Where Did THAT Come From: Oktoberfest

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where did THAT Come From?
Oktoberfest Gate Complete

This post I will be going over the Origin of the Oktoberfest Gate. Brought to you courtesy of the Oktoberfest Gil Deals. Why is it in our games? What is with the Entrance? When did it appear? Let’s dive into the Simpsons TV Series to find out more.

(hehehe… Wookiee popping in to let you know I hijacked part of this post.  Click more to find out lmbo)

Haha… Just a quick note to let you know all my hijackings are in bold.  One might say I’d have to be pretty BOLD to add my comments to one of the rabbit’s posts but she actually gave me permission… silly wabbit. My first entry just has to do with changing the order of her episodes. Bunny put the posts in chronological order but I rearranged them just to show off our new Oktoberfest Gate first. Jebus knows some of you like to get to the meat and potatoes first (a very German thing to do) and in the spirit of this mini-update, I did just that. Without further ado… take it away Bunny!


Season 18, Episode 17: Treehouse of Horror XVII
A Meteor crash lands into the Simpsons backyard. It opens up to reveal some life form that looks like a lil blob of glowing green goo. Homer ends up eating the glowing green goo regardless of his family telling him not to. The Green Blob in his belly starts sending subliminal messages to his belly to eat and eat and eat. No matter what he eats, he is still starving. He even tries to eat Bart when he stumbles on him in the kitchen in the middle of the night. Luckily Marge interrupts Homer but it looks too late for the cat.

Homer is wobbling around the streets trying to curb the hunger cravings. He stumbles on to a group of teens. He tries desperately to NOT eat them, until they get in a BBQ Sauce fight, Squeaky Voice Teen falls in the fire pit, and yells that it is sealing in his juices. Homer yells, “I’ll savor you!” Scoops up SVT and starts taking huge bites out of him.

Homer is getting bigger and bigger and bigger. As he wobbles again down the road he sees an Oktoberfest.

Oktoberfest 6

As he stares over the Oktoberfest Sign, he just can’t help himself. MMMMmmmm Beer Battered Germans. He goes in and starts swallowing them whole.

Oktoberfest 7

Even poor Uter isn’t safe.

Oktoberfest 8

So awesome that they picked an item from a Halloween episode. Makes me so excited for the upcoming Halloween event! But Bunny’s not done showing you Treehouse of Horror episodes… Oktoberfest figures in another Halloween episode…


Season 6, Episode 6: Treehouse of Horror V
The Lunch Lady… Doris at this time… is trying to figure out what to do about lunches at the School. She has been forced now to use Grade F Meat. Outside many naughty kids are sitting in the Cafeteria due to overcrowding in the Detention Room.  After Jimbo trips her, she dumps the pot of slop all over him. Skinner tastes a bit of the slop and realizes just how delicious it is. Later, Sloppy Jimbo’s are being served for lunch. They taste so good that Uter moves in for his third helping. Skinner can’t help but notice and remark on how fattened and tender Uter is… and tells him to report to Detention later.

Next day, it is Oktoberfest in the Lunchroom.  Gotta love the umlauts over the Os, E and T lol.

Oktoberfest 4

Everyone is all dressed up and a Banner is hanging across the Cafeteria. Lunch Lady Doris is serving Uter… errr… German Grub to everyone in her Oktoberfest garb. Lisa is concerned about the Uterbraten being served but Skinner assures her that Uter is around there somewhere. He has a gut feeling there is a lil Uter in all of them.

Oktoberfest 5

Uter seems to be quite the tasty Character. Lol

Woo hoo… delicious Uter times two! I wonder if EA has plans for him this Halloween to make people buy him? Anywho… Oktoberfest isn’t just relegated to Halloween and tasty German children… the Best. Show. Ever. has featured it several times.


Season 15, Episode 15: Co-Dependent’s Day
Homer and the Kids stood in line to catch the New Cosmic Wars Movie at the Theater… and HATED it! They were so angry that Lisa and Bart composed a letter to the creator, Randall Curtis. He wrote back and seemed to just blow them off so the Family decides to head to California to go pay him a visit.

Homer and Marge decide to go over to Wine Country while Lisa & Bart go on a tour of the Studios. It seems that Marge was really enjoying the Wine Country. So much that she seemed to get just as drunk as Homer.

The Wine drinking continued back home in Springfield where Marge kept staying out later and later and waking with larger and larger hangovers. She decides it is time to dry out. The next place her and Homer headed to could have some alcohol free options, right?

Oktoberfest 1

To Oktoberfest they go. Nothing but drinking all around her. Marge gives in and decides she will have one “small” drink. Homer tells her she can slowly nurse it.

Oktoberfest 2

Oktoberfest 3

Of course Homer ends up having to carry her out of the Festival. Homer is just as wasted as Marge though and tries to drive them home. The car ends up upside down off the highway. Homer doesn’t want to get caught and switches Marge to the driver’s seat to set her up for the ticket.

Wowza… seems Bunny didn’t include what I think is the funniest part of this Oktoberfest segment… German Duffman!

Duffmensch Simpsons

“Duffmensch orders you to party! This reich will last a thousand beers. Oh, ja! (despondently) I do this and I’m Jewish.”

Oy vey. I probably shouldn’t find this shameless Duff promotion to be so hilarious. Maybe that’s why Bunny excluded it? Any blame falls squarely on my shoulders if it offends you. Moving on to more Oktoberfest goodness, we’re off to the last episode mentioned by Bunny.

(Side Note from Bunny: I did actually have this image already pulled in my folder, but did not include it originally. Lol) 


Season 18, Episode 20: Stop Or My Dog Will Shoot!
Homer is happy and excited to be going to Oktoberfest. He has his hat on, Steins in his hand, and even his horn (an alp horn btw not to be confused with the much less manly German horn, read French, they’re very similar, sorry Martin Prince) …. that is until they round the corner and he sees it is in fact a Harvest Festival. Marge has tricked him. The man at the entrance tells him no alcohol is allowed and he has to confiscate all Homer’s Steins. The family ends up lost in a Corn Field Maze.

Oktoberfest 9


Oktoberfest… oh yeah! The cottontail did an amazing job with this post, I just had to barge on in with some thoughts of my own. Just to prove my intentions were honorable besides adding Duffmensch, there’s actually one more episode I thought should be mentioned in a discussion of Oktoberfest.  Let’s head off to “Bart’s Girlfriend” (S6:E7) for Scotchtoberfest.

Scotchtoberfest Simpsons

Sure it was just a set-up by Skinner to give Bart three months detention, but Willy thought it was real and that’s enough for me. As long as The Simpsons is serving up German stereotypes that don’t reflect the enormous variety of German culture I might as well include this one, right? Before I jump on a soapbox about how Octoberfest, liederhosen, steins and alphorns are more Bavarian culture than German, I’ll stop and knock the chip off my shoulder. I’m just happy a little Oktoberfest (truly celebrated in September so at least TSTO got that semi-right) made it into our games before Halloween gets me all excited and I forget to mildly rant about something lol.  I now return you to your regularly scheduled Bunny post… 


There you have it, some silly random episodes, a Tastey German Uter, LOTS of drinking, and we have an Oktoberfest Sign in our games.

What did you think of the Oktoberfest Origins? How many of these episodes did you remember? Any other Oktoberfest moments you can think of? Let us know.


Anyone notice that Bunny likes extra spacing? Gotta love her.  At least we got her away from centered text and red font… for now. Now if I could only remember those dang page breaks. Hope you liked the combo post… maybe we’ll do more of these in the future if we ever have time.  Stay classy and much love friendereenos!

TTFN… Wookiee out!

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