Breaking News: New Event Teaser!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

We interrupt your Sunday Funday for some IMPORTANT NEWS…..

EA just released a new teaser on their TSTO Facebook Page:

Image/info below the fold is NOT considered a Spoiler by our standards because it’s officially released by EA.  Also the image is grayed out…but for those who REALLY don’t want to know don’t click below…

new Event FB Teaser 8-14

What do you think it could be?  Are you ready for what’s coming?!  As we’ve stated several times we do believe the next event will hit on Tuesday or Wednesday of this week…so keep on tapping until then!

Hope y’all are enjoying your Sunday so far…and having fun with this week’s Open Thread!

Thoughts on the teaser?  Loving how EA keeps teasing new events?  Sound off below you know we love hearing from you!

159 thoughts on “Breaking News: New Event Teaser!

      1. Hmm, why definite? Maybe because of “entering another dimension” type thing? I think the blackhole is because of Hawking, who studies them and all that. That’s his E=mc2…I think.

        1. Look at the image. It’s in the Futurama style. No question in my mind. We will probably be teleporting back and forth between the Simpsons and Futurama universes.

          1. The game rights are NOT owned by EA. There will be NO crossover unless EA buys the rights. Which Wooga won’t sell cheap if ever. All you are seeing the the style similarity between Future Springfield and the Futurama show. Give it up.

            1. Everyone is entitled to his or her own speculation…no need to get upset with them over it. It’s just a game…games are supposed to be fun. Even when we speculate about what’s to come 🙂

            2. Thank you. Celebrities will never be voiced, there won’t be crossovers. Just to pay the licence fees would cause EA to charge a hefty fee every month to pay for the rights or even worse. Yes it might be a fun idea to have Darth Vader walk around Springfield but…

        2. OK. I could be wrong about the Futurama idea. I did a little research. There is a billboard in the splash image that says: Johnsons Teleporters. This was seen in the episode: Holidays of seasons passed (or something like that). It takes place in 2041. So now I’m thinking that the event will have something to do with the (possible) future of the Simpsons as depicted in the episode. I still think that there could some Futurama crossover, but we will have to see.

          1. Yeah, I think it’s that. If anything we might well get “appearances” by Futurama characters, but they’ll leave just like Lyle Lanley did.

          2. The thing that bothers me about an event based on the “Holidays of future passed” episode is that the episode takes place at Thanksgiving. Marge wants the family to pose for the Christmas photo. It would be weird to have an event in August that is based on an episode that occurred at Thanksgiving. Wouldn’t it? I also don’t know how Stephen Hawking and robots would factor in. I think the event will be ‘future’ related. Beyond that, I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

      1. I have many fond memories of seeing the original movie in a theatre in Seattle when I was attending UW back in the early-mid 80’s. I’m a little skeptical of any remake. They’ll probably get a bunch of former Disney brats to play the parts, and turn it into some sort of G rated drek.

        1. I agree completely. I’m very skeptical of an RHPS remake. Look what they did with Ghostbusters! RachelS

        1. I generally avoid watching remakes of movies if the original was well done in the first place. I’ll make an exception to that if the movie is based on a classic novel or play (Shakespeare, Austen, etc.) or a comic book or something like that. It annoys me to no end when they spend money to remake a movie that really didn’t need to be remade….and think of all those poor struggling writers out there with *original* ideas who are competing with those lame remakes to get their scripts made into a movie!

          RHPS had a major soft spot in my heart (and lots of fond, stoned memories) and I was more than a little annoyed when I found out they were coming out with a remake. Dammit, Janet! 😉

  1. Sounds like it could be a fun event! Only hope this doesn’t mean the game fills up with random celebrities. That’s one of the many things that turned me of FGTQFS

    1. Matt, the game needs random celebrities. Not much else interesting to add. I welcome famous people.

  2. Considering a second monorail tunnel will come soon, more SH land should open soon. I am ramping up my resources for that purchase. Certainly different from my normal preparation for the next event. Prep and be ready!

          1. I wondered about this – what a shame. Because aren’t all those blueprints simply wasted? It only takes me a couple days to complete it now that the totals are lowered and I don’t see any way that they’re saved. I’d much rather have the game cash. RachelS

  3. with this teaser revealed it matches up to the teaser as we have had the “random select of summer games” this update i hope will involve steven hawking opening a new dimension of futurama matching to the “doppellgangers from another dimension part of the appstore’s teaser

  4. I wish they would hold off a bit. I’m making a lot of progress on my monorail AND Springfield Heights.

  5. Oh, I was really looking forward to getting Albert the World’s Fastest Man 😊 lol!
    Can’t wait for this science event and I can’t wait to see how Frink tackles his competition – he didn’t take the arrival if Cobb so well!

  6. I’m going to take the ‘special guest’ part of the EA comment to mean that, somewhat like Lyle from the monorail update, that Mr Hawking will only be our guide for the event and disappear afterwards.
    That’s certainly what I infer from it, anyway.

  7. Science, Robots, and more! Oh my. It sounds like fun… It sounds like it’s going to be expensive… I better get myself prepared to buy some donuts soon, I get a feeling I’m going to need them.

  8. Random question, my game recently updated and downloaded the whole package, but oddly when I opened the game my view of Springfield was zoomed in a lot more than usual. Even zooming out only allows me to see a tenth of what I previously have seen. Any idea what happened? Anyone else experience this?

    1. Same with me. A Facebook group member advised me to install game tuner app to manually choose the resolution for the game.
      It works perfect 😍😍

    1. I was just thinking about that literally a few minutes before reading this. Wouldn’t it be great to have a huge event with a futurama crossover.

  9. hopefully it’s when homer and bart did robots together and homer got inside because he couldn’t build a functional robot

    that was a good episode 🙂

  10. Has anyone mentioned yet the possibility that they are referring to Stephen Hawking? LOL!

    But seriously, has anyone mentioned yet the possibility of Linguo?

    HashtagLinguoTweet (I’m not on social media, so not sure if I did that right or not.)

    1. I’m probably the only one rooting against more land. I only have three parcels left to buy and that’s been one of my goals for a while.

  11. This is awesome! I hope Stephen Hawking can fix R.O.S.A. Also, does anyone think one of Stephen Hawking’s tasks is going to be “Steal Homer’s idea of a donut shaped universe”?

  12. Science and robots? Hmmmm … wondering what episodes they’ll draw buildings and characters from. Outside of the Hawking episode nothing’s jumping to mind immediately.

  13. Anyone else thought of Albert as the activist for fat people’s right from “walking big and tall” who died by standing up from his scooter at the age of 23, with his cremated ashes needing nine urns and a large sack to contain them. Anyway a science updated could be fun. 😃

      1. It was in season 26 episode 13 in which Lisa and Bart write a replacement anthem for Springfield after learning that the original one was used in many other city’s. The other plot is that marge makes homer go to a support group for overweight people and the group leader Albert encourages homer to embrace his fat and be proud to be fat. You also see the images in Wookiee’s posts about tsti anonymous where you see homer walking past various classes such as coffee addicts, Alcoholics Anonymous and smokers anonymous before arriving where you see judge Snyder, lunch lady Dora, CBG and Luigi through the door. I hoped this helped out. Also I hope that when I was describing Albert from the episode didn’t offend anyone as I got the info from Simpsons wiki. 🙂

        1. Don’t get me started on the wiki…. I love ’em! Thanks for the details! I guess I should have done a Simpsons search, not just a general one for fat guys named Albert.

        2. When I was a boy, there is a cartoon I watched called Fat Albert. That character is black. Seems like Albert is always used for big characters!

          1. A Bill Cosby creation. That made it a big thing back then, bigger than it should have been, probably. Even with my nostalgia vision on, I’m pretty the show was not that good. Like, good in a goofy dumb way, but not in a good, good way. lol.

            So I can understand that the Simpsons version was named after Fat Albert. (That’s the first Albert I thought of when I read the text.)

            1. Fat Albert was actually pretty decent and it was remarkable for its time as being (I think) the first cartoon to feature “inner city” African-American kids/characters.

              But it was really written for just for kids, not for adults at all, which is why it probably doesn’t seem particularly “clever,” the way classic Bugs Bunny or The Simpsons does. (Even shows like Rocky and Bullwinkle (and the other cartoons that appeared on that show) were clearly written for adults to enjoy alongside their kids. Fat Albert was really just there to entertain, and “morally” educate, kids.)

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