Gil’s Duff Gardens Deal: Should You Buy & Full Details

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Level 60 arrived yesterday…and in the midst of the nice round level update, lockout confusion and all the crazy Wild West fun, Ol’ Gil has returned to Springfield!  With his shortest sales pitch yet, he’s pushing Duff Gardens on us this time around….since no one goes to Krustyland, why not bring Krustyland to Springfield?

Duff Gardens isn’t your typical premium buy, as there are some upgrades you can do to add new dimensions to your “amusement park”.  So in this post we’re going to not only break down the pros and cons of the Gardens, but we’re also going to give you the ins and outs and everything you need to know about this Duff centered park.

So let’s get to it, shall we?

2016-05-18 11.27.23

Duff_Gardens unlock_lisa_lizardqueen

Building: Duff Gardens
Character/Costume: Lizard Queen Lisa
Donut Price: 145 Donuts
Size: 10×11 (Gardens only)
Earns: $200,22xp/8hrs
Conform-O-Meter Impact: Vanity +100
Requirements: You MUST be at Level 60 to start the questline
What Does It Do: Not an actual amusement park like Krustyland, it’s a building like any other building in Springfield.  It’ll earn you cash and XP.  The difference is you can send characters on tasks there and in return you’ll get 1 of 4 prizes.  We’ll cover that below…

Leaves Games 1 week after you trigger it

-Unique looking building for Springfield
-Lizard Queen Lisa is a classic costume for Lisa
-You’ll unlock 4 different decorations for Springfield with the purchase of this (sadly none of them add to your bonus %)
-Lizard Queen Lisa will earns a premium rate on her tasks (except her Go to School task, that earns at the regular rate)
-Three animated tasks (visual)
-Lizard Queen Lisa will use Duff Gardens

-On the pricey side for a building/skin combo, although relatively low priced for a Gil “Deal”
-Lizard Queen Lisa (at least at the time of this writing) does not have a 1hr task
-The prizes from Duff Gardens get repetitive, and you end up with a lot of Gnomes

Final Thought:
I like this combo.  I really do.  I think if you’re a premium player and in a position to spend the donuts, grab this before it’s gone.  While the Gardens can get a bit repetitive, I do like the look of the building and Lizard Queen Lisa is a really fun addition to Springfield!
So premium players…grab this one.

This is one of those, if you like the idea of the combo grab it items.  It’s an ok buy for freemium players.  Lizard Queen Lisa is fun and, again, the Duff Gardens add a unique look to Springfield.
So in my opinion, freemium players, if you like this grab it.  It’s a good buy.

Of course in the end it’s your decision, we can only tell you what we would or wouldn’t do.  And on this one I can tell you I’ll be picking it up for my Springfield.  But whatever you decide just make sure you make your final decision before it leaves your game.  You’ll have a week to decide…so choose wisely! 🙂

And now onto more details for this purchase….

When you make the purchase Gil says…

Gil: Have Fun with yet another Springfield amusement park!  It’s fun and colorful, but don’t drink the water.  Just like Mexico!


Here’s a look at the tasks associated with Lizard Queen Lisa

Lizard Queen Lisa’s Permanent Tasks:

lisa_lizardqueen_defend_duff_gardens lisa_lizardqueen_see_the_music            lisa_lizardqueen_victory_pose

Task Length Earns Location
Trip Out on Meds 4hrs $260, 70xp Outside/Visual
Go to School 6hrs $225,55xp Springfield Elementary
Go Crazy Around Town 8hrs $420,105xp Outside/Visual
Defend Duff Gardens 12hrs $600, 150xp Outside/Visual
Swim at the Gardens 24hrs $1,000, 225xp Duff Gardens

And here’s a look at her questline…

Remember: You must be at Level 60 to see this start…

I am the Lizard Queen! Pt. 1
Lisa starts

Make Bart Find Lisa’s Old Meds- 2hrs, Earns $175, 40xp
Make Bart Wonder if Giving Lisa Expired Meds is Okay- 2hrs, Earns $175, 40xp

I am the Lizard Queen! Pt. 2
Marge starts

Make Homer Plan His Next Big Project, the Duff-o-Rail- 1hr, Earns $70, 17xp

I am the Lizard Queen! Pt. 3
Krusty starts

Make Fat Tony Enjoy the Profit from the Shuttle- 8hrs, Earns $275, 70xp

At this point the Duff Gardens questline will start…we’ll cover it below

I am the Lizard Queen! Pt. 4
Lisa starts

Make Cletus File a Complaint on the Whack-A-Space-Between-A-Mole- 4hrs, Earns $175, 45xp
Make Lisa Trip Out on the Meds- 4hrs, Earns $260, 70xp

I am the Lizard Queen! Pt. 5
Krusty starts

Make Krusty Admit the Damp and Society Show is Pretty Good- 8hrs, Earns $420, 105xp
Make Lisa Go Crazy Around Town- 8hrs, Earns $420, 105xp

I am the Lizard Queen! Pt. 6
Milhouse starts

Make Bart Repost his Review Under Krustyland- 2hrs, Earns $175, 40xp
Make Krusty Flag Bart’s Review as Spam- 2hrs, Earns $175, 40xp
Make Lisa Go Crazy Around Town Again- 2hrs, Earns $175, 40xp

Awards Gnome

2016-05-18 22.16.16

I am the Lizard Queen! Pt. 7
Lisa starts

Place the Gnome
Tap the Gnome

And here are some details about Duff Gardens…

You’ll trigger the questline for it at Part 3 of I Am Lizard Queen!  This questline is basically what will show you how to earn other prizes from the Gardens.  Here’s a look at it…

Duff Gardens Pt. 1
Krusty starts

Make Springfielders Trash Passes and Attend Duff Gardens- x5.  5m, Earns $15, 5xp Freemium and Premium

Completing awards Gnome

2016-05-18 22.19.52

Duff Gardens Pt. 2
Krusty starts

Make Winners Attend Duff Gardens Instead of Krustyland- x5. 5m.  Earns $15, 5xp Freemium and Premium

Completing awards Duff Beerquarium

2016-05-18 22.21.30

Duff Gardens Pt. 3
BLH starts

Place the Duff Beerquarium
Make Residents Attend Duff Gardens to See the Duff Beerquarium- x5. 30m.  Earns $60, 15xp
Make Villains Attend Krustyland to Loot Abandoned Rides- x5.  30m, Earns $60, 15xp.  

2016-05-18 22.24.49

At this point you can continue to send characters to the Gardens to unlock prizes:

2016-05-18 22.25.07

Who Can You Send?:

2016-05-18 22.25.19 2016-05-18 22.25.24 2016-05-18 22.25.28 2016-05-18 22.25.34 2016-05-18 22.25.37

How Do I Unlock a Prize?:
For every 5 characters you send to the Gardens you’ll earn a prize.  But if you send 10 at once, and clear all 10 at the same time you’ll still only earn 1 prize. (at least that’s how it played out for me last night)

So remember:

5 characters=prize

You’ll also see this task box popup every so often for Duff Gardens….

2016-05-18 22.26.27

What Can I Unlocked?
One of 4 prizes…and that’s currently it.  Here are your prize options:

Male_Gnome Female_Gnome Beerquarium Duff_Beeramid

And I can tell you that most of the time, you’ll unlock a Gnome.  So be prepared for a lot of Gnomes….

And that’s it my friends!  The full breakdown, pros and cons, walkthrough and task list for Duff Gardens!

What are your thoughts on the Gardens?  Will you be picking it up?  Or did you already?  Where have you placed the Gardens in your Springfield?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

167 responses to “Gil’s Duff Gardens Deal: Should You Buy & Full Details

  1. Can you start the quest line and earn the prices of you get duff gardens from the yearbook instead then the Gil’s deal?

    I’m debating whether I should be getting this but I don’t have 150 donuts.

  2. Who’s still making gnomes in 2020? haha Just got Duff Gardens from the Yearbook and wanted to confirm what I thought I knew. Thanks!

  3. So it’s now April 4th and this deal is still in my store, although the offer expired weeks, maybe even months ago. The timer says 0s (seconds) remaining, so I’m not even sure the store will accept it if I actually try to purchase it. Right now I’m leaning towards buying the Hank Scorpio bundle instead, but maybe Duff Gardens will still be there later on. Has anyone else experienced the same thing? Did you try to buy it (or some other item for that matter) after the timer went to zero?

  4. i bought Duff Garden. but only 1 character (Bernice) can attend Duff Garden (the other characters listed in the tstoaddicts info doesnt have that choice. pls advise. thanks.

    • Mrs Muntz…Lurleen…Helen Lovejoy…Jessica Lovejoy…Lunchlady Dora….Ruth Powers….Laura Powers….Herb Powell…Declan Desmond…Gina Venditti….Bernice Hibbert…Chester Dupree…..Theese r the Springfielders Ive activated so far in ‘ DUFF GARDENS’.

  5. Hello, I am past level 60 but this offer appeared for me today. It said it would last 6 days so I decided to give it a thought first. Now I want to buy it and it’s nowhere to be seen, how can I find it again?

  6. I had to get this deal…been admiring my neighbors for a while. Placed mine near a skytrain terminal. Easy access is everything.
    Now I have quite a few Gnomes.☺…probably not even close to the amount I will have.🤔

  7. I bought this yesterday…☺September 26….so all of u who wrote u wanted it on the 17th…I guess u have your chance. It was going to expire today I think.
    I placed mine close to The new Lard Lads….a block away from waterfront..easy access from skytrain.

  8. I missed this and I really want to get it. Is there any suggestion that it might come back?

  9. PaintedPhantasmic

    I just got the Gil Deal for DG today, I’ve been looking for something premium to add lately. I was thinking Stu, Duffman or Frink, being permanent I’m leaning towards the limited time Gardens. Of course I tend to delay in hopes of something more desirable down the road.

  10. I have the girl gnome “floating over Duff Gardens but when I click on her, nothing happens. I had gotten the message about the citizens having tasks, too, but they aren’t there anymore. Part of the glitch?

  11. Queenhappyface

    I was pretty disappointed that I didn’t get Duff Gardens the first time around, but it popped up in the menu as a Gil Deal and I pounced on it before it could disappear or be some glitch. Now I’m asking myself what did I do!?

  12. Disappeared again. I’ve been waffling on it, and was reading this to decide and noticed it is gone again. 6 days left on the offer yesterday (same thing happened to me last time).

  13. Did anyone get the Duff Gardens Gil deal a second time after they already bought the deal? After placing Homerlayas, the deal popped up for me again but I already had a Duff Gardens and even if I wanted I didn’t have anymore donuts to buy it again. Even then, I don’t think I would be brave enough to try and get a 2nd one, perhaps even losing donuts in the process. Is it possible to have more than one (1) Duff Gardens? lol 😂

  14. havent got the glitch fixed yet!!! Any pointers on how to?

    • Several players are reporting that once they’ve finished the Level 60 questline it appears. Others are reporting that doesn’t work. Unconfirmed reports of it relaunching completely tomorrow (June 7th)…

  15. Not sure if my post went thru – explorer crashed.
    I just got my Homerlayas and the Gil deal returned with 6 days left on the timer. I wanted it in one of my towns, so I snapped it right up.

    • Thank goodness. I already had Gil’s deal but felt bad so many missed out almost, Almost wanted to put it in storage. But the pyramid with the space coyote will look great next to the Duff Garden pyramids

  16. Just got my Homerlayas and the Gil deal came back with 6 days left on the timer. I thought I had missed this for sure and wanted to get it in one of my towns. – snapped it right up!

  17. I paid donuts for this for Lisa’s Lizard Queen outfit, and so far it’s pretty sweet, but the Duff Gardens building is pretty under-whelming.. The prizes are very redundant. I have a pile of creepy gnomes, a pyramid and the giant beer mug. Don’t see much reason to keep going with it.

    If I hadn’t gotten this I’d be kicking myself, but in hindsight it wasn’t a great purchase.

    By the way, how is “Coming down” NOT a Lisa task?? Funniest line in the episode!

  18. Any word on this being fixed?

  19. So, it’s Wednesday 5/26 and still no return of the Gil deal.
    I rebooted, I uninstalled/reinstalled, Contacted EA directly to get my name on the list of affected. I never really ever wanted a Gil deal before, but I wanted this one.. ironic.. pfffft.
    At this point, if they bring it back, I hope they knock a few sprinkles off the price for the trouble/hassle of it all.

    • EA dropped the ball on this one. WHAT IS TAKING SO LONG to bring the deal back for those who lost it? I didnt like the contact EA experience either. Just a form to fill out. Not sure if an actual person looks at it. Oh well hopefully they do right and fix it. Wasnt my fault , some people got it, some didnt(me)

  20. I got it, love to get all things “Duff” in this game. Still not quite to level 60 yet, so I got all mad when there was no quest line, but thankfully you guys have covered all the bases in that regard, so at least I know my game isn’t screwed up

  21. Hi Alissa, is there a limit to the number of items I could keep in inventory? I am actually using the 5 mins tasks to earn cash and XP but I am getting concerned of the increasing number of prizes in my inventory.

  22. I ditto Sk8er587’s comments! I don’t feel like I experience a lot of the glitches that get reported on this site (maybe cause I play on an iPad?), but I did get affected by this one. Here’s wishful thinking that the glitches get fixed and Gil’s Deal is brought back :-).

    • Yeah me too, I found out it would be the lizard queen and the line went off in my head “I am the lizard Queen!” And I just needed to have it, but it’s disappeared, I really hope I don’t miss out

  23. I guess the bug is not fixed. Uninstalled, contacted EA..nothing. No news besides they are working on it. Has the timer ran out on this Gil Deal?

  24. Aw man! This is the first Gil deal I’ve ever wanted, and sadly I too am affected by the glitch! I’ve already reported it to EA, so hopefully they fix it fast. I can’t wait to make a new Duff section in my Springfield!

  25. Only ONE task for lizzard queen lisa and nothing else until you reach lv60, that’s really sad, i’m actually lv49 and can do nothing with my duff gardens or lisa’s skin cause its a 24 hour task

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