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May the Fourth Be With You 2016: Star Wars & The Simpsons

Hello hello friends! So it’s May the Fourth and you know what that means!

“Happy Anni…birth…tine’s…shark week?”

Nope… Star Wars Day… woo hoo! As the resident walking carpet of the site, I always love when this “holiday” comes around and I have an excuse to celebrate Star Wars on a Simpsons site.  It’s the sort of day where I get to let my geek flag fly and all the varied Star Wars shirts I wear on a day to day basis compete for the honor or being worn by the fuzzball.  It’s a great day even if it’s just a fake day but if there can be a “run up the flag pole and see if anyone salutes day”, there certainly can be one dedicated to Star Wars.  Even better, the day is all based on a pun.  As a skipper on the most magical attraction ever, I love me some punderful jokes.

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I find your lack of 2D faith disturbing (The Vader 2D)

Wookiee: Lord Vader, this is an unexpected pleasure. We are honored by your presence… 
Darth Vader: You may dispense with the pleasantries, fuzzball.  I’m here to put you back on schedule.
Wookiee: I assure you, Lord Vader. My cheetos encrusted fingers are working as fast as they can.
Darth Vader: Perhaps I can find new ways to motivate you.

Well hey there Addicts.  What a week it’s been.  So, courtesy of a request from my sister’s beautiful friend who is a tapper and also wanting to wave my Star Wars nerd flag a little, I decided I wanted to do a 2D illustrating my love for the epic saga.  Easy peezy… Darth Vader sounded like a fun idea. Continue reading