Gil’s Snowglobe Deal…and MAGGIE!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

A couple of things triggered for us this morning as part of the 2015 Christmas Event.

First up, Gil is back in Springfield and this time he’s pushing a giant Snow globe! This is something everyone should see in their town, regardless of where they are in the event.

Second, MAGGIE has arrived!  However, you won’t get her until you finish the upgrade on the Moonshine Shack and complete the Oh Come All Ye Vengeful questline.  So it will give you something to look forward too, and incentive to keep on tapping!

So let’s get to the basics of both shall we?  (don’t worry I won’t put up Maggie spoilers since it’ll be a bit before many of you get there…but know that Marge is the one who will kick off Maggie)


First up the Gil deal….

You’ll see Ol’ Gil roaming the streets of Springfield trying to sell you something….a Giant Snow globe!

Gil: Giant snow globe!  Giant snow globe!  Step right up and gaze upon the big and awesome, super-stunning giant snow globe!  Trust Ol’ Gil.  I’m not overselling this like the many loads of bunk I’ve oversold you in the past.  It’s an amazing item, as long as you’re not claustrophobic, scared of heights (like me) and have a backyard as big as the gardens of Versailles.  It says here that the base is solid gold and handcrafted…and oh, wow.  You’re not going to believe what’s inside.  A three-story historical 5-bedroom house perched on top of a fancy glacier!  Seems shakier than this sales pitch.  You’ll have your own private little Ice mountain!  Careful when you’re exploring.  Polar bears love to play soccer with the round heads like you.  But don’t worry.  Just hold off a couple of weeks ’til global warming puts a crimp in those critters’ lives.  Oh and since the house is teetering right on the edge of a cliff, I’d invest in a good home protection plan…and a parachute.  That snow globe can house five generations of people and pets.  That makes quite a Christmas scene.  Don’t do it for me.  Do it for the poor little orphans, and the obese, bearded guy up North, and for undernourished elves that can’t afford vitamins to grow.

At this point you’ll be offered the Snow Globe…

2015-12-23 10.40.21

If you decline you’ll see…

Gil: I can’t blame you for not buying.  You’re one of those odd-jobs that can’t stand having something wonderful in their life.

You’ll be able to access the Snow Globe deal then through the store…just tap on the Snow Globe icon in the store…

2015-12-23 10.57.17

Gil’s Offer ends January 6th, 2016. 

If you accept you’ll see..

Gil: Good doing business with you, friend.  You won’t regret buying from Gil.  And if you do, how ’bout buying some “regret” insurance to go along with your purchase?

Here are some quick facts about the Snow Globe…

Giant_Snow_Globe 8×8 in size.  Comes with a short questline.  9 characters can have a task there (2hrs).  Boosts vanity by 100 points.  And comes with a 2.25% bonus on all cash and XP. (can be placed in Springfield, the boardwalk or the Pier)

With Christmas only 2 days away, and plans for the next couple of days…I’m still debating on doing a Should I Buy for the Snow Globe…as most of the info is on this post.  If I do one for it, it won’t be until after Christmas. (The day not the event)


Here’s a look at the questline that comes with it…

Snow Global Warming
Mr. Burns starts

Mr. Burns: Smithers, what is this?
Smithers: It’s a giant snow globe, sir.
Mr. Burns: Snow globes bring back terrible memories Smithers.  Childhood, family…eugh!  That’s what I use them to trap my enemies.  I want them to feel my dread.
Smithers: It’s festive.  People normally love them.
Mr. Burns: Until they’re trapped inside one and the water starts rising!
Send Springfielders to the Snow Globe- x5.  2hr task.  (White Witch Burns can go and will earn Mistletoe)
Here’s a list of who can go:
Santa’s Little Helper
Ebeneezer Burns
White Witch Burns

2015-12-23 11.07.47


Now let’s talk about the little girl of the hour baby Riley Maggie!

As mentioned above you WILL NOT see the questline to get Maggie until you’ve fully upgraded the Moonshine Shack AND completed Oh Come All Ye Vengeful.  So if you haven’t done both of those things, please don’t ask why you can’t see Maggie in your game…

Marge starts the questline to get Maggie..and there’s a little surprise when you tap on her (Marge)…that I won’t ruin for y’all now.  But it’s cute 🙂

Anywho…just by tapping on Marge and running through the dialogue you’ll unlock Maggie..

2015-12-23 11.12.05 2015-12-23 11.12.08

And start the You Better Not Cry questline..

Maggie does come with a full set of tasks and will crawl around Springfield (no more walking around with Marge for her!).  I won’t post the tasks or many more details about Maggie now, as I know many of you are no where near ready to unlock her…and there are some things that are better left as a surprise 🙂

The You Better Not Cry questline is 5 total parts, and I’ll post a separate Turbo Tappin’ for that a little later today…

And that’s it for today’s little additions my friends!

Are you excited for Maggie?  At the point where you unlocked her, or close to it?  How about seeing Gil in Springfield?  Think you’ll be taking his deal?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

191 responses to “Gil’s Snowglobe Deal…and MAGGIE!

  1. I like the look very much so I bought it from the magic box. Very nice tasks. But it doesn‘t snow! Isn‘t it the purpose of a snow globe that snow is falling inside? It‘s a pity. It would be perfect with snow in it.

  2. so question: What does the snowglobe do? Does it give bonus xp? pay out hoursly? Wondering if I should buy

  3. Christopher4124

    I had the same trouble but I found that , if you tap on the building Maggie is on, it ‘centres ‘ it, then tap Maggie and it works.
    Hope this helps

    • Thanks for your tip. It still only works one out of two. I am very careful trying to tap on the building first but it does not always work. It’s annoying. Enjoy the new space event. Moving towards the third prize.

  4. I got to the point yesterday where Maggie’s mini game was unlocked. I tried it and found her but it did not let me tap her. Then said try again in 16 hours. Don’t know what to do to make sure doesn’t happen when I try again.

  5. Maggie Simpson (yes! except what happened to Marge Simpson task taking Maggie for a walk?)

    Gil deal (hmmm no!)

    I am still going to thank EA for Maggie Simpson ( please give a tasks to do in Krustyland) 🙂

  6. Hi addicts, happy new year! Just to say that I got Maggie just now, and I’m at part 3 of fortress of lonelitude ant part 2 of the moonshine shack. Just wondering if this was a (happy) glitch, or if EA are being generous! Thanks!

  7. There was supposed to be a gil starter pack promotion after getting maggie I read but he hasn’t appeared in my game. Any idea what’s going on with that? Thanks! 🙂

  8. Is it possible to miss Maggie? That would be sad. I have yet to upgrade my fortress of lonelitude to level 3, so it’s impossible for me to get her, right?

    Do you know what the Moonshine shack is in German? I don’t think that I have it…

    Another question, I tapped my New Year ball (or what that thing might be called in English) and it’s now a burning mess. I stored it but it’s still only fire and no ball. So it’s only possible to tap it once?

    Thanks in advance.

    • I don’t know what “moonshine shack” would be in German, but moonshine is alcohol made with a homemade still and a shack is old, rundown, small building, if that helps! 🙂

  9. Is it possible to miss Maggie? That would be sad. I have yet to upgrade my fortress of lonelitude to level 3, so it’s impossible for me to get her, right?

    Do you know what the Moonshine shack is in German? I don’t think that I have it…

    Another question, I tapped my New Year ball (or what that thing might be called in English) and it’s now a burning mess. I stored it but it’s still only fire and no ball. So it’s only possible to tap it once?

    Thanks in advance.

  10. Does this mean that people who missed this event missed their chance at getting Maggie?

  11. Geoffrey Newland

    Hi all. Every time I tap marge to start the Maggie cinematic and quest line the game crashes. Anyone have a work around for this?

    • Probably an issue with the cut scene and your game…not really sure of a workaround other than make sure you have enough memory on your device available to play it…

      • Geoffrey Newland

        Hi Alissa! Thanks for response! I don’t think it’s a memory issue, I checked and I’ve got 13 gigs available. Guess I’m gonna have to give EA a call. Keep on tappin!

  12. Frankly I would not eat lamb carpaccio. Lamb is not a meat to be eaten raw, such as beef or veal. I love raw beef, carpaccio, tartare, etc, but I would not eat raw lamb. From Joco the Chef.
    Simpson wise, I got all the prizes, pleased with myself. Maggie suckling noises are a bonus. I am at my second round of bonuts.
    Happy New Year everyone! We will be amongst the first ones in the world to welcome 2016, here in Australia.

    • I always love that the new year comes so far ahead in Australia…there’s something reassuring about knowing that the world didn’t end or something…that there’s a new year still ahead.

      (Yes, I know the inherent illogicalness of this…)

  13. Also, don’t know if anyone has mentioned it, but the yeti creature (don’t know name?) can use the snow globe too. I saw it in a friends town.

  14. I haven’t finished the moonshine shack, but got Maggie straight after krusty vandalized the petting zoo. So v happy, she is cute, and interestingly seems to shuffle through buildings!!

  15. I have completed all tasks, upgraded all the buildings, and have placed all the prizes. But I still don’t have Maggie. It’s been like that since she was released. I have tried everything I can think of. Nothing works :/ I don’t think the vandalizing of the buildings quest started after I upgraded the moonshine Shack

  16. Any idea if Gil will offer discounted donuts this year?

  17. I tapped on Marge to start the quest line to get Maggie but the game keeps crashing. Is anyone having the same problem?

  18. Not sure if the snow monster has a task there or not bc I didn’t buy it but he is pictured in it on the Gil sale (the first picture (that isn’t Maggie) on this post) and this explains why he and SLH randomly got full tasks lists at the beginning of this event.

  19. Anyone else loose Maggie? I got her yesterday and now she is no longer in my Springfield.

  20. I am really exited that Maggie will arrive, and that she’s a playable character, can’t wait. As for Gil’s offer, it is as useless and overpriced as always, and I will have no regrets passing on that.

  21. All I did was get the Moonshine thing and completed the whole Oh Come All Ye Vengeful before I got Maggie. You do not have to complete the Moonshine thing to get her.

  22. We got Radioactive Man, Sideshow Bob, Maggie and the Monorail all in one year. 2015 has been a great year for Tapped Out fans.

    • Amen. Especially the monorail (even though it is a grind and comes with more spare curved track pieces than a foreign-made train set) – how many games come with a toy train?

    • I honestly don’t really get all the hype over the monorail, and I went through the entire event. It just looks way too obtrusive in the towns that I’ve visited, and it’s really hard to even grind up enough to get the parts if you want it in the first place. I just keep it in storage and only use the rail-yard for the donuts.

  23. Yay! I’m one step closer to Maggie! But now I need Cletus in 3 places at once (!): at the Fortress cuz he’s a kook, at the moonshine shed, and collecting termites for the daily task! I’ve opted for the shed, as it’ll help it upgrade, and upgrading means MAGGIE! Mistletoe, termites (and bonuts) will just have to wait! Happy holidays, everyone!

    • $*%#! You just reminded me I need to send Martin shopping for Christmas trees. I keep forgetting and sending him to recycle plastic and buy hot squishees.

  24. 225 doughnuts for 2.25% bonus.

    And I thought EA lost their sense of humor.

  25. Anyone notice the new splash screen? Seems to what Lee was spoilering about, yes?

  26. 115 comments already? *sigh* I feel like I’ll never catch up here!

    Oh, and so happy Maggie is joining the game because, besides liking the idea of having her myself, I won’t have to read any more comments about people wanting her in the game! 😉

    • I said that Sandra,
      but they’re a demanding bunch….. there will be something else that everybody goes on about till they get it 🙂

      Have you been on your travels and back home safe?

      🎄 🎁 🙂

      • Yup – I’m home now. It was a good trip…great to finally meet my new nephew and see my folks and all, but there’s really no place like home, like Dorothy says… Hit lots of traffic on my trip back (which didn’t really surprise me) and was totally exhausted by the time I got home. But tonight is our traditional Christmas Eve lasagna (which becomes Christmas morning breakfast lasagna, lol!) and tomorrow is our traditional Christmas lamb, which my husband has been marinating for a couple of days now. Two of my all-time favorite meals! (Which is good, since it’s just the two of us, which means we’ll be eating them for about a week, lol.)

        • Glad you’re home safe Sandra, and glad you had a good time.
          Don’t know about lasagna for Xmas breakfast, ….we’ll be having full English, ….I do that in the hope that we’re full till Turkey time and won’t snack too much but it doesn’t work

          🎄 🎁 🙂

        • Mmmmmmmm…….lamb. 😋

          • I know not everyone likes lamb, but I’m convinced that at least some of those folks just haven’t had it prepared well. My husband marinates it in balsamic vinegar and fresh rosemary and such for a couple of days and I make this great spicy sauce for dipping it into. Also, he doesn’t overcook it, like so many places do.

            • You have inspired me to try to make lamb carpaccio. I have had beef and veal (my fave appetizer after a hot day), but I have never seen it done with lamb. 🤔

              • LOL – a few of the center slices from the roast lamb my husband made were rare enough to almost qualify for carpaccio (as cold leftovers), although we weren’t slicing it thin enough to really qualify.

        • Hi Sandra glad you are home safe! LASAGNE for dinner & breakfast yummy, can I beam myself up lamb also sigh! Two of my favs! Can you used your teleporter & send me some? Lol
          Glad you had a nice holiday with your family!

        • That’s awesome. We also do lasagna on Christmas Eve. I assemble it in advance so it can just slide into the oven before we go to church, and then when we get home, just toss a Caesar salad and open a bottle of wine. Easy peasy. Christmas dinner is always roast turkey with all the trimmings here, and then leftovers for days!! Btw – I tried to add you as a neighbour, but it keeps saying I have too many. I only have 87 now, so I think it is actually you, or else a glitch with Origin syncing properly. If you still or ever have space, please try adding me.

          • My mother was talking about making lasagne for Christmas. I thought it sounded odd but guess not

          • Keep trying to send me a friend request…it’s probably just a glitch, because I get them all the time (I have 41 pending now, I think). I won’t ever be able to send a friend request unless I want to decline all 41 of those folks, which I don’t.

            Do you also do the turkey thing for Thanksgiving? I don’t think I could do a week of turkey after Christmas when I’ve so recently just finished doing a week of turkey after Thanksgiving

            In the past, making the lasagna was my job (even though my husband does most of the cooking in the house these days) and he did the lamb. The last couple of years, though, he’s taken care of the lasagna, too (using my recipe). This is the first year that we didn’t make a ginormous lasagna (about a week’s worth!)…he talked me into going wih something a bit more moderate. (Last year we made the ginormous one and then, the next day, he left on a trip, leaving me to eat almost all of it myself, lol!)

            • Please Samdrashill, add joco1964 to your friends! I am dying to see the snow globe. I am a top player anyway. At least six times a days, sometimes more! A true addict! Thanks! Happy Mew Year 2016! Will soon be here!

              • I don’t have an opening right now, but keep posting here and you may be the next one I’ll add when I do! 🙂

                But, just so you know, I don’t have the snow globe…too rich for my freemium blood. 🙁

    • Sounds like a win-win situation 😂

    • Though you probably already read it, I think I’m going to be requesting an Itchy and Scratchy Land Event (I.S.L.E.), but no one backed me up so maybe I’m alone on that island :/

      Sorry for all the Maggie pleading, but figured it was the only way to gather the troops for the EA revolution.

      Yep, Itchy and Scratchy. I’m going to Fight and Bite for it now (well after Christmas is over). 🙂

  27. The Moonshine Shack won’t unlock for me even though I have everything upgraded to the max. I have a task from Krusty saying I have to upgrade the Reindeer Burger Truck to level 3 but I have already. I’ve tried EVERYTHING. Anybody have any ideas?

  28. I know Maggie doesnt need one, but can she have her own Where did that come from? ;P

  29. Maggie! So excited. But I still don’t have the moonshine shack and won’t get it until tomorrow.

    BUT I just unlocked the Chocolate Shoppe!

  30. Happy Holidays everyone 🎅🎄🎁🎅

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