THOH 2015 101: Neighbor Visits

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Hey there Spookereenos!

We have Nightmares coming out of Campfires, some weird Blobbly Creature roaming our streets, Blasts from the Past, BUNNIES!, and all sorts of spooky things going on in our games.

What does all this mean? Share the Horror with your Neighbors of course. In this post I will be going over some details on visiting your Neighbors during the Event.

formlessterror_front_walk_image_2ico_mhud_friends_thoh2015 zombiehuman5_front_walk_image_2

Let’s go freak out the Neighbors!!! 

First up, WHEN do you go to your Neighbors to visit?

Well, you want to make sure THEY have the THOH Update and are able to even offer help to you when you go there to tap. A good way to tell this is the Main Neighbor Screen. See if they have a S’mores & Fearless Terror Counter showing. If they do not, it is a good chance they’re not there yet. So… wait…. give them a few days to get past the technical issues, Update, and get to Questline point where the Campfire is placed and they can collect S’mores.

THOH Act 1 Neighbor Visits

THOH Act 1 Neighbor Main Screen

YOU need to be up to date too. So if you are not collecting S’mores yet, or reached the Questline Call of the Campfire Part 7 to go place a Formless Terror in your Neighbors… you will be limited to what you can do. Don’t waste those Neighbor Actions. Wait til you and your neighbor are ready.

The Call of the Campfire Part 7



As with all Events, there will be a limit to how many Neighbors you can visit and tap on to earn Event Items within a 24hr period. So if you tapped on some within last 24hrs before starting the Event, you may have already used those Actions up and need to wait for the Reset.

If you are JUST now tapping for the first time in 24hrs, you will get the full Daily Actions before swapping back to $$$ & XP.

DAILY NEIGHBOR ACTIONS MAX: 90, This means 30 Active Neighbors x 3 Actions each.



Depending on what Spawn your Neighbor is currently dropping, you will see ONE of the 4 Nightmares wandering their town, be on the look out for ONE of the 4 to show up. These are the ONLY NPCs you will tap while in a Neighbors game. Just these 4.

zombiehuman5_front_walk_image_2Zombie Jackson: Sticks to mainly streets

skeleton_front_walk_image_2Skeleton: Sticks to mainly Streets

SnakeSnakes: Go all over, including through grass (these appear Green in color in Neighbors)

bunny 3Bunnies: Go all over, including through grass

This also means you will earn the coinciding items these Nightmares drop. So if you are looking for a specific Material drop to help Upgrade your Campfire… you may want to move on to another Neighbor. Just know this is random, so if you are short on time… tap and just move on if you do not have time to seek out a Neighbor with only ONE specific Nightmare Roaming.

Zombie Jackson: Brainsindicator_zombiebrains

Skeleton: Ribcage Bonesindicator_skeletonbones

Snakes: Snake Eggsindicator_snakeeggs

Bunnies: Bunny Earsindicator_bunnyears


You will also get ONE occasional Formless Terror…

Formless Terror: Blobby Purple Face ico_thoh2015_formlessterrordeploy



Now if you are in an Active Neighbors town and can’t see any Nightmares… wait. If you hang around a Street in their game just a lil bit, those Nightmares will come to you.

OR, send off a Formless Terror and watch to see if you see some as it scans the Streets to drop the Formless Terror.



Another good indicator that your Neighbor is ready for the Event is the Formless Terror Icon in the top right corner of the game screen. If you do not see it, it is a good chance they’re not ready.

Call of the Campfire Part 7 tells you that you need to drop off one of these “kids” from the Campfire Monster off in a Neighbors town.

The Call of the Campfire Part 7

When you go into a Neighbors and look at the icon, it will tell you how many they can have dropped off in THEIR town. This will vary from 0-10.

Formless Terror Neighbor Icon

You will also have a counter in the Lower Left of the screen letting you know how many YOU have to drop off. You won’t have tons, so share them with as many Neighbors as you can. Even if you give just one to each Neighbor.

Formless Terror Counter


You can release a Formless Terror into your Neighbors town as long as both YOUR count and THEIR Count show 1 or More. Just tap on the Icon in the Upper Right Corner … Formless Terror Neighbor Icon

… then the game will take you to a part of your Neighbors road to drop off the Formless Terror into their town.

formlessterror_front_walk_image_2MAX Formless Terrors you can leave in each town: 10 or the # it shows left out of 10. You will actually get a Pop Up telling you if they’re full of Terrors.

Too Many Formless Terrors

If it says ZERO that is due to they already have 10 in their town and you have to wait for them to time out or the Neighbor to clear them to be able to drop off more.



Now just what do YOU and your Neighbor get from the Formless Terrors? Let’s take a look. I am still testing this one out, but this is what I am seeing so far in my game. This will help you BOTH to hit those Campfire Upgrades a LOT quicker too.

If your Neighbor taps on the Formless Terror WITHIN 4 hrs…

YOU GETA mixture of 4 total items from the Random Nightmares

Formless Terrors Harvested


Ribcage Bonesindicator_skeletonbones

Snake Eggsindicator_snakeeggs

Bunny Earsindicator_bunnyears


THEY GET- A mixture of 4 total items from the Random Nightmares

Formless Terror Drops Formless Terror Drops 2Formless Terror Drops 3


Ribcage Bonesindicator_skeletonbones

Snake Eggsindicator_snakeeggs

Bunny Earsindicator_bunnyears


If your Neighbor does not tap on the Formless Terror withing 4 hrs…

YOU GETA mixture of 2 total items from the Random Nightmares

Formless Terrors Harvested 2


Ribcage Bonesindicator_skeletonbones

Snake Eggsindicator_snakeeggs

Bunny Earsindicator_bunnyears






What’s the point of tapping other Neighbors when you MAX? BONUTS!! Bonus Donuts for just tapping on through. If you have your FP MAXED and are on Friendship Level 20, you will get a Random Free Donut or more from going through your entire Neighbor list daily. WOOHOO!! ( I tried to grab a Screenshot of the one I won, but this Event is gathering items FAST… so I missed it but will try again.)

If you are NOT MAXED on your FP, then you will still want to continue to help you just get that much closer to Free FP Prizes and Donuts for your game.

Friend Point FPFriend Point FPFriend Point FPFriend Point FPFriend Point FPFriend Point FPFriend Point FP

Now for some Basics for YOUR Town



These Terrors are FAST. They zoom all over your town and blink in and out of existence. That means grab one when you see it or it will disappear into the background and come back a lil later.

Tap on as soon as you see them so you and your Neighbor can benefit from the items they drop. (See payouts above)



zombiehuman5_front_walk_image_2skeleton_front_walk_image_2Snakebunny 3

I know many of you wanted to know how many Nightmares total you can have roaming your town at a time.

Nightmares MAX: 20 Total

Nightmares Bank: 40 (it does seem like the Bank is working. I have a LOT in my town in a short time.)

How quickly you generate them from your Spooky Campfire will determine how fast you hit this. Essentially, if you are close to 60 and the town is clear… you should be OK. If you are already full, clear some BEFORE clearing the Campfire Task Thumbs Up.

You will be warned if you have too many and are MAXED.

Full of Nightmares



Nope. The game will take care of that for you. Your Neighbor will see items separate from any you are able to tap in your town. The two are not the same item.


That about does it. The basics of visiting your Neighbors game and how it will benefit you BOTH.

How are you doing on Visits? Got to Part 7 yet? Got any BONUTS from Neighbors yet? Did the Neighbors Visits help you Level Up your Campfire? Let us know.


279 responses to “THOH 2015 101: Neighbor Visits

  1. I really like the Formless Terrors because:
    1. if a neighbor is having more than 50 formless terrors its a good sign to kick him as he collects in his own but not in my town.
    2. if you click in the neighbor overview on the medal icon you can see a formless terrors highscore list (i think this one was missed in this blog) and again you can filter out all neighbors having less then 1000 points as they are completely inactive.

    • If I understand your first point, I think you’re making an unwarranted assumption. I’ve rarely been under the 50-terrors mark, but I’ve dropped 544 terrors in my neighbors’ towns so far (yes, I’ve been keeping track). There are several reasons why I usually have over 100 unsent terrors in my town, including that I’m saving some to repay folks who have sent them to me but whose towns have not had room for me to drop some off. Also, I have time throughout the day to collect terrors and nightmares (both of which may leave me more terrors to give to others), but I usually have to wait until after work to have the time to visit my neighbors and drop terrors off.

      So, by kicking out neighbors who have more than 50 terrors waiting to be dropped off, you may be losing some really good neighbors!

  2. I’ve only been getting 60 actions (20 neighbors) before I max out and go back to $/xp I’ve kept count each day I go to my neighbors who can I contact about this????

  3. When neighbors tap on terrors I’ve left them, any idea how three game decides which crafting items it will yield? I just left a whole bunch of terrors for a while bunch of neighbors and, when I finally got back to my town, I saw that many of my neighbors had already tapped them (yay!). But here’s the weird part….all but one of the crafting items I received were bunny ears! And it’s not like that’s the nightmare I currently have cooking at my campfire (that would be skeletons) or the nightmare that all of those folks were cooking (there were a variety). So why did I get all bunny ears? I had been making bunny nightmares earlier today, but that was before I visited most (all?) of those folks.

  4. Hi there! Is there any fix for the fact whenever I exit a neighbour’s town the game closes? I’m worried people might think I’m hoarding terrors, but the reality is that it’s too painful to do neighbour visits more than a few times a day. Thanks!

  5. How do i get skulls to get ugtade to tent???

  6. Hi guys! I have a question, I read in the post that about the formless terrors and I think I have a problem, I had 184/200 in the campfire upgrade, got 39 bunny ears from neighbours tapping terrors, the update count stays the same, every single time, the only bunny ears that count for me are the ones I get from tapping bunnies in my town…is it just me?

    • It’s not the ears that are giving you credit. It’s the actual nightmare. The materials go over to crafting. For me… it’s only in the initial 90 Neighbors Actions that tapping a Zombie gave me a Zombie credit in my campfire.

      Just got to make sure the nightmare matches what the campfire is asking for on its lil icon… and then only first 90 actions. Beyond that… it varies

  7. I still have a few quick questions- I see the mausoleums are spawning zombies, but I have Lisa telling stories. I don’t seem to be getting snakes. I even used donuts to speed Lisa up and still no snakes, even after tapping on all of the zombies. Any idea why? Also, how is it that some of my neighbors have more than one kid in a Halloween costume? I thought the nightmare bed only let one kid at a time wear a costume….

    • Is your town at MAX with Nightmares not letting any more show up? Also, those snakes are TINY. You really got to look around for them. They spawn all over the place.

  8. Ugh, visiting neighbors is taking forever, but I am doing my best to send out formless terrors to my neighbor-eenos! Still have a few friends that haven’t joined the festivities, but the event really hasn’t been going that long so I am not gonna drop anyone yet (last year I missed out on at least 4 or 5 days myself because the game kept crashing).

  9. Years of tapping and nearly every day I visited 100 Neighbors. EA finally broke me, after 2 hours, 2 freaking hours I gave up. Yup EA read our minds in this one. You know what people want? They want to spend 5 minutes in 100 different Springfields every day looking for 4 or 5 nightmares that are mostly hidden. No, they really, really don’t. I have a good phone and loading times are not an issue. It’s not just snakes, even the obvious zombies are rare and hard to find. I apologize to anyone who is my neighbor, I promised to play daily and I will try to mix it up but this is intolerable.

    Sorry for the rant but… I still think this event will turn around but 2 hours, and I only got 2/3 of the way through my neighbors before giving up?!? It used to take 45 minutes, ok I’ll shut up but my blood is boiling

    • I agree… neighbor visits are frustrating right now.

    • I’m taking a different approach to neighbor visits during this even than I usually do. I’m only hunting for nightmares in towns that have the nightmare I need (at least for the first 90 taps). Once I’ve got that limit, I’ll go into the other towns and just tap one nightmare to freeze the clock, then move on. I save the rest of those taps for after my nightmare changes or for when I’m in the mood to hunt for stuff.

      I do circle around to folks I owe terrors to and try to circle back around to them another time if they were full up the first time. But I’m having a hard time paying folks back because those foods always seem to have 0 capacity when I get there!

      At any rate, this more Zen approach has really changed the way I feel about neighbor visits during this… I’m actually enjoying them! If I were doing my usual way, I’d be feeling exactly like you are, no doubt.

      • I’ve decided to break it up into 1/3 and visit multiple times a day instead of trying to do it all in one sitting. To be honest I want to make sure I drop in my neighbors for them to collect what they need, I’m not worried about myself this event is so easy and I’m really not trying, close to 6000 smores, everything crafted and not donut one spent.
        Thanks for letting me vent last night was just super frustrated

    • You are absolutely right! It took me 50 minutes to get through 100 neighbors, when usually it takes a little less than 20 minutes. If this is how neighbor visits have to be for the event, then EA really needs to increase the bonus donut output. I’m sure this is something they won’t do of course, but something has to change. It’s intolerable!

      Anyone know why there are two different colors of snakes, but one type of everything else? Like things really needed to get more complicated!

  10. Thanks for this update Bunny!

    Well its 930pm pacific time on a Friday night and once again TSTO has crashed (aka Bart No Network Screen of Death) so I’m sorry that I can’t visit my Neighboreenos until EA does something!!

    TSTO has been going on for 3 years

    These technicals shouldn’t be happening 🙁

    • sometimes there will be downtime while they work on technical stuff, but the game has been going strong all day long for me. check your connection/device.

  11. Miranda broadbent

    I keep getting none of your friends have helped you and a list of the items all with 0 next to them – I thought this was as they hadn’t tapped the purple nightmare had not been tapped but above you have said I would still receive items ??

  12. I don’t know if this question has been asked/answered yet but if anyone can shed some light it would be appreciated. In my town I’m only seeing 1 or 2 skeletons/snakes/zombies/bunnies after 2 or 3 hours of not playing, how often are any of these supposed to regenerate in Springfield?

    I’ve also check my whole town up and down for over 30 minutes to not find any. I’m used to other events where you would see 2 or 3 after 5 or 10 minutes.

    Thank you to anyone who can answer this for me.

  13. I keep tapping nightmares, but I’m stuck at 1/200 and can’t continue to level 3. How can i fix this glitch?

    • Are you collecting the right nightmare? It’s not any nightmare that’ll get you there. From level 2 to level 3 you have to collect Snakes. Are you collecting snakes?

  14. I have been tapping nightmares for a while now, but it stays at 1/200, so I can’t upgrade to level 3. Any advice???

    • You can’t just tap any nightmare and upgrade. It has to be the right one. So from Level 1 (where you start) to level 2 you have to tap 200 zombies. From Level 2 to level 3 you have to tap 200 snakes. From Level 3 to Level 4 you have to tap 200 bunnies. From Level 4 to level 5 you have to tap 200 skeletons. Then it repeats itself again. So make sure you’re tapping on the right nightmare.

  15. So I’ve noticed that the terrors can be clicked more than once? My bf dropped 10 in my town and i counted to 19 before all were gone. I tap them and they instantly re-appear a few times..

  16. My neighbours are not sending a nightmares and are just storing it, this is so stupid. I am sending all Im getting and I am choosing where to sent them- I’m checking who have many “sweet points” and dont have that much of a nightmares. This way somebody may send nightmare back to my town cause I already know he’s sending them away 🙂

  17. Does the dropping of formless terror in neighbours count towards the 90 action?

  18. Anyone else have an issue with – upgrade campfire. When I reach level 2 I received the 5 bramble hedges instead of Spooky shed. Any answers or hel would be appreciated.

  19. Didn’t see mentioned that you can drop formless terrors on neighbors multiple times per day, as long as they have space in their counters. I am not dropping ft’s on hoarders. I am dropping them on neighbors who drop on me. You can get a good drop and clear thing going with active neighbors. 🙂

    • It’s not always easy to judge who’s a “hoarder.” For example, I have 161 terrors saved up, but many of those are being held to drop on people to whom I “owe” terrors, but who haven’t had room for any new ones in their town when I’ve checked.

      To all of my generous neighbors: I’ve been keeping track of who leaves me what and will try to reciprocate as best as possible!

      • I’ll be by your town this evening…got lots of terrors to drop.

        • Thanks! Trying to reciprocate as best as I can but a) sometimes your town is “heaving” when I get there (I hate that word, because it makes me think of vomiting, which, as you may remember, I have a phobia of), and b) I have a lot off generous neighbors, so it’s hard to always be able to give back to each person as many as they’ve given to me.

          On the plus side, it seems that this event is much more generous with the number of terrors that I receive for giving to folks…with some of the previous events, it felt nearly impossible to ever come close to having enough to pay people back for what they gave me. It’s much more fun when the drop-off items aren’t so scarce… I’m having fun exchanging terrors with my neighbors instead of sitting here feeling guilty all the time, like I did with the….Terwillger?….superheroes?…event.

    • Sandra’s right…right now I have 200+ terrors in my town, as I’ve collected alot yesterday and today just through quick tapping while at work. But I haven’t had time to do my very slow neighbor visits. So over the weekend I will be sending ALL my neighbors (even the ones who have never ever visited me) lots of formless terrors. I have many good neighbors who have been sending them my way, so theyll get extra from me. The only thing I don’t like is when I go to tap on a terror, and the pop-up telling me how long before I can collect on whatever building is nearby comes up, and the terror gets away! Arrrgh!

  20. The campfire upgrades are based on nightmares banished, not currency collected, so Formless Terrors don’t help in that regard.

  21. For those with empty campfires, you produce more nightmares if you tell stories, 4 vs 2 and you help your neighbors know what you are producing. win/win.

    I just tapped my camp fire after clearing my town and only got about 20 skeletons and never got a Full warning. Not cool. Hope it doesnt continue.

  22. Is it just me or has anyone else’s ability to send characters off on tasks at once (Office of Unemployment) been lost since the update? Also my tap radius doesn’t work in Krustyland and the balloon pop game doesn’t work either (says ‘requirements not met’)…. :/

  23. Great post! I’ve been very confused about the Formless Terrors and what they did in my friends towns. Thanks for the write-up!

  24. I’ve gotten notified that formless terrors are in my town, but i can’t find them anywhere i’ve searched for like 10 minutes, reloaded the game waited at the camp fire, nothing.

  25. Hi guys,
    Just a quick one. Should I be saving my “formless terrors” for some future task or send them all to my neighbors? I’ve managed to get over 100 and am only sending one per neighbor at the moment. Thoughts?
    Thanks. You guys do a great job by the way!!!

  26. H guy’s / gal’s quick question do you know how many zombies, skeletons, snakes and bunnies there are to squish when they are released from the campfire? And also do you know if they disappear if you don’t squish them in time? Sorry if you have already posted this but there is a lot to digest. Thank-you always,

  27. I am missing zombies in my town…no bunnies either.. only creatures lurking are the purple guys, and snakes. Who do i contact about this?

  28. not sure if this was covered already, but the nightmares you tap in neighbor towns WILL count towards your fire upgrade totals… I don’t know if they count past the 90 daily tho so I’ve been selective with my neighbor taps… I will test more tonight.

    • They will count. Anyone that you can tap will. Whether you get coins or Materials. That’s why I said in this post if you are seeking a specific one that not all towns will be the same.

      • my research tonight is that they DO count in your first 90 actions… After that, you don’t get crafting items AND you don’t get credit for campfire upgrades. My advice is to make sure you set a storyteller (to advertise what nightmares friends will find in your Springfield – just a courtesy) and be selective in your friend actions prior to hitting your 90…

        On another note, any ideas if the crafting items will carry over to Act 2 & 3?

      • (Not trying to contradict you, Bunny… My main concern was whether friend actions would add to your campfire upgrade totals AFTER you hit your 90 per day limit on crafting materials – they do NOT)

        • It’s not… I appreciate others testing it too. I am still testing it, but it seemed like they did in mine. Though I only had 4 neighbors left after 90 MAX to tap. I will test again again. It may have been another collection that caused the final ones needed to complete the upgrade on my campfire. 😉

      • No problem… I was very selective with friend actions yesterday, just wanted to see if my instinct was right. I WILL be setting a storyteller from now on tho so my friends don’t need to guess what nightmares they will find in my Springfield. 🙂

      • This didn’t work for me! I tried skipping the neighbors that didn’t have the nightmares I needed and only tapping the nightmares (zombies) I needed to update my campfire, and it didn’t work- my total zombies was the same when I went back to my Springfield. I’m with the other commentors- neighbor visiting is frustrating this time around, I’m only visiting to drop formless terrors and barely tapping at all. I have all the crafted items already from previous years and don’t want any more trees!

        • You have to tap them BEFORE you hit your 90-tap maximum. Then they should definitely count. If you hit them after, they won’t.

  29. So cool that they have ‘Bunnies’ to honour the poster of this thread 😉 Thanks for clearing up how the formless terrors work. After 2 days of heavy playing I was thinking that was how it worked, but wasn’t positive.

    Time to go and listen to a scary tale!

  30. Game won’t let me visit neighbors, keeps crashing. Anyone else having this problem?

    • Are you using an iOS device? My iPad, iPod and iPhone 4S have the same problem. Although my iPhone 5S works great.
      It seems like a GPU memory overrun/failure that started with the Monorail update.

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