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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s that time of the week again, time for the Addicts Weekly Open Thread!  So, let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So…here is your Open Thread.  No new Simpsons tonight…actually there won’t be another new episode until next weekend, Valentine’s Day.  However, we had a little update this past week in our own Springfield’s….what are your thoughts on the new Daily Challenges?  Bonuts?  Did you catch our interview with Todd a TSTO Animator?  Really awesome stuff from an extremely talented designer!

It’s Superbowl Sunday!  How will you be spending the Superbowl?  Have a party planned?  Going to one?  Just hanging out and watching anything but football?  Who do you think will win, the Broncos or the Panthers?

Looking for something fun to do if you’re not into football?  Have you checked out Frinkiac yet?  It’s a fun search engine where you can search Simpsons screencaps.  It’s pretty neat, you should check it out! 🙂

How was your weekend? Do anything fun and exciting? Ready for the work week to start back up? (I know I’m not!  I’ve been off of work since November 1st…and tomorrow’s my first day back.  I’m not ready!)

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Update fun, or anything else you can think of!  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we love hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!

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  1. Can anyone remember where the comments were, relating to find Maggie game losing sucking sound because it happened to me,…..
    found her straight away, but no sound

    💟 💘 💚 💝 🙂

  2. Happy Valentines Day! 🌹🌹🌹

    And if you are single on this day it doesn’t mean you’re not good enough for anybody. It simply means no-one is good enough for you! Yet.

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    Vodka costs less…
    Then dinner for two!

    Have a great day all 💝💝💝

  3. Don’t want to see anyone say they’re feeling sad & lonely………..
    I’m sending my love to all of you around the world

    💘 Happy Valentine’s Day 💘
    to all of you 🙂

  4. My animation stopped working on Barts “command mechanical ants” tast. You still see Bart in front of the school with the controller, but the ants are nowhere to be seen. Have other people had this issue? It always used to work just fine for me. I’m really bummed because it is one of my favorite animations and it cost a lot of donuts to buy the ants.

    • Oh no, I hope not that was my justification for buying all those ants! He’s telling stories at the campfire right now but I’ll check as soon as he’s done

      • You just play your game to enjoy it, don’t you? Doesn’t bother you that the payout is too low for a 4h task, does it?

        Personally, even if the payout was correct, I probably won’t use those tasks until next Fall. I only really loved it when the lighting faded during the initial stories.

        • I really couldn’t care less about payouts. I have no idea who’s premium and who’s not. I never use my unemployment office. I always choose each character individually and have them do something fun, nearly always outdoors. I’ll set Bumblebee Man on his 30 minute task right before bed because I just find it amusing. This game is just fun to me, I see all these posts breaking down the math. I just ignore them. If that’s how you want to play, more power to you but I spent 4 hours today reading up on candidate’s immigration policies and when I got to Springfield it just all goes away.
          And if I’m elected president I promise Kumiko will be available for all to purchase, for doughnuts of course.

          • I see you’re choosing to be a more realistic type of politician…some others would promise us Kumiko as a freemium purchase or reward!

          • Craig (ibuylow2014)

            Better yet, tax all those with a lot of donuts and give Kumiko to all of those that don’t work to earn donuts.

          • For free and we got a deal. 😛 Government handouts is how you bribe the populous.

            • Seriously don’t bait me. Never get me started on politics I’ll save that for Facebook. I spent all day researching possible Supreme Court justices. This is what I do for fun when I’m not tapping out.
              See I just had to delete half a paragraph. I was going to watch Buffy but my evening is ruined

              • One day Ryan I’d love to seriously just talk to you about all things political. I know i ban it from this site..because this is a site about TSTO not politics. People (like you) come here to escape real life, not read more about it. But I really do love a good political discussion…it’s why I have a degree in it. (well that and English..) Again…not time or place for it…but yea.

              • Well you have my email. I’m always down for a good political discussion. People I hang out with on a regular basis have defriended me on Facebook because I won’t shut up. I spend so much time on the subject it is really hard for me on here sometimes to curb it.
                I just found myself writing a reply on here about how to finance bonughts. I deleted it. Need to detach.

              • Meh one day. I argue with my husband enough about it. Including many threats to move to Canada….or the bvis lol

              • Maybe we agree and I could help you argue with you husband. I better get an email tomorrow. Just because you have a job, a newborn and us, I’m sure you’re looking for something to fill your free time with.

              • Oh my husband and and I agree on 99.9% of stuff I just like to yell at the tv and freak out lol

              • Bvis?

              • British Virgin Islands

              • Glad Ryan asked…I’ve never seen that expressed that way! (Bvis)

        • Oh and I really think we’re about to get a night and day option soon. At least that’s what I think Frink was getting at

    • Oh no! I just sent to on the task. My ants burrowed underground but aren’t at the school! How much did I shell out for these things? They better fix this.

  5. I like the new daily challenge, it would be nice if we got to do more then one. Even if it was one was for donuts while the other two were for extra cash. Otherwise, now I feel I would be able to get donuts to spend on premium characters finally!

  6. Slight dilemma, kinda torn what to do online shop wise. At the moment, and up until this current stint of sales ends, I have 365 donuts *unless I earn any from Maggie, daily quests, KL or neighbors* Anyway, I want Krazy Kraut, Phineas Q. Butterfat’s, Howard’s Flowers, Maude, and maybe the She-She Lounge. I know we never know what EA plans for the future, but is a safer bet to get P.Q Butterfat’s, Howard’s Flowers and Maude now, in the hopes that Krazy Kraut and She-She returns? Reasoning behind this is Butterfat’s and Howard’s are older buildings, and may not return, whereas the latter is brand new if I’m not mistaken. (and I want Maude, who I’ve read elsewhere if you don’t already have her, might cost 150 donuts, but come with a building, that’s why I ask, don’t want to be short donuts for Maude)

    • Did you decide already? Howard’s Flowers and Phineas have so far always come back on subsequent Valentine’s Days, but have Gil’s Deals? Of course you never know with EA, Boobarella didn’t come back last Tree House.
      Unless you’re desperate for the Krazy Kraut, you’d get Maude/Gypsy Fortune Teller Shop and Howard’s Flowers and the Ice Cream Parlor as well as the She-She Lounge for 360 donuts.

      I got Howard’s Flowers, which I’ve really wanted for a long time, and Phineas Butterfat’s, but which I might not have gotten when I realized that the She-She Lounge has permanent tasks for three characters (although that would’ve meant two new -pink- buildings). I don’t regret it though – Ice Cream!

      • yeah after a bit of humming and hawing I ended up with the Krazy Kraut, Howard’s Flowers and Maude Not a bad haul, although I wouldn’t have minded getting Butterfat’s. Wanted She-She but that wasn’t top of my list, so knew I’d more or less be forgoing on that (for now, its new so may/may not return) for me Maude was a must have, and Howard’s Flowers since I want to get the plant in the shop also when I get more donuts/bonuts.

        • Plant in the shop? Am I missing something?
          Did Howard’s have a starter quest and some temporary jobs when it was unlocked? I didn’t get any.
          I’ve loved having Maude. I got her way back in Halloween 2013. I don’t often have her on her task with Homer because he seems to be always so busy.

          • No no, the plant I’m speaking of is something separate, one that is always in the shop, sort of a venus flytrap/man eating plant, forget what its called, I’m not in my game right now lol.

      • What is this Butterfat’s

  7. Something weird has just happened in my game.

    My yesterday’s daily challenge rewarded cash, so I skipped it, then I was given a challenge to collect lattes that rewarded lattes. I decided to wait until today’s challenge unlocked so I could skip yesterday’s.

    Then today’s daily challenge unlocked: collect smart devices, which rewarded smart devices. Lame. I skipped yesterday’s – I’d skip both if I could – then I was given the task “Make youngsters eat laffy meal at Krusty Burger (x5)”, that paid 1 donut. As the only youngsters available at the moment were Martin and SVT, I sent them both, and I was going to send the remaining ones as soon as they were free. The task was properly highlighted in yellow. That was about 4 hours ago.

    Then, 30-45 minutes ago, when I was logging into my game, there was an update. I didn’t see anything different, EXCEPT that yesterday’s challenge was gone. I could only see today’s challenge (smart devices) and I couldn’t skip it, since I had already skipped yesterday’s, but it was definitely gone. I checked Krusty Burger – Martin and SVT were still there, and since their tasks were just about to end, I waited. When I tapped on the thumbs up, I confirmed that neither Martin or SVT had the highlighted task anymore.

    I don’t know whether this is a glitch or if it’s something intended by EA, but I’d like others to know about this to avoid missing out on the bonus prize for completing challenges like I did.

    • going around with today’s patch. Best thing I can tell you to do is contact EA

      • Thank you, Alissa, but it’s just too small of an annoyance for me to bother EA with… I’d rather bake a cake 😋 Just wanted the other addicts to know about this issue.

        • I had the same thing happen. I’m no baker, but I’ll take a piece of cake, if you’re sharing. 🍰🙂

          • Ain’t share nothing! 😛

            • Your language is atrocious, Vanessa! (You forgot your “sir, madame, sir!”)

              • What did you mean by “You forgot your “sir, madame, sir!”? Are you mocking me because of the vocative thing? 😛

                And it wasn’t really atrocious, was it? One of the reasons I don’t like using English “slang” is because I often don’t know how/when I’m supposed to use them, or not use them at all.

              • The rule is to never to use them. But don’t forget the always infuriate Sandra rule. (I kid, Sandra.)

                I was just surprised that you used nonstandard English (it wasn’t slang). I just remember the “ain’t” (which is in my dictionary, booyah!), but I think it was just fine, the language. Don’t try to parse these horrible sentences that I call my reply, though. lol.

                The “sir” thing was a thingie of sorts, yes. Pretending that if you said that phrase it would excuse the “ain’t”. But also, I was pretending that I didn’t even notice “ain’t” and instead found a different issue.

                I guess you like it when I challenge (read: confuse) you because you always come back for more. 😉

              • I actually seem to be understanding how your mind works and I had assumed this all 🙂 just asked for precaution. And I know it wasn’t slang, hence the quotation marks.

                The fact is I’d better not use nonstandard English… There’s a great chance it comes out wrong, or at least different from what I’m really thinking or trying to say.

              • You should try and fail. Some of the best stuff is born this way.

              • That’s exactly the problem. I don’t know whether I have suceeded or failed unless someone speaks up. Most times I just try to find the most appopriate words, but I always have a little doubt as to what I said was correct or at least properly understood.

      • Looked like a mini download happened in my game about an hour or so ago, thinking that may be the fix?

  8. I actually wish that the daily challenges would update with three challenges daily rather than just the one.

  9. Hi all! Sorry I’ve been pretty absent of late, but I’m a bit run down at the moment. Been trying to keep up with reading the posts and comments, but slipping a little there, too.
    Anyway, I really just wanted to pop in and wish Sandra a very happy birthday!! I think I read a few days ago that your birthday is today, in which case…
    Happiest of happies to you, Sandra!! Hope you’ve had a wonderful birthday!! 😀
    And if I’m wrong and it’s not today, well, then, a very merry un-birthday to you! 😉

  10. So um, this is probably a wait and see after the event question, but anyone know if we will continue to have the ability to grow the Roses in Cletus’ farm after the event? Would be cool since they can be used in KL, help with the Kitch rating, and figure since we already have a character that can grow Bansai, keeping the ability wouldn’t be much of a stretch. Sadly I’m fearing it may just be for the event.

    • I very highly doubt it. It hasn’t happened yet..and the ability has been there for each Valentine’s Day.

      • That’s what I thought. Don’t really remember the event last year as this is more or less when I joined, but was hopeful. There’s always next year to craft more 😀 Besides, I don’t have the Tunnel of Love yet either, and at least so far, that isn’t back this year either.

  11. Finally after 4 months of fighting with EA I got my opera house. It took 5 phone calls today alone but I finally got the fabulous Nina on the line and she read the history of my calls and gave me a whole bunch of doughnuts to make up for it. She also solved my problem. We spent much time discussing how awesome the addicts are.

  12. Does anyone know if Springfield falls might be coming back in for purchase?

  13. Valentine’s is here and I am going to start visiting again. Thanks to those who still visited even after I posted I wasn’t. I know who you are. Unfortunately, I haven’t played in days and I have 10 or more hand shakes lion most of the upper half of my town. When I click on a building, the last one to tap it is the only name I see. EA has been notified, but doesn’t know why my buildings are able to be tapped so many times. So I can only visit the ones I see. I will be visiting later today 🙂

  14. Today’s challenge for me is a 4 hour task for Comic Book Guy, with a 6 donut reward. Pretty sweet.

  15. So, I was looking at the various e-book versions of D.H. Lawrence’s “The Raibow” (this month’s book for my Classics Book Group), and I came across the following edition:

    The unique Emoji Assist Edition adds graphics of emotional states next to paragraphs and dialogue. This derivative work of the classical novel uses several linguistic metrics to enhance the reader’s experience. It also provides a new and unique experience when reading or re-reading this beloved classic. While we preserve the original text- we strive to provide you with the highest quality linguistic analysis of emotional states implied by this classical work. Thousands of hours have been put in to research and development of the software required to create this edition. Jonki Monkey Networks hope you find our annotative illustrations entertaining and enlightening.

    That’s got to be the most ridiculous and bizarre thing I’ve read all week!

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