Should I Spend Donuts On the Whacking Day Bundle?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Whack…ing…Day.  Whack…ing…Day. Whacking Day. Whacking Day! Whacking Day-Whacking Day-Whacking Day WHACKING DAY!!

The Whack is back jack!  As in Whacking Day is back in our Pocket-Sized Springfields!  After 3 years of begging EA, newer Tappers finally have their wish in a mini Whacking Day Event!  Well really a Whacking Day sale…but hey it’s your chance to get some of that Whacking Day swag you may have missed from way back in 2013!

While there’s loads of free Whacking Day items to get your whack on, you can see them in the rundown post here, there is one premium bundle looming large on the minds of many Tappers!  Now with that limited-time label I know it can be tempting to buy it right up because it’ll be gone soon.  But don’t sweat it!  We’re here to tell you what’s worth those donuts and what you might want to hold off on.

Wondering if you should add the Whacking Day Bundle to your Springfield?  Well before you hit that confirm button let’s break down if you should add this bundle of all things slithery to your Springfield…


Bundle: Whacking Day Bundle
Donut Cost:
125 Donuts (It says it’s valued at 265 Donuts)
Lumpy, Snake Speakers, Snake Rocks, Hollow Snake Trunk, Snake Stump and 4 Practice Snakes (Red, Purple, Yellow & Green)
No this does NOT come with Ninja Homer
Bonus %: 10.75% (Breakdown below)
Earns: The Snake Rocks, Hollow Trunk and Stump all earn cash and XP as well…
Various, but they’re all fairly small
Conform-O-Meter Impact: 
Everything impacts Vanity for a total of Vanity +4,800
Snake Speakers +1,000
Practice Snakes +100/ea 
Snake Stump +1,100
Hollow Snake Truck +1,500
Snake Rocks +800

Original Pricing: Lumpy-  55 Donuts (No bonus)
Snake Speakers- 50 Donuts (+2.5%)
Practice Snakes- 10 Donuts each (40 donuts total, Green, Purple, Red & Yellow, +.25% each))
Snake Stump- 55 Donuts (+2.5%)
Hollow Snake Truck- 75 Donuts (+2.75%)
Snake Rocks- 40 Donuts (but also free as a prize)
Actual Original Value…315 Donuts

Leaves stores on Thursday May 12th, 2016…

I’m going to do this a little different and just go straight to my opinion.  I think the pros and cons pretty much weigh themselves with this one…

Final Thought:
If you missed Whacking Day originally you may want to pick this up.  It’s several requested items with a great return on them (bonus %) for the cost.  However, buy it only because you like it (or you need the bonus %)…the items have no real practical purpose.  They won’t do anything in your town.  They’re just decorations.  Premium decorations and that’s in.  So get them if you like them, otherwise pass.

Here’s my take Freemium players….unless you need the bonus % (and most of you don’t) pass on this.  While 100 donuts for that nice 10+% bonus might seem tempting, the reality is these items aren’t anything spectacular and you’re better off spending the 100 donuts on Luke Stetson.
So unless you’re hell bent on getting these items, or you really really really need that bonus %, pass.

Of course in the end it’s your decision, we can only tell you what we would/wouldn’t do.  And I can tell you I won several of these already, but I’ll be passing on the combo itself.  But whatever you decide just make sure you do so before it leaves our games on May 12th.


And there you have it, the details on the Whacking Day Bundle!

What are your thoughts on the Whacking Day Bundle?  Will you be picking it up?  Or did you already?  Where have you placed the items in your town?  Did you miss out on the original Whacking Day?  Were you excited to see it back?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

136 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts On the Whacking Day Bundle?

  1. Thank you for talking me down off the ledge. I loved the whacking day event and wanted lumpy, but I can’t justify spending all my donuts on this bundle. Saving them in case something awesome comes along in act 3.

  2. Just want to confirm you get 4 practice snakes. I only got 1 yellow

  3. I got on the game just after whacking day 2013 do I missed out on it. Been looking forward to it coming back. Gutted its just a small thing 🙁

  4. I made my decision and purchased the bundle this morning. I was so instantly happy when I saw Lumpy slithering around my Springfield! I wish I could have just got him, but I’m super happy – even if it does mean I only have 3 donuts to my name right now and can’t get Luke or the mine. 🙁

    • Have you tried using the quick thoughts app? All you do is take surveys and you earn either forty cents to a dollar for each one completed. If you don’t qualify for the survey you still get ten cents. I normally earn about ten dollars a week and I maybe spend thirty minutes or less a day on it. You can use it for either iPhone or android. If you use the iPhone version you get a gift card code for the iTunes Store. If you do the android version you will get a gift card code for the Amazon store. I think I first heard about this from Sandra 2 months ago. I’ve earned around eighty dollars since then. I think most of the addicts on this site use it. So, if you decide to use it you should have plenty of time to earn the gift card before the items you want leave the store😊

      • To be fair to anyone who decides to try it, I think you do quite a bit better than average. As you said, it probably helps if you have kids, for example. I don’t make nearly as much as you do with it, but it certainly had earned me since money! I just wish I could get it to work on my Kindle (since it’s a much better deal to buy donuts through Amazon), but the app simply won’t work for me (even though it supposedly should). Very frustrating!

        • Very true, I have kids in each demographic they are looking for plus I have a family of gamers. I think the quickest I’ve ever earned was a gift card in 3 days. I’m just so happy you recommend this app. My family was starting to think I was crazy because of how much I spent every month on this game lol. My husband definitely thinks the name of this site fits very well with how obsessed I am with this game😁

      • Thanks brittj87. I did install and try the Quick Thoughts app a few months ago. I had about $3 after a few days, but then it would no longer allow me to log in, and said I needed to contact support. I tried all sorts of things, such as reinstalling, starting a new account with a friend’s nearby address, etc. but it was smart enough to know it was my phone or something every time. Finally, after four days, support e-mailed me back and demanding far too much personal information – way over the line of what could be reasonable for their purposes – and I just decided that I don’t need the money that badly.

        • Well that’s just rude😔. I’d be frustrated too. I hope things somehow work out though so you can at least get one of the items you want. At least you were able to get lumpy. I sat on the fence too long and ended up missing my chance at the bundle😣

          • Aw, thanks. In the end, it’s just a silly l’il game, as Bunny always says. I had to make a choice, and I went with the bundle. I still only have 7 donuts, so I doubt very much I’ll get the mine, but I’ll probably forget about it almost as soon as the event is over. I’m not going to sweat it.

  5. Do the practice snakes that come with the bundle do anything? Does Ninja Homer play with them? They look odd laying flat on the ground by themselves – as if they’re ready to be played with by a character.

  6. Ok I admit I was pretty drunk when I bought this, now I can’t find most of the items! It’s like Where’s Waldo

    • So, are you saying that the Confirm Donut Spend feature should come with a breathalyzer attachment? 😉

      • Not at all. They’re just so tiny and I placed them ask over my town. It was actually kind of fun trying to find them all.
        Finally found them by the way

      • Besides this is the only stuff this completionist was missing. No way I was turning this down! Now Respectable Moe. I think it’s the only thing I’m missing now.

  7. barleecreations (canid88)

    I can’t see if this was answered elsewhere, if I bought Ninja Homer would he use the practice snakes from this bundle?

  8. Quick question! If I already have Lumpy but wanted to buy this, would I get a second Lumpy? I doubt it but I wanted to ask just in case. Lol 😀

    • My understanding is if you have Lumpy in storage you’ll see the offer. Now if you’ll get a second lumpy…that I don’t know

    • alex - aabcampos2

      Even if you got a second Lumpy you will not be able to put then both at the same time on the city. I have two “Krusty Talking Dolls”. (due to a bug when I got it). One of then is forever in my inventory.

  9. Can we get a WDTCF on Lumpy please.

  10. I usually agree with your Should I Buy assessments, but honestly I couldn’t disagree with this one more! I have been coveting the Whacking Day stuff for YEARS, but I started playing after that event. I like getting characters and things I CARE about, and even if Luke Stetson is a good deal, I couldn’t care less about him as a character. But Whacking Day is such a classic episode that I love, I couldn’t possibly pass up buying everything, even if it costs donuts. I finally get my Whacking Day park and snakes, which means more to me than a character I don’t care about. But to each their own, I know.

    • lol it also says…if you like it and have wanted it get it. You would fall into that category. What I’m saying is don’t buy it because you think you need it…there are better deals out there. Only get it if you really really want it.

  11. Not sure where to ask, but theres a windmill (brought back from a previous event I think) in store at 30 doughnuts. What are your thoughts? Does it come with a bonus %? It goes in 5days…

    • I really try not to do should I buys on decorations, because they’re decorations and a personal choice. That all being said I’m not a fan…but if you like it, grab it. But there is no bonus % associated with it…

  12. I think this wasn’t such a bad deal as I had the items. I think some of season player need get off there high and mighty chair and stop saying some of stuff need be one time getting it as show how long they bean playing. I say bring on past items and make people pay to get to help fund new content.

    • Do some people really say that? I know I don’t care if anything comes back that I have gotten. I’m glad when things I got free come back premium because I’ll get premium perks. Even with the premium stuff I paid for, I really don’t care. Maybe we should all get some badge in our town like “since 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016” that would actually be pretty cool.

      • If you scroll down, someone said it just a couple comments back.

        • Haha yup just saw, right below my comment 😂! I was at work so I only have so long to read comments and yours’ was the last I read. Then I replied and what not, hoping nobody would notice 😈. I work in the filming industry so I can only get away with it in between filming (not long). I don’t always work, but when I do, it’s on movies. I digress. To each their own… but yeah obviously I agree with you. Still I think it would be cool to have some sort of “Established in 20–” on our town. I often wonder how long my neighbors have been tapping.

          • 🙂 I know not everyone has time to read all the comments, but yeah people are kinda selfish. I like your “established in 20_” idea. That would be cool.

            • How about “some people are selfish”? I think probably the majority of the people who hang out here aren’t (or do you think I’m being too optimistic about that?).

          • Well that sounds cool! Have you worked in any movies we may have heard of. I got my undergraduate degree in Broadcasting and Film, but I did it more for the broadcasting (TV, for the youngsters out there 😉 ) than the film.

            • Really?! That’s awesome! I don’t have a degree in film or anything and yes it sounds much cooler than it is, but it’s still a fun job most days. Super long hours when I work. As far as big movies I did work on Bad Mom’s recently (Jan – Feb) in New Orleans. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of it but the NSFW Red Band Trailer is out. Im actually in the trailer for a small bit. Normally I’m a stand in so no screen time. I’m currently working as a stand in on a tv series, but you won’t actually see me in it. I will do background work if something I love comes to Louisiana just to be a part of it. Bad mom’s was one of those films, & it was so much fun to work on! But record long days I’m talking 18-20 hours

          • Sandra, I guess I generalized. Most people here are not selfish, but I work retail and yes I would say a lot of people are selfish.

  13. Hmmmm…I had 296 Donuts (oh that Casino Event <3 ). I spent 100 on Luke (easy choice for a premium char + building, with the next being the YMCA. Now I'm thinking about buying this bundle, because I've got a decent white house collection (648). So I'm really tempted because of the bonus levels you get for building those mouse trap vans. On the other hand there is Buck, who will be available only on sales again, but he ain't important to me (although I really liked the episode)…

    Is anything of the bundle a unique item? Because I think I have the stomp already.

  14. I bought two scratchers today and won 100 donuts on the first and 50 on the second.. So I have a few extra donuts to throw around. I’ll be thinking about this until last minute.

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