Monorail 2016: Where Are My Rail Yard Donuts?! (or Monorail Stations)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

First, let me apologize this is going up later than usual today. It’s been a bit of a crazy day…

Anywho, the recent Monorail return has turned TSTO players into two groups of people.  Those that have the Monorail and those that don’t.  And we’re seeing LOADS of questions from both groups.

Those that have the Monorail want to know Where Are My Rail Yard Donuts?!  Or Is EA Really Getting Rid Of My Rail Yard Donuts?!  This is usually followed by threats from some of you, you know who you are, to stop playing TSTO if they take the Rail Yard Donuts away.  (which we all know is an empty threat, because you’re a TSTO Addict, just like the rest of us 😉 )

And those that are working on getting the Monorail for the first time want to know How Do I Get the Other Monorail Stations?!  Which of course is usually followed by some comments about envying them in a neighbors town and wanting a massive Monorail.  (of course those of us that all ready have the Monorail know that a massive Monorail isn’t necessarily a good thing, just look at how long it took me to load Pimp’s town in this video)

Of course, as with all sides of any issue, there are always those of you are are in between.  You played the Monorail Event and you missed a couple of things (mainly the Rail Yard) and you want to know how to get it back.   For those of you with this particular issue, I recommend contacting EA.  Because it should popup for you.  So if it’s not, something is certainly wrong with your game.

Oh and still those are those of you…in all groups…having issues collecting trash from the Dump.  This is a KNOWN glitch.  EA is working on it.  I don’t have a time frame for a patch, but hopefully soon.  Fortunately, this is NOT a timed Event.  This is a permanent addition to our games, so there’s no need to panic.

Now, after that crazy long intro, let’s take a look at the answers for those of you screaming…WHERE ARE MY RAIL YARD DONUTS?!  Or WHERE ARE THE OTHER MONORAIL STATIONS?!!

Raining Donuts Simpsons GIF

So here’s the deal for everyone….especially those that don’t like to read:

**DISCLAIMER** This is only what’s currently visible in the game coding and it’s subject to change by EA at anytime.  (in other words, don’t come after me with pitchforks if EA makes changes)

YES the Monorail Donuts Are Coming Back…be patient!
-YES you’ll get more than 1 tunnel.  Again, be patient!
-YES if you don’t have the other Monorail Stations, you’ll have a chance to get them (for free).  Be patient! 


Here’s the quick shakedown of things….

For the next 4 weeks (including this week it would be 5 weeks), the Rail Yard prizes are going to be slightly different than what everyone is typically accustomed to.

At the end of weeks 2, 3 & 4 you’ll be awarded MORE donuts than your traditional 5 donuts each week from the station, as long as you’ve gotten all of the other Monorail components (i.e. other stations).

If you don’t have the stations they’ll be awarded to you (along with their accessories) on the Rail Yard prize track at weeks 2, 3 & 4.

For week 5 you’ll be awarded another Monorail Tunnel.

And at Week 6 and beyond things go back to the way they were…5 donuts/week. (for EVERYONE that has the Rail Yard and all of the Monorail Stations).

Oh, and for those curious…your weeks start when YOU start the Monorail building.  So if you’re on level 15 today and in a couple of weeks hit Level 20 and the Monorail tasks popup for you, that is your week 1.  So you’ll earn everything you see above.

This isn’t going anywhere.  The Monorail is a PERMANENT addition to our games.  Everyone will get everything offered, even those who join the game tomorrow.  🙂

In short….Yes, you’ll get more Monorail Stations.  Yes, donuts will be back.  So everyone can stop screaming and running around in a panic….and if you still want to do so.  Please, I must insist that you wrap yourself in bubble wrap and put a helmet on.  Those walls come out of no where!  Oh and if you do it, I also ask that you record it and send it to me 😉

Oh and one more time…the Springfield Dump is Currently experiencing a Glitch/Bug for many of you.  You cannot send characters on jobs there.  EA is aware of the issue and they’re working on a patch.  I do not have a time frame for the patch…but hopefully soon.  

Thoughts?  Questions? Comments?  Want to scream and yell?  Have you experienced those walls that jump out of no where?  Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you!

374 responses to “Monorail 2016: Where Are My Rail Yard Donuts?! (or Monorail Stations)

    I’ve been playing for 2+ years and have all the monorail stations but it always seemed too tedious to keep at the tasks. I can collect all the junk and recyclables HOW DO I GET DONUTS?

  2. What are the chances something can be done so you can exchange track pieces for ones you need??? Too many curves not enough straight pieces.

  3. Does anyone else find it strange that the monorail in the game seems like a perfect mass transport system, when in reality (cartoon reality but still) it failed after a single ride? 🙂

    • What happens after that first ride?
      (Mine is running fine)

      • Hahaha, it works fine, actually too fine in the game when in the Marge VS Monorail episode it fell apart during the inauguration ride, remember, the brakes failed so Lard Lad’s doughnut stopped it… Anyone here saw the TV show this game is based on? No?

  4. Just finished my monorail tasks for the week. I got 2 steaight pieces out of 18. Last week was short on straight pieces too. EA needs to increase the odds of getting them.

  5. I missed the first tunnel so I only have one. Will there be any more?

  6. Really sorry if this has been covered already, but do you know if there’ll be a new station specifically for Springfield Heights? I’d rather not have to purchase the Krusty station as my fourth station… Thanks!

    • Nothing in the files. But who knows? Maybe

    • The Mall-o-Rail station was originally released to go in Springfield Heights (although, obviously, you can put it anywhere you’d like).

      • I agree the design of it does sit well with the rest of SH.
        However, the reason I wondered was that the ability to (officially) run the monorail in SH via the tunnels was only a recent release, coming a substantial time after the original monorail event in which the Mall station first appeared. During the original event I recall seeing friends with massive monorails run the track in the sea around the mountain range to get the monorail into SH, but that would invariably crash the game and EA stopped players from doing that in the end.
        Does this mean that EA originally intended for the monorail to run in SH all along? 😉

    • I had the same question although I don’t have the option to purchase the Krusty Drive Thru Station. I missed it the 1st time but it’s not showing up as a purchaseable item. Is it supposed to? What about the North Pole station? Thanks!

  7. Argh, after obtaining the new monorail station, the monorail icon disappeared from my task list…how do I trade my materials? Did this happen to anyone else?

  8. Thanks for this post! I missed the 2nd half of the event the 1st time around and got the Rail Yard week 1 this time. Only issue for me is that if this is permanent, I would’ve hoped they made it every 4 days instead of a week. I finished a weeks worth in less than a day, I had some free time but not that much. Also would be nice if they had a 4th or 5th station especially with so much land now compared to the 1st time. I have 22 curved pieces and no straight pieces left…..hopefully that eventually evens out. the 20 donuts was a nice buy, but finding that 25 donut 10 day XP collider is so worth the donuts. Closing in on level 400 now, finally something that you can use to be able to buy premium items, even the ones that aren’t necessary like Lil Lisa’s Recycling Plant, which is a waste but I love that episode! Thanks again!

  9. My tracks do not line up. I’m 1/2 of a short, straight track pieces rom connecting to my mainline from the mountain tunnel. Either the tump bel is misaligned or a special piece is needed to do the connection.

    • You just need to tweak it to get to them to lign up, the curvy tracks can help with this.

      • Josephine Kick@$$

        I do not like the curvy tracks, I do not like them in a boat, I do not like them on a goat, on do not like them when I build, I do not like them in my Springfield, I do not like them Sam I am (Dr. Seuss just rolled over in his grave) 😂😂😂😂😂

    • I had to move my entire monorail system one square. I treated it originally like a puzzle, trying all different types of curves and jogs. In the end, either needed a piece that doesn’t exist (your aforementioned 1/2 short). So all tracks and stations had to move — and a lot of other scenery.

      • You’re correct… It was slightly off somewhere in the middle. I had to rekajigger EVERY PIECE to make them line up. Now the tunnel will line up at both entry and exit to The Heights. I wish they’d make an intersection piece so they can criscross.

      • I did the same thing, completely reconfigured my entire system. Took awhile but it’s all good now

    • I’ve tweked and tweeked. Min do not line up either. I’m at a track width separate. Help.

  10. Just a quick question and sorry if it has already been answered, I was just wondering with the monorail, if you don’t get the tunnel in the first week prize, do you have any other chances to get it?

  11. I was wondering whether the tunnel will line up. I had monorail in both Heights AND main Springfield. So connecting will be cool. When I get the tracks to match via the tunnel on one side, they don’t line up on the other when I move the tunnel. Did anyone else notice this?

  12. I played last time when the monorail first came and I didn’t get to finishe but got close, this time I’m seem to be missing things than most people I didn’t get a tunnel that others are talking about, I am collecting trash and redeeming them for tracks but that’s it! I don’t have any tasks or anything is that what’s suppose to be happening?

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