4/27 In Game Update: Gil and”El Serpiente”

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Our old friend Gil is back in Springfield and this time he’s got a Wild West themed deal for us! (our you surprised?)


You should see Gil roaming around your Springfield…tapping on him will start everything right up for you. So let’s take a look at Ole’ Gil and his search for “El Serpiente”….

Tapping on Gil will trigger some dialogue between him and a Spanish bandit…

Spanish Bandit:You find the one they call “El Serpiente,” and bring him here to lead us, or else!
Gil: Or else what?
Spanish Bandit:Or else we’ll be leaderless!  And un-led bandits are inefficient bandits.  You don’t want that, do you?
Gil: Gosh, fellas, no!  I’ll find your “El Serpiente!”  By the way, is that a Spanish word?  What’s it mean?
Spanish Bandit:No time for translations!  All our hopes ride on you, ineffectual old man.  No go!
Gil: If I were an El Serpiente, where would I be?  Maybe I’ll ask those three boys over there. Hey fellas, whatcha doing with all those funny-shaped dice?
Datebase: We’re playing “Sheriffs and Shootouts,” a Western-themed role playing game.
Gil: Sounds dull!  Say, you haven’t heard of a fella that goes by the name El Serpiente, have you?
Martin: Why, that moniker is one of the many aliases of the seventh-level outlaw character in the game.
Milhouse: It’s a Spanish name that translates as —
Gil: I’ve been assured there’s no time for translation!  If you’re El Serpiente, that’s good enough for me!  I’ve got a deal for you, son.  Your very own bandit for, complete with a band of outlaws for you to lead.
Martin: Well, I’m always keen to meet up with my fellow role-playing enthusiasts!

And you’ll see the deal popup….

image (11)

If you reject the deal….

Gil: No problem!  If I don’t sell this fort, the bandits will probably just leave me buried up to my neck in the desert.  I’ve been buried up to higher body parts in worse places! Or maybe they’ll just take everything I have.  Which is practically nothing!

If you decide you want to take it…

Gil: Another satisfied customer!
Snake: You, dude, I hear you’re looking for The Snake.  That’s me.
Gil: Sorry, but the bandits were quite specific, and they didn’t say anything about a “The Snake.”

The Bandit Fort will generate Bandits 2x faster.  What this means is you’ll get the same number of bandits as your other hideouts (Flanders House, Simpson House, etc) but they’ll be ready every 2hrs instead of every 4…

And the Fort is 12×14 in size…

Oh and it come with a questline…

And yes I’ll have a Should I Buy up on it soon…

You’ve got a week to make your decision on Gil’s deal…

What are your thoughts on Gil’s new deal?  Will you be getting the hideout or passing?  Thoughts on “El Serpiente”?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


119 responses to “4/27 In Game Update: Gil and”El Serpiente”

  1. Half the size, half the asking price, and this would have been thee first Gil Deal I’d have purchased (I guess the glitch is an omen that says “don’t buy!”) ….

    1/3rd thru this Event, thee Rocky Landscapes Decor are fab (an Interactive – click them for scorpions and buzzards), I wouldn’t pay Donuts for the quicksand, I already brought over the Cactus I had from last year’s Event (not spending Donuts on more) – if there are no more Buildings in Act 2? I’d like a Boothill and some Cow Skulls, please! 🙂

  2. Hey I want the bandit hide out, but gil disappeared. How do I get him back iv looked every where in the store for the hideout only film set available help plz

  3. I assume you get the Trojan sombrero once all the quests are done. Which are kind of numerous.

    Funny how he nerds think it’s a game of dungeons and dragons but western themed.

  4. The Gil deal is gone from my game. Is this a glitch? Does anyone else have this problem?

  5. I would just like to finish what I started I’m not getting no where because my game messed up I’m not getting any bandits and Apu has been stuck on one job for days I would really like to finish this quest but it seems like I’m going to have half of the Western town not only that my other Springfield messed up as well I almost had the money for my lake now I don’t have any it wants me to start over please try to fix I will greatly appreciate it

  6. You don’t get El Serpiente nor a skin… I think the offer is just for the Fort…. tell you what.

  7. App store update for Android fixed issue of dirt tiles showing up at neighbors. Super glad. Nice designs, neighbors!

  8. Heh…is that Trojan Sombrero out front?

  9. I just purchased the donuts to buy the Gil deal and I went to buy it but it no longer appears in my game! Is this a glitch?

  10. Looks like the item is gone, just updated with another patch and no sign of Gil or the item 🙁

  11. Man, they’ve stopped even trying to make these super expensive Gil offers something iconic and fun.

  12. Anyone notice any patches/fixes or was this a purely annoying Gil deal update? Hope something got fixed for someone since I didn’t see any fixes.

    I was really pressed for time too when it hit and had to click through all the nonsense dialogue when I could have been refreshing my saloon characters and harvesting my hideouts. Just had only enough time to tap on prospectors instead.

    Boy do I hate Gil.
    Thanks for letting me rant.

  13. Did the update insert bonuts? I just got a quest call “More Clues”. It’s counting me up to 1500 clues. Could this mean bonuts?

  14. I just got my final prize of Act 1 and it is doing a 8 hr construction. I don’t think I need the fort to increase rate of bandits. But may consider if it comes with a percentage multiplier.

  15. I think it looks pretty nice. I’ll have to catch it at a neighbor’s to know for sure. But too expensive for me. 🙁

  16. I bought it. It’s an expensive item, I feel most items are in this game. But I like this Wild West update. I had the “extra” money whee it popped up. As a rule of thumb though I don’t buy Gil’s items (too costly).
    But I feel like, if you like the item, and you can afford to, go ahead and get it.

  17. Great, Gil’s bandit fort popped up, did not have the donuts so I proceeded to the store to buy them and when I got back, it was gone!


    EA must hire programmers throwing darts at the phone book, how can they screw up this simple 2D game? It’s not like battlefield or any other real complex game.

    And another annoying thing is the limit for collecting event currency on your neighborhood, for example, if you have 10 neighbours you can collect “X event currency”, then if you have 300 friends you’ll be able to get the same X value. Then why bother to have neighbours at all since the total amount of currency collected in neighbour towns is infinitesimal? Guess you still live up to the acronym joke. EA (Extremely/Eternally Amateur).

    • Good points Buzz. I have been thinking for a while (through a now long list of events) that EA is gradually morphing the Neighbors purpose in the game to something more evolved, in accord with how the game play has changed. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to be clearly defining that evolution of Neighbors’ role in the game and that drives me crazy. It’s like it’s sort of offhand.

      I really like that we can deliver as many prospectors to neighbors as we have the game tokens to drop – that’s great neighbourly stuff. But the increasingly reduced things you can collect from neighbors is increasingly annoying. EA, if you’re reading this here (and we know you are) please consider a change up to the overall Neighbor game play model so it equals, in a truly complimentary way, the permanent changes you’ve made to the overall game model.

  18. Its huge in size, I got it because its perfect for my Desert. But it’s 100% useless most likely after the event. It may not give us anything what so ever after the event. If it does that’s fine too. But ya, you definitely need a lot of room for this.

  19. YAY!!!! My game is fixed. Thank-you EA.

  20. Hisroyalhighness

    Maybe it’s already explained somewhere else but is the game nor available on android? I can’t download from google play!

  21. My game just updated…and now I am getting a ‘land expansion contact support,’ error message.
    Any advice? I am trying to find help on the forums, but not much luck.

  22. I’ll pass on this – I’m doing pretty good on getting clues (I’m a couple hundred or so off this Saturday’s total on the calendar), and I can’t get on every other hour to get the benefit out of this.

  23. I liked the look so i bought it as soon as i saw it! Very happy with it. 👍

  24. While i like the way this looks, it is waaaaay too pricey. I’m hanging onto my donuts. But i do wonder if Snake will get a task here in future acts. Still wouldn’t be worth it though, in my opinion🌵🐍🌵

  25. I can’t buy the Bandit Fort, after the update it did showed up in the pop up image, but I didn’t buy at first and it vanished. I already deleted the local data, cache and reinstalled the game, it didn’t fix it.
    I really hope EA fix it, I want to buy this.

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