THOH 2015 Calendar: Act Three

Hey there Spookereenos!


The Treehouse of Horror Halloween Event Act Three has been launched. You know what that means? Bunny gets to pull patches of fur out for every “WHERE’S THE CALENDAR??!!” comments. Needless to say, I’m bald now. Thanks a lot! I blame BigPhil! He PROMISED he would do the Calendar. Psssh. See if I ever believe he’s a Nubian Prince that just needs my account info again. 😛

Now I know some of you are stressing on just HOW you are going to get all these New Act Three Personal Prizes. Before you all go throw rocks at my only Basement Window…IT’S CALENDAR TIME!!




As per usual, I will be starting the Calendar one day AFTER Act Three releases so you can factor in time you will need to send Characters on tasks, get Buildings, and fully launch the New Event. I will also be stopping it the night BEFORE Act Three and the Event ends, as it will give you enough time to focus on all the other last minute stuff.

Again, do not panic. Remember that it is slow going at first so you may “appear” to be behind, but as you progress in Act Three you will start to see that you are getting more and more and more each day. So just go at a pace that fits you, but remember the more you play the more you will get.

THOH 2015 Calendar Act 3

Now you have a basic daily breakdown for 12 days based off of approximately 773 indicator_candyappleCandy Apples a day.




Exact same as last Phase, you will see TWO totals of the Candy Apples in your game as you play through the Event. The Main one in your game at the lower Left side will be your TOTAL amount earned to date.

If you go into the Event Menu (Trophy Icon) and look at the Prizes, you will see ONLY the amount needed for the current item you are working to get. Here are those individual totals.

Crafting Resources/ 180
Apu’s Apocalypse Jeep/360
Holiday Homer/ 1620
U.F.P./ 2880
Re-Neducation Center/ 4230

Total up all of these… and you get the Act Three TOTAL amount of 9270.



Here’s the rundown of the prizes available during Act 3 that you can win by just playing the game and collecting Candy Apples indicator_candyapple.

ico_priz_thoh2015_currencybundleCrafting Resources- 180 indicator_candyapple
(50 Bones, 50 Brains, 50 Bunny Ears, 50 Snake Eggs)

apocalypsejeep_menuApu’s Apocalypse Jeep – 540 indicator_candyapple

ico_priz_homer_holiday_lgHoliday Homer- 2,160 indicator_candyapple

ico_priz_ufp_mdU.F.P- 5,040 indicator_candyapple

267px-Tapped_Out_Re-Neducation_CenterRe-Neducation Center- 9,270 indicator_candyapple



Again… no Bonus Round for the Personal Prizes during this Event.


There you have it. A Calendar of Candy Apples indicator_candyapple to keep you on track for all 5 Personal Prizes.

What do you think of it so far? Where are YOU in the game? How are your totals coming along? Craving some Caramel Candy Apples now? (I know I am. That or Chocolate dipped ones. MMMMmmmm.) Let us know.

202 responses to “THOH 2015 Calendar: Act Three

  1. I got the last prize today! I was also worried I wouldn’t make it in time, but that last 1500 or so candy apples seemed to add up quickly, I’m rather pleased.
    I also finished all the shopkeeper’s challenges this morning. I’m done with the event 3 days early! Looking forward to the Christmas event.

  2. Well I wasn’t sure I was going to make it, but I just unlocked the Neducation centre! The only problem is it was mid-way through speed-tapping the M’nthster at the sunken temple, meaning I missed quite a bit of dialogue that started after the place/store screen. Is there (or will there be) a post for us silly fools that missed it?

    Thanks for all the posts over the course of this event! There were a couple times I would’ve gone insane if not for clarifications/guidance on here, so thank you… If only EA would bother testing things, I’m sure a lot of questions people ask could’ve been avoided where bugs are concerned.

    Now that I’ve got all Act 3 prizes and finished the weekly tasks, is there any reason (except more nightmares for craft items) that I should keep kids hunting nightmares? I only have about 1.5 days left on the XP collider, so I’d rather find the quickest way to get XP and spend all my time doing that instead.

  3. Hello! Can you please confirm the end date for the whole Event? Under the campfire tab it’s saying 5 days (rounding up) and under the shopkeeper challenges tab it says 14 days. I’d really like it to be 5 but don’t want to get my hopes up.
    Apologies also if I’ve missed this clarification on the site.

      • Thank you! 17 November is tolerably close (being from outside the US it took me a few seconds to work that out though). I will assume the countdown clock under the shopkeepers tab is a glitch – although I wouldn’t mind if that functionality stuck around: 20 donuts a week has been very much appreciated!

  4. I must admit, the UFP is disappointing. It looked like it would be something that flies around your Springfield, but like most things in events, it just rises up a little into the air, animates a little and then drops back down. Guess only the things you spend donuts on get to fly around your Springfield 😉

  5. Wishing we could get 1 Candy Apple for the first 30 friends visits. Then I might have a chance of getting the last prize. With the lag time of visiting neighbours it would make it worth waiting. Slow grind at getting the Candy Apples 🙁 Please, Please EA, need help.

  6. Thought I was starting to lag behind due to the candy apples not being as frequent as act 1 and 2 but checking today turns out I’m just over a day ahead which is good as I really like the look of the final prize from one of my favourite THOH episodes.

  7. The start of Act 3 seemed really slow and I was very worried that I won’t be able to gather enough candy apples. Now, I’m 1 day ahead of the calendar and I don’t even have Gate to Nowhere! Even without it, I finished Act 2 two and a half days ahead. I check in every 4 hours, clear everything and that’s all. No need to panic 🙂

    • I can only check in twice a day, 3 if I’m lucky, and I’m a day ahead too. I have the Gate to Nowhere though.
      I must admit though, I’m getting a bit bored of it all – not helped at all by the fact that my tablet is getting really slow and moving around my town is getting jumpier every day. Also, to visit all 90 or so neighbours is now taking well over an hour. Just itching for this event to be over, I think I’ve had enough of it. The only reason to keep going is the shopkeepers challenge. Those 20 donuts are too good to miss out on.

      • Yeah, it’s gotten annoyingly laggy on my Kindle, too. I think it’s because there are too many additional things wondering around (terrors, nightmares, and all of those folks at the recycling center).

        I know some people said that storing their monorail really helped…I’ve had mine disabled for quite a while, but would actually storing it make a big difference? I’m really on the fence about doing that (several reasons on both sides…don’t have the time or energy right now to go into them (which y’all are probably happy to hear, lol!).)

        • Could do, will probably depend how long it is. I don’t have the monorail myself (started TSTO about a month ago) but each section of rail is essentially one more thing for the game to load and keep track of.

          Basically if your Monorail loops from one side of the building to the other, it probably won’t make a difference. If it loops around your whole town three times, that’s another story…

  8. I am doing an event for my friends (michaelbyr755) to help get your items. Purposely flooding hundreds of nightmares for daily tapping and 10-30 formless terrors.

  9. Doing a candy apple event of my own for my friends. I’m purposely spawning hundreds of nightmares for my neighbors to tap and get candy apples, plus 10-20 formless terrors as well. It will end Nov. 17th as well. I already have everything and want to help. Good Luck.

    • Unfortunately, I don’t think that terrors give apples, but I’m sure your neighbors will appreciate the extra crafting currency! 🙂

    • You don’t get candy apples from neighbors’ nightmares or formless terrors. But you’re still nice.

  10. Not bad but still pretty slow going. I don’t play infrequently, that’s for sure and I just now got the 3rd prize (Homer outfit). I feel bad for those who play casually. I feel at this rate I’ll get the final prize with maybe a day to spare. Unless there are other opportunities to get candy apples upcoming. The adult jobs in the 4 buildings really helped ramp up the gummies.

  11. Forgive me if the math has been posted already; I’ve been through some of the comments on a number of threads, and didn’t see it, but I will be the first to admit that I didn’t read every comment.

    Looking at the calendar, I was having trouble trying to figure out whether I could get 773 candy apples a day going forward, so I decided to do the math to see if it was reasonable. I’m having trouble getting to 9,270 candy apples over 14 days. While I am ahead of the calendar right now, I think that it is because of the Act 3 quests and the fact that I started on day 1, not day 2.

    The posts on the site do great job of summarizing how to get candy apples (thanks for these, they are great), and I’ve listed below all the ways I think you can get them:

    1) Daily Reward
    2) M’nthster
    3) Spawning Nightmares
    4) Battling M’nthster
    5) Gate to Nowhere
    6) Any nightmare spawning building
    7) Act 3 Quests

    I’ve assumed that you can get candy apples from 2, 3 ,and 4 for 13 days (giving you 1 day to launch the questline) and 14 days for everything else (except the quests obviously). The breakdown of candy apples earned from each is below:

    1) Daily Reward – If you log in for 5 days in a row, you will get 700 candy apples. So, on average, you will get 140 per day. 140 x 14 = 1,960

    2) M’nthster – This part I’m not 100% sure on, but from my experience, the way the M’nthster battle works is that he spawns and you can tap hit 10 times for 5 candy apples each time (50 total), then the 4 kids battle him at the campfire for 8 hours (unless you have the premium outfits for them). After that, he goes to the sunken temple where you can tap him 10 times for 10 candy apples each time (100 total). He then de-spawns for 12 hours. Reasonably, I think you can probably do this battle once a day so you would get 150 candy apples per day. 150 x 13 = 1,950

    3) Spawning Nightmares – This will depend on how many kids you have. For me I have 13 non-premium kids and 4 premium kids. So, I can spawn 13 x 2 + 4 x 4 = 42 nightmares every 4 hours. In a day, I think you can reasonably do this 4 times, so you can earn 42 x 4 x 13 = 2,184

    4) Battling M’nthster – You can have 4 kids battle M’nthster twice a day (4 hours each time) and each 4 candy apples each time they do it. However, during this time, they are not spawning nightmares, so they are only really gaining 2 extra candy apples for each 4 hour period. So, you would get 2 x 2 x 4 x 13 = 208

    5) Gate to Nowhere – You can spawn 24 nightmares per day with this. 24 x 14 = 336

    6) Nightmare Spawning Building – Again this depends on what you have. I have the pet cemetery that spawns 10 rabbits every 10 hours. Realistically I can tap this twice a day so I get 2 x 10 x 14 = 280

    7) Act 3 Quests – The turbo tapping post lists 6 quests that give 100 candy apples each. By doing all these quests you can earn 6 x 100 = 600

    Adding all these amounts up you get 7,518 candy apples, which is a lot less than the 9,270 needed to get all the prizes. And this is assuming that real life doesn’t interfere and you don’t have a missed day anywhere in there.

    Am I missing something here? I think I captured everything and my assumptions are reasonable. Based on this, unless EA adds other ways to get candy apples (which I am hoping they will), I don’t think I will be getting the last prize 🙁

    • First of all, I love this post. I love how much thought you’ve put into it and how thorough it is. 🙂

      Second, I’m right there with you. The math worries me, and I feel like you’ve broken it down just right.

      But third, I am starting to worry less. First, I keep seeing Alissa (and others) saying “Be patient. Don’t worry about it. It’s just a game. People always worry in the beginning, and then it all works out in the end.” And I’m starting to believe them. By the end of the day, I will be two days ahead. Yes, I’ve completed the quest lines so that definitely figures into it, but I just feel like candy apples are coming from places I don’t see them. For example, I swear one time after I battled M’nthster on the tower, I got 200 candy apples instead of 100. (I could totally be wrong; I’m just saying what I swear I saw.) Also, I feel like EA could still have something up its sleeve. I’ve seen it lower requirements before (although admittedly, the “before” totals in that instance were truly were ridiculous). And finally, someone commented that the end of the event can last a little longer because it requires an app store update, so you can put it off for a few hours if you’re really close. (You can’t count on it, so you should definitely try to get everything before the event ends, but I’ve seen it happen on five events in a row now–in one case, I was able to collect a prize in the “bonus time.”)

      So just be patient. Don’t worry about it. Do the best you can. In the end, it’s only a game. 😉 (Please remind me that I said this when the end of the event comes and I come on here complaining that I didn’t get the last prize. lol)

      • I totally agree with you and Alissa, having played this game for 3+ years I have seen EA adjust the amounts if people aren’t getting the prizes (except for that one horrible, horrible Easter), so I’m not worried yet.

        On top of that, I am still 2 or so days ahead of the calendar (and it feels like I got additional candy apple somehow yesterday, so your poor about getting 200 apples for battling M’nther seems right), so as long as I am ahead, I feel ok. The post was more just me trying to figure out the math and see of I missed anything.

        Thanks for the response!

        • I will say I unlocked the UFP last night and I’m just passing regularly. I do have all the premium characters but 1, but still not doing anything different. And I didn’t touch my game for most of yesterday. Cleared in the am, and again before bed my. Otherwise I’m every 4 hrs

    • The calendar was based on nightmares every 8 hours ….now the task is every 4 hours,
      So it should be easier

      I’m 2.5 days ahead of the calendar

    • You haven’t missed anything. It’s basically impossible to get the last prize, unless there’s a new way to get candy apples.

      • I was worried as well but as of last night I seem to be getting 250 apples for beating Mnthster in the air, and 400 apples for beating him on the tower. The timing for me is he’s in the air first thing in the am. Then 2 fights at the fire (8hrs) and then he’s on the tower. Then a 12 hr wait till he re appears. Thats 650 apples alone right there. Unless that changes we all should be OK as long as you fight Mnthster twice a day, which is no problem to do.

    • I don’t worry about this at all because i’ve already collected candy apples one day faster than they show on the calender and slightly getting more faster . I don’t have any premium kids or buildings to Spawning Nightmares. I just play it every 4 hours.

    • I don’t have any of premium kids or buildings to Spawning Nightmares more but I’m now one day ahead of the calender.

    • Very thorough!

    • Alright, so it appears that you get 200 candy apples for moving M’thster to the Campfire and 300 for defeating him there (in addition to the 50 and 100 you get from tapping him). If you do this for 13 days, you will get 500 * 13 = 6,500. Add this to the ~7,500 above and you get 14,000, which is more than enough to get all the prizes. I knew I missed something 🙂

      I now feel confident that I can get the last prize easily, thanks for the responses!

    • Great post! But check your math for #6 – it’s way off if you really mean 2x10x14.

    • Oops…never mind….my brain is off! Your math is great!

  12. Shopkeeper tasks – done!
    Rail Yard tasks – done! (Well, I’m still in the stocking up phase, but I have three days to do that in.)
    Calendar – about two days ahead (just got Holiday Homer a short while ago)!

    Feelin’ good and looking forward to the weekend and some less intensive tapping (although I know I have to make sure not to get to complacent with the caramel apples…). 🙂

    • Now that’s interesting Sandra,

      I might be ahead of you getting the Homer skin, but I’m a couple of days behind you on the railyard bonuts

      🎃👻💀🍭 🙂

      • Unfortunately (TSTO-wise), I decided to have a life today, so I’m now just only about half a day ahead of the schedule. I’m hoping to do some damage control tomorrow, but I’m not sure how easy it will be to regain some of the lead I had back. I always feel better if I can stay at least two days ahead.

      • What’s the rail yard tasks ?

        • Did you participate in the Monorail event? The Rail Yard was the last prize to be awarded in that event. It allows you to create monorail track pieces. You get five tasks a week (task 1 starts on Tuesday). Each task requires blueprints. Task 1 requires 5,000 blueprints, for example, and then you earn one mystery track piece. You earn blueprints by getting resources from the recycling centers. If you complete all five tasks in one week, you win five bonuts. (Yea, bonuts!)

        • If you unlocked the railyard at the end of the Monorail event, you keep recycling for track pieces and get 20 free donuts each week……

          If you’ve got time to play enough, which I won’t have this week 🚝 🎃 🍭 🙂

          • I wish it were 20 donuts, but it’s only 5…think you’re confusing that with the shopkeeper reward.

          • As always, Sandra is absolutely correct ….I’m confusing it with the shopkeeper …..I mean 5 donuts 🍩 🍩 🍩 🍩 🍩

            🎃 🚝 🙂

  13. Is the number on the calendar where I “should” end the day or start the day?

      • Alissa — in the shopkeepers tasks, it says I have completed the day 5 task but it didn’t give me a check mark on day 5 and I didn’t get my 20 donuts. Has anyone else experienced this? I tried logging out and back in, going to a friends Springfield and back etc. Thoughts?

  14. Ruh roh, I’m barely on track and I have a lot of work (real work, the kind that pays me and holds me accountable) ahead of me this week. Sigh. I hope I make it.

  15. I have holiday Homer, so i,m save?

  16. Help me please 🙂

    I can’t seem to get rid of the upgrade fire task? Just keeps saying upgrade 5 times!

    Also. How does the tap star spawn work?? I kill the monster and tap the task and it just takes me to the fire? Any help is appreciated 🙂

  17. Don’t want to add to the chaos, but I’m just not seeing how I’m gonna get the final prize.
    I have all freemium kids plus Kearny and SVT from mystery boxes, and from the math people have posted it looks like it’s literally impossible to get 9000 apples. Not in a pessimistic way or anything, but the math just doesn’t add up no matter how you slice it, unless you have premium kids.
    The starspawns should be producing candy apples, that seems to be where the oversight is.
    I mean in act 2 you could get gummies from the adults tasks, collecting from the gate to nowhere, pet cemetary, (and any other nightmare producing thing you have), the daily bonus, and tapping nightmares that the kids made, AND tapping the nightmares that spawned from the campfire ALL DAY. I’m not good at math at all, but from just hunting munster, collecting from the gate to nowhere, pet cemetary, daily bonus, and producing the pittance of nightmares from the brown houses, I think a lot of us aren’t gonna make it.
    I hope you guys can squeeze in the time post a math article like you did for the monorail event! C’mon Alissa, what else are ya doing! Hehe 👶🏼🍼

    • lol no math posts. They just freak everyone out. My best advice is to RELAX and stop over thinking it. Just play. You know you’ll need to login every 4 hrs so do that, clear everything and just remember it’s a game. Not meant to stress you out

      • But I waaaant all the prizes lol. I’ll keep on releasing my nightmares every 4 hours and hope for the best 😊

        • I’m at 3500 and I’m not doing anything special. Just playing as I’m supposed to…

          • I’m at 2500, but a lot of that was the rewards for completing the quests and the day 5 daily bonus. The premium kiddos help a lot if you have them.

          • I couldn’t work out how to send kids after the first job to send 10 so I’ve had nothing from them – I just saw your post on multiple brown houses and had a light bulb moment. OK, more of a face palm moment.
            Also have been mega busy at work so haven’t played during the day at all.
            Still, without any effort and without using my kids, I’m somehow a day ahead of the calendar.
            Even if you’re behind you should be able to catch up easily, I reckon.

    • Yes, this is the comment I’ve been waiting for! I completely agree that it does seem like this act will be more challenging, possibly impossible for many players (including me) to get all the prizes, now that I’ve been through a day cycle without the extra apples from the questline and have seen how many I can actually generate.

      Your suggestion of getting starspawns to produce candy apples seems the most sensible fix, but ideally also correlated to the campfire level, so that players are still incentivised to create particular nightmares and upgrade the campfire.

      Also my thanks to the Addicts team for all of this work and high quality content and commentary on a game we all enjoy but which, as Alissa rightfully points out, is just a game at the end of the day!

      • THE ONLY THING we have going for us is that this is the FINAL act and EA in the past hasn’t forced an update when the clock runs out, giving you 24-48 hrs to make up what you are down. And of course all the free donuts has made the event way more enjoyable. Thank you for your generosity EA!!!!!!!!!

        And if you read my thank you, please bring back the limousine so I can buy it. Thanks!

        Aannnnddd thanks for the calendar Bunny!!!

    • I do want to mention when viewing holiday homer, it says he helps with the event. This very well might add to the candy apples, possibly a good deal. Maybe after his tasks are done something will happen to increase it.

  18. Haven’t gotten a chance to tell you yet, but thanks as always for the calendar, Bunny!! 😀

  19. Now the kids task takes half as long….we’ll get the re-neducation centre in half the time, so people lucky enough to be able to play every 4 hours, may get it by the 12th or 13th so no panic

    🎃 💀 🐍 👻 🍭 🏈 🙂

  20. This event has been a let down. The prizes and the items to craft just haven’t been all that thrilling, really have only like the Clockwork Bart skin and to a lesser extent the Pirate skin for Kang/Kodos (never know which is which) everything else is pretty lame. The good stuff on offer is all repeat items that I had from previous years. I’ll probably give it a miss after I get the Homer skin because the last two prizes don’t interest me at all and there’s nothing worth crafting.

  21. The kids I had roasting marshmallows when Mnthster was defeated are still stuck in the campfire. For some reason I can’t get the out to end the task. Anyone else experiencing this?

    • Kids shouldn’t be roasting when the Mnthster hits the campfire. That causes this problem. You can try storing each building that the kids came from individually to knock them out. If not, contact EA.

  22. Did anybody else get to battle the m’nthster twice (after it changed to a four hour time) before he vanished back to his castle? Or did I hit a lucky glitch?

    • Yes. I think if I decided to spend donuts on “premuim halloween costumes,” it would have been a first round knockout, but I would rather spend donuts on characters I do not have yet.

      Is anyone angry that EA has gotten so stingy with the shapeless terrors and caramel apples in act 3? Why can’t they give you an apple with every green monster we kill off, and it would be nice to have more terrors with them to send to neighbors.

  23. I don’t know if I’m gonna regret this, but I think that, now that I seem to have finished the questline for now, I’m going to have my recycling kids go back to doing that, until they need to do battle again. Once I finish the rail yard, they can go back to hunting. I’m figuring I should be able to get away with that, caramel apple wise, because I think I have a pretty good number of other kids and I figure that EA had to make the prizes achievable for folks who have fewer of them than I do.

    That’s why these calendars are so valuable… They act as an “early warning system” – if it looks like I’m not keeping up to where I should be, I can adjust my gameplay accordingly.

    • Sounds like sense to me, now you’ve got the all important calendar, …it’s not just dates and numbers…’s reassurance, …that’s priceless 🙂

      I think I’m a day ahead of the calendar,
      as I just got the Homer skin at 5am GMT (about midnight your time)

      🕠 📅 🕠 📆 🏈 🎃 🙂

      • I think you’re more than a day ahead then. I haven’t gotten it yet today, but, when I went to bed last night, it looked like I was a bit more than a day ahead according to the apple numbers on the calendar.

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