Addicts Want to Know: Premium Character/Building

Update on the Update: 3:15 pm EST…so there’s an update on the server.  It has not hit yet, but expect this to hit today.  🙂

Update: Hey guys…last night EA posted a teaser on their Facebook Page about the next event…here’s what they posted:

2016-02-23 11.57.30Sorry this hit about 11pm my time..i was asleep lol

So for all those who feared…”the end is near” I hope this will calm your fears…(or enhance them.)  Hopefully we’ll see something today or tomorrow!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So with all these free donuts going around in TSTO we’re seeing more and more comments from fellow Tappers asking which Premium Character/Building combo is the best to buy?  What’s your favorite?

Now Bunny, Wookiee and I laid out our favorites way back in 2014 in this post.  And every year we ask you guys for your favorites in our blogiversary poll (you can see 2014 here and 2015 here).  But since that some new characters have been released and maybe some preferences have changed…so today we want to know What Premium Character/Building Combo is your favorite?

Hopefully I got them all…

Which character/combo is your favorite and why?  Which is your least favorite?  Which one do you think is a best buy?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


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  1. Barney was my top choice. I’ve had him in my town so long, I honestly forgot that he was premium : P
    Hank Scorpio is a close second, though. His test flamethrower task is one of the best in the game.

  2. Had to vote for Akira and the Happy Sumo. Love the fact that Akira can make Bonsai trees for you, I’ve got 25 already and plan on a lot more for my eventual Bonsai Garden.

    His Karate and Sushi sample tasks are great too.

  3. I voted fo Barney because I got him during Christmas 2012. 😉

  4. I’ve been trying to decide on which premium character or character combo I should get next, or if I should save for limited ones. My deciding factors are usefulness during events and activities such as Heights, although I do appreciate a good outdoor task (who doesn’t though?). I have Barney, Otto, Mel, Hans, SVT and am probably forgetting a couple limited ones. Right now I’m thinking Stu, Duffman or Frink. If anyone has any suggestions that’d be great, Thanks.

  5. How about Maude & the fortuneteller? 🙂

  6. I only have 3 of the characters on the list (Luann, Otto & Akira) but voted anyway 🙂

    My vote went to…..Akira!!
    While I really like some of Luann’s tasks (especially the ball thingy) Akira got the nod cos he actually produces premium decorations as well as earning. Since I completed his questline Akira has been chained to the Happy Sumo making bonsais (trusting predictive text for the plural of bonsai…?) He’s made about 37 so far and even though i haven’t used many yet I know I will – besides its a premium decoration for ‘free’ which is a score even if I never use them 🙂

  7. Wow.. again suppose to be burps not burbs. Anymore spelling mistakes I apologize for. I’m done with the corrections but please enjoy my comment. Please feel free to reply whether you agree or not. All opinions welcome.

  8. It was a close call between the top 3 for me (Auto, Barney and Frink).

    Barney would have be the easy choice since he was a major character in the show from the beginning. He is still a favorite of mine as a show runner in the early episodes but seems to be relegated to to bit parts and “burbs” in recent seasons. The Plow King was added quit early in the game so it i was glad they added his astronaut skin to him recently though.
    Now for Frink who appears in all kind of episodes including his own story lines and multiple appearance in “Tree House of Terror” specials he still seems to play second fiddle most of the time to the main plot of the story. Love all the accessories included in Tapped Out that are associated with him which makes him my number two for the game. Wouldn’t mind a skin or two for him too. Frankinfink would be awesome to see.

    Now to my number one pick.. Auto. In my opinion he has made the most character development throughout the long running series. Even though he has always maintained the same outlook on life he has experienced everything life has to offer in the “Simpson’s World”. Auto has always stayed true to himself while maintaining a stable job and earning the respect of the rest of the community on the way. Regardless of the up and downs he’s been through he just keeps on trucking. Besides loving his daily tasks in the game he is one of the few main characters that don’t need any extra skins or bonus tasks to prop himself up. Just Auto jamming on his guitar, working on the bus or just taking a mid day siesta is enough to make him a complete well rounded character.

  9. I voted for Frink. Out of the several that I have, it has the most interactions with different events and Frink is also helpful in other ways. The price is pretty decent for a character and building combo, especially because of how much use I get out of him. There’s also quite a few things that go very well with his lab so that helps my Springfield look more complete.

    I LOVE Barney SO much. He’s one of my favorite Simpsons characters, but at 250 donuts, I felt pretty ripped off that I got very little of a questline for Barney and he doesn’t help with anything. The only time that I know of that he was involved in an event was the space thing and I wasn’t really into that event very much, definitely not enough to spend MORE donuts on Barney. Maybe if he helped with Heights or the Monorail, it would feel like a better deal, but I just can’t justify that I spent that many donuts on Barney even though I like him so much.

    Possibly the last thing I’d buy on here is the Film Set. I’m not really a huge fan of McBain and while the Film Set would be interesting, since it involves a character I don’t really care for, it wouldn’t be the best investment for me.

  10. I voted for Duffman, cool building and awesome tasks, but I think Dredrick Tatum should get more love than he’s getting in this poll. Especially if you got his boxing skin during the Tap Ball event.

  11. Event’s just been pushed out to the Apple App Store. It’s a Casino Event! Altho not sure how many more Casino’s Springfield needs given we already have Caesars Casino and Plato’s Casino.. but looking forward to seeing what prizes we’ll get!

  12. I got to level 9 on my tree, now I’ll have a big event to deal with also. I’m been setting my alarm every three hours this week. I’ll never get a full night sleep lol

  13. Homerandthebluehairedlawyet

    When is level 60 coming out

  14. Also……………maybe this should be in the style of Ralph Wiggum,
    “I have a *system* at blackjack”
    Does that mean I don’t have confidence in my own system? or does it just sound silly
    ♠ ♣ 🍒 🍉 🃏 🎰 🎲


  15. Voted for Barney (although it is his astronaut costume that really pushed him to the top – I love his 3 and 4 hour tasks!).
    Still haven’t purchased Frink though and I suspect he’ll be a contender for favourite regular premium once I get him 🙂

  16. Gambling is a sin!
    Repent your evil ways while there’s still time!
    For the end is nEA™r

    “For the day of the lord,
    Cometh like a thief in the night”
    :James Brown, Blues Brothers
    💒 🙂

    • I gave up worrying about Sins for Lent :p

      • I think it’s funny you guys mentioned this, because as soon as I saw the event teaser, I began to wonder about the irony of a gambling event during Lent.
        Related note: I’m not a religious person, so it has no impact on me, but if anyone gave up gambling for Lent, would they now have to give up TSTO, too?

  17. Is anyone else sending Deep Space Homer to launch the space ship over and over until this hits?

    • I’ve been doing this every free moment since I noticed it during the event, lol. I made millions! 😀
      Side note: If you didn’t see my (entirely too long) post detailing it during the Deep Space event, I set up a QEM next to my launch pad so I can send Moe’s Moog skin there every 6 seconds as well. He also has the $35 payout, and with my multiplier, I’m now getting $200-plus for each 6-second task. Sending both means $400-plus every 6 seconds. I’m raking in the dough with every spare second I’ve got to do this. 😉

      • My wife has this going on in her game. She now has $130M dollars. She has like 550% bonus which helps her a lot. I’m down at 242%

        She makes me feel “less” addicty.

        • LOL, Mike, I know what you mean. My multiplier is at 487%, and whenever people talk about multipliers and ask, “Who has what for their bonus multiplier,” I feel the need for WordPress to add a “sheepish” font. I used to feel like I’d never get a huge multiplier; now I feel like I have a… “problem.”
          In fact, when I first started playing and found this site, I remember seeing Wookiee post a comment somewhere about having a 200-something or 300-something percent multiplier. I was at 2%. I immediately bought donuts and bought a whale. Now I display that whale as a badge of shame. I’ve got a love/shame relationship with it, like I do with so many other things in life. 😉

          • Be proud! You are so fortunate. Although I own a huge (fake) diamond and an entire mountain of cash, I will never be wealthy enough to own a whale. It is the ultimate aspirational possession. IMHO. 🐋👍

      • I saw it. 👍 I do it occasionally. I’ve got plenty of cash (unfortunately it’s only of the in-game variety) but not always the patience to do it regularly. 🙂

  18. I just put all my characters on overnight missions…then I find you have just updated the update lol!

    … Just my luck it’ll hit now rather than tomorrow. Best of luck with the gambling all ☆☆☆☆☆

  19. It’s time to break the bank at the Monty Burns Casino. New skins for homer (dealer) Burns (Howard hues version ) and Tatum(greeter) maybe neesie as a reward. That’s my guess. Possibly Homer and Ned’s Vegas wives.

  20. BraveElfgirl1994

    Like with the event ending countdown timers. I wish there was a 24 hour timer that counted down till the next event, or something similar. Would help all of us addicts that go crazy waiting not knowing exactly when it’s going to happen.

  21. What if we are wrong and it’s just about The Lucky Savage Casino? 😮

    Or just skins for hair-down Marge, Cowgirl Agnes, Goth Lovejoys, Biker S.S. Mel, Arabian Ned?

    Or the Burn’s Casino thing 😉

    I’m willing to bet some Hail Ant signs :p

    • I want that hair-down Marge skin as much as I want some pumpkin patches aka stupidly, irrationally bad.

      The rest of the skins would be nice too, but I’m hoping for a bigger event/storyline.

  22. I would love to have Elvis in my town! ♡

    • They are all impersonators, the Real Elvis is in a disclosed location shooting televisions whenever Scartchy appears. :p

  23. I know I already speculated (like most) that it will be a Vegas/gambling event, and that I’m rooting for the Vegas wives to join Springfield (woohoo! Wait… D’oh!), but going through the comments, I’m seeing a lot of speculation on the gambling currency. The guesses are all over the map, from in-game cash, to event currency, to gambling with donuts.
    My two cents? I’m sure there will be event currency, because there always is, but I also think we’ll be gambling with in-game cash (maybe as a side game or just part of the event). It’s been a long time since a new level dropped, and high level players have been hoarding in-game cash to activate their colliders and farm for donuts. What better way to reduce the bonut amount (and to increase donut purchases) than to reduce in-game cash via some sort of event with prize rewards? It’s a smart business strategy.
    If this is the case, and the prizes are worth it, I’ll gladly shell out some in-game cash for some cool limited time items. If the prizes aren’t worth it, I’ll just keep on hoarding. And if I’m wrong entirely, well… Sophie’s Choice Crisis averted. 😉

    • sonicboiny834 ryan

      Maybe that’s why there hasn’t been a level update in a while. They realized they were losing money on doughnut farming.

  24. BraveElfgirl1994

    Just watched the latest episode on the FXnow app. I loved it, just wish EA would have added Hattie as a character in the game

  25. sonicboiny834 ryan

    What? A new event? I thought the game was ending. I’m so confused.

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