Should I Spend Donuts on the Kwik-E-Mart Central Office?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Earlier today Ol’ Gil appeared in Springfield.  This time trying to talk us out of buying something…the Kwik-E-Mart Central Office.  For 145 donuts this HQ of Kwik-E-Marts World Wide could be yours….but you only have until Wednesday December 2nd to make up your mind.

Now I know you may be trying to decide if this are worth YOUR donuts, but don’t sweat it!  We’re here to tell you what’s worth the donuts and what you might want to hold off on.

Wondering if you should add the Kwik-E-Mart Central Office to your Springfield?  Well before you hit that confirm button let’s break down the pros and cons of adding this office to your town!


Building: Kwik-E-Mart Central Office
Donut Price: 145 Donuts
Earns: $500, 45xp/24hrs
Conform-O-Meter: No impact
Size: 9×8
Unique: Yes, only 1 per Springfield

Leaves Stores on December 2nd

-Unique looking building for Springfield
-Comes with a 3 part questline
-Apu will have a 12hr task here, Flanders has an 8hr task there & Hank Scorpio has an 8hr task there.  All pay premium rates.
-Animated when in use (light comes from the front doors, and they open)

-Pricey for just a building without a character
-Huge.  Not only in the footprint, but in height.
-Doesn’t really belong in Springfield…

Final Thought:
This isn’t the greatest buy in the world.  It’s, in my opinion, over priced for just a building.  However, it is nice that Apu, Flanders and Scorpio will continue to have a task there (I really hate buildings that don’t get used).  This is one of those “meh” buildings in my opinion.  It’s a neat looking design, and nice that it’ll get used, but really it’s over priced for what it is/does.  In the end if it’s something you like pick it up, otherwise pass.  You won’t be missing much.

Stay away from this one.  Personally I just don’t feel that this one is worth your hard earned donuts.  The benefits on this, while there are a number of them, just don’t outweigh the price for me.  So if you’re a freemium player I’d stay away from this one.

Of course in the end it’s your decision, we can only tell you what we would/wouldn’t do…and I can tell I’ll probably pass on.   However, this IS a limited-time item.  So if you’re thinking about getting it make sure you make your final decision before it leaves our games on December 2nd.

Here’s a look at the questline for those that are curious…

Rocky Mountain Why Pt. 1
Apu starts

Manjula: Apu! It’s time you showed some ambition in your career.  I want you to apply for a promotion to management in the Kwik-E-Mart Central Office.  
But dearest wife, think of the commute. It’s a seven-hour mountain trek each way!  I’ll never have time to see you or the children.  Okay, putting it that way, I’ll definitely apply.
Make Apu Apply for a Promotion- 2hrs, Earns $175, 40xp

Rocky Mountain Why Pt. 2
Apu starts

Apu: My dream has come true! I have been promoted to management in the Central Office!
Welcome aboard! Or should I say “aloft?”
You’re working here, too?!
You betcha. They had just the job for me, based on my previous work experience.  The “Complaints” Department.
I thought the Kwik-E-Mart corporation hated handling complaints.
They do. Why do you think we’re on top of a mountain?
Make Apu Manage Complaints Department- 1hr, Earns $105, 26xp
Make Springfielders Hike Up a Mountain to Complain- x10. 1hr, Earns $105, 26xp.

Rocky Mountain Why Pt. 3
Apu starts

Gil: Don’t you just love working up here on top of a mountain, Apu?  The fresh air, the great view, the thrill of stumbling across some mountain climber’s frozen corpse.
 I suppose. But winter is coming. What if we get snowed in?
It’ll be great! We’ll have hot chocolate, play cribbage, and talk, talk, talk about our many problems and failures.
Okay, I’m convinced.  I’m going back to my old store right now!
Make Apu Work a 24hr Shift- 24hrs, Earns $600, 150xp

What are your thoughts on the Central Office?  Will you be spending the donuts to bring it to your Springfield (or did you already)? Where have you placed it?  Thoughts on the Cyber Monday deals? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you! 

52 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts on the Kwik-E-Mart Central Office?

  1. I love this game but, I hate EA … this is way overpriced. It does look cool though 🙂

  2. Such a cool Building
    A lil too large for my Springfield
    Biggest buzzkill? Zero impact on your Conform-O-Meter
    (what the deuce, EA? that was an epic fail)

  3. Wish I had noticed this earlier…I noticed that The kwik e mart central office and the happy sumo both have 60 minute tasks in their quest chain that you can send most of the springfielders to do that earn more cash and xp than regular 60 minute tasks. As long as you don’t send Apu or Akira to complete their 2 hour tasks, you can keep sending the springfielders over and over again. This is a nice way to generate more cash faster, and convenient because everyone is at one location. Now with The happy sumo I wanted to generate the free bonsai so I didn’t mind that I completed Akiras 2 hour task. But with the kwik e mart office I wish I never did Apu’s 2 hour task so I could use it for the 60 minute tasks repeatedly! I just began playing a few months ago so I was wondering if anyone knows if there are other buildings that have similar 60 minute tasks for all the springfielders that can be repeated like this?

  4. Aaaaaaahhh i missed out on this one!! I wanted it sooo bad. Theres no way its ever coming eh guys?

  5. After the ReNedification Building not having Clouds, some people should be happy that this does (maybe a Pro point)

    Yes agree with the majority, pass.

    Holding my other thoughts and comments about this until the “maybe” WDTCF post (so, this is just between you and me, smashed hat) 😉

  6. Who needs the Kwik-E-Mart? I doooooooo

    • Yeah! A comrad in crime. It’s been getting disted to the extreme so welcome aboard. I love it and hope to work it in…with more land!

  7. If it had come with the three-question-limit manager, or Homer with the giant spy-camera-hat, then maybe… nah, probably still a pass. All the same, it did come from a really good episode.

  8. A yawner. Makes me think that the developers have ran out of ideas.

  9. My town is getting really crowded and I need to move things around. The thought of putting things in storage and starting over seems overwhelming… there an easier way to do it? Or do I need to quit being lazy? ANDwhen turning in recycling for track pieces is there an order to get maximum points ?

  10. The nostalgia it brings just isn’t worth my donuts unfortunately.

  11. I remember this episode it was really good will there be a where did that come from for this building?

  12. Pinch, punch…….

  13. Has anyone else seen a glitch today where there are no icons over people or buildings? Noticed it earlier. When I tapped, they still paid out, but the dollars and thumbs were missing.

    • Go to Krustyland or the Neighbor Screen and come back. The icons will reappear. It’s a known issue, and a lot of people are experiencing it. Hopefully a patch will fix it soon.

    • I’ve seen that one several times, actually. (Almost makes me feel like I’m finally part of the “in” crowd! 😉 ) One trick which brings the icons back for me, is pop open the “neighbors” screen, and then tap on back to your Springfield.


    Here is how mine looks in the back of my town on a little 3d platform with Mt Carlmore and Volcano Lair… so cool!!!

  15. I bought it right away. I’m putting it near the volcano lair and the ski lift and Dr Colossus’s HQ.

  16. I went to krusty land earlier and Gil popped up and said something about a land increase, but I tapped accidentally and missed it. Do you guys see this also?

  17. What are Apu’s, Ned’s and Hank’s tasks after finished?

  18. Geeezlawheeez, guys and gals, I bought this thing and once I get MORE LAND (please, please, please), it will work well. Its unusual appearance appealed to me. Cheers!

  19. Yes, I bought it. I could help myself. Yes, it’s a bit expensive, but it is truly unique. Plus having been to Nepal and the Himalayas a couple times, it was a personal preference

  20. I think this is just a sop for all of the folks who have been playing awhile and already had the black Friday items. I can’t see anyone else besides someone like that or a completist buying it. (Not even a little bit tempted myself…if I had those donuts to spare, I’d have picked up a couple of other sale items and/or bought Mrs. Bouvier.

    • Kim (kimberlyah794)

      I agree. I’m not really tempted by this either, unless it came with a character. I meant to grab Herb’s mansion in the sale, but missed it. Oh well.

    • I’ve got donuts spare, I treated myself to a boatload, but I’m not tempted by this. My donuts are for characters now. I bought the tire fire as my first donut purchase ever and I’m not disappointed with it but none of the other decorations appeal. I’ve also bought some skins (just Bartman, I think, but there may be 1 or 2 others) but I don’t use them much – I either forget or they’re for characters that are on quests or recycling. So, characters only from now on – voiced characters preferably.

      • I almost never buy decorations, but there have been a couple buildings that I’ve been happy to get (generally ones that give my characters more time options). I love my Aztec theater, for example!

    • I bought Mrs. Bouvier. The task with Grampa are funny.

  21. Good advice to pass on this. It is quite an eyesore imo.
    Btw I have earned 6 premium characters in the past 48 hours or so. Luann, Disco Stu, Dr. Nick, Sherri/Terri, Akira (I couldn’t pass him up as much as I thought I wanted to lol), and Blue Haired Lawyer (mystery box woot!).

    After the Halloween debacle, things are looking up in Springfield. 🙂

    Can’t wait for Christmas!

    • Try to stall the Akira quest. I have most characters on a 1 hour premium rate at the Happy Sumo. I log in each hour, 1 tap to release everyone, then go to Employment office and send all characters on a 1 hour task. Boom- 2 quick actions and the money keeps pouring in 🙂

  22. I bought it, really like the looks of it. I’ve placed it but think I will have to move it, but I will be doing a complete overhaul soon enough.
    I was happy with the deals, picked up a few things I’ve been wanting to add to my collection. Just wish they would do it for Krustyland rides, there is a couple I would like but they never come back.

  23. I was reading some other…er…uh…thing and it said Flanders, Apu and another character have permanent tasks with it…are you able to confirm? Thank you!

  24. NO conformity impact? KEMs are the go-to for (freemium) consumerism, but this thing costs 145 donuts and contributes ZERO consumerism? Bah! If I could refuse to buy this twice I would.

  25. Thanks, but no thanks! Your points that made me decide definitely no: the size, it would look out of place, and one 12 hr Apu task.

    Thanks for the info! I do think it has a great, unique look, but totally would have regretted buying it. You saved me again!

  26. Personally I love it. I’m really getting into my mountain area, Murderhorn, Mt Carlmore, the gorge etc. Just wish the colors blended better, now I have a little redecorating to do. I’ve posted this before but…

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