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Unemployment Job Manager is Here! (ie A Send All Characters on a Task Button!)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

We’ll you’ve been asking and asking and asking for it…and it’s FINALLY here!  A send all characters on a task button!

As many of us suspected, the task update yesterday was preparation for this new feature in the game.  And now you can finally send ALL your characters on a task at once!

Kirk will kick things off for you and the Office of Unemployment is the hub for everything…

More details below the fold…

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War 101: Character Tasks & Elixir Earnings

Storm the castle!  Batten the gates!  Launch the fireballs!  Man the catapult, trebuchet and ballistas!  Any one got any Greek fire?

Oh hey there tappereenos.  I guess I got a bit carried away with all the war in my town.  In the midst of this war, we all find ourselves with lots of questions.  Some of these include “Which characters earn elixir with tasks?, “Why the heck should I level up my characters?”, “What does it do?” , “Why is Wookiee so dashingly handsome and clever?”   Well… click more if you’d like to find out about character tasks and elixir payout.

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I believe it says in the good book, The Geek shall inherit the Earth or something like that.  Well, if that’s true… this post is all about a character waiting for one heck of an inheritance.  Hello there Addicts, Wookiee back with another character post.  For this one, I decided it was only right to embrace my nerd roots and write about the Uber nerd himself, BEHOLD… EXELSIOR… Martin Prince, Jr.


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Where did THAT task come from – Ride in the MegaGlobe

Hey hey hey!

Wookiee back with a quick little post about one of the new from Level 37 animations I am in love with!

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