The Springfield Games Are Coming to a Close

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just popping in with a quick reminder that the Springfield Games mini event ends tomorrow (August 16th) at 0700 GMT (3am EDT).  Which means today, Monday August 15th, is your last day to finish earning those prizes and purchase any premium items you’ve been eyeing.

Let’s take a look at what’s leaving and what we can (Spoiler Alert) expect to happen next….

lisa_pincollector_play_sax_for_pins_image_14 fatov_dance_with_homer_image_39

First up, all of the prizes will be gone tomorrow.  So if you haven’t finished earning them, get on it already.  😉

After today you’ll no longer be able to unlock the following prizes:

ico_priz_springfieldgames_sportscauldron_lg_1Springfield Games Cauldron 


ico_priz_springfieldgames_pinstand_lg_1Pin Stand (Pin Collector Lisa awarded with questline)

ico_priz_springfieldgames_litcauldronfacade_lg_1Animation for the Cauldron 

ico_priz_springfieldgames_gokarttrack_lg_1Go-Kart Track

ico_priz_springfieldgames_gokarttrackbetting_lg_1Betting at the Go Kart Track (Similar to the Dog Track…) 

Also leaving tomorrow are the following premium items:

sportacus_menuSportacus- 85 Donuts…Returning from Tap Ball.  Should I Buy

christredeemerCristo of Springfield- 75 Donuts.  Will earn you more Ribbons (2/3hrs)

halfpipe_menuHalf-Pipe- 100 Donuts.  Will earn you more Ribbons (2/3hrs)

ico_stor_flagbundle_1Country Flag Bundle- 50 Donuts.  Flags from 30 different countries

ico_stor_trainingbundle_1Training Bundle- 125 Donuts. Boxing Ring, Golf Course, T-Ball Stand, Tennis Machine & Obstacle items from Tap Ball

unlock_springySpringy- 60 Donuts. Thanks Sam

2016-08-03 14.43.55Gym Locker Mystery Box- 75 Donuts

If you missed any posts about what each item does, the Should I Buy or a breakdown (with video) of the Go-Kart track check out our event page for the 2016 Springfield Games here

So what’s next? **Semi SPOILER AHEAD**

We’re always waiting on the next big thing, aren’t we?  That’s why we’re Addicts after all 😉

Well, in case you missed it yesterday, there is something coming.  EA’s been planning something…

new Event FB Teaser 8-14

My guess is this will most likely hit us tomorrow (Tuesday) or Wednesday…so be ready. Continue to play TSTO as you normally would, but don’t send any major characters on 24hr tasks…and be ready to download an update from the App Store in the afternoon.

Of course this could hit on Thursday and throw us all for a loop 😉 

And that’s it my friends!  Get ready for the Springfield Games to end…and be ready for what’s coming next in the world of TSTO!

What were your thoughts on the Springfield Games?  Did you think it was a little too long, or just the right amount of time?  Are you ready for what’s next?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

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  2. I’m level 18 and I wasn’t able to play the Springfield games update. Was it because I didn’t have the right characters yet? Thanks

  3. Still one pin short.

    Anybody else?


  4. I saved my donuts for the Gym locker Mystery box ; I had all the freemium skins from tapball so, i wanted Bart Jockey…. But i got Toreador Abe… Why does EA hate me? 🙁
    Oh and happy blogiversary! Greetings from Argentina 😉

  5. Goodbye flag pack. I bought 5 and brought my % to 190. It was too good to pass up, and it wax not hard to hide the flags I did not care about.

    • Why hide them? You can put them everywhere and spread the country love lol

    • Hi there, just wondering how you calculated the 190% after buying 5 flag packs? Is there a way to figure out calculate the % increase of all the premium/bonus decorations you’ve accrued over the years? I’d be interested to find out. Also is anyone else in the 400+ level range? I have the max 100 friends & I did stop playing for awhile, but only a handful are even over 100 level. I’m just trying to get the Maggie Head for Homerlayas and the other monorail stations I missed (krustyburger and north pole and Ray Patterson) Thanks again addicts for this site!

      • Not the person you asked, but can’t you see your XP% when you click the 5 stars on your Conform-O-Meter? I have about 480% XP.

    • I had just over 150 before I bought them. Sorry, should have clarified.
      Also, I did not hide all of them, but 150 flags is a lot if flags to have flying around 😉

  6. EA has released the splash screen for the next event and they have revealed it since August the 10th!!! Looks amazing 😊

  7. I’m so glad I read the thing about the Go-Kart track, or I probably would never have noticed that they payoff for the 49-1 bet is $2.5 MILLION rather than the $250K I expected. So that’s a no-brainer: ALWAYS bet on the highest one, because the payoff is 10x greater based on the odds than all the other ones, so in the long run you will win a ton. I’ve already won it twice!

  8. Really loved and enjoyed this event and it reminds me why I fell in love with this game, sweet little events where you’re not rushing to get all the prizes.

  9. Have not played the last 2 events. EA needs to get back to the Simpsons canon since it is not the game I started playing over 4 years ago.

    • All the content in tapped out is from the tv show so technically canon lol

    • In which way? Regular items/characters from the show? Or stuff from first 10 seasons?

    • In which way? Items/characters that regularly appear on the show? Or stuff from seasons 1-10?

      • If prefer stuff from the first 10 seasons more so then the new episodes but I can’t complain, last mini event we got coyote from classic Simpsons and this mini event fatov from the new ones.

    • While it’s no secret that I’m stuck in seasons 2-9, I still appreciate and enjoy all the others stuff they’ve been giving us. I seriously don’t get all the complaints.

      • I’m stuck in seasons 1-13 and I agree lol

        • In stuck on seasons 1-27. I suppose for me my favorites are 5-8 because that’s when me and a bunch of friends always got together on Sundays for Simpsons in college. I’ve never really felt they faltered though. That’s the key to their longevity is how it can keep changing. I’m sure everyone has their moment they like best but I love it all. Even when they stumble no other generation, sorry generations have ever had such an outlet for social and cultural influences. A brilliant ever changing mosaic that so many can relate to. Here’s to 27 more years.

  10. Also isn’t the discount on the Coach Karupt or whatever his name is ending tomorrow also?

  11. One of the things I posted in my open thread post that didn’t post successfully was my rationale for deciding to spend 150 donuts to go for the locker twice, which I thought I’d share, in case anyone else is in the fence about this….

    So, having played tap ball, I had all of the locker items already except Toreador Abe and the Furious D and Jockey Bart combo. Obviously, the latter is well worth 75 donuts, but I was pretty sure that, with my luck, I’d get Abe first (which I did). Although I thought Abe looked cute in his toreador outfit, I wasn’t sure that it was worth 75 donuts (the only skin I can think of offhand that’s definitely worth that much is Witch Marge).

    But then I decided to look at it a different way… Standalone characters usually go for 60-100 donuts. So, if I take the average of that, and think of Furious D going for 80 donuts, that means I got two premium skins for 70 donuts and 35 donuts for a skin is a good deal!

    Of course, were free donuts not as plentiful as they are now, I might have made a different decision, but I’m not regretting spending 150 donuts for a character and two premium skins.

    • Hmm. I’m thinking of saving up for the next event. In that context would you say it’s worth it to spend even 75 donuts on this box??

      • I was in the same situation where i had all the outfits from tapball and buying the locker would give me either toreador grampa or bart&furiousD. If u hit bart&furiousD on the first try(which i didn’t), it’s a fantastic deal, but if u hit toreador grampa on the first go, you’re most likely shelling out another 75donuts for bart&furiousD. For me the grampa skin was unnecessary because i already have his stonecutters outfit that generates premium, but making bart premium and adding a new animal character in my town was alright for 150 donuts. I made up my mind in the beginning that this was a gamble at 75 donuts and never looked back. I liked my 50-50 odds of landing an awesome deal even though it didn’t go my way.

        • If I’d gotten Toreador Abe on the first try, I’d still have spent the other 75 donuts to get J.B. and F.D.: I’d rather spend 150 for two characters I wanted and a costume I didn’t than spend 75 on just a costume I didn’t want. Fortunately, I got what I wanted on the first try. =]

        • I bought the locker and got Furious D on the first try. I wouldn’t have minded Toreador Abe as I don’t have a premium skin for him, and he’s rarely used for events, so I’d get to use his premium skin more often than a lot of the ones I already have.

          Jockey Bart wasn’t much of a bonus for me because I already have Camp Bart and Bartman, plus he’s used a lot in events and questlines, so I don’t get to use his skins often enough to really need 3 to rotate, but I really wanted Furious D.

          Glad I didn’t buy it again, though, because I think I’m going to want to have donuts to spend on the coming event.

      • Well, assuming you have all of the freemium skins from the Tap Ball event, then you pretty much have my rationale in the comment you responded to. But if you’re asking whether it’s worth it to only get one locker, because you don’t want to spring for both if you’re not lucky enough to get FD and JB combo the first time, then I’d say it depends on how much you really want Toreador Abe. I did so some rough calculations to see how long it would take to pay off the 75 donuts via the increase in income I’d get for a premium skin, but it came out to much longer than the game could possibly survive for.

        • lol, yeah, I wouldn’t get the skins just for their premium payout! I’d use it, but like you calculated, that’s not really a factor.

          I have all the Tap Ball outfits, just not Abe and Bart. My slightly different question was that the value you calculated for buying both (or even one) is great but with the next event just at our doorstep (wheelchair accessible, naturally) is the value still so great if maybe there’s a 150 donut item in act 1 that is a must buy!? Do you see my question?

          I haven’t been able to farm so awesomely lately. Last time I netted like 160 donuts, but I think this time maybe 30 or 40. Plus, who knows if some things will change related to donut farming with the upgrade, so I’m not sure I’d rely on that to recoup donuts spent.

  12. Nice, always loved it when Stephen Hawkins made an appearance on a Simpsons episode. Looking forward to it. Maybe they’ll offer Prof Frink at a discount?

  13. Too long

  14. Finally! This event was over long ago, so I’m looking forward to the next one. Hopefully getting rid of low-end devices means increased item-caps and/or vastly more land – I’d like to see SH as wide as the main area, plus more ocean tiles to make the whole section wider & less cramped

  15. Binging out on the last day of TSTO until whenever they port this to PC. Can’t see the sence in dropping money for another phone anytime this year. Definetly want the go-cart track for 2017+. The world’ s a wonderful place if you can afford to live in it. Stupid OS change. Grrrrr..

    • It technically can be on PC…try Bluestacks.

      • I don’t recommend BlueStacks on PC anymore – Leapdroid is much better, as it’s faster and doesn’t force you to download crappy apps each month (or pay $2/m)

        • Maybe somethings changed in the past several months, but I’ve used Bluestacks to play TSTO a few times before, and have never been forced to download any apps or pay any money to use it….

          • TSTO…with this upgrade…underwent a change that requires the newest versions of your browsing device.

            • I know, Patric. I was responding to Schlub’s comment about not using Bluestacks because it makes you “download crappy apps or pay $2.”

          • Are you on Mac or something? I’ve been using BlueStacks for over a year and it fills my Google Play account with awful apps each month – a lot of slots games, and I-cant-believe-its-not-clash-of-clans type games. I actually stopped using BlueStacks because Tapped Out stopped working entirely… I tried it on 4-5 different PC’s (I don’t have Macs) and eventually they all failed. I’m astonished by how good Leapdroid is in comparison.

  16. I am ready! Bring it on EA 😄
    I want a cool new feature. I don’t want the same 3 act predictable event I want something new and with the OS limit coming up I think that there will be.
    I just hope that it will bring Bender! PlEAse EA!!!
    Or Professor Frink’s son is cute – and could have an animated task with an aeroplane!

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