Springfield Heights 101: Marketing Agency

Hey there Hoppereenos!

With all that has been going on in our games, I wanted to take a quick flash back to cover the Additional Building that was added during the Second Release of Springfield Heights items in December of last year.

In this post I will cover the “Storage” Capacity and Character Tasks that take place within the New Building. Tasks to help you gain Material Items needed to unlock New Land as well as other Buildings.

In this post I will breaking down the Marketing Agency.marketingagency_menu

First up, some Basic details.

Land: You are going to have to work at this. That is fine. It is meant to take a LONG time as it is here to stay. Much like the First Release of Springfield Heights. No rush needed. It may take you some time to earn the appropriate items, gain Storage, gain Materials, gain Real Estate… all to be able to unlock the Land surrounding the newer Building as well as unlock the ability to use the additional Character Tasks.

The Map for part one of Springfield Heights can be found HERE. 

Information on how to earn Real Estate can be found HERE.

Now on to the Building…


In order to be able to get to the Marketing Agency, you first will have to get to Pharm-Er John’s Pharmaceuticals and unlock it.

Pharm-Er John Map

Once you unlocked Pharm-Er John’s Pharmaceuticals, you will then need to start working on unlocking the Land around it in order to be able to get the Marketing Agency. Specifically the 65 Pharma plot of land as that is the ONLY way to get to the Marketing Agency to unlock it (as the other plots require Material that only the Marketing Agency can release.)

Marketing Agency Map


Now that you have access to the Marketing Agency, the collection of Adsads can begin. Here are some Basic Stats…

Starting Storage Capability: 10 Adsads

Characters Available to Unlock: Blue Haired Lawyer (Premium Character), Skinner, Martin, Carl, Lenny

Starting Characters (Unlocked with Building): Lindsey Naegle (free Character on unlock of Marketing Agency,

Task Time: 16mins

Task Material Cost: 2 Furnitureico_heights_furniture_lg & 2 Yoga Matsico_heights_yogamat_lg per each Task

As you can see on this one, you will need additional Materials just to send a Character on a Task. So you will want to stock up on Furniture & Yoga Mat’s in order to be able to send Characters on Tasks to get Ads. 


These Tasks will go a lil bit slower than the other Buildings. My suggestion is to first get some Furniture’s & Yoga Mats built up while you are waiting for the Character(s) to finish their Task.

Speaking of, let’s look at the Break Down for WHAT you will need to Unlock each Character to be able to use them in the Marketing Agency too. The more you Unlock, the higher the Storage goes up, the more you can progress in the game (as you will need those higher amounts for Land, Buildings, Decos, etc).


Character Task Time/Cost Reward Unlock Requirement Storage Increased By
Lindsey Run Focus Group 16m/ 2ico_heights_furniture_lg1ico_heights_yogamat_lg 1ads 8XP Unlock Marketing Agencyico_heights_furniture_lg 1ico_heights_coffee_lg ~
Blue Haired Lawyer Craft Disclaimers 16m/ 2ico_heights_furniture_lg1ico_heights_yogamat_lg 1ads 8XP Unlock Marketing Ageny & Purchase Premium Character ~
Skinner Take Blind Taste Test 16m/ 2ico_heights_furniture_lg1ico_heights_yogamat_lg 1ads 8XP Unlock Marketing Agency & 40ico_heights_furniture_lg 20ico_heights_yogamat_lg 10 (20 Total)
Martin Improve Ad Click-Throughs 16m/ 2ico_heights_furniture_lg1ico_heights_yogamat_lg 1ads 8XP Unlock Skinner & 60ico_heights_furniture_lg 30ico_heights_yogamat_lg 30 (50 Total)
Carl Star in a Beach Ad 16m/ 2ico_heights_furniture_lg1ico_heights_yogamat_lg 1ads 8XP Unlock Martin & 80ico_heights_furniture_lg 40ico_heights_yogamat_lg 50 (100 Total)
Lenny Be Extra in a Beach Ad 16m/ 2ico_heights_furniture_lg1ico_heights_yogamat_lg 1ads 8XP Unlock Carl & 100 ico_heights_furniture_lg  50ico_heights_yogamat_lg 100 (200 Total)

So remember, this one you can’t just send a Character on a Task. You will need Furniture and Yoga Mats for each Task to send them.

Also you’ll need Real Estate Points to unlock them…here’s the list:

Skinner- 49,000,000ico_heights_realestate_lg
Martin- 52,000,000ico_heights_realestate_lg
Carl- 62,000,000ico_heights_realestate_lg
Lenny- 67,000,000ico_heights_realestate_lg

There you have it. An overview of what you can do as soon as you Unlock the Newest Building added to Springfield Heights. Just take your time. No hurry. You can take all the time you want.

What do you think of all this? How many Buildings in Springfield Heights have you unlocked? How many Characters for Marketing Agency? Like that they used mostly Freemium Characters for tasks and just one Premiums? Let us know.


58 responses to “Springfield Heights 101: Marketing Agency

  1. For some reason, Lenny and Carl are not showing up in my marketing agency. Any suggestions?

  2. So I’m trying to unlock more land in SH but it’s not offering me anymore. I’ve completed Billionare Haven. I did not complete all of the condos though and I don’t think I’ve seen the SH part 2 option either. Can anyone tell me how to get more land? Thanks!

  3. I’m really hoping that Disco Stu is offered at a discount soon. Especially so if there’s another SH expansion. Otherwise I’m going to have to wait until Black Friday and hope he’s on sale then. 180 is A LOT of pink sprinklemeisters.
    Reason I’m mentioning this is that I’m always hurting for yoga mats. Between pharmies and marketing ads I’m devouring mats constantly.

  4. I need more land in SH.

  5. Just finally hit a billion and I am so done with heights, I’m not even gunna bother maxing out the rest of the buildings. Billionaire haven is beautiful 🙂

  6. I loathe all the embellished SH buildings. I only upgrade them to increase my real estate value, then place in inventory, to utilize much less tacky buildings within my precious SH land.

  7. I have had everything for Springfield Heights built amd upgraded for months now, everything with a limited count anyway. All of my private islands, business centers, etc are all maxed out. Seems like this post is a little late, though there are probably many still grinding away I suppose.

  8. Only just bothered to get this yesterday. Vague plan to do the entirety of heights in order. And very slowly. It takes a total back seat to events. All condos done now working on classic mansion. I thino its going to slow down more when I need awards. Still insanity pot is good for the drugs and googleplex is ok for extra coffee. Would like to send some more people for coffee though

    • Number 1 from Stonecutters has a 60 min task at Mountain Lodge for 15 coffee. This greatly speeds up time you need for coffee.

    • Number 1 (Stonecutters event) has a 1 hour task for 15 lattes if you have him.

  9. I got my billion during the Casino Event, which was nice because Paris Texan had a task. I agree with the comments that Coffee and Yoga Mats are the most needed item, since they are used by the others. It definitely helps to have the premium characters too. I have Disco Stu (Mats), Otto (Furniture), Blue Haired Lawyer (Ads), Squeaky Voiced Teen (Coffee) and Professor Frink (Smart Devices). I don’t have Bumblebee Man (Awards) or Jasper (Pharmaceuticals). But Jasper is on the top of my wish list. Disco Stu is the only character I bought specifically for Heights. The others I had before Heights even started.
    I’ve got all the buildings upgraded to the max, except for Exclusive Resorts, which (as far as I can tell) don’t add to the hidden XP bonus.
    They are all just piled up along the back side of my Heights area. The rest of my town is nice, but north of the mountains is a mess.
    I’m with everyone else who thinks a SH3 is coming. I should try to top off all my resources. I’m close to full with everything except for awards, which I have 0 of for some reason (probably used for the final upgrade and then just stopped).
    A lot of the Heights characters are also Railyard characters, so Heights grinding would slow down a lot Tuesday through Friday.

    • I was thinking of getting Disco Stu just for mat production, the only others I don’t have are Frink and Jasper. I’ve been debating on premium characters for a bit now. I want to do Duffman even though I feel he isn’t as useful overall for the game.

  10. SH has been neglected in my “can’t be bothered” pile for a long time. Have started half-assed building again thanks to the Googleplex.

  11. I’m taking advantage of this post to say that I finished all of SH. All of the buildings are upgraded (including the new Ads based ones) and all of the coffers are filled. I only “need” to maybe design a better SH area (but designing all of Springfield is a “need”, too). I have zero need for the Googolplex SH currency tasks. Chili just gives me cash…. SH will be just a memory. Hopefully they release SH3. (How sad is it that I even want that? lol)

    I’m at 1.3bn, btw.

    • Me too. I got nothing to upgrade anymore. The only challenge if I want to undertake is to bring my value to 2 Billion. I am now at 1.8B

    • Congrats neighbour! You’ve definitely jumped up on my leaderboard. I recall you were in the 40’s. You’re now at #15 (800k REV ahead of Joey Jo-Jo Jr Shabadoo in 16th, and 9.5mil behing Ligo in 14th place). 74 of my 93 neighbours are above 1 billion.

      I’m looking forward to the third wave of Heights as well.

      • Hah, thanks. I figured you might catch wind of this. 😉 Neat, I’m #15 on my own list, too! You’re number 2, but that’s alphabetical order, so can’t be helped.

  12. I’m past the 1 billion mark and found the worst resource for grinding was… coffee.

    You need it for too many darn things, and the generation time is just a bit too long for efficient tapping.

    But if you have the Stonecutter Number 1 – it’s a lot easier. He has a job which generates coffee and it’s a real lifesaver when it comes to keeping up.

  13. Chris Taurasi

    Speaking of land… I’d really like some more in Heights!!
    I’d love to put more mansions and houses up there, but I don’t have enough space!

  14. I had these problems you are all talking about and the uninstall reinstall worked like a charm for me.

    I really hope they put up all the countries flags again while the Olympics are on (the ones they had during Tapball event). I only grabbed a handful and wished I bought more cause they look so good in some of my friends towns. Anyone think this is likely?

  15. What are the bonuses that people are referring to in the comments? I have all my SH buildings in storage, what benefit is there to having them taking up space?

  16. Hopefully we get more SH content before too long. With the movie theater I’m at around a 1000 of the top three SH currencies, but since I finished upgrading and did all of the purchasing I care to a long time ago I have nothing to spend it on. Whenever the next SH update hits I should be able to complete a huge portion of it right away…

  17. What is this I’m seeing about secret bonus xp % for these springfield heights buildings? I read this whole article over and the links on it, and see no mention of it except for the comments.

    Can someone explain?

    • Anyone?

      • For certain Springfield Heights buildings, you get a hidden XP bonus percentage for having them placed in your Springfield. The XP bonus only applies to XP and not to cash. Also, it doesn’t apply if the buildings are in your storage. You’ll only get it for placed buildings.

        In the first wave of Heights:
        For every Deluxe Condo placed, you’ll get 1% XP bonus.
        For every Business Centre placed, you’ll get 2% XP bonus.
        For every Valet Parking placed, you’ll get 3% XP bonus.
        For every Classic Mansion placed, you’ll get 4% XP bonus.
        For every Modern Mansion placed, you’ll get 5% XP bonus.

        So if you have 10 of each placed in your Springfield, you can get an extra 150% towards your XP bonus. If you were fortunate enough to take advatage of the glitch that allows more than 10 of each building, you may even exceed 150%.

        In the second wave of Heights:
        For every Private Island placed and leveled up to at least level 2, you’ll get 1% XP bonus.

  18. Lindsey’s “Fend off Children” task is hilarious.

  19. I finished everything in SH right away… unlocked all the land and have been using that area for all my mansions. I hope we get to unlock more land soon.

  20. holy cow, I didn’t know about the secret bonus XP % with these…they’ve all been living in my inventory ever since they reached the max level.

    Do any of the add-ons to the buildings increase the bonus (you know what i mean…the resort annex, balcony, enterance etc) or is it just the main buildings?

    • Nope..no impact.

    • Yeah, just the core buildings. It really adds up, though, so I’ve got all mine out, and just stashed in far corner of the map. I’m still kicking myself for not thinking of duplicating all of my Modern Mansions while we had the Inventory Duplication Bug, because those not only have the biggest bonus, but the smallest footprint, so I could’ve cloned off dozens quickly without taking up much room, and really cleaned up over time.


  21. Hey Alissa, just wondering, do you need to have all of the Springfield Heights buildings placed and fully upgraded to enjoy the bonus XP % they provide? I still have 4 level 4 Business Centers, but I’m really not keen on trying to max them out even with the extra pills I earned from Insanity Mode. I only have one of each building placed as they take up way too much space, even with all the land plots in Heights unlocked.

    Thanks in advance!

  22. There is a suspicious amount of Springfield Heights’ mention lately… the Googleplex, the turtle game, the new monorail tunnel and now this post.
    Should I be preparing for something? Do you know something we don’t know? 🤔😉

  23. Unlocked all the SH buildings during the first wave of SH expansion. Still haven’t purchased all the final strip of SH land yet. Working on building all the SH part 2 buildings (only 3 more upscale hotels to go) before I buy up the extra land and push my SH generator buildings and Monorail buildings even further afield. Something about near constant special events for the longest time made me disintrested in pushing Springfield Heights or Monorail for months, but now that I cleared week 1 of Monorail Pt2 in one day, I’m setting all my SH villagers to task so I can be at capacity on all buildings and not get the invite to send characters there.

  24. Because ads require 2 mats each, I found it useful to spend my freemium bonuts on Disco Stu. It helped *a lot*.

  25. You also need real estate points to unlock the people at the Marketing Agency:
    Skinner – 49 Million
    Martin – 52 Million
    Carl – 62 Million
    Lenny – 67 Million

  26. I have all of the Springfield Heights buildings. I was looking forward to working on that some, but now I’m fully committed to getting my monorail built!

  27. Maddiethecool101

    Did anyone else lose their SH progress during the Wild West event? (Buildings kept but crafting currency & real estate $ lost) Was it ever fixed? I contacted EA multiple times and our case was bumped up to specialists but never resolved. I have rebuilt some of the crafting currency but issue of max storage amount still remains (locked at max of 50 or 100 items). We have all of the land, all of the characters and all SH buildings except Billionaires thing. My guess is that the game thought we were starting from zero but we couldn’t due to owning all of the SH available land so we are missing initial storage triggers. Anyone else deal with this? Were you able to solve it? A max storage of 50 chairs/furniture is limiting….. Thanks!

    • When I first play the SH. I experienced weird glitch. If I were to store the SH buildings, I risked having them disappeared or reset to level 1. I am not sure if this is the glitch you encountered. Similarly, that period at times certain buildings I could construct above the maximum number of buildings. I never store any SH buildings again for fear of this glitch.

  28. The Plaid Cow

    When you have a few minutes, the tasking for the last three looks to be copied/pasted from the Institute of Technology without being updated. Thanks for all that you do. 🙂

  29. I got the Blue Haired Lawyer in a mystery box so now I just send him there to get ads 😀

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