From the Mouths of Addicts: The End Isn’t Near

The following post was submitted by one of our Addicts Regulars..Totbox.  Perhaps you’ve seen Tot in the comments a time or two ;)…

Hello all you Paranoid-ereenos,

First and foremost, make sure you are taking your medication as your doctor prescribed, don’t forget to contact your physician if this is a medical emergency.

(Wish somebody told me that before the police found me running down the middle of the street half naked that one time –true story– but that’s not what this post is about)


(I repEAt, the end isn’t nEAr) end isn't near 1


EA is a company like any other that will continue as long as they have a profit (not to be confused with a “prophet”).

Money, REAL money makes this game continue. You know why this game doesn’t have pop up ads like some other EA game? It’s because this one has Whales (I’m Not talking about the one you can buy for donuts) – it’s a term for gamers that spend real cash for digital stuff.

end3                                    (I realize this is not a Whale but it made me laugh) :p

These “Lulls” (as Alissa calls them) between events/updates/mini-events is a way for EA to work on something bigger and greater and for us (the players) to regroup and edit our towns and remember that we might have a life outside of the game we should probably pay attention to for just a moment before the next new contact hits. It’s meant to be a good thing for us.

If you are still worried read Wookie’s post from a few years back

So come out of your Y2K bomb shelter and take a deep breath, if it really was the end of the world as we know it, I feel fine 😀

ENJOY EA’s free donuts and popular released characters and read my Apoca-Lips


If it sounded harsh, it was meant to be (a slap in the face is the fastest way to common sense). Do you want to slap my face? Do you need to contact your physician? Are you mixing your meds with alcohol again? Getting enough sleep? Do you still have Chicken-Little-Syndrome? Do we need to get a negotiator to talk you down from your sofa? We will help you as best you can but sometimes getting professional help is better. Leave a comment if you must, you know we love hearing from you :p

139 responses to “From the Mouths of Addicts: The End Isn’t Near

  1. I must be missing something because I’ve never gotten donut’s in sideshow. But I did clear 137 garbage and got 2 out of it all. I’m max level , so not sure why I’ve never gotten them in sideshow.

    • Although there’s a slim chance of getting them with any tap, it’s supposed to be guaranteed after 300 taps (balloons). So far, I’ve gotten them about every 6 or 7 weeks, which would be about right for 300 taps.

  2. Amen. I appreciate a little down-time to edit my Springfield and maybe add something I’ve had my eye on. Also, maybe EA is cleaning up some bugs while working on a new update. I’ve been bummed that my Mechanical Ants aren’t working with Bart’s 10 hour task. Also, Kang & Kodos 16 hour tasks don’t go to the Victorian Spaceship any more. They usually disappear for a second and pop behind a building. Anyone else notice these bugs?

    • sonicboiny834 ryan

      Yes everytime there’s even the smallest upgrade I sent Bart on the ants. Tried sought l storing them, that was a lot of doughnuts and nothing

  3. Gee, thanks, Lee. I receive that as a compliment!

  4. Bunny, and all, quick question: I have faithful visiting ‘friends’ who persistently tap/vandalize. Do I delete? (I’m painfully loyal to unknowns); or, if I hide them are they still counted to friend List, thus inhibiting my ability to add friends? And if hidden, are they able to visit or not?
    I know, life is full of challenges! Lol. thanks, RevJRO

    • “Hiding” neighbors doesn’t keep them from visiting you…it just keeps you from seeing them in your neighbor list. It also doesn’t free up a spot for you to add someone else.

      So, if vandalism really bothers you (I’m not going to bother going into the shtick about why it shouldn’t…to each his/her own), then you should probably delete them and find others from the “No Vandalism” thread to take their place.

      • Why does it not matter? I am level 59 and have plenty of stuff all the time. It seems much better to not vandalize, given that is what is keeping me from 5 stars.

        • Thank you, Sandrashill, for the answers to my question. Ok, from here on out, vandalism or not, life is good! Take care; enjoy the new update ( I just returned from a long, month long trip which included Vegas. Not my fav place, but the food…oh the food!)
          Your neighbor, RevJRO

        • If you buy and place a bunch of training walls in your town, vandalism won’t affect your Rightousness rating. The upside to being tagged is that you can earn money and XP from buildings which otherwise earn you nothing.

  5. Wait, what was this about alpaca lips?

  6. Tapped out on Facebook just posted an update is coming.

  7. Sounds like a Vegas event is coming next via the Tapped Out Facebook page. Burns Casino please.

  8. Just saw the Simpsons parody of the Presidential nominating process on MSNBC… could this be a hint at an event? I’d love to have Bernie wandering my Springfield seeking endorsements- XD

  9. Hello guys… I’m playing this game for few years now, with few smaller or biggest breaks, but still enjoying it. Started as sworn freemium player, but later turned approx $20 per month premium. Purely because it’s funny, I like to build it and donuts can be changed for great additions to my town… Yes, the game will end – but I don’t think, that it’s near. Almost everyone here is talking about it from just one perspective – the perspective of long time players. But for EA, there are new players too, tapping to move from level 10 to 11… And those people will need their special events & all kinds of events in future too. For me, it doesn’t matter if some of the events are pretty similar to a previous ones. We all saw many TV series, where police solves almost identical crimes with almost identical outcomes – and we will see them again and again. But that’s fine. Repeating is a mother of wisdom! (old european proverb)

    Right now, TSTO is no. 125 on AppStore list of Top Grossing Apps. And that means, despite it’s not in top 10, that loads of money are running through. Better than Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, UFC, Need for Speed – to name a few EA’s other big brands.

    And here is simple, but interesting math, based just on few known numbers and estimates. No. 113 on the same list is the famous Kardashian game. Never played that, but the studio behind it revealed, that in app purchases in first 15 months were around $100 million. Yes, there is always a huge interest in new game, but TSTO and this game are for some time pretty close in Top Grossing list on app store. For me it means simple thing: donuts are still making a pure gold for EA. And why to rush things / new levels, when you can enjoy these money coming from nowhere without bigger effort? Yes, you need to “feed” players before they leave, but otherside – Simpsons brand is too strong to be forget. So, for me it looks like meaningful strategy to slower things a little bit. But why to kill game, which apparently is able to deliver huge amount of revenue? With experienced team, tons of data (what works and what didn’t) and – what’s important – with TV show still running and avaiting new episodes and characters? Yes, maybe all the “good” characters are already in the game, but for me it doesn’t mean that game is over.

    Sorry for a little bit longer post 🙂

    P.S. Alissa / Bunny / Wookiee – you’re running a great website!

  10. On another note, I just got 5 donuts at sideshow you. FIVE!!! Is this new? I remember getting one there every now and then, but five is a first.

    • Nope. Since launch… random rare chance of 5 donuts anytime you tap… but GUARANTEED 5 donuts on the 300th tap on it. 🙂

      • You been missin’ us, Bunny? How are your step children over at the other site doing? (Or are we the step children?) There’s been lots of chatting going on around here about everything from suicides to Miracle Whip (which have something in common…they both suck! 😛 ).

        • I’ve been trying to pull myself back together and catch up on work since falling ill. Someone’s gotta pay the bills 😉

          I actually did participate in the suicide discussions. 😉

          • Was this meant to be a response to me, Bunny? Because I didn’t say anything to contradict what you said, so, if it was a reply to me, I’m confused! (If it was meant to be a response to someone else, that seems to happen to you a lot and I rarely see it happen to anyone else. I wonder if there’s something “broken” in your “something” “somewhere” that’s causing this to happen to you so often…)

        • sonicboiny834 ryan

          Next time you’re in NYC let me know where I can meet you and I’ll bring you deviled eggs. Oh there will be Miracle Whip. Yet you’ll find yourself singing a different tune.
          I’m so weird about it too, with ham I like Miracle Whip with turkey mayo.

          • I must say, I *am* a sucker for deviled eggs….you should have tempted me with those and then, after I tried them and liked them, you could have said, “Aha! These have Miracle Whip in them!”

            I’m guessing you have to use a lot of spice to overcome the sweetness though, no?

            • sonicboiny834 ryan

              I just make them the way Mom taught me. And to be honest I’ve never had one of my deviled eggs. People seemed to love them so I kept making them. Personally I hate the things. Apparently I make a kick my backside turtle brownie too but again I hate pecans so I’ve never had one. I make a killer dutch apple pie that I like. And cinnamon rolls and I do it all from scratch. I’m taking waiting for the yeast to rise. I won’t even use a blender, it’s all wooden spoons and forks. You have to feel it to get the texture just right.
              Unfortunately one thing I hate about NY is since I’ve lived here the most counter space I’ve had is 2’x3′. Heck I lived in two places that had no counter space, one didn’t even have any cooking facilities. I tried to make a pie once. Since then I’ve abandoned my love of baking.
              Now when I go home and my mother’s kitchen is about the size of my apartment, I’m just like, I am so making snicker doodles.

        • Ummmm… yah… that first part of comment was NOT supposed to be there. Lol. That was a response to someone else from like a week ago. Thats what I get for using my tablet. Medicated commenting in the night does the mind wonders. Lol.

          I’ll just go back to my hole now. Don’t mind me. Nothing to see here. 😉

          • How are you feeling? Is your recovery going well? I know I don’t ask about this stuff too often, but I do think of you and send you get-well wishes!

        • Who knew Miracle Whip was going to turn into such a hot topic?

    • You’re misremembering… If you get donuts at Sideshow You, it’s always 5. But, most of the time, you have to wait until the 300th tap to get it.

      • Got it. I feel stupid now. Thanks Bunny & Sandra 😛

        • Tracy - 1ltwoody920

          Boy oh boy, do I want to write:
          “As long as Stupid doesn’t mind being felt, there’s no problem”
          What the heck, go ahead, feel stupid, just make certain that they’re awake when you do it. It might be fun.

        • No need to feel stupid…lots of stuff going on in this silly little game and it can be hard to keep track of all of it! 🙂

  11. rick / talon8770

    OK Alissa I know everyone’s thinking why you were running half naked in the street. Whats the story darlin’ ? I know i gotta hear this … lol

  12. Someone stole my burrito™

    They’d better not end the game before we get Itchy and Scratchy. 🙁

  13. I think it’s a genuine concern that level 60 could be the final level. The game started with 20 levels so 60 would provide some symmetry and they’ll need to save some things for future events. They’ve already made holiday events mostly “reruns.” Of course, I made this same argument about the level 40 release. The one thing that’s really different this time is how long EA is taking to release level 60. It seems possible that they could be working on a huge level, the level to end all levels. Though it’s also possible I’ll reflect on this post in the future while waiting for level 80.

  14. What is that cute little animal? A manatee?

  15. I’ve played both the Family Guy and Peanuts town-building apps, and I wondered by they had ads while TSTO did not. Makes sense. I’ve been a premium player for years now, and I’ll be here until the bitter end.

  16. Why is there always someone scolding or trying to shame players? If its not coming from someone on this site, it’s the “witty” (ahem) banter coming from the game ITSELF. Not everyone can be “whales”. Not everyone WANTS to be whales. A freemiuim game is supposed to NOT COST a lot. That is the point to the creation of said games. I think people should just STOP trying to be the “parent” and let the consumers do their job, Buying product and letting the company know when we are displeased. When I see one of theses “comments”, its just steels my resolve NOT to spend more money. Don’t crap on the people making your product a success, EA (and it s not just “whales” keeping this game running) Kudos to all of you “$20 or less an event” people. You are the true unsung heroes. 🙂

    • What set that off? I don’t remember there being anything that seriously disparaging in the game (and I’m a primarily freemium player, too). Are you sure you’re not reading more into some “cheeky” dialog than was meant?

  17. I find it funny that people don’t see why they are giving so many donuts out. Their main competition FGTQFS gives out free premium currency all the time. The trade off is everything is more expensive. They are just trying to stay competitive.

  18. Oh heck I laughed a little to hard, I will not get off my sofa unless I get 10000000 doughnuts and a pizza

  19. Lovin’ the Totbox world view!

  20. I’ve been playing for about 3 years now and I have wondered with a year like now where is St Patty’s Day is just a few weeks before Easter why not combine the two events

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