Thanksgiving 2015 and the Conform-O-Meter

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Thanksgiving has arrived in Springfield!  This Limited-Time event will only be around a short while (It’ll be gone be December 1st), so make sure you get those Limited-Time decorations and buildings while they’re still around!  For a little extra incentive let’s take a look at how the new additions to Tapped Out will impact your Conform-O-Meter.

The Conform-O-Meter is an important part of Tapped-Out because it provides you with a bonus boost in your cash and  XP from everything you collect in the game.  When you achieve a 5-Star Town (it’s max rating) you will receive a 5% bonus on all money and XP collected in your town.  If you missed the previous Conform-O-Meter posts check here for the basics and here for how many points you’ll need to reach 5 stars.

While the Thanksgiving event brought no changes to the Conform-O-Meter requirements, it did bring us a bunch of new items to add to our Springfield.  Let’s take a look at how all of the new “goodies” impact our rating:

Item Cost Category Points
Vast Waistband Free/Prize Consumerism 10
360 Degree Buffet Table Free/Prize Gluttony 10
Turkey Stuffer* Free/Prize Gluttony 10
Bart Balloon 40 Donuts Vanity 400
Work from Home Station 60 Donuts Vanity 600
Cornucopia Free Vanity 100
Piggly’s Super Smorg 140 Donuts Gluttony 10
Caesar’s Casino 150 Donuts Consumerism 10
Caesar’s SIgn 40 Donuts Vanity 400
Caged Tom Turkey 100 Donuts Vanity 100
Heimlich Machine 60 Donuts Vanity 100
Rusty the Clown Balloon $5,400 Vanity 440
Blinky Balloon $16,500 Vanity 790
Santa’s Little Helper Balloon $30,000 Vanity 1,070
Snowball II Balloon 15 Donuts Vanity 200
Grumple Balloon 25 Donuts Vanity 250
Stampy Balloon 40 Donuts Vanity 400

*The Kwik-E-Mart Central Office that was part of the Cyber Monday Gil deal does NOT impact the Conform-O-Meter.

How is YOUR Conform-O-Meter doing?  What new items have you added to boost your rating?  What did you think of the Thanksgiving Event?   Are you ready for Christmas?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

29 responses to “Thanksgiving 2015 and the Conform-O-Meter

  1. I gotta admit…I kinda miss those little turkeys!

  2. The Christmas event didn’t start today. So my guess is that we’re still a week away. Maybe we’ll get level 60 before then? It’s anyone’s guess.

    • Noooooooo!!!!!!! I want Christmas NOW! I will settle for tomorrow. There must be a reason those turkeys were gone so promptly this morning. My lights are on and decorations are out….bring on the snow! I was so patient in the game and in real life, but it’s Dec 1st and I want to Christmas all month long!!

    • i’m guessing christmas will be today, when the kwik-e-mart hq leaves the store.

  3. Hi everyone! I am new here. I found this site just yesterday and can’t believe I have tapped this long without knowing you all exist! This site is so super useful! I understand I’m in the wrong spot for this particular comment/ my introduction however I missed Sundays random column. When I return I shall have something more poiant to divulge. Thank you Addicts!

    • Welcome to the Addicts Madness!!

      Quick FYI, the Open Thread is Open… all the time. So even if you missed it, feel free to still pop in and keep the discussion going all week until the next one. We kind of think of it as our “Addicts Chatroom”. So enjoy 😉

    • Hi Alf 🙂

  4. Seems to me like the work from home station should be indolence rather than vanity. Can’t get much more indolent than Homer putting on enough weight to qualify as handicapped just so he can stay home all day.

  5. My question is about Turkey event and righteousness. My righteousness has gone from 5 star to 0 star over the last week. I have plenty of hail ant and training walls hiding behind my buildings. Weird.

    • Thanksgiving shouldn’t have impacted it. Could be something that a patch will fix…

    • Righteousness seems to take a hit for quite a few, especially after an event takedown (for w/e reason). Mine dropped from 5 to 1 ⭐️ this time (even with a lot of Training Walls). I decided to add more, & apparently every 8 TW’s increase Righteousness by 1 ⭐️.

    • In my experience the Righteousness occasionally drops out of nowhere and a couple of days later is back to normal. I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

  6. Does anyone have any idea if they will off the turkey “pet” NPC once they take the Thanksgiving event completely down? It’s one of the few pets I don’t have.

  7. Gah!!!! The wait for the Christmas event is killing me!! Finishing up the last of the cleaning/decorating in my house today (while pretending to work, kind of sort of….) and I just can’t wait to jump into all things Christmas!!!!

    • I have the same feelings!!! Let it snow. It Will be my first Christmas event, because the last 2 years i did mis them.

  8. Great to get confirmation that it was the buffet table and turkey stuffer that got me to 5 stars for Gluttony and consequently a 5 star town 😀

  9. Black Friday was worth it for me. Saving all those bonuts really came in handy. Now it’s back to work on earning more for next year.

  10. Anyone know when the winter update is up? I dont wanna send my characters for 24 hr tasks in case it comes today? Haha

    Thank you for all the guides guys!



  11. Whens xmas starting?

  12. Whens xmas starting

    • Last year the Christmas event started on Wednesday, December 3. In 2013 the event started on Tuesday, December 10. So I would guess that if the event doesn’t start by the middle of tomorrow (Wednesday, December 2), then I would guess that it would start next Tuesday or Wednesday, December 8 or 9.

      • I’m *really* hoping for the latter…I need a week to do clean up from the past few events and get a bit of a breather!

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