Casino Event Act 2 Is Ending

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

In just about 11hrs from now the Casino Event Act 2 will come to an end….so finish collecting those last minute green chips because come tomorrow morning (0800 GMT, 4am EDT) you’ll no longer be able to earn those Act 2 prizes for free!

So here’s what we know…


Tomorrow morning (March 17th) at 0800 GMT, 4am EDT, Act 2 will come to an end and Act 3 will start.

Once Act 2 ends you will no longer be able to collect Green Chips (ico_casino_greenchip_lg)…which means you’ll no longer be able to earn the Act 2 prizes for free.  You will have the option to purchase anything you did not earn via donuts…but where’s the fun in that?

Once Act 3 starts you’ll have a whole new color chip to collect and a whole new set of prizes to earn.  The Act 3 prize track will start for everyone at 0800 GMT, 4am EDT, whether you finished the Act 2 questline (and/or have Homer’s House of Cards) or not.  HOWEVER….you will not be able to start the Act 3 questline until you’ve finished the Act 2 questline.


If you have not yet unlocked Homer’s House of Cards, you will still be able to unlock it during Act 3.  Just finish up the Act 2 questline to unlock it.

We also know that crafting items and currency will remain during Act 3…so don’t freak out and spend it all tonight.  There’s no need to do that.

During Act 3 Show tickets ico_casino_showticket_lgwill  fall from Gamblers and you can earn them in the games, just like all other crafting currency.

Gold Tokens ico_casino_gametoken_lg are worth holding onto for the start of Act 3.  (If you’ve completed the Act 2 prize track)

Courtesy Chipsico_casino_courtesychip_lg are also worth holding onto for the start of Act 3. (If you’ve completed the Act 2 prize track)


Bart’s Casino, the Watershow Fountain & Tuxedo Krusty will all leave our games (via the store..if you purchased them they’re not going anywhere) tomorrow.  So if you’re thinking about buying do so now, before they’re gone.

So finish up Act 2 and sit tight for the start of Act 3 tomorrow morning!

What are your thoughts on Act 2?  Did you earn all of the prizes?  Saving up for Act 3?  Earn lots of bonuts?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

81 responses to “Casino Event Act 2 Is Ending

  1. This is such a fun event. Great prizes very interesting buildings. Nothing to not like.

    • Quick question for you, since you are a completist! What (if anything) are you missing? Just curious.. I don’t have the energy or $ to gather every item myself. Also, what’s your favorite purchase?

      • I’m missing the respectable Moe skin and most of the Whacking Day stuff. Favorite purchase is like asking what’s your favorite Beatles song. And sadly I don’t really know what I spent doughnuts on. But I think off hand it was the mechanical ants.

  2. TIP: If you haven’t already visited friends today, only tap on one gambler per town. Tomorrow, (after the new act starts (with new chips)) go back and visit again before 24 hours to tap on the remaining 2 gamblers in each town. Then after the 24 hour friend visit clock is up, you can visit again and get another 3 gamblers. This should give you a bit of a head start on chips.

  3. Should get a 3rd round of bonuts this act (without spending any tokens after earning the prizes) and have 250 tokens saved up. This event is fantastic!

  4. Alissa. Is there going to be additional prizes past level 20 for the club card point? Or should I use what I have available to purchase the items I want?

    • You don’t purchase anything with the club card points…it’s like the chip prizes. You just unlock them when you reach that level…

  5. I’ve got over 300 tokens saved to start off act 3 with tomorrow. Since I’m laid off I guess I’ll spend my morning playing slots.

  6. Ok. Im looking good for act 3 with about 350 tokens saved up. Just a quick question. I completed a donut challenge today which gave me a reward of 1350 green chips. I have not yet claimed them and they are still sitting there waiting. If I leave them until after act 3 starts will they change to a different colour? I don’t want to collect them as I don’t need them and won’t earn enough to get any bonuts either. Would like to get a good head start on the next act prizes. Thanks

  7. I got the bonus donuts twice (total 6 donuts) and still saved up about 120 casino chips. Hope I’ll get all the crafting stuff this event. Still behind on the members thing

  8. I cant wait to finally use the 650 gold token i hamstered (unlocked the final prize about 8 days ago ^^). I wonder how long it will take me to spend all of them and if i get all the prizes from act 3 directly by using them 😀

  9. Brian Covington

    Seems like i earned a lot of bonuts this go round (collected 5 times!). Anyone else seeing that?

    • I think I got the bonuts round 8-9 times in 4 days. Between those, find maggie and the daily tasks that were donut heavy as well, I think I managed to get a good 40 donuts. Usually, I usually get about 1-2 bonut rounds for the same amount of play time.

  10. No bonuts but almost 500 tokens:-)
    Thanks for the hint last time. It will be a fast finnish, and then bonuts

  11. Well, got to say… Act 2 went really well with the +20 Chips from Gamblers. I also was able to collect 12 Bonuts, over 200 tokens, got level 3 crafting and saved a number of crafting supplies. The only thing I am currently on the fence about is Bart’s Casino. I love the way Bart looks dressed in his suit and bodyguards lol, but as was stated in the SIB it’s only 2 skins. One for Bart and one for the Treehouse and therefore is it really worth my hard earned donuts? If it did something more for me, I would jump on it, but as it stands it’s leaving me pondering if I should…

  12. This event has been awesome so far! Not to mention the 2 mini events at the same time, I love the mystery of St Patrick’s-Easter together!
    Already 3 rounds of bonuts, over 250 tokens and counting & almost enough items saved up to craft everything in Act 3 (minus the tickets, can’t wait for them to start dropping!).
    Finally making notable progress on SH too. Almost $322mil plus finally finishing the quest to get the mountain lodge! Whew!
    Being off work all this week is definitely going to help put dents in SH & stockpiling bonuts. I blew all I had getting buildings I’ve been coveting during the last event. Now it’s time to start saving & getting other long awaited but not limited time items (ahem, Akira!).
    Well, boring rant over! With all the excitement I really need to get more land & start organizing my chaotic town.
    BTW- LOVING the app!!!😀

  13. I can’t wait for Act 3 to start. I was finished 5 days ago and have collected 4 rounds of bonuts and almost 300 gold coins saved up. Bring it on!

  14. My structures are floating. CHARACTERS are beneath. Monorail tracks appear disjointed as water railings are on top. Removed TSTO from my Kindle and reloaded from cloud without success.
    Must I reload TSTO completely or shall I await ea fix?

    • Most likely an uninstall and reinstall situation…

    • If you have monorail track running through the water, remove them and hard close. If that doesn’t work, remove all the tracks and hard close. Also try storing Sideshow Bob’s rakes if you have them out. If ttose work, you can try adding those back in slowly so you can see if any are going to be problems. Sometimes these work, sometimes not. If not call EA ASAP.
      Good luck. 🙂

  15. Most of my TSTO structures are ” floating”. That is characters walk beneath. Monorail tracks are covered by river railing. I tried reloading TSTO from cloud to my Kindle but still no good.
    I hope Ea corrects before I need to uninstall completely…

    Your site is most helpful!

  16. Finished act 2 prizes with enough time to earn 2 bonut rounds and time to have 150ish gambling coins. Should give me a lovely head start for act 3

  17. Has anyone named their roaming gamblers or wondered about their backstories? Here’s mine:

    Bernice Eulalie Johnson (gambles wearing her lucky lime green stretch pants and fuzzy slippers)
    Retired middle school librarian, going to the casinos are her splurge activity
    Widowed 4 times, working on number 5, has 2 daughters (a doctor and a web-based self-help author), no grandkids yet (still hoping)

    Sandy Krupkie (tall, skinny, blonde)
    Retired Mary Kay sales rep, chain smoker, she’s addicted to the video slots, and loves a good floor show
    Divorced, still looking for Mr. Right, would settle for Mr. Has A Pulse

    Louie Fisker (polyester, ‘nuf said)
    Retired finish carpenter, plays the ukulele in the Senior Center’s Annual Talent Extravaganza (highest finish: seventh place)
    Widower with three adult children, seven grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren, none of whom ever visit

    Marty “Snake Eyes” Carpaccio (menacing black hat)
    Fading member of ‘the Family’, knows where the bodies are buried–literally…because he put them there, capisci?
    Divorced (probably) 6 times, no children (that he acknowledges)

    What are your stories?

  18. Also forgot to mention La Belle Frottage, that is leaving also…

  19. I have over 300 tokens saved! Gonna get a great head start tomorrow. Also got 3 rounds of bonuts just from tapping gamblers and sending people to the casino. Bring on act 3!!!

  20. I actually managed to get everything this Act…and save 500 game tokens and get one round of bonuts! I’m really pleased with this, I think Act III will be a walk in the park! Looking forward to the new prizes; I’ve already had a glance at a few and they look quite good.

  21. I was O.K. with not getting Bart’s Casino or Tuxedo Krusty, but now I’m changing my mind. But with the new donut options, I have to pull the trigger and figure out.

    I’ve made probably 140 donuts in the last 3 weeks, so I’m feeling flush!

  22. Will the club card points serve any purpose in act 2. If you have completed all of the prizes to level 20.

  23. Found it really easy to earn bonuts for this act. Maybe because my wife just had a baby and so I’m waking up more and quickly check my game and get the casino tasks going. Think I earned 9 bonuts so far and going for 12 today. Also have nearly 300 coins saved up so I can get a good start on act 3 with the games (I know I could use them to get more donuts but figure it’s better to get act 3 done fast to get bonuts later).

  24. I heard a grapevine from someone who looks in the files that EA™ have heard about token hoarding and have increased the number of new blue chips required for each prize

    • And THAT is why we don’t post things before they hit the games…

      • Knew you was gonna say that 🙂

        apparently we’ll need an extra 12,000 chips to unlock all prizes
        that eats into my head start 🙂

    • That would be pretty low of them. This is the first event (I think) where there was a possibility to get a head start on the next act by hoarding currency, and for them to turn around and make the hoarding basically useless would be cheap on their end. Just accept the fact that the tokens carrying over through each act was a bad call and allow those who saved them (and gave up bonuts by doing so) be able to reap the rewards. It’s not like we’re cheating, we’re literally giving up free donuts to just get ahead by a few days in the next act.

      • I agree. I think they can look at it as a great thing – they gave the players choice. Prioritize bonuts or ensuring they can achieve all the prizes. Either way, EA intended to give you something (bonuts) for hard work. Any adjustment, other than if people aren’t progressing enough – seems mean.

  25. I’m ready ☆

  26. I have about 270 gold coins stored up- how’s everybody else’s stash for Act 3?

  27. Is over 500 tokens enough to start the next one?

  28. I got lots of bonuts and so many tokens I might actually finish Act 3 tomorrow evening.

    Time for me to start crafting. I’m all leveled up, and I want the Spruce Moose really bad!!!

  29. After they upgraded the gamblers to drop 20 chips each, earning bonuts became too easy… I got 30 of them, and will earn 3 more before the end of the act.

  30. Chippy also leaving us… 😄

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