Latest In-Game Update: Bug Fix AND Item Limit Cap Increase!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So we had a little in-game update hit our games this afternoon.  This update did a few things (mostly adjusted/fixed minor little things you may or may not even notice)…but it fixed two really important things worth mentioning…


1. It fixed the Kwik-E-Mart price Glitch (where it was $220 no matter how many you had).  The pricing for the KEM has now been restored back to it’s normal price structure…that was nice while it lasted.


2. IT INCREASED THE ITEM LIMIT CAP!!!  (as reported in the comments by Tapebelt) That loud sound you all heard earlier?  That was Cranky Old Guy and loads of other tappers letting out a yell when they found out they could once again place more stuff in Springfield!  The previous item limit cap was at 8500-8600, now it’s been raised.  There is a report on the EA forum that it’s now capping out at 8900.  Of course this is all unconfirmed by me (i’m no where near the cap), and only what’s been reported in the comments.  But still it’s good news!

Note: You won’t know how many items you have unless you 1) See a warning telling you or 2) Nuke your town and count.  The warnings look like this (Thanks tapebelt!):

If you don’t or haven’t seen a warning, you’re safe….

And that’s it for the biggies with today’s update.

What are your thoughts on the KEM glitch ending?  Did you take advantage of it?  Thoughts on the item limit cap raising?  Helpful to you?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

155 responses to “Latest In-Game Update: Bug Fix AND Item Limit Cap Increase!

  1. Anyone else have problems buying donuts? I have tried a couple of times and it says successful but won’t give me the donuts

  2. Just today I started getting the above message, but it was for 6000 items, not 8600. It looks like it pops up every single time I try to place an item. My solution was to delete some patches of forest. Otherwise, is there a way to disable this message?

  3. I’ve already reached the new limit cap – I think 8800 as the last warning I had was 8750. I have almost all map sections unlocked, masses of buildings and road system (but no monorail) and TONS of gardens, parks, landscaping areas around buildings which just eats into the item count.

    Please revise the limit upwards again – perhaps 10,000 or 15,000…?

  4. They also fixed the Homer/dump glitch. My kid’s account can now use Homer to recycle. Sadly, not Sebastion as well.

  5. Is it my imagination or did they slightly alter the color of the Kwik-e-mart from yellow to orange?

    I’ve found no mention or discussion of this on any other site or forum, so I’m wondering if it’s just me or a very subtle change.

    Pls H/T if no one else has commented on this and you confirm and mention in future posts.

  6. I totally missed the KEM bug, you could purchase Kwok-E-Mart’s for $220? Darn, should’ve looked at the buildings tab, that would’ve been a good way to get some extra donuts. Is is true the Black Hole adds 0.25% XP? How did you find that out? It just says “won’t be around for long” on my game. Thanks.

  7. I can’t seem to figure out what the flash drive is & use it. It’s a quest. Can anyone help a poor old woman?

  8. Which characters provide currency? I haven’t found the post for that

  9. I think I bought too many KEM’s during the glitch. I bought 1800. I thought it would help me level up faster. But, the game crashes a lot if I’m too aggressive collecting money from KEM’s.

  10. I took advantage of it, I donut farmed about four donuts from it actually.

  11. I didn’t see this mentioned elsewhere, but the Black Holes now give a .25% bonus.

  12. D’oh! I sold my KEM’s back as I went….. #stupidbigphil…. #wishicouldkickmyselfinthebutt.

  13. Is anyone else not having robot parts collected in friends’ SFs added to the total when you go back to your own SF? (I didn’t notice about the matter because I was just paying attention to getting the few more robot parts I needed to get the domicile.) When I got back, the count had not changed at all even though I collected every last robot part and matter from my friends, including 4 or 5 of the cubes. Thanks.

  14. I did the the leveling up to level 939 (and far,far, FAR beyond) with Rat Trap Delevy Trucks. I would have the room to place scores/hundreds of KEMs

  15. Are stupid random tasks bacK?
    I have Herman “Defending Domicile”

  16. I’ve been KEM farming and selling them back after I collect the XP. Why are folks keeping them vs selling immediately?

    • I usually sell immediately, but while the KEM bug was going on I hoarded them (so I could sell later and get free game cash when the price went up).

  17. For those of you “struggling” with the thought of how long it’s going to take to sell the 4000+ KEMs you have in storage, don’t forget you can use the drag selection tool to select a whole batch of buildings and then sell them simultaneously.

    Personally, I wish I had that problem! I made about 200 donuts out of the glitch but stupidly sold them as I went along instead of hording them. Oh well, I’ll know for next time 🙂

  18. Levelled up from 105 to 219 with the KEM glitch and I’m only 12 donuts away from being able to purchase Frink’s Lab! I’ve never KEM farmed before, but it was really fun while it lasted.

  19. What does everyone do when the bonus donuts boxes comes up? Do you stick with your 1st choice even if it’s one donut or do you pay the 50k and try for 3 donuts. I am still debating it it’s worth the 50k or 100k to get that extra donut.

    • I always spend the in game cash to get the donuts. Worth it in my mind.

    • If you have the in-game cash, spend it. Every time. It’s the absolute cheapest and easiest way to increase donut payouts.

    • If I get 2 or 3 on the first try, I take it. If I get 1 on the first try, I try again, but I only try once. $50,000 is reasonable for a second try, but $100,000 (for a third try) is unreasonable in my mind.

      • My second and third try both cost $150000 a piece. I try once only if I get one the first time

      • I guess that depends on how far you are and what your earning bonus percentage is. I always spend the money to get three. 100,000 isn’t that much to me. I earn more than that just sending all my characters on 4 hour jobs. Premium currency is worth way more I think. I even spend the 150k on Maggie. I just want the donuts. I spend real money on them so of course I’m going to spend fake money.

        I always go with the middle box and I seem to get three majority of the time doing that or maybe that’s just in my head.

    • I stick at two and buy another one at one (just because getting only one donut is to depressing…). I’m not sure that I’m doing the right thing, though, because I limit my Kwik-E-Mart building by how much land I’m willing to devote to it, not cost. I was thinking that $50,000 is a third of the way to a rat trap truck and 2.5 (roughly) of those get me another trip to the boxes, but, assuming that I even get three donuts from that, and accounting for the sell back amount, that means that those three donuts still cost me more than the max $100,000 to ensure three donuts. So, I’m just now realizing that I probably should be picking boxes until I hit 3. Oh, but wait….not sure how that will effect my cash levels….right now, with the number of Kwik-E-Marts I’m buying, I’m still increasing cash slowly, but that might not be the case if I keep paying to level up…. Oh, bother! I don’t have time for this…back to packing for my trip!

    • It costs me 150k each extra try when finding Maggie, I always pay to get the 3 donuts, you’ll get those 300k in 1 day sending everyone on 8hrs tasks

    • Guwapoone said it: always spend the money.

      For Finding Maggie, you’re spending $112,500 per non-free donut on average. Unless only need 7.8 KEMs to level up, it’s always worth spending regardless.So you’d need a 641% bonus (minus SH means a 491% displayed bonus).
      For leveling up, you’re spending less than 50K per non-free donut. I’m not going to run the exact math (should be about $37,500, I think), because it’s very apparent that level donuts are always worth buying. I haven’t heard of anyone’s conformity bonus being over 1000%, and you’d need upwards of a 2000% bonus for this question to even possibly affect you. (About 1920%, for the curious.) At that point, I kind of assume that donuts rain from the sky anyway.

      Note that these numbers don’t include the method used /to/ level up. That should be irrelevant, but I’m running a bit sleep-deprived at the moment.

  20. *breaths a sigh of relief* …thank gawd now I can craft happily away and not worry about removing more stuff! 🙂

  21. How many donuts you earn per day??? I have all charachters and skins, my game money and xp bonus is now almost 800% i keep continuously my xp collider on (800% x 5 .10 days 25 donuts) i can earn about 30 donuts per day. When is night all charachters doing 12h Jobs and when i am awake i put 4h jobs.

  22. I would like to see EA fix the (what I call) “Act 1 prizes” glitch.

    I’m sure you know what I mean Alissa but for any EA employees who may browse this site, I will say it again.

    The Act 1 prizes glitch is where you go to check how close you are to getting a prize and after tapping the act 1 prizes button (or trophy icon), the app glitches out.

    • Hmmm…that’s never happened to me and I haven’t seen anyone else mention it here either. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling your game?

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