, 24h) shorter in time than the time you want to assign, they are ignored by the Job Manager.

    Characters that have shorter tasks than 60m cannot be assigned a 60m task and above by the Job Manager.
    Characters that have shorter tasks than 60m, or a 2h, or 3h tasks cannot be assigned a 4h and above task by the Job Manager.
    Characters that have shorter tasks than 60m, or a 2h, or 3h, or 5h or 6h tasks cannot be assigned a 8h and above task by the Job Manager.
    The same as before with the addition of a 10h task for 12h assignments.
    The same as before with the addition of a 16h or 20h task for 24h assignments.

    More info, Costumes.
    Some of those previous limitations that I stated can be bypassed with costumes, but only if those costumes only have the 5 standard jobs their characters can be assigned with them.
    Milhouse cannot be assigned by the Job Manager on any time length, because he has several jobs shorter than 60m.
    Any job higher than 45s (all standard ones) cannot be assigned by the Manager because of the presence of that 45s job.
    Sidekick Milhouse can be assigned jobs of 60m and 4h, because the first non-standard task he has is the 6h “Go to School”.
    Any job higher than 6h (8, 12, 24) cannot be assigned by the Manager because of the presence of that 6h job.
    It seems that character that have a quest to do can’t be assigned neither.

  12. I cannot sent my characters on jobs using the unemployment building after the Halloween update. It is like a regular building now. I click on it and it tells me how much time is left until I can collect money. Can you offer any advice?

  13. Halloween started, and Job Manager then disappeared. I certainly hope this is just a glitch.

  14. And all Characters on a task button is nice so long as all Characters can do a Task at the same length of time (I think EA needs to tweak this feature a little more but I like what they are doing) … 🙂

  15. I believe characters that have a yellow task due OR can have tasks in springfield heights manufacturings or railway productions don’t appear in the Job manager send to all list. for me is like that.

  16. Ok. So i think rush all is only available if there are no characters recognized and waiting for jobs for that task duration.

    I sent everyone, then dealt with the stragglers again And again.

    Plain Homer, didn’t work. Stone cutter costume worked. Premium payout shown.
    Plain Milhouse doesn’t work. side kick Milhouse worked. Same.
    Plain Quimby didn’t work. Stone cutter did. Premium.
    Plain Flanders didn’t work. Puritan Flanders did.

    I was able to do the send all multiple times, but only when the costumes had no tasks below one hour. It would only send the “working” characters with the right costumes.

    Shauna can probably work without any Kwik e marts (half hour task), kerney and Nelson if you store van Houten house, and the school (kerney half hour task there, isn’t it?), and whatever blacks out Nelson’s half hour task. Kirk = store Krusty burger (a costume would fix comic book guy also, or might if he weren’t busy mooching Wi-Fi in the heights ALL NIGHT LONG), and so on. For Luigi, store Hibbert family practice (fixes Hibbert also haha), and so on.

    No fix for missus K. Her 10m Smoke break is outside.

    I leave this Einstein style, for others to confirm.


  17. It seems to me the job manager will only auto-send characters who do not have pending quests. I have pending quests that call for ‘Springfielders’ (i.e. basically the whole population) and could only auto-send about five or six characters (basically the animals like Stampy or the Mutant Rabbit who can’t normally participate in quests).

    If I’m right, when you’ve gotten rid of all your quests the job manager should be able to send everyone.

    • This is what I’ve noticed too, I could only send 3 characters on my send all. I think it is because of the send 10 Springfield quest line that’s open, even thou I’ve sent the 10 required it still shows up yellow in everyone else’s list so they can’t be sent.

  18. Is it working for no outfit Homer? Mine tends to stay in his royal guard / stone cutter outfit. But plain Homer has a half hour and ten minute task, plus forty five second and six second if trash is around. Homer outfits all start at hourly tasks, don’t they?


  19. It looks like storing lard lad makes Eddie work for the hour long task. Not sure about Lou, as he was late and was still under the “task complete thumb” when I tried it.


  20. I love this feature, I have wanted something like that and the IRS for a very, very, long time. And I am Freemium player, so I do not have loads and loads of characters as some.

    But sadly, it is still in a bit broken state that needs to be fixed to actually send everybody out.

  21. Am loving the extra tasks added to characters who were missing core ones eg bernice, jub jub, etc. a lot of new tasks hiddedn away

  22. I think if a character has a task it will skip. A lot of us had the send Springfield online gambling task. So, just about everyone could do that job. Today I only had Snake missing from a send all on 4 hour job because he had to rob the quickie Mart a job EA makes you do.

  23. Hi. I was wondering. Is the unemployment building not sending characters a glitch? If so, am I ripping myself off by using it? By this I mean, is the building STILL charging you for characters NOT sent?

  24. I think it also doesn’t send characters who have Springfield heights tasks (I.E brew coffee, yoga mats, etc), Hopefully now or in the future if you have a full inventory of that item you can have those characters included in the collect all feature. All, in all these are welcome features but they still have the potential for improvement.

    • i thought this initially as well, but it checked and confirmed that it does send characters with sh tasks. the job manager is just glitchy and inconsistent right now, gotta wait for ea to iron it out.

  25. I have 102 characters, but only 69 are available for the 1-hour task and just 38 & 36 available for the 8 & 12-hour tasks respectively (the ones I use most). Why doesn’t it just put everyone to work like it should?

  26. Maybe or maybe not I can get an answer. I have 101 playable characters. I have counted several times. I have confirmed that Stampy and Mr. Tiny are recognized as such. Ned Flanders and Homer are the only two NOT on a 24 task. But, the Unemployment Office states that I only have 98 characters on 24 hour task. 98 + 2 = 100, not 101. So I will need to investigate as to which character is not recognized. Anyone have a guess? It is a puzzlement.

    • Just go to town hall and see who’s not on a task.

      • Everyone is on task. I clear everyone, use the town hall to confirm. Then I mindlessly click an image icon and select 24 hours. Rapidly I click and click 24. Click 24. Click 24. Then I go to the town hall and confirm everyone is on task. Then I go to the unemployment office and it indicates 100 characters are on a 24 hour task. But using the town hall, I confirm (count) 101.

        Today, I will do the same routine, only I will count batches of ten.

        OTOH, I now have Homer Dog which the town hall states is awaiting a task, but has none.

    • It’s possible that you’ve sent someone on a task that the unemployment office doesn’t recognize. What that task is or why it isn’t recognized I do not know. But I have 107 characters and yesterday I had 1 on a 24hr task, 2 on 8hr tasks and the rest (104) I sent manually on 12hr tasks. The office recognized the 1 24hr, 2 8hrs, but only 100 12hr tasks. Then I realized I had sent 4 of them on joint tasks (Bart & Stampy, Krusty & Mr. Teeny) that apparently aren’t recognized by the office. Now for you if you sent someone on a joint 24hr task it seems like it should show 99 but maybe there are other tasks it doesn’t register.

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