May the Fourth Be With You 2016: Star Wars & The Simpsons

Hello hello friends! So it’s May the Fourth and you know what that means!

“Happy Anni…birth…tine’s…shark week?”

Nope… Star Wars Day… woo hoo! As the resident walking carpet of the site, I always love when this “holiday” comes around and I have an excuse to celebrate Star Wars on a Simpsons site.  It’s the sort of day where I get to let my geek flag fly and all the varied Star Wars shirts I wear on a day to day basis compete for the honor or being worn by the fuzzball.  It’s a great day even if it’s just a fake day but if there can be a “run up the flag pole and see if anyone salutes day”, there certainly can be one dedicated to Star Wars.  Even better, the day is all based on a pun.  As a skipper on the most magical attraction ever, I love me some punderful jokes.

Star Wars Simpsons

What’s the internal temperature of a Tauntaun?

Luke Warm.

Is BB hungry?

No… BB-8.

Did you hear about the sale at the Maul?

Everything’s half off!

What’s that fuzzy item you’re wearing on your back tiny human?  Looks a little Chewie to me.  How do you cook it?  Raw?  Medium well?  Charred?  I’m not a big fan of the Dark Side.

Okay… I’m, done with the puns.  I promise.  In honor of Star Wars days, I figured I’d list some of my favorite Star Wars appearances in the Best. Show. Ever. Seriously, there are quite a few (check out the interwebs if you don’t believe me and special thanks to the eight pound, six ounce book I use for a lot of my research).  Seeing the epic space opera and my favorite cartoon mish-mashed together is truly one of those amazing things in life.  Just the other day, my friend shared this mish-mash with me.

Lost Child Simpsons Kylo Ren

Lol.  Last time I wrote about Star Wars, some seemed to think it didn’t apply to this site so I decided I’d dedicate this day’s post to my favorite Star Wars moments in The Simpsons.  Without further ado… let’s check out this chronological, but far from complete, ramble.

“I Married Marge” (S3:E12) – Homer takes Marge to see The Empire Strikes Back and spoils the ending for folks waiting for a later viewing. Also the best pick-up line ever. “You’re as pretty as Princess Leia and as smart as Yoda.”

Empire Strikes Back Simpsons

“Lisa the Beauty Queen” (S4:E4) – Remember Lisa trying out hairstyles for the Miss Springfield pageant? Her Princess Leia buns win my vote.

“Marge vs. the Monorail” (S4:E12) – Quimby saying “May the force be with you” to Leonard Nimoy always makes me laugh.

Leonard Nimoy Simpsons

“Lisa’s Rival” (S6:E2) – Ralph Wiggum wins a diorama contest with Star Wars action figures in a box. Skinner names him the winner because he’s a SW fan, proof positive that Armin Tamzarian isn’t that bad a guy.

“Round Springfield” (S6:E22) – Bleeding Gums Murphy appears in a ghost cloud to talk to Lisa along with Mufasa, Darth Vader, and James Earl Jones. I don’t know about you but this makes me chuckle every time I see it.

Bleeding Gums Murphy Mufasa Darth Vader James Earl Jones Ghost Cloud Simpsons

“The Springfield Files” (S8:E10) – Chewbacca is in it. Enough said but if you need more incentive besides me mentioning that it’s technically an episode of the X-Files and Leonard Nimoy narrates, you and I are too different for more words to make a difference.

“Mayored to the Mob” (S10:E9) – C-3PO, R2-D2, Mark Hamill AND more Chewie. AFter watching this you may never be able to sing a certain Guys & Dolls song the same way ever again.  Watch it.

Mark Hamill Simpsons

“Viva Ned Flanders” (S10:E10) – We see the back of CBG’s car (looks like a Gremlin to me). Ever since this day, I’ve always wanted a bumper sticker that says “My Other Car is the Millenium Falcon.

Comic Book Guy's car Simpsons

“Treehouse of Horror X” (S10:E4) – the Collector segment is great and not just because he has a double-bladed light saber.  I wonder how many people remember the days before this kind of lightsaber was a reality and how cool it was when Darth Maul appeared with it?  This episode aired months after the premiere of Episode I so clearly the writers thought it was cool too.


“Treehouse of Horror XII” (S13:E1) – Yoda marries the Leprechaun & Gypsy.

Leprechaun Marriage

“Brawl in the Family” (S13:E7) – Star Wars Monopoly with Chewbacca on the cover. Woo hoo!

“Half-Decent Proposal” (S13:E10) – You gotta check out CBG’s bedroom. There’s so much Star Wars and this may be a big reason I’m a huge fan of his and sometimes wish I could be him lol.

Comic Book Guy's Star Wars Bedroom Simpsons

“C.E. D’oh” (S14:E15) – Lenny and Carl light saber battle with inanimate carbon rods while arguing about which prequel sucked more. Nerd justice.

“The Regina Monologues” (S15:E4) – “It’s Bart’s moon party from Outer Space with R2-D2 playing a bass.”

Bart's Moon Mansion Party R2D2 playing the bass

“Co-Dependent’s Day” (S15:E15) – Cosmic Wars and all the Star Wars parodying you could ever want.  For any fans who like to make fun of the Creator, there’s some hilarity here for you.

cosmic wars

“My Big Fat Geek Wedding” (S15:E17) – More BiMonSciFiCon and Chewbacca.

Chewbacca Simpsons

“Treehouse of Horror XVI” (S17:E4) – Apu as R2-D2.  I really love that little droid even if he was always so vulgar the censors had to bleep him out.

apu-d2 simpsons

“Revenge is a Dish Best Served Three Times” (S18:E11) – You gotta watch this one to the very end just to enjoy an episode dedicated to everyone who ever died in a Star Wars film.

“Homerazzi” (S18:E16) – If you ever wondered where my avatar comes from, this is the episode to watch.

Scent of a Wookiee Simpsons

“Husbands and Knives” (S19:E7) – CBG completely hidden by Jabba the Hutt… just another thing checked off in the joy that is my life.

“Sex, Pies, and Idiot Scrapes” (S20:E1) – Boba Fett and our favorite family frozen in carbonite during the couch gag.

“Once Upon a Time in Springfield” (S21:E10) – the best costume for Inspirational Woman Day? Princess Leia. This is why I often say “I’m a Star Wars.” Thanks Ralphie.  Even better, I found a pic of someone who got this permanently tattooed on their body.

I'm A Star Wars Ralph Wiggum Tattoo

“Replaceable You” (S23:E4) – Santa’s Little Helper in a Darth Vader mask and Homer bowing to Lord Vader. Greatness.

Vader Simpsons 5

“The Food Wife” (S23:E5) – I love, love, love CBG’s food blog.

The Android's Luncheon Simpsons

“Steal This Episode” (S25:E9) – More Star Wars jokes at the expense of Episodes I to III.

Cosmic Wars Episode VII A New Take Simpsons

“The Man Who Came to Be Dinner” (S26:E10) – Aired in January 2015, The Simpsons showed a vision of Star Wars Land at Disneyland before the company even announced they were incorporating more of the franchise into their theme parks.  Way too funny and yet another example of the show predicting the future.

Dizzneeland Cosmic Wars

The best part about this list is I didn’t even cover everything. There’s so many easter eggs throughout The Simpsons and it makes me happy every time some Star Wars love is shown. What about you?  Do you have an appearance you love that I didn’t mention? Well, I hope you have a boffo day. If you choose to celebrate Revenge of the Fifth instead, happy tomorrow. Or is today if you read this a day after it’s posted? Happy “now”? Ugh… my head hurts. Anywho… I hope you have a great May the Fourth and may the Force be with you.

Star Wars Simpsons (2)

Happy, Happy Star Wars Day.  Stay classy and TTFN… Wookiee out!

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  1. Not sure why I’m thinking about it now (May 5th) but have you ever seen the Short Film called “George Lucas in Love” ?
    I assume you (Wookie) have. It’s a comedy spoof, of George Lucas finding inspiration in college for Star Wars. Worth a look and a laugh. 🙂

  2. That cloud James Earl Jones still looks like Henry Kissinger to me.

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