Viva TSTO! The Casino Update has Arrived!

Game Reset Back to Level 1 Info: If you did not have an EA/Origin Account we’re seeing LOADS of reports of this update completely erasing your game because you were playing anonymously.  If that’s you and you didn’t have an EA/Origin Account, your game is most likely completely lost.  You can try to contact EA and see if they can restore it for you, but I doubt it’ll happen.

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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s time for a little gambling in Springfield, as the Casino updated teased on Facebook last night, has arrived on our devices!

This is an APP STORE update.  So check out your App Store to make sure you’re on the latest version.  If you don’t see the update try hard closing and restarting and/or restarting your device.  Again it’s an APP STORE update, so you’ll have to pick it up from your App Store updates.

Currently it’s live on iOS..everyone else should see it soon. It’s currently live on iOS, Android and Kindle!

It starts off with some dialogue from Quimby…and you’ll need 4 Springfielders free for a 6s task.  I’ll be back with more as i go through it…

2016-02-23 16.30.44

Before I get to the update…just a note.  They’ve added a “copy cut and paste” tool!  To access it go to your move menu (4 way arrows)

2016-02-23 21.56.54

And then drag your finger to select an area:

2016-02-23 21.57.11

You’ll then be able to “copy cut” that area and “paste” it anywhere in your Springfield!  AMAZING for redesigns!!!

Now onto the update…

2016-02-23 16.29.33

After you’ve completed the 6s task mentioned above you’ll be tasked with placing the Burns Casino.  It’s a FREE building, 8×8 in size.  And is an instant build.  (well 6s).  You’ll also be tasked with sending 4 ADULTS to get a free drink (also 6s).


You’ll then launch the “start” of the event and see the basic info screen…

2016-02-23 21.58.07

You’ll then unlock the prizes for Act 1 (3 Acts again)…

You’ll also unlock new items in the store… (pretty much ALL premium..just an FYI).

And you’ll need Homer, Cletus & Moe free for another 6s task.    Followed by the need to place Gaming Moe’s (also free & 5×6 in size.  Also a 6s build).


Gaming Moe’s is where you can play Casino games…if you have tokens.

2016-02-23 22.03.11

I’ve got to go pickup Riley now, but i’ll be back to update more once I get home.  Now that a certain little girl is asleep I can update you guys…

The basics are pretty simple.  For Act 1…Collect red chips ico_casino_redchip_lg to earn prizes.  Collect gold tokens ico_casino_gametoken_lg to “gamble”.   Nice and simple right?  😉

Let’s break down the simple stuff first…

ACT 1 “ends” March 7th…I say “ends” because it says new prizes added.  My guess is if you don’t unlock them you can buy them with donuts…

Act 1 Prizes

burnsfountain_menuBurns Fountain- 6,800 ico_casino_redchip_lg (Earns 120 Club Card Points)

ico_priz_casino_impulsewedding_lgImpulse Wedding Chapel- 22,700ico_casino_redchip_lg or + 15,900 ico_casino_redchip_lg from Prize 1  (Earns 240 Club Card Points)

charactersets_milhouse_magicactMagic Act Milhouse- 44,300 ico_casino_redchip_lg or +21,600 ico_casino_redchip_lg from prize 2 (Earns 360 Club Card Points)

ico_priz_casino_britannia_lgBritannia Casino- 71,600 ico_casino_redchip_lg or +27, 300 ico_casino_redchip_lg from prize 3 (Earns 240 Club Card Points)

charactersets_luciussweetLucius Sweet- 101,200 ico_casino_redchip_lg or +29,600 ico_casino_redchip_lg from prize 4(Earns 595 Club Card Points)

You will see after you win a prize the counter starts back at zero.  And you’ll have to earn the second number listed here (where it says or +….).  That’s how many you have to go to claim the next prize.  The first number is the running total of chips you’ll need.  So you need 101,200 TOTAL chips to unlock all the prizes for Act 1….

New Items in the Store

ico_priz_casino_spotlightcycling_lgWhite Spotlight- $4,000

labellefrottage_menuLa Belle Frottage- 185 Donuts.  Awards 480 Club Card Points

charactersets_gingerflanders charactersets_ambersimpsonVegas Wives- 115 Donuts. Awards 955 Club Card Points. 

welcometospringfieldsign_menuWelcome to Springfield Sign- 35 Donuts. Awards 240 Club Card Points 

Tapped_Out_LimoLimo- 40 Donuts.

ico_casino_gametoken_pack02_lg10 Casino Tokens- 20 Donuts

ico_casino_gametoken_pack03_lg25 Casino Tokens- 40 Donuts

Refer-A-Friend Card- 90 Donuts.  Earns more rewards via neighbor actions


Earning Currency

ico_casino_redchip_lg Chips can be earned a few different ways.

-You can earn them by tapping the gamblers.  You’ll earn 10 ico_casino_redchip_lg for each one you tap.

gambler04_front_walk_image_4 gambler03_front_walk_image_4 gambler02_front_walk_image_4 gambler01_front_walk_image_3

-Currency can also be earned via Burns Casino.  You’ll earn 110ico_casino_redchip_lg for every 4hr action you complete there.  Immediately you can send Rich Texan, Paris Texan, Princess Kashmir, Johnny Tightlips, Tuxedo Krusty, Apu, Flanders, Skinner, Rev Lovejoy & Lisa.

-Casino.  You can also earn bonus ico_casino_redchip_lg via Moe’s Casino.  Pull the handle to win chips 🙂

As far as Gold Tokens for the Casino…ico_casino_gametoken_lg they can be earned a couple of ways…

-Via Tasks at Burns Casino.  You’ll not only earn chips but you’ll also earn tokens for each task you complete.  1 ico_casino_gametoken_lg/task.

-Tapping gamblers.  Occasionally tapping gamblers will generate a ico_casino_gametoken_lg


Neighbor Actions

Once you’ve hit the Going Abroad task (launches after The Old Man and the ‘Sino Pt. 6) you’ll unlock neighbor actions. You can tap Gamblers in your neighbor’s towns to earn chips.  10 ico_casino_redchip_lg/tap.


Once you’ve completed The Old Man and the ‘Sino Pt. 7 you’ll start to unlock crafting.

You first must do the task for Willie…Craft Plunk…Willie will trigger it.  Once that’s complete you’ll unlock the Guide etc…2016-02-24 03.01.17

Here’s a quick breakdown of what you can craft…

ico_priz_casino_walkoffamestar_lgWalk of Fame Star-ico_casino_keychain_lg (Can have 4)

ficusplant_menuFicus Plant- 5ico_casino_keychain_lg and 5 ico_casino_coaster_lg.rgb (Can have 2)

ico_priz_casino_spotlightcycling_lgCycling Spotlight- 12 ico_casino_coaster_lg.rgb (Can have 12)

ico_priz_casino_timedfountain00_lgConstant Fountain- 10 ico_casino_keychain_lg

Sequence Fountain 1- 10 ico_casino_coaster_lg.rgb

Upgrade Tier- 50 ico_casino_keychain_lg

Upgrade Tier- 40 ico_casino_coaster_lg.rgb

ico_casino_redchip_pack02_lg100 Red Chips- 10 ico_casino_courtesychip_lg

There are several items that are immediately locked…still playing to see if they unlock with the next act or if something you do unlocks them

You can earn crafting currency via Moe’s Casino and Tapping Gamblers.  Also, some characters have tasks to earn crafting currency We’ll break it all down in another post…



Club Cards

You’ll notice some of the premium items in store say that they award club cards.  Club Cards are the “VIP” portion of the game.


2016-02-23 22.38.21

So from what I see…the more club cards you earn (looks like there are other ways outside of Premium, that’s just a quick way) the more chips, tokens, crafting currency etc you’ll get.  It’s got it’s own bonus prize track.

You can also earn cards via unlocking the prizes….

We’ll break this down in another post, after I’ve had some time to play around with it more.


After you’ve unlocked all of the prizes you can earn bonuts!  For every 8,500 ico_casino_redchip_lg you collect you’ll get the chance for bonuts via the prize box.  You can win 1, 2 or 3 donuts.


New Land!

There’s a new strip of land at the bottom of Springfield (opposite the mtns) from the ocean over.

And that’s it on the Casino update…for now.  Over the next couple of days we’ll break down all of the finer details of the event…including a calendar and the Should I Buy Guides.  It’s all coming, I promise 🙂

What are your thoughts on the Casino Event?  Excited about the prizes?  Liking the games?  Thoughts on Moe’s slots?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


740 responses to “Viva TSTO! The Casino Update has Arrived!

  1. Such a good event! I miss it 🙁

  2. I collected over 600 of those “maybe if I hold on to these they’ll be worth something” tickets. What happened to that?

  3. I’ve already finished “the old man and the ‘sino” part 11 and built Cletus’ Den, but Willie still won’t start the craft punk quest. Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

    • What is he doing right now? Is he on a task?

    • You have no access to crafting? That’s not unlocked at all in your event hub?

      • Only level one crafting. Can’t get to level two.

        • If you’ve got crafting open I think you’ve done the task. Because crafting doesn’t unlock until after you’ve done that task….so you’re in ok shape. If you can’t get to level 2 that’s more an issue of collecting items. As soon as crafting opens up you have the ability to upgrade…

          • I’ve been playing it since the beginning of the event and I still can’t upgrade to level 2 of crafting. There’s nowhere a button or anything where I can upgrade, the items of level 2 crafting are just not available even though I got the resources to buy them. It just says “unlock crafting level 2” but I just don’t see how? Please help someone I’m getting so far behind because of this

    • @Kellyvdh, that crafting link Alissa sent should help–but let me direct you to one specific point. As you swipe through the crafting options (where you see things like the Walk of Fame Star, the Ficus Plant, and the things you’re seeing that say “unlock crafting level 2,), you’ll see an item called “Upgrade Tier.” You’ll see one Upgrade Tier with an icon of an arrow and a horseshoe keychain and one with an arrow and a coaster (a little gold square with a B on it). You might also see one with an arrow and a martini glass–I assume that opened up when level 2 hit today.

      Way at the top of the crafting menu, you’ll see how many resources you have: purple courtesy cards, horseshoe keychains, coasters, martini glasses, tickets. You’ve been collecting these by tapping on your gamblers and playing the slots and the dice game. When you have 50 horseshoe keychains, 40 coasters, or 25 martini glasses, you can “purchase” an Upgrade Tier. Upgrade 10 times, and you’ll get to level 2 crafting. Upgrade 10 more times, and you’ll get to level 3 crafting.

      If you’ve been spending your crafting resources on the Walk of Fame Star, Ficus Plants and other level 1 crafting items, you may not have enough to upgrade at this time. Just stop spending your crafting resources (keychains, coasters and martinis) and start saving them for upgrading. If you haven’t been spending your crafting resources, you likely have a nice build-up of them, and you can reach level 2 pretty quickly. Maybe even today!

      Either way, you still have 21 days before the event ends. If you were only able to upgrade one tier a day, you’d still reach level 3 crafting with one day to spare. I have faith in you! You can do it!

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