Level 60 has FINALLY Arrived! And So Has the End of Levels…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Looks like we’ve got Level 60 on our hands….

2016-05-18 11.28.28

My apologies for not  getting on this right away I was, shockingly, actually working lol.

Anywho you’ll see a bunch of stuff about levels on here….and then the task will auto trigger for you.  Build the Googolplex for $1,852,000..

It looks like…EA has gone the way of Family Guy and Disney in that you’ll level up, but it doesn’t mean anything.

Which means they’ll introduce new characters through mini events and Bigger events not Levels.  I’ll cover a bit more on this below…

Oh and Gil’s back!

I’ll be back with more as I go through it…

Ok so first thing I want to do is address the no more levels issue.

After you get the Level 60 message you’ll see this popup:

2016-05-18 11.28.52

Followed by some dialogue by The Simpsons…

Homer: About Twenty levels too late, if you ask me.
Marge: I checked out when they introduced Bernice Hibbert as a “major character”
Lisa: Aren’t you at all upset, Bart?!  No more levels!  This game’s basically over!
Bart: Pfft, it ain’t over till the donuts stop flowing.

Now here’s the deal…you won’t stop Leveling Up.  In the sense that when you fill your XP bar you’ll hit a new Level (and get free donuts).  So you’ll no longer be “stuck” at Level 59 (or Level 60 in this case) waiting for EA to release a new Level.

However, this does mean the ability to get bonus donuts from Leveling Up (ie Farming for Donuts…) is now gone.  Sorta.  Since you’ll still get at least 1 donut for reaching a new level.  Here’s a few Level Up screens you’ll see after level 60…


Oh and I want to thank Davidbo for his sacrifice in in-game cash to be sure to get Level 60 to trigger for us this week…thanks Dave! 😉  

So does this mean the end of TSTO?

NO.  Like Bart says, it ain’t over till the donuts stop flowing.  What this means is, EA has decided to go the route of many other Freemium Games in that Level Updates mean nothing.  They’ll introduce new content through Events, both mini  (like the fire event) and large (like the current Wild West Event).

This also means I’m going to have to restructure the Walkthroughs pages lol…

So don’t panic about the end of TSTO….this is actually an OK move on EA’s part.  Now everyone won’t be annoyed about where the next level is.

Oh and I’ll look through the files and see if I can find where the levels do cap….give me some time on that one.

Now onto the new content…

First let me tackle the Gil Deal…

Gil pops up in Springfield after you go through the initial Level 60 fun with a deal for Duff Gardens.  Here’s what he has to say…

Gil: Sick of the several second commute to Krustyland?  Then get Duff Gardens!  It’s an amusement park you can build and expand…In your actual town!

Finally a short sales pitch from Gil…

2016-05-18 11.27.23

If you reject the deal…

Gil: Oh, so you’d rather hang out in Krustyland? Yeah, right.  You’ll be back.

And I’m going to have a whole other post breakdown on this.  Because it’s A LOT of details to cover in the rundown post.  But basically it comes with Lisa’s Lizard Queen Outfit…and then you can earn more prizes.


The Offer will leave our towns in 7 days…so make your decision before May 25th.

If you Pass On Gil’s Deal Initially….

It seems we have the Gil Bug going around again.  Where you initially pass on the offer and then he disappears from the store.

First check your store…see if you see Gil like this:

2016-05-18 17.10.14

If not try scrolling around in there and see if he’s somewhere else.

If not hard close/restart your game.  If that still doesn’t work, uninstall/reinstall (as long as you have an EA/Origin account).

If all else fails…contact EA.

And here’s a look, finally, at the stuff associated with the Level…

As mentioned above Level 60 will kinda Auto start once you’ve gotten all of the other popups out of the way. And you’ll be tasked with building the Googolplex.


GoogolplexGoogolplex- $1,852,000 .  6×11 in size.  24hr Build time.


unlock_raphael Raphael– comes with Googolplex.


dufflibertyDuff Statue of Liberty- 60 Donuts.  2×2 in size.  Earns 1.5% bonus on all cash and XP.  Lights up when tapped.  (she’s covered in lights, they turn on when you tap).  Not unique, so you can buy more than 1.

Ok and there’s your basic new update rundown.  I’ve got to now go through a million things to answer your questions…so here’s what I’m working on so you don’t have to ask me if I’m doing it, because it’s coming:

-Level 60 Walkthrough
-Should I buy/Full Details on Gil’s Deal
-More info about the levels, i.e. cap etc
-And Wild West Content
-General Store Caps
-Should I buy on Maggie, Sneed & Hot Springs
-Anything else I missed lol

Thoughts on the update?  Like the idea of Raphael added?  Thoughts on no more levels?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

444 responses to “Level 60 has FINALLY Arrived! And So Has the End of Levels…

  1. oh man pls tell me that this quest still is avaible when u hit lvl 60..I’m a huge fan of the doors and Lisa rocks like a true lizard queen..

  2. Im currently on level 165. $11.4M. 2369 donuts

  3. Just to confirm my facts before contacting EA about the Deal – does this unlock after building the Googolplex or have I had some sort of severe memory loss and this unlocked as soon as I levelled up to 60?

    • Are you referring to Gil’s Deal? If that’s what you’re talking about some people have reported it appeared when they completely finished the level 60 questline, so yes build and complete Googolplex. Others have reported it’s still missing..

  4. Did your land expansion disappear? I can’t buy more buildings to reach $5,000,000. The only items I can still purchase is the Exclusive resort and decorations.

    If you keep sending people to Duff Gardens, you keep winning more girl and boy doll figures.

  5. So EA follows the policy Microsoft introduced with Windows 10. No more upgrades, only updates.

  6. Level counter stopped at 939. Still get free donuts for Xp though

  7. I would like to be able to gift stuff to my friends. I have a lot of junk I don’t need and it could help someone else decorate their town.

    • That’s a great idea. I have a few friends starting out and could really use all my extras that I have stored. I remember being new, looking through towns and getting jealous. 😀

  8. Why don’t they take player suggestions for buildings.

    • That is what I thought. I have got loads of suggestions. One of them is Springfeild tapas that comes with Edwardo

  9. How do I start the duff gardens quests?

  10. Sooo, Duff gardens. Do you need to be level 60 for the quests to start because mine is just sitting there?

  11. I got to the point in the game where I am supposed to send additional people to Duff Gardens to earn prizes. There is the head of the gnome girl hovering over Duff Gardens, but when I click on it nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?

  12. It’d be interesting to see what newer players think of this. If you’ve been here from the start and play constantly then you’ll still get all the same content just through events now rather than levels so it doesn’t matter too much. But anyone joining the game in the future will have missed out on so many limited time events. At least with level updates you know that you’ll get there eventually and still be able to collect everything, it’s an incentive to keep going with the game.

    • I can’t quite follow your logic…most players weren’t playing from the beginning; I didn’t start until less than two years ago. New players will get the same levels I did and they’ll probably eventually have access to many “limited time” items from the past (just like I finally got my Whacking Day stuff that I had coveted for so long…that even was way before I started playing). I don’t really think anything much has changed for newer players…actually, it’s players who have been playing long enough to hit Level 60 who should be more disappointed (if anyone’s going to be disappointed), as we have no new levels to look forward to….

  13. Duff Gardens: I got scared with everyone losing the Gil deal, so I bought it. There was a quest to send five characters to do something, so I sent seven to make sure I counted correctly. Now, just those seven characters are available to earn prizes. I tried just sending one, but didn’t get anything. Then I tried only sending five of the seven and got a prize. I’m glad that I selected characters which aren’t used for events; however, I wish that I had sent more characters during that initial quest to keep my options open. (This is just a note for anyone who couldn’t wait for the Addicts post on this.)

    • I think you eventually reach a point where you can send more than 5 but the list of characters that can go is relatively limited and some of them are premium. I’m now at the point where it gives me the option to send Gina and Declan there even though I didn’t send them on the initial quest.

      • Oh, I thought that I was the one who chose which characters could go. I wasn’t really paying attention as I needed to get out the door this morning. Thank you!

    • From what I understand and notice.. is you only need 5 to get prizes. This way if you need characters for event tasks you can use characters that aren’t involved in the event.
      I am able to send 11 at a time. But you only need to send 5 to get the prize, money and XP’s.

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