Unemployment & IRS Building Poll Results

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Last week we asked you what you thought of the Unemployment Building and the IRS Building and tons of you weighed in.  Not only did you vote, but the comment section of the post was on fire with you guys giving your in depth opinion about both!  Always love to see the conversation, both good and bad, about the game going on!

So now that the poll has been up for about a week, and as we gear up for the THOH (Halloween) Event, let’s take a look at the poll results….

officeofunemployment_menu irslevel1_menu

With 5,000+ of you weighing in, here’s how the answers shook out….

What Do You Think of the Unemployment Building and IRS Building?

Love Both! Greatest thing to be added to TSTO! 65%
Love the IRS Building, but not a fan of the Unemployment Office 22%
Love the Unemployment Office, but not a fan of the IRS Building 9%
Hate both! They completely ruined the game by adding these! 4%

So it looks like the majority of you are happy with the new additions.  Whether you use them regularly or not, you’re glad the options are there!

Coming in second is the IRS building over the Unemployment Office…which I suspect has a lot to do with the bug where you can’t send all the characters at once (mostly for Android, which hopefully is fixed soon) AND the fact that it cost money to send the characters via the Unemployment Office.

The good thing is the majority of you are happy with the additions and only a small % feel like EA ruined the game by adding them.  Which is nice, considering both features (well some version of them) have been requested for a while.

So there you have it…the good, the bad and the not so pretty results of the Unemployment Office and IRS Building.

What are your thoughts on the results?  Did you line up with the majority or are you one of the ones who don’t like either feature?  Do you think they at least speed up the game for those that need to get in and out quickly?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

121 responses to “Unemployment & IRS Building Poll Results

  1. Anyone know why the unemployment office doesn’t send Comic Book Guy or Mr. Burns on jobs?

  2. I nuked my town and rebuilt but noticed my IRS building is missing!! I’ve searched everywhere and can’t find it. Anyone know how to get it back?? Or is this a known bug that needs to be fixed. I really need it back as my town is huge with a lot of characters!!

    • This is something I would say first double check your entire inventory list, not individual icons, for. If you still don’t see it, contact EA. Only they’ll be able to restore it.

      • Yup I have searched my inventory many times and still can’t find it. I tried re-installing the game and it didn’t help!
        Some people said it’s event related but it’s not because I’ve nuked my town once since the event started and was able to rebuild no problem. Decided to rebuild town again last night because I wasn’t quite happy about it and this go around, my IRS building disappeared!
        Maybe it had to do with the fact that my IRS building is now fully upgrade vs. it not fully upgraded the first nuke after event started.
        Since no one posted any solution; I did a live chat with EA this morning and the agent just said he will forward my info on to have the “specialist” look at it cuz it’s not an easy fix.
        So if your IRS building goes missing, you’re SOL until they figure out a fix.
        Guess I will only tap to complete jobs right now and leave everything else alone. ARGH!

    • Same here, do you have a solution?

  3. I really liked the unemployment office idea. It takes forever to send all 140 or so characters on jobs. I am very disappointed that it no longer works. After the Halloween update my unemployment office no longer has that option. It was an awful tease, since the option only existed for a couple of weeks. 😟😡

  4. I’ve lost the irs building after the Halloween update. Not in storage checked everywhere several times to make sure I wasn’t just missing it.
    Any solutions available?

  5. My unemployment office stopped working when I did the new update on 10/8 😔😔

  6. **

  7. Bunny….did what you suggested and voila, mystery solved. Now if I could find those missing socks from years gone by I’d have another mystery solved! 😊

    Thank you so much, not sure how I missed it yesterday. Much appreciated….


  8. Can’t send characters en mass on tasks any more from the unemployment building. No floating folder any more since the Halloween update.

  9. I loved being able to send multiple characters on jobs rather than tapping them individually, but it was short lived because Halloween has wiped this facility out!

  10. My unemployment office stopped working yesterday and still is inoperable? Is this a glitch or did EA decide to take its functionality of allowing you to send all your characters on jobs at once?

  11. I put my IRS building in storage as i rebuilt some of my town. Now i can’t find it. Any ideas where in storage it is hiding .. hate to think i am just overlooking it the several times i have checked.

  12. Did anyone lose the ability to send characters on jobs with the unemployment office in the Halloween update? I can’t do that anymore. Bummed.

  13. IRS building stays in storage until it works for neighbors. it’s a nuisance for everything else. Unemployment Office stills pays rent so it stays out, but i’m a freemium player, so the muti-job thing doesnt really help the cause. if people like it, good for them, i’m cool with tapping.

  14. Uhmmm, my IRS building is missing. I had stored it and was going to put back out for this event, it’s gone.

    Known issue? I’ll wait to see what your thoughts are….

    Thank you,

  15. Has anyone else discovered that their IRS building has gone AWOL? The tap radius is still in effect for me, but I can’t find the building in my town, and I’ve scoured several times. Double checked my stored items, not there either. Quite mysterious to me.

    • Yes I just noticed this as well and wanna know what happened thanks in advance

    • My unemployment office has not disappeared but, it no longer has the functionality to send characters on tasks. I was hoping the newest patch would fix this. I seems I should be lucky I still have the building at all. Bummer.

    • My IRS building is still there along with the ability to upgrade to a new level, but the Unemployment office no longer has the option to send characters on jobs.

  16. Love the unemployement office upgrade! Now if only Halloween would show up?

  17. Halloween!!! When does it roll out?? I want a full month of Halloween fun!

  18. Im both confused and puzzled! Im confuzzled!! I hope it will be today! Im on android and still nada yet.

  19. I just updated to the Halloween event (I live in Europe, iOS 8), and my irs building got back to the “same old building” status, there’s no more the “make everyone work” option. Will this be a permanent change in the game? Thank you guys!

    • It’s probably something pulled either for the event or so they can fix it.

    • Happened to me too, try hard closing and restarting. That fixed it for me, hope it does for you too.

      • I tried to hard reset both the game and the device, but the unemployment building still doesn’t work….hope that it will be fixed soon it helps me a lot with 1h jobs, and your comment actually comforts me!
        By the way, Halloween event now fully hits my game!

      • It’s no longer working for me either now that the event is live. Hope it’s fixed soon too.

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