Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey Howdy Hey Turkey Tappers!

It’s finally Turkey Day here in the US!  And you know what that means…Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Apple and Pumpkin pie, football, stretchy pants and insane sales at the mall!  You may notice things a little quiet around here today (you can always check out the details of the Thanksgiving Event here) as we take the day to celebrate the holiday with our families.

However, we couldn’t let a day dedicated to being thankful go by without a special THANK YOU to YOU…our AMAZING readers!  We are so thankful for each and every one of you that take the time to read our posts and comment.  So from Wookiee, Bunny and myself…THANK YOU!!  You guys rock and we couldn’t do this without you!

Here at Addicts we’ve all been blessed in so many ways and we hope you have too.  (and I think many of you know what I’m most thankful for today…and yes she’s all dressed up in Turkey Day attire today)  In that spirit we’d like you to take a moment and let us know in the comments below what you’re thankful for this Thanksgiving.  We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Happy Thanksgiving Tappers (whether you celebrate or not, we all celebrate through TSTO)!

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  1. I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving and I’m not interested in any of the current prizes, I’m actually enjoying seeing all the spared turkeys running around my Springfield, so cute!

  2. Craig (ibuylow2014)

    I am sure it is us who are more thankful for you. Without your posts, this game would have chewed me up and tossed me out many times.

    Thank you all

  3. Any reason why I can’t see any comments on the Black Friday post? Supposed to be 93 comments…

  4. Already said my general “Happy Thanksgiving”s in the previous thread, but I think I’ll do a special one just for our marvelous mods (or would you prefer “adorable Addicts”?)…

    I am so very thankful for this site, which provides unparalleled coverage of the game, and, just as importantly, provides a great, friendly “watering hole” for fabulous folk from all over the world. But I’m even more thankful to the Addicts who provided all of this to us, for no cost, out of the generosity of their hearts (and wallets). Special mention to Alissa, who barely missed a step after giving birth to her very first child! (Kind of reminds me of those stories of the field hands who would go into labor, give birth, and go back to their fieldwork, lol!)

    I hope you three had a terrific Turkey Day!

    • Lol thanks sandra. Believe me I wish a few beats could have been skipped by me. But when you got a busy bunny and Wookiee you’re not left with much of a choice…

      • What can we do to help?

        • You guys are helping…community helping each other in the comments is a HUGE help. I can just push and know you guys will help each other. Saves me a lot of time.
          Next week is gonna be rough with my husband going back to work on Monday. We’ll have to see how things go…hopefully I get a little time before Christmas hits lol

  5. Aren’t there supposed to be Black Friday deals going today? It’s already noon for me on 27/11 and I don’t see squat!

  6. Happy turkey day.

    See ya bye . Shine on you Crazy Diamond . 👽

  7. Happy Thanksgiving! I know I’m thankful for this great country that the Indians gave to us white folks so graciously!

  8. Gobble Gobble *Burp*

  9. Hello all!

    Happy Thanksgiving Bunny, Wookie and Alyssa! As always, thank you so much for everything you do for us! You’re all so appreciated! Very special first Thanksgiving wishes for that beautiful new little tapper, Alyssa! Hope you are all having a wonderful night with your families and friends! RELAX, and eat way too much food, you all deserve it!

    Hope everyone else is having a fantastic Thanksgiving as well! I came across something I thought was pretty neat, just wanted to share it with people I thought would enjoy it as much as I did!


    Have a great time with your families and friends this holiday, and happy tapping!

  10. I think there was an update, it said “downloading update” at 6:00 pm…

  11. Hey hey! The Mr. Burns issue is fixed.

    Thanks EA

  12. Happy Thanksgiving to all my American neighbors from the great white north! Hope everyone has a fanatstic day. Got me jonesin for a turkey dinner. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm graaaavy.

  13. Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends!! Although not a holiday here, I did slip out at lunch and got a wicked Black Friday deal at Wal Mart. My kids (and husband) are going to go insane because it’s pretty much the only gift for all 4 of them, other than a few minor items. Our PS3 broke awhile back, which also means we have been without a Blu-Ray/DVD player too. Although we’re slowly making the move to digital, we still have a lot of disks, and a lot of Disney Infinity characters that are now useless. I got this awesome PS4 bundle which is Star Wars themed – has Darth Vader embossed (not sure actually how it’s on there – but it looks cool) on the actual unit and a special Star Wars themed controller. It also comes with Disney Infinity 3.0 Star Wars starter pack (2 characters, a special st0ne, etc.) I found a great deal online for 3 more controllers. Ended up choosing the glacial white which look very storm trooper-ish. Dropped a bundle, but it was actually a very good price, and now in one stop, I’m almost done my shopping…..now that’s how you do it!! And the best part is that my kids won’t care they’re not getting that many things (quantity-wise), because they’re just going to want Daddy to hook the system up so they can play – AND my house won’t be full of useless, mini sized, plastic junk toys. Everyone wins. 🙂 Wookiee, I thought of you while I was buying it. 😉

  14. WanderingCaveman

    Happy Thanksgiving Addicts!

  15. 15 Thanksgiving donuts, 5 railyard donuts, and 3 XP wraparound donuts – – it’s been a fine Thanksgiving. Happy turkey day to you all

  16. Just cleared a building collect and had Thanksgiving Easter Egg 1/3 pop up. I don’t know which, but it may have been quickly-mart. Anyone else seeing these and if so from what?

  17. Happy Thanksgiving to all. Spending time with the family, so no tapping until late tonight.

  18. Mandy (amandajane797)

    Happy Thanksgiving to all the Addicts and thank you for all the help! Hope you have a lovely day.
    I live in the UK near Plymouth where there are events going on today commemorating the sailing of the Pilgrim Fathers – counting down to the 400th anniversary. The Mayflower steps have been lit for today and I think there’s lots more planned.

  19. Happy Thanksgiving from Brazil !
    Brazilians usually don’t celebrate; in the English course I work, we do, thought!

  20. Happy Thanksgiving to all that celebrate today, ours was last month. I’m grateful for so many things….I’m grateful for my family, their smiles and their laughter.

    Happy Gobble, Gobble…..


  21. Julie (Jsander321)

    Happy Thanksgiving to all my TSTO neighbors near and far!

    I’ve many reasons to be grateful on my Thanksgiving this year. Including finding this game as a little distraction from the worries of everyday life. Never lose the joy a silly little game brings to you. Even if it’s in a virtual world.

    Also a special thanks to Alissa, Bunny and Wookie for all the behind the scenes work you do to make my favorite game a little easier to navigate! I’m thankful I found your blog a little over a year ago! 👍

    Blessings to us all and may we all find a thankful heart this holiday season.

    …and leftovers .. 😜 🍴🍗🍾🍩

  22. My little baby Florian.

  23. So very much to be thankful for: I am deeply loved, completely forgiven, and totally accepted because of the completed work of Jesus Christ on the cross. I know this is not “politically correct” but I am His and He is mine. Bless you all.
    Love your excellence in keeping us informed. Enjoy baby! RevJRO

    • I totally agree with being thankful to our Lord. What I don’t agree with is all the things they say are “politically correct”. I’m glad to see you speak out. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    • Yeah.. Jebus is great. And not at all polarizing to good people from all religions. Have a happy thanksgiving everyone!!

  24. Happy Thanksgiving.
    Just wondering if there’s a chance for a what a wookie wants post for the Christmas 2015 event? Really enjoyed the last one in preparation for the THOH 2015 a few months ago, so I was hoping for another one but Christmas-themed. Thanks!

  25. Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone across the pond has a great day 🙂

  26. Thanks to you too! I’d be completely lost without all your tips and walkthroughs. X3 Have a great Thanksgiving!

  27. Maybe we should all think about how lucky we are and be thankful for a safe, warm home and people that love us, …..not everybody has that 👼😇

    and thankful for the internet, which brings us all together from around the world ….if we start getting serious, and reflective, I might get upset, so I have to keep it light hearted 🙂

  28. Happy Thanksgiving to all!
    While I am one of the people who work in the service industry and therefore do work today, I am thankful for loving my job and for having an amazing family that makes it all come together on our schedule. Life is short and I am thankful for every minute.

  29. With s little (ok, a lot!) of help from Adam Sandler…

    Love to eat turkey
    ‘Cause it’s good
    Love to eat turkey
    Like Homer Simpson would
    ‘Cause it’s turkey to eat
    So good

    Turkey for me
    Turkey for you
    Let’s eat the turkey
    In the house that’s blue
    Love to eat the turkey
    At the table
    Homer once tried to
    Steal some cable
    Eat that turkey
    All night long
    Fifty million Tapped Out fans
    Can’t be wrong
    Turkey lurkey doo and
    Turkey lurkey dap
    I eat that turkey
    Then I go to Tap

    Thanksgiving is a special night
    Homer Simpson once got in a fight
    That’s right
    Turkey with gravy and cranberry
    Alissa loves that episode with Darryl Strawberry (me too!)
    Turkey for you and
    Turkey for me
    Happy first Thanksgiving to little Miss Riley

    White meat, dark meat
    You just can’t lose
    Homer falls a lot
    But never seems to bruise
    Turkey in the oven
    And the buns in the toaster
    I’ll never take down
    My Simpsons poster
    Wrap the turkey up
    In aluminum foil
    Mr. Burns once tried to steal
    The elementary schools oil
    Turkey and sweet potato pie
    Arnie Pye likes to
    Fly through the sky

    Turkey for the girls and
    Turkey for the boys
    I’ll never get rid
    Of my Simpsons toys
    Gobble gobble goo and
    Gobble gobble gickel
    Mayor Quimby wishes Springfieldians
    Weren’t so fickle (mush-heads)
    Oh I love turkey on Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

  30. Hiya, I have a quick question.
    Ebenezer Burns is not paying premium for his 24 hour task. Is it just my game or is this affecting everyone? :/

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