Casino Event Act 2 Is Ending

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

In just about 11hrs from now the Casino Event Act 2 will come to an end….so finish collecting those last minute green chips because come tomorrow morning (0800 GMT, 4am EDT) you’ll no longer be able to earn those Act 2 prizes for free!

So here’s what we know…


Tomorrow morning (March 17th) at 0800 GMT, 4am EDT, Act 2 will come to an end and Act 3 will start.

Once Act 2 ends you will no longer be able to collect Green Chips (ico_casino_greenchip_lg)…which means you’ll no longer be able to earn the Act 2 prizes for free.  You will have the option to purchase anything you did not earn via donuts…but where’s the fun in that?

Once Act 3 starts you’ll have a whole new color chip to collect and a whole new set of prizes to earn.  The Act 3 prize track will start for everyone at 0800 GMT, 4am EDT, whether you finished the Act 2 questline (and/or have Homer’s House of Cards) or not.  HOWEVER….you will not be able to start the Act 3 questline until you’ve finished the Act 2 questline.


If you have not yet unlocked Homer’s House of Cards, you will still be able to unlock it during Act 3.  Just finish up the Act 2 questline to unlock it.

We also know that crafting items and currency will remain during Act 3…so don’t freak out and spend it all tonight.  There’s no need to do that.

During Act 3 Show tickets ico_casino_showticket_lgwill  fall from Gamblers and you can earn them in the games, just like all other crafting currency.

Gold Tokens ico_casino_gametoken_lg are worth holding onto for the start of Act 3.  (If you’ve completed the Act 2 prize track)

Courtesy Chipsico_casino_courtesychip_lg are also worth holding onto for the start of Act 3. (If you’ve completed the Act 2 prize track)


Bart’s Casino, the Watershow Fountain & Tuxedo Krusty will all leave our games (via the store..if you purchased them they’re not going anywhere) tomorrow.  So if you’re thinking about buying do so now, before they’re gone.

So finish up Act 2 and sit tight for the start of Act 3 tomorrow morning!

What are your thoughts on Act 2?  Did you earn all of the prizes?  Saving up for Act 3?  Earn lots of bonuts?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

81 responses to “Casino Event Act 2 Is Ending

  1. Hello, what possibilities are there to get show tickets (the silver tickets) besides getting them occasionally at Gaming Moe’s or from gamblers?
    Oh, and happy Easter!

  2. Any one know the trick for the moes game…. I figured out on the dice game 9times out of 10 if you pick the number7you are going to win

  3. Totally stoked about Act II because my “A” town has 500 tokens.

  4. Ffs, save yourself the annoyance and avoid for awhile. There are connection issues, I keep getting on for two minutes then get kicked off and it takes five minutes to get back on!

  5. Same as last time…..server overload, got kicked out after 7 minutes

  6. Springfield Falls is back for donuts!!!

    Must have!
    Must have!
    Must have!

  7. Just had two thoughts,
    1) Shame we couldn’t cash-in our green chips for blue chips.
    2) For those that like npcs, they should have offered a green chippy, and a blue chippy, with different characteristics/animations

    🃏 🎲 🎰 🙂

  8. Personally I didn’t want act 3 to be too easy for me but did want a small headstart so I kept my token count around the 100 mark and used the rest in the hope of earning crafting supplies. As I result I now have 1 of every item as I had some show tickets from daily challenges. Now i only need to save up for the safari casino after that I see any extra stuff I craft as a bonus personally.

  9. Earned 9 bonuts and have more than 300 tokens at the ready. Needless to say I like this event so far.

  10. Last set of bonuts 3h before the end of Act 2, now stopping tapping gamblers. I’ve stockpiled over 600 tokens over the past week and am more than ready for Act 3… 🙂

  11. Tuxedo Bart doesn’t really say “grab me”…IF the tree skin had a percentage bonus or generated income…something,,anything,,I’d consider it. Already had Krusty’s tux from I believe I’m just gonna pass on this round of offerings. Wait to see what’s coming next.

  12. Did whole TSTO reload buildings still floated. Browsed your site more and found the monorail tracks should not be in water. Once editing to place land over water, the game displays as it should! Characters no longer disappear under structures. Monorail tracks no longer fragmented. THANK YOU TSTO!!!!!!

  13. GABBO



    Looking forward to what Act 3 has to offer.

  14. I got quite a few bonuts in Act II (I didn’t count, but at least 18) and 452 tokens stockpiled. I’m ready!!

  15. Truly, what is with the rush rush rush to get ahead?? Everyone is acting like there is not enough time but the Act has not even started yet! Oh Ye Ppl with little faith! Tsk Tsk! Don’t Worry, Be Tapping!!

    • Some people have vacations coming up or other commitments and know they won’t be able to tap as much as usual. Myself personally I’m just an impatient person and the faster I can unlock things the better 😀

  16. Just downloaded the app. Hope it makes you some scratch for all the hard work you three do. Looking forward to act 3. Have 550+ saved in coins and did about 6-7 rounds of bonuts. Should clean up next round. Thanks for all the info for the last year.

    • Well thank you 🙂

    • An addicts app! I’m so excited about it! I don’t know how I missed that bc I’m on this site a lot, but I had no idea until I read your comment. It’s downloading now 🙂 Thx! And I also hope it helps you guys for all the time, work, & money you put into this site & the game. It makes this game SO much better so thank all of you.

  17. If I send Springfielders to Burns’ Casino to earn 110 green chips now, but don’t tap on the completion (thumbs up) icon until after act 3 starts, will the game reward me the new color chips?

  18. I was able to get all the prizes with 2 days to spare, allowing me to get bonuts~ Got the bonuts twice and will probably get it a third time soon (just need ~200 chips). I also got to level 3 crafting, so I guess I can actually focus on crafting items now.

    Guessing the chips will be blue now?

  19. DISNEY MAGIC KINGDOMS is out now in the iOS store.

    Alissa you KNOW you want to unlock all the Toy Story characters! 😉

  20. I’ve been without wifi in my new house and refuse to use my cellular data for act 2 so I’m not quite finished. That being said, I don’t think I missed out on anything worthwhile with act 2 seeing as I did get the Woodstock Casino which is the prize I really wanted. I don’t mind missing out on the character.

    Hopefully I get wifi sooner rather than later so I can get a start on act 3 though- I still haven’t managed to get to crafting level 3 (I’m about 6 upgrades away) so looks like it’s better to just focus on what I can get through the acts and some smaller crafting items.

    I really haven’t liked the upgrade to crafting thing they’ve done. I’ve hardly had anything drop to upgrade and its taken away some of the fun of getting crafting items I really want for decoration.

  21. Act 2 was way easier than act one. I was very pleased with being able to get the 5 prizes completed 3.5 days early. I got 400 tokens saved up for act 3. I won’t be playing a lot next week, Think that will be enough to help make up for downtime?

    I think I am to the second tower for the crafting just from getting the prizes. I been using the martinis for upgrades and only used the coasters and chains 2 times causing me to be 4 moves away from level 3. I noticed the martinis are not coming as easily as they did in the first half of the act. I’m wondering if I should just bite the bullet and use the 110+ of the other two to finish the upgrade.

    • I’d spend the coasters. Look at act three prizes. To get all the things I want from act 3 crafting I’ll need 200 martinis but only 60 coasters. Check out what you want and how many of each you will need.

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